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31 May 2012

Enga Veetu Pillai Coimbatore

Sri MGR Year 95, 31st May, Thursday

Previously I have updated MGR Movie news, that in Royal theater in Coimbatore Enga Veetu Pillai was re-released. I have requested MGR Devotee Tirpur Ravichandran to forward some images to upload in our MGR Blog. Tirupur Ravichandran assured me about the images.


Today I have received mail  from Tirupur Ravichandran, the images were captured by Olikirathu Urimaikural Photographer Senthil. We team thanks him for his effort.




Enga Veetu Pillai was released on 14.1.1965 all over South and the movie crossed 175 days in 7 theaters. Chennai Casino, Broadway, Mekala, Madurai Central, Trichy Jupiter, Coimbatore Royal, Thanjavur Yagappa.




One Theater is Kovai Royal. The same movie is re-released this week.




Visually appealing posters with modern titles.




During 175 days celebration MGR with Sarojadevi, Rathna, Nagesh, and Nambiyar participated in the celebration that happened in this same Royal Theater.




Section of crowd watching Enga Veetu Pillai, a movie in which MGR costume and story telling is very old style but the crowd shows MGR’s Enga Veetu Pillai re-sale value.






Section of the crowd during the interval of the movie. And once again we thank Mr.Senthil for his effort by capturing the photos and sending us to share in our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR Blog.

Maanavar Murasu

Sri MGR Year 95, 31st May, Thursday

MGR Fan Chandran has forwarded an newspaper article that was published in Singapore daily named Tamil Murasu.  

In the children section a higher secondary school girl Priya have written a simple but yet a nice article about our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR in Maanavar Murasu section. 

Given below is the article:

Click the above image to read.

29 May 2012


Sri MGR Year 95, 29th May, Tuesday

Sathya Movies Rickshawkaran reaches 41st Year today. MGR Devotees Bangalore S.Vinod and Tirupur Ravichandran have forwarded some of the images to share in our MGR Blog.


Earlier Vinod informed me that our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR movie Rickshawkaran celebrates 41st year and he forwarded the Pesum Padam May 1971 edition with MGR movie articles to share.


Some of the pages from Pesum Padam for you.




Above image is the cover of Pesum Padam May 1971 issue.




The movies that are going to be released in May 1971 are given, the first is Rickshawkaran.


gandhi_mgr   gandhi_mgr_colour_2


The above Black and White image was sent by Vinod and Colour by Tirupur Ravichandran.


Below are some of the images from the movie Rickshawkaran.












Even though Pesum Padam has published special pages for Rickshawkaran keeping in mind the circulation, we can clearly see the hatred through the caption in the above image.




This is the Song book cover of Rickshawkaran.




The second page with list of actors and actress, technicians who participated in the movie.




This is the 100th day ad placed in leading Tamil Newspaper.


Rickshawkaran movie is a jewel to MGR’s crown as this movie fetched him the best actor (Bharath Award) of the year 1971.




Angae Siripavargal song from Rickshawkaran movie.



Video uploaded by rekavenki in youtube.

28 May 2012

MGR Movie News

Sri MGR Year 95, 28th May, Monday

I have received information from MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran that Super Hit movie of the year 1965, Enga Veetu Pillai has been re-released in Coimbatore Royal this week.

 In Chennai two MGR movies were running this week they are; Ithayaveenai in Balaji Theater and Black and White movie Kalangarai Vilakkam in Mahalakshmi. 

I have also received images and videos of Kalangarai Vilakkam movie re-release and the images and videos will be posted soon.

23 May 2012

Ulagam Sutrum Valiban In Malaysia

Sri MGR Year 95, 23rd May, Wednesday

Emgeeyar Pictures Ulagam Sutrum Valiban was screened in Rawang Star Theater on 20.5.2012 for charity purpose.




Malaysian MGR Devotee Sree Sitharan forwarded this image to share in our MGR Blog.


Click the above image to read further. As Sree Sitharan was in Singapore at that time no further news can be posted here.

21 May 2012

Manorama Interview

Sri MGR Year 95, 21st May, Monday

MGR Devotee Tirpur Ravichandran has forwarded two images, one image from the latest edition of Cinema Express magazine, an interview given by veteran Actress Manorama. Earlier she has been undergoing treatment.




The above image is from Cinema Express Magazine, note the shield in the background, Vettaikaran was her first picture with MGR.




The above image is from Tirupur Ravichandran showing Vettaikaran shield in the background, this image is from Mambalam MGR house, now MGR memorial house.


We team wishes Manorama for her good health and success in cinema career.

20 May 2012

NRHM Report

Sri MGR Year 95, 20th May, Sunday

MGR Devotee Suresh has forwarded a report of National Rural Health Mission report published by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi – 110001.




In the pages 87 to 88 three Tamil Nadu Leader names were mentioned the first is Periyar followed by MGR and Kamaraj. Only these leader names were mentioned. The extract is given below.


(Based on T. V. Anthony’s article in “ Population Policy and Reproductive Health” and the Tamil Nadu Case in Jean Dreze and Amartya Kumar Sen’s India – Development and Participation)

Tamil Nadu has been one of the best performers with regard to reduction in fertility rates and a large number of indicators of women’s and children’s well being like IMR, MR, Nutrition, schooling, etc. While Kerala has had an advantage of good social indicators over a long time frame, Tamil Nadu is a better example for other states as it demonstrates that even with high poverty ratios, large population, and poor nutrition statistics, etc, it is possible to improve the performance in a short span of only a few decades. Some of the factors identified to explain the improved performance are as follows:

Female Age at Marriage has risen significantly in Tamil Nadu.This has been possible due to a strong social awareness programme created by a popular reformer called “Periyar” Ramaswamy whose influence was felt all over Tamil Nadu, particularly by people of the poorer strata. Periyar emphasized the need to ‘liberate women from frequent delivery by the use of contraception’ and ‘ not to allow marriage of a woman before 22, so that 3 to 4 births could be averted’. The initial push given by Periyar for raising the age at marriage continues to be given support by the Tamil Nadu government. Welfare schemes for girls provide grants if girls complete 8th /10th Standard of education and marry after the age of 20. The amount is forfeited if either condition is not fulfilled.

The Chief Minister’s Noon Meal Programme launched in 1982 all over the State (It covered some areas in Kamaraj’s time ), has given a tremendous boost for health, welfare and for the acceptance of the small family norm. It was launched against administrative advice as it was expected to be very expensive, involving Rs. 100 crores, at 85000 feeding centres, for 85 lakh children in the 2-15 age group, requiring 2 lakh additional staff, and huge logistic issue of supplies.

MGR’s Will pushed the scheme. He said – “ When hunger haunted my home a lady next door extended to us a bowl of rice, and saved us from extinction….Today as CM it is my duty to provide at least one meal to every child every day, to eliminate the agony of their helpless mothers.”

Expected and unexpected benefits of the Noon Meal programme have been many. It is a crèche for the 2-5 age kids; school attendance has improved and drop out reduced; child nutrition has improved; Centres serve as immunization/ antenatal care/ supplemental feed centres for 6 month to 2 year children covered under TINP; provides employment for about 2,00,000 women, mostly widows and destitutes, as mid day meal organisers. These women helped carrying the health message to the poorest households as they came from that social background. Provided an all women focus.

Serious efforts at raising female literacy and status. Kamaraj in 1961 introduced the concept of one school for every village. Assistance for education up to Class – VII is provided by the State by free education, mid – day meal, free textbooks, one set of uniforms, one set of chappals, and free bus pass.

End of the extract.

An elaborate look into MGR’s mid day meal scheme which saw only brickbats on its launch and now bouquets on his achievement.


MGR’s Mid Day Meal Scheme.


Direct link of NRHM Framework is given below:

17 May 2012

Behind The BBC Interview

Sri MGR Year 95, 17th May, Thursday

First watch the BBC Interview given by our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR for BBC Tamil Oosai, this post was already published in our MGR Blog earlier.



Now here is the information behind the BBC Interview, which I have received from the Interviewer’s son like the exact month and year of the interview and some photos of MGR and Krishnamurthy (the interviewer) photos from Bush House.


Click here to read further.

15 May 2012

100th Post

Sri MGR Year 95, 15th May, Tuesday

This is the100th post of 2012, this was all possible by MGR Devotees Tirupur Ravichandran, Bangalore S.Vinod, Sailesh Basu, Yukesh Babu  and others. Who will be contacting me frequently and forwarding the news articles to be published in our MGR Blog.


In the previous year 100th post was published in September but this year’s 100th post was published in May 2012.


Below is the ad published in Daily Thanthi for the re-release of Saravana Screens Kudieruntha Kovil in Padi Siva Sakthi as 4 shows.


I also received information from Tirupur Ravichandran that MGR directed movie Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian was re-released in Coimbatore Delite and the Sunday evening show was housefull.




I have planned to publish the unknown informations about MGR’s interview to BBC Tamil Oosai. But the post has to be cross checked with other important person. Soon the BBC interview unknown facts will be posted in our blog and also some rare images from the Interview.

13 May 2012

Rajakumari Movie Review

Sri MGR Year 95, 13th May, Sunday

MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran has forwarded the copy of Cinema Express Magazine an article about MGR’s first hero movie Rajakumari. The movie Rajakumari was released on 11.4.1947. Jupiter Pictures produced this movie.




Above is the first page of Rajakumari story. And interesting facts are given along with the story.




Second page of the story.



The above image is from the Cinema Express magazine.


There is one error in the story MGR character did not gets frustrate and tries suicide, MGR has given a detailed account about this scene in his auto biography “Nan Yen Piranthen”. He has mentioned that the scene was very risky and no stunt double used, he acted in the scene, according to the scene he has be hanging for 3 seconds and that time the rope has to break and he should fall. But the rope took another second to break and he was near to death.


If the beam does not break in Rajakumari movie a small column might have been published in those days news paper, there won’t be any Emgeeyar Pictures Private Limited, no Nadodi Mannan, no Adimai Penn and no Ulagam Sutrum Valiban and the name for 1971 Best Actor will be somebody and the name from 1977 to 1987 Chief Ministership will be somebody else and this blog might have not happened. He can refuse to act in that scene, but he has to take risk to be a Hero in real and reel life.


The first scene of the movie, about the introduction of MGR looks like movies released after 1965. So much importance was given to that character entry. And the movie has lot of magic, flying carpet, magic ring etc. but MGR will not use anything instead his friend M.N.Nambiyar! does, flying the magic carpet, using a stick to create a hole etc. A different movie experience for MGR Fans.

12 May 2012

Manitha Punithar MGR

Sri MGR Year 95, 12th May, Saturday

MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran has forwarded the book review that have appeared in Cinema Express magazine to share in our MGR Blog.


The book is written by K.P.Ramakrishnan who was MGR’s bodyguard. He has already authored a book titled MGR Oru Sagapatham.


The Second book is titled Manitha Punithar MGR. Below is the book review from Cinema Express Magazine.




Earlier Post click here.

MGR Fan Auto Driver Jagadeesan

Sri MGR Year 95, 12th May, Saturday

On my way to one of my clients company I had to take an auto rickshaw. The second I seated inside the Auto, the Driver switched the mobile phone which was kept over the windshield and started to play Endrum MGR video songs.


The first song was from Vettaikaran followed by Ulagam Sutrum Valiban and Netru Indru Nalai, during that I captured the video to share this in our MGR Blog.


I asked him are you a MGR Fan he said YES Sir, and also told that he will be working from 6 pm to midnight and he will play this MGR video and MGR mp3 songs often. MGR songs gives him enormous strength and makes him to work hard. He was very eager to visit MGR temple in Nathamedu. His name is Jagadeesan.



The mobile screen is smaller even though I zoomed to capture, the screen was pixelated and you can only hear the MGR songs. The songs playing are all duet songs.


He was hesitant in sharing his photo instead he asked to put a captivating MGR photo in the Blog.

11 May 2012

Kudieruntha Kovil Padi Sivasakthi

Sri MGR Year 95, 11th May, Friday

Saravana Screens super hit movie of 1968, Kudieruntha Kovil is been re-released today in Padi Sivasakthi. The movie was already released in Woodlands Symphony a month back. And the same was covered in our MGR Blog.




The poster of Kudieruntha Kovil. Click the image for larger view.


The ad was given in Daily Thanthi today’s edition and the same image is given below.




Click the above ad image of Daily Thanthi. As per the advertisement the movie is going to be re-released soon in Mahalakshmi, National, Vijaya and Bala Murali.

MGR Great Grand Nephew’s Wedding

Sri MGR Year 95, 11th May, Friday

M.G.R's Great Grandnephew Mr.Sanjay Menon had got married to Mega.S.Menon on 15th of April last month.Sanjay Menon is grandson of Mrs.Sathyabama and  son of Mr.P.Mohan Kumar & Sumathi Mohan Kumar.


Mrs.Sathyabama was the first child of M.G.Chakrapani. MGR mentioned in his autobiography “Nan Yen Piranthen” that while trying his best for cinema chance and returning frustrated his mood changes when he see Mani (Sathyabama).


To read further click the below image.



09 May 2012

Engal Thangam MGR Book

Sri MGR Year 95, 9th May, Wednesday

One of MGR Fans Major Dasan has contributed another jewel to MGR’s crown by publishing a book on our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR, the book titled Engal Thangam MGR.




He has compiled the articles about MGR written by Peraringnar Anna, Actors like Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan, Baghayaraj and others, Producers like Nagi Reddy, AVM Saravanan and others, Poet laureate during MGR’s regime Kannadasan, poet Vali and other important persons.


Major Dasan has also given the complete list of MGR movies and leading pairs etc.


The books are available in leading book stores, and also can be ordered from Sangam Pathipagam, No.43, Malayaperumal Street, Chennai-600001.


The above image is from digital edition of Daily Thanthi dated 9.5.2012.


This book will be reviewed soon in our Book On Sri MGR Blog.

MGR Formula

Sri MGR Year 95, 9th May, Wednesday

In today's Daily Thanthi an article about how to elect a President, been published. A list of 12 Presidents were given and how many of them were great.




Click the above image to read.


They have already mentioned this MGR formula one year back. And they have again touched our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR’s administrative capability.


Thanks to the author for publishing this article and making this generation to remember and understand MGR’s prowess in administration, an extra ordinary ability which is seldom mentioned by Media.

06 May 2012

MGR In Coimbatore

Sri MGR Year 95, 6th May, Sunday

Our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR movies were re-released in Coimbatore this week. MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran has informed that two MGR movies were released this week. One movie was En Annan and another movie was Alibabavum Narpathu Thirudargalum.

Venus Pictures En Annan was released in Coimbatore Delite this week .

Modern Theaters and Tamil Cinemas first colour movie, Alibabavum Narpathu Thirudargalum was released in Coimbatore Royal and evening show was full.

The news was forwarded by MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran and Professor Selvakumar.

MGR Devotees Hayath and Professor Selvakumar has written an article about the indecent comments that were passed by Nadigar Thilagam Fans .

05 May 2012

MGR’s Mid Day Meal Scheme

Sri MGR Year 95, 5th May, Saturday

MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran has forwarded the  question and answer section that have appeared in Thuglak Tamil magazine.




Above is the question and answer that have appeared in Thuglak Tamil Magazine, the question is about the difference between Kamaraj’s Noon meal scheme and MGR’s Mid Day Meal Scheme?


During the early 1960s, MGR publicly said that his Leader is Kamaraj and Peraringnar Anna as his Guide (காமராஜர் என் தலைவர் அண்ணா என் வழிகாட்டி) it is not just words he followed what Kamaraj done to school going children when MGR became Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu he elaborated the scheme upto 10th Standard and also provided food for the children even in holidays.


Actually the cooked food was given to Madras Corporation Schools in 1922 i.e. during the British period. When Kamaraj was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu he visited Sourashtra School Madurai and found that this system was continuing and he made it to Government Schools, later MGR executed the project with iron grip amidst scornful remarks by MGR enemies and the media, without hesitation MGR implemented the project and this project was one of his greatest success in his political career.


Below is the extract from Anita Pratap who was a journalist and who have heavily criticized our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR’s Mid Day Meal Scheme when it was launched.


Strike Against Hunger (18.8.2003) Outlook magazine.

MGR was rebuked for it 20 years ago. Now his midday meal-scheme is India's ideal.

German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer observed: "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." In 1982, when Tamil Nadu's legendary chief minister M.G. Ramachandran (MGR) launched his free midday meal scheme for schoolchildren (it cost the state Rs 200 crore), he was initially scorned and attacked.

Journalists (me included) criticised MGR for being a vote-catching populist. "Shouldn't he spend money on creating jobs? How would he raise the money? How would he implement this scheme state-wide? How would he ensure hygiene and non-pilferage?" We were full of questions and doubts.

MGR didn't have a love-hate relationship with the press. It was just hate-hate. He didn't bother to answer. He just went ahead and implemented it. As a child, MGR knew what it was to go to bed hungry. It was a terrible experience that he wanted to spare the children of his state. So, ignoring Cassandra-like predictions, he steamrollered ahead with his pet project. Media criticism only got his back up. MGR galvanised the state machinery to translate his dream into reality.

Within weeks, I wrote an article praising the midday meal scheme in Sunday. Amazingly, not only were meals being provided daily, the programme had many spinoffs—teachers said school attendance had risen dramatically. So, not only would Tamil Nadu's children be healthier; more would be educated. But as soon as word spread about the success of the midday meal scheme—which sent MGR's popularity skyrocketing—his opponents got active. Suddenly, children in several schools suffered from food poisoning. Having been impressed with the level of hygiene while reporting the earlier story, I smelt something fishy. I investigated and published my discovery: MGR's opponents were dropping dead lizards into the sambar to destroy his popular scheme. But public outrage and greater state vigilance quickly crushed the dirty tricks. Since then, Tamil Nadu's midday meal scheme has been a shining example and 15 years after his death, MGR was vindicated when in 2001 the Supreme Court directed all states to implement this scheme.

Unfortunately, most chief ministers lack the vision, capability and basic humanity to take care of their children. The two worst states are UP and Bihar. A study on midday meal schemes by the Centre for Equity Studies has shown how vital it is to make the free midday meal scheme a national priority. Just as female literacy has many other far-reaching side-benefits such as improving hygiene and ensuring lower birth rates, feeding our poor children has several vital spinoffs, as this study points out. Classroom hunger has declined dramatically. Rural children almost invariably walk to school on an empty stomach. Satiating their hunger in school has improved their concentration—the study found that earlier most children slept in the afternoon due to hunger and exhaustion. Besides, this is the sole meal of the day for many. School enrolment and daily attendance have risen, most importantly among girls. And it's not true that children attend school only for the meal. Post-meal attendance has risen significantly. Even more far-reaching is another side-benefit—caste and class barriers are breaking down for a whole generation of Indian children. They sit, eat and socialise together.

But problems persist in the "laggard states". Hygiene is poor. Education is disrupted because teachers have to substitute as cooks and the classroom as kitchen. Hostile sarpanches disrupt food supplies. Mean-spirited upper castes oppose free meals for low-caste children. The menu is the same everyday—the hard to digest ghoogri, a gruel of boiled wheat in Rajasthan that contributes to indigestion. But all these problems are surmountable. Not only Tamil Nadu, other southern states like Karnataka have shown that with minimal investment but proper commitment, the midday meal scheme can function effectively. An additional makeshift shed becomes a kitchen; destitute widows are hired to cook. In these states, midday meals are hygienic, regular and non-disruptive. The investment required to popularise the scheme isn't crippling—Karnataka spends Re 1 per child per day whereas Rajasthan spends 50 paise. It's not a question of money, it's a matter of priorities. No government can argue it lacks the resources to implement this scheme. Bihar spends 4.2 per cent of its gdp—higher than most other states—on education. The question is, how is the money spent?

Only one thing is required to prioritise the midday meal scheme in every state—the chief minister's political will. MGR showed the way and it's for the other recalcitrant CMs to emulate. And if they don't, civil society must make them. Non-implementation isn't merely a matter of incompetence or disinterest, it emblazons a diabolical indifference that shouldn't be tolerated. Surely, a Rabri Devi, who has fed nine children of her own, must know the joy of feeding hungry children. How can she morally retain her job when children in her state are malnourished and even die of hunger, only because they have been born a Bihari?

It's a pity MGR didn't live long enough to draw satisfaction from the Supreme Court order or this recent study that describes the TN meal scheme as "a joy—a living example of what can be achieved when quality safeguards are in place". But, at least, it came within the lifetime of most of MGR's critics! Wherever he is, he must be smiling his famous lopsided smile. Ridicule and criticism have faded away as the proven, multi-faceted merits of the midday meal scheme have become a self-evident truth today.


Mekala Chitravel’s Alibaba movie recall.


Click here.

03 May 2012

Poem And After Effects

Sri MGR Year 95, 3rd May, Thursday

After the release of Karnan in several theaters in Tamil Nadu, Nadigar Thilagam fans was excited about the result. It is natural and we are also happy. But some of his fans started to write indecently about our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR. 

MGR Devotees aged over 50, who have computer and internet knowledge are still living among us. Some of Nadigar Thilagam fans feel that MGR fans are cheri people and illiterate, sorry Nadigar Thilagam fans that was 30 years back not now.

Here are the replies by MGR Devotees for the indecent, vulgar and outrageous poem written by so called Nadigar Thilagam fans.

MGCB Pradeep Grandson of MGR and M.G.Chakrapani and Official ADMK Party speaker has condemned the writing and he has uploaded the letter written by S.S.Perumal of Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal Trust founded in the year 1982 and another letter written by Kalaimani of Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal.

Here is the vulgar poem written by Gopal in Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan thread in mayyam website.

Re-Release Raman Thediya Seethai V

Sri MGR Year 95, 3rd May, Thursday

This video was captured by MGR Devotee Sathya for the re-release of Raman Thediya Seethai in Mahalakshmi theater. Below video clip is about the devotion of the fans and interview given by them for Mega TV and Tamilan TV.



Other videos will be updated soon.

02 May 2012

Shanmuga Sundari Passes Away

Sri MGR Year 95, 2nd May, Wednesday

Veteran Actress and playback singer T.K.Kala's mother Shanmuga Sundari passed away yesterday aged 75 years. She has acted with our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR as mother in Neerum Nerupum and as neighbour in En Annan, supporting characters in Kanavan, Kannan En Kadhalan, Idhayakani etc. She was survived by five children.


We team prays for her soul to rest in peace.

Below is the link of Coimbatore MGR Devotees reply for mayyam thread writers who have written indecently about our beloved Leader.
 Click here.

01 May 2012

Labour Day Wishes

Sri MGR Year 95, 1st May, Tuesday

Our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR gave importance to hard work in his movies. In many of his films he had praised Labours and their life style.




The title such as Thozhilali, Uzhaikum Karangal, Ooruku Uzhaipavan, Padagotti and songs to name a few: Andavan Ulagathin Muthalali (Thozhilali) Uzhaikum kaigale uruvakkum kaigale (Thani Piravi) Kadavul ennum muthalali (Vivasahi) Uzhaipathilae uzhaipai (Nadodi Mannan) Nalai Ulagai ala vendum (Uzhaikum Karangal) Ondru engal jathiae (Panakara Kudumbam) Odi Odi uzhaikanum (Nalla Neram) etc were very famous in MGR movies.



The above song is from the movie Thani Piravi uploaded by goldtreat.



The above song is from Uzhaikum Karangal uploaded by Multiabdulgafoor in youtube.


We extend labour day wishes to our MGR Blog readers.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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