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27 June 2008

Nadodi Mannan and Adimai Penn

MGR Pictures two movies “Nadodi Mannan” and “Adimai Penn” were re-released in Chennai and other cities from July 2006 and October 2007 respectively. I have updated news already in my previous posts.

“Nadodi Mannan” reached second successful week in Coimbatore Royal below is the ad given in the Daily Thanthi Coimbatore edition. Other theatres are Nanjundeswara – Mettupalayam, Erode – Sangeetha and Tirupur – M.P.S. theater.

Also note the theme used for the ad is same followed by Divya films which released these two movies in Chennai and sub urbs. The movie was released through Raj Ganesh Films, Madurai.

Over whelming support continues to Adimai Penn also, the collection came to nearly 1 lakh the same movie was released in Natraj just 2 months gap (which I given in my previous post also).

The videos follows soon. Thanks to Yukesh Babu who forwarded the images.

24 June 2008

Unfinished MGR Movies III

Nearly 19 years back I saw a documentary about MGR by Mohan Gandhi Raman one of the Assistant Directors of P.Neelakantan. This song was taken from that documentary. The duration of the song is 3 minutes and 27 seconds. I worked one week to remove redness from the footage to turn back to original colour. And also added sharpness but I cannot remove the blue tinges in some frames. Some stanza frames has been deleted due to quality and as well as technical reasons the video comes to 2 minutes and 12 seconds. With out dated software this the best I can do. Pardon for the picture quality. I will update the full song as soon as I get hand on with good video software.

The movie name is unknown when I asked MGR devotees they told either the movie should be from Pagan Magal or Ellai Kavalan shot during 1965 directed by Mohan Gandhi Raman. There are also some shots done in Studios also for this movie. I cannot relate this movie to be shot in 1965 remember Ayirathil Oruvan Movie period, here in this song clip MGR is trim and very athletic, which can be seen movies released after 1967.

MGR attires in Khaki uniform, Lion emblem in his right hand typical government seal which clearly states his character should be Military. Mr.Kalaimani of Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal told that this should be from Pagan Magal because Ellai Kavalan did not go to shooting stage. Somebody throw light here please.

About the song: MGR starts to say “Thatungal Thirakapadum” (Mathew 7.7: )from a mountain with a goat in his hand a messiahanic appeal and continues the song slowly descends down playing mouth organ (scene deleted) and reaches a rocky place with sparse vegetation. Then the second stanza starts when it ends MGR comes out of the rocky place and enters paddy fields with playing mouth organ crosses the bridge enters plantation field (deleted) and MGR reaches the highway, and from now on one take to the end when the songs reaches the last stanza MGR is more cheerful.

The first part and ending part of the song are shot on the same day and same location. In between stanzas are nearby location. Any MGR fans will guess what will be the next scene after the song. Yes it should be a fight scene, logically MGR holds a stick (silambu). Maybe MGR saving a damsel in distress.

I thank Yukesh Babu and Sathya for clarifying the doubts and Pastor Senthilkumar for timely help on pointing out the words from the Bible.

20 June 2008

Re-release Netru Indru Naalai

After a year Amalraj Films “Netru Indru Nalai” was re-released in Natraj Theater. The crowd was as usual. Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal have fixed banners and fliers, placards by Punithadeviam MGR Narpani mandram and film records by Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal.

Sathya garlanded MGR with 6 different garlands.

Matinee show was house full I saw more number of auto drivers and cart pullers getting out of the theater.

B.S.Raj issued leaflets describing the success of 1974 MGR movies including Netru Indru Nalai.

Lathi charge was done by theater management to control the crowd near the counter were everyone rushed to get the ticket in hurry.

Ticket rate is Rs.12/- and Rs.15/- the show was full. The film rental for 1 week is Rs.8,000/- excluding posters, photos and publicity. The collection for 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday is Rs.30,000/-)

The movie has political dialogues including Muster roll scandal, beautiful song numbers, colourful costumes. Though the movie is dual action by MGR there is no scene showing double action MGR only through dialogue that both MGR characters meet.

The Theater management individually released this movie.

Good news for Sivaji Fans that two movies of Sivaji will be released in Natraj soon.

15 June 2008

Emperor of Re-Release

Nadodi Mannan was re-released on August 2006 followed by Ayirathil Oruvan and Adimai Penn in various centers. In this 1 ½ year these 3 movies screened 3 and 4 shows a day have so far collected more than 1 crore as revenue. Though Ayirathil Oruvan was telecasted in several TV channels but still the movie has the magic to draw crowd.

Adimai Penn

1 Melody (13 days)

2 Bharath (7 days)

3.Abirami (7 days)

4.Sri Brinda (12 days)

5.Kamala (7 days)

6.Rohini complex (7 days)

7.Mahalakshmi (7 days)

8.Natraj (7 days)

9.Gopikrishna (7 days)

10.Bala Murali (7 days)

11.Vetri (12 days)

12.Vigneshwara (7 days)

Nadodi Mannan

1.Albert (10 days)

2.Baby Albert (11 days)

3.Bharath (7 days)

4.Sri Brinda (7 days)

5.Kamala (7 days)

6.Star (7 days)

7.Mahalakshmi (7 days)

8.Pandian (7 days)

9.Natraj (7 days)

10.Ganapathy Ram (7 days)

11.Krishna (7 days)

12.Kamadhenu (7 days)

13.Liberty (7 days)

14.Broadway (7 days)

15.Vijaya (7 days)

16.Noorjahan (7 days)

17.Golden Eagle (7 days)

Ayirathil Oruvan

1.Annai Abirami (7 days)

2.Kamala (7 days)

3.Rohini (7 days)

4.Anna (7 days)

5.Murali Krishna (7 days)

6.Mahalakshmi (7 days)

7.Natraj (7 days)

8.Ganapathy Ram (7 days)

9.Gopikrishna (7 days)

10.Kamadhenu (7 days)

11.Devi Karumari (7 days)

12.Noorjahan (7 days)

13.Select (7 days)

14.Saravana (7 days)

Adimai Penn re-released in Abirami (12 days) Mahalakshmi (7 days), Bharath (7 days), Natraj (7 days) fetched around 10 lakhs in just 5 months.

MGR is not only Box Office Emperor but also Emperor of re-release. Other actors movies past or present are seen only in TV channels but MGR movies are also telecasted in TV channels and re-released in theaters simultaneously.

Data provided by B.S.Raj, Editor “Urimai Kural” magazine and Ma.Ki.Venkat of Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal.

09 June 2008

MGR 91

Every year Ithayakani magazine celebrates MGR's birthday in grand manner in all parts of Tamil Nadu. This time the function was held in Chennai, Kamaraj Arangam. Actor Mayilsamy and Ithayakani Editor Vijayan are the important persons to promote the function every year.

I reached the venue on 4.30 pm followed by Yukesh Babu. Mr.MGR Muthu, Assistant to MGR and care taker of MGR memorial has placed 40 foot Banner and showed his loyalty to MGR. Various MGR associations placed Banner and placards for MGR they are Kalaiventhan MGR bakthargal, Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal, MGR Manithaneya mandram, Krishnagiri district. And fans from Madurai also attended the function.

When the crowd started to grow thick an elderly lady came to the venue. She came near a 6 feet placard which had a MGR image, she touched MGR's feet and planted a kiss on MGR's cheek and then entered to buy the ticket. Yukesh Babu told that her name is Meenatchi Ammal, she is above 60 years, working as a maid servant in and around Alwarpet. She will be present to all MGR movie release no matter were the shows are. When he questioned, were she is now coming from she told before the finish of Adimai Penn, Saithai Raj theatre. To us she is the greatest MGR Fan, when we compared with her attitude to MGR, Love to MGR and what we did to MGR? we are nothing. Ithayakani Vijayan let her free for the function.

The function started with a philosophical song “Acham enbathu Madamai” from the movie Mannathi Mannan. We stood silent for 2 minutes and also prayed for the soul of Vijayan to rest in peace, Vijayan MGR's son in law who was killed recently by unidentified persons.

Most of the songs are philosophical, and some are ever green duet songs. We mostly listened to the songs and watched a person Sankar who enacted as MGR in front of us, and he also performed some antics of MGR. The crowd was ecstatic whenever MGR name was pronounced. Sathyaraj and Jeganathan are the first person to come to the stage. Sathyaraj told some incidents about MGR and how he felt when he saw the movie Ithayakani. He pointed to the 8 pictures fixed as a background all from different movies. He said can any other actor pose like this. We MGR fans does not need a full image of MGR to say from which film it is from, rather we only need a simple close up shot of MGR to tell which film it is from. There was loud applause when he told all the 8 picture name correctly.

The Greatest MGR Fan

Jeganathan told about MGR's generosity, how he treats others when a function like Pongal comes on. Same silk shirt and dhoti will be given to all and MGR will shake hands when they release their hands from MGR, they will see a 100 rupee note folded into thin paper which is equivalent to 1 sovereign gold, (100 rupee worth is nowadays Rs.10,000/-) for each and everybody who works with him, his friends, his well wishers alike. The food he had given to me is the only reason that I am alive and healthy.

Mohan father of Jayam Ravi said that 2 tables are necessary for the success of a film one is story table, and another is editing table. The mistakes in story table can be rectified by editing table. MGR is a greatest technician I have seen. He has worked with MGR for 2 movies and one is Arasakattalai. MGR gave him good respect. He always give respect to technicians.

Director Balu Mahedra told about one important thing that there is no big news about the functioning of Fans club. But fans club which still functions after the death of the Actor is the greatest in the World. And MGR is one such Actor. Jayam Ravi told that presence of MGR is still felt. Even two year kids can identify MGR that is the greatness of MGR.

T.Rajendar was more emotional than any other person on stage. He said though he hated MGR first because he was a Tamil fanatic. But now he understood that MGR is the real person, real politician to live in this earth. He always thought about the Poor, worked for the Poor, and sacrificed his life to the poor. But look at other politicians are they worth as MGR, they swallow the funds, and live like Kings on peoples money. But MGR was not like that. He then pointed about other Actors who did not turn up to the function. He said that they are 'Jalras' because MGR is not alive, what is the use to attending the function, when they get something when attend to other functions of other Politicians and praising them. Even though they did not deserve that name.

When Vijayakumar entered the dais the bgm was from Nattamai. Vijayakumar told that I have worked with MGR in one film “Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga” In one function I was seated in the back, MGR noted that and pointed me to come forward, when I came near there was no extra seat without another thought MGR made me to sit in his laps for the entire function. He also told that MGR is infinity so as the party ADMK founded by MGR will be here for 200 years or more.

Director and Cameraman Thankar Bachan told about the important things in MGR movies and why he liked MGR movies. He also said that everyone has to follow the footsteps of MGR. One should respect his mother, should not drink and smoke and forgive the enemy. Actor Pandiarajan showed the photo of MGR with his family. And how MGR was shrewd and used the dress for the movies and which are always a fashion for the youth of those days. He gave an instance about the Bell bottom used by MGR in Meenava Nanban.

Raja Sulochana told about the generosity of MGR and his goodness towards other artist. Followed by Kusala kumari who acted as a heroine in Kundukili. She became emotional when she told about the way MGR looked at the welfare of other artists. She stopped the speech and said thanks to the crowd. She was consoled by others in the stage.

Mayilsamy told an incident about MGR and his hairdresser, who is a Muslim and always say 'Allah' (MGR also say Ellam Andavan Seyal and he was also called as Anadavan by many including Kali N.Rathinam those days) After nine years when the Hairdresser went to see MGR in 1985, he immediately identified and asked him childishly is Allah fine? Both were on tears. Recently Mayilsamy gave a donation of 25,000/- to a new temple and asked to inscribe his name adding MGR bakthan. He said he will give everything but not his life, because without life how he will serve MGR. He also told the difference between MGR and present day Great Actors who wanted to be MGR in politics, during lunch break they never mind what the crew had for lunch, when he questioned why they did not interested in finding out, they simply said what is the use to them? Whether they had food or not. There is a incident that MGR stopped the shooting of Nerum Nerupum movie, because one of the crew did not had good lunch.

The function ended by 10.30 pm. The crowed expects another function soon.

06 June 2008

Swashbuckling MGR


Watch the embedded video. I have edited the three main fights of MGR movie Ayirathil Oruvan. Two fights with Nambiyar and the climax fight with Manohar. MGR and his opponents have used different type of swords.

In the first fight the sword (same type seen in MGR memorial) used is thin blade having complex hilt (guard) which protects the hand including the little finger. Knife in one hand and sword in another watch the action of MGR, he is very fast even in slow motion this fight with Nambiyar appeared to be in normal speed.

The second fight is on the beach both having heavy blade, for Nambiyar the guard (between the blade and the grip) is rounded and fully protects his hand but for MGR the guard is cross shaped one sided less protection for his hand. Both the swords are double edged (Roman type) the fight is little slower compared to the earlier fight because the blade is heavy and the environment is slippery. Watch MGR's cool comment.

The climax fight is between MGR and R.S.Manohar, some of the shots are taken in outdoor and more important shots filmed in Studio. The sword type is fencing swords which is flexible, both of them are very fast, and MGR performs more style. Watch the leg movement typical fencing style, MGR thrusts his leg forward and lands over Manohar's right shoe and nails his movement for a second and pushes him quickly to the floor. Inside the ship, when Manohar thrust his sword, the blade is different the sword appears to be less flexible. And the next frame it turns to fencing sword again. Watch the body movement of MGR, he takes 360 degree turn and immediately 180 degree turn, when I tried to turn like that, I felt dizzy but no such feeling for MGR he goes on fighting, single shot! MGR is legendary Action Hero and the greatest swordsman in Indian film.

01 June 2008

Rendezvous with Jr. MGR

As planned earlier we (Ponmanachemmal MGR Bakthargal and Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal) went to Jr.MGR's house in Nandanam.Jr.MGR gave an appointment to meet him, the time fixed was 10 to 12 but the talk went on and on. Whenever awkward questions shot by MGR Devotees Jr.MGR kept his cool.

S.S.Perumal of Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal garlanded Jr.MGR, followed by Sathya gave him a shawl.

Jr.MGR gave out various plans that he have, one is releasing MGR movie. We can expect a MGR movie soon.

Everyone told about how much they like MGR, the movies they liked, the fights, the songs etc. etc., When Jr.MGR told that he liked the fight MGR did in 'Neerum Nerupum' with left hand. It is difficult to perform that kind of action in left hand. When he is a right handed person. Further he told about the mask shots done by MGR in Nadodi Mannan which is a great achievement till date.

The twist dance in 'Anba Va' which he performed when he was 50 years old. That was impossible for others to do in that age.

When talk was going on Jr.MGR handed over lot of photos of Ramavaram Garden, his family etc. and the most valued item the CUP used by MGR in Nadodi Mannan Movie. The cup is made of glass, gold coloured. When I took it in my hand it was like touching MGR. Really I was ecstatic. I dont have any words to say. Only one that it is weightless and more than 50 years old.

With permission from Jr.MGR I am publishing this image.

Before taking leave everyone asked him to accompany them to watch MGR movie. He promised us. We came out happily. Some of them fell that all happened so far is a dream. Did they really met MGR's blood? With dreams in their eyes they took leave.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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