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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

30 May 2008

Sonnet for MGR

Nor marble, nor the gilded monuments
Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhymes;
But you shall shine more bright in these contents
Than unswept stone, besmear'd with sluttish time.
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24 May 2008

Junior MGR's Visit

30.4.2008, Wednesday the time was 3.15 p.m. MGR's blood, Makkal Thilagam's genes, Ponmanachemmal, Puratchi Thalaivar MGR's Grandson Pradeep Balu (Jr.MGR) entered into my home, we welcomed him with a bouquet. Pradeep Balu (Junior MGR) was very simple, he was wearing yellow striped shirt and plain khaki pant. No makeup just a simple man like his Grand Father.

First my mother explained to Jr.MGR in which way we are related to MGR. The talk went on and Jr.MGR told lot about MGR's strictness how he disliked getting late, how he gave advices to MGC children. And topic shifted to MGR's family. Junior MGR's uncle M.G.C.Chandran had lot of informations on the birth of MGR and his early years. Some are here: History has to be re-written.

MGR's father had two wives, one is Sathyabama and another wife lived in Kerala (they had two sons, who had correspondence with M.G.Chakrapani, but MGR disliked and did not contact them because they did not help when MGR father died) MGR's Father is a Magistrate (there is no doubt about it as there are lot of false informations such as he is a civil servant, Principal and even a Shop keeper) after MGR's father Gopala Menon died, Sathyabama and two children MGC and MGR left all there belongings in Sri Lanka. They came to Kerala, Gopala Menon‘s another wife drove them away (First wife children had two daughters Kamalakshi, Sumitra, and one son named Balakrishnan, they are not born to Satyabhamma, in most of the books about MGR the authors had said that MGR had 2 brothers 2 sisters and MGR is the last son of Sathyabama but the truth is opposite) then and without anybodys help they traveled to Burma & Rangoon and stayed shortly and then came to Erode and stayed with their relatives for sometime and finally they came to Kumbakonam. Their mother worked in several places and wanted her children to go to school. She founded very difficult to send their children to school, near by their was a drama troupe they went to acting and her mother joined them and in the drama troupe the first role got by. (from this the history is not much different only some we all know).

MGR was very much childish he gets angry so quick that MGC used to convince him every time, even in Family matters and as well as in Cinema shooting.

'Arasakattalai' was produced and Directed by MGC but MGR was the real Director, The film took 3 years in making. MGC also acted in Arasakattalai but due to length of the movie his part got deleted. I have posted earlier about unseen photo of MGC with Manohar click here: url link

MGC family include 10 children











M.G.C.Sukumar acted in three movies and one film 'Nadigan Kural' only climax scene is left.

Final topic was about Junior MGR what he is deserving to do, how to keep the family name. He told about the song which changed his attitude from the movie “Nan en piranthan' Nadu enna seithathu unnaku endru kelvikagal ketpathu yatharku, nee ennai seithai atharku endru ninaithal nanmai unaku” change the word Country to MGR.

MGR enna seithar unaku endru kelvikagal ketpathu yatharku, nee ennai seithai avaruk endru ninaithal nanmai unaku.

Let all wish Junior MGR's success in his endeavor.

Images in the future post.

21 May 2008

Story of Ayirathil Oruvan Part VIII

“Atho Antha Paravai Pola” philosophical song follows. The song emphasize on goodness of Freedom. Some of the main points in the song are:

Did the air gets away from us that we are slaves?

Did the sea water differs hot when we touch?

Did the time leaves us?

Did we (slaves) born motherless?

Did we speak without language?

Why we need Freedom.

Millions should live united so we need freedom

The country should turn into shrine so we need freedom

We have to sing and dance without fear, so we need freedom


'Adimai vazhum bhoomi engum vendum viduthalai'

The reason for their fight against the Dictator.

A lot has to be said about the song, but I will write it in separate post on songs of MGR movies. A look into that song: Number of people in the ship, the ship used in this shot is caravel but not fully caravel. It is a modified version. Which can hold nearly 20 to 30 crews. The camera has to be placed in a awkward positions to get the song picturised. The camera was in the ship most of the time and only once the camera was mounted on another ship to show the entire crew singing while MGR clapping his hands. They used trolley shot when required.

The sun was right on top, in one line of the song, MGR hanging from a rope slowly slides and keeps the hand on the deck and then lifts his head to the camera. What is the difficultly here? The difficultly is when he faces the camera the sun rays directly hits him in his eyes but there was no blinking before raising his head MGR carefully keeps his eyes half opened and then he lifts there was no problem from direct sun light. (Most of the yesteryear actors had the capacity they were trained in such a way, you can see this in many MGR and Sivaji starer films)

After the song the humming continues. Poongodi (Jayalalitha) raises doubts about the victory condition. Take into mind they are fighting against the well trained navy of the King. MGR coolly says victory is always in the side of Truth. He further says that his people are aware of the fact that most of them will not survive to see their family, but look they are happy. And the truth is those who are involved in social life takes the death as sleep. Why that sleep will not come to me? (When he say this dialogue he lifts his shoulders, taking the inevitable happily like his men)

Nee oru Veeranganai

The next day the pirate ship founds the Dictator's ship approaching, Nambiyar comes to MGR's cabin and he says that he will take command. The next scene was the sails coming down, anchor lowers and the crew act like dead bodies. (Note that MGR in his movies this kind of action cannot be seen, this is one of cowardly act or an act of villain, MGR always faces the enemy in front and never want to take them unnoticed). When the Dictator's ships touches the pirate ship a very beautiful editing, close up of MGR and Jayalalitha, MGR handing over the knife to her to take care and as the danger has touched them (ship). In all the movies especially the colour movies of MGR, he attires Red costume in the climax. But in this movie MGR is cladded in White but Red hue in border and head band. The way in which he wants freedom is by sword but the cause is nobler (white).

The pirate ship was bounded to the Dictator's ship and he commands his men to enter. When the Dictator comes into the pirate ship the real war begins. All the crew acting as dead raises up and faces the dictator's army. MGR starting the war with a few words and continues to fight slowly. Unusual fight for MGR his movement and reflex are quick but in this sequence it was slow rather say it is very slow. The reasons because?

The fight was continued by Nambiyar. Both goes inside the ship and the fight continues and finally Nambiyar fells unconscious and MGR continues this time the sword fight is very fast and as usual by MGR. Now the Dictator finds difficult in holding the fast and furious MGR and finally he faces the defeat but MGR (remember white costume) tells him that he wants not his life but only his attitude towards the people. Nambiyar returning to conscious throws the poisoned dagger from the back side of the Dictator. MGR rushes and holds the Dictator and gives him treatment. Even though the dagger is poisoned he was cured by MGR (well trained in detoxification) The pirates were crushed by the navy and the Dictator gets up and orders to arrest MGR without mercy.

In the court Dictator (R.S.Manohar) takes his knees and ask him to take the throne and rule as per his wish he wanted it to say in the ship itself but he knows that MGR will not accept it. MGR turning victorious assures that R.S.Manohar is completely changed (Manohar's hand on MGR's chest) so he can give a good rule to the people and request to use the talent of Nambiyar and make him as the Commander of Neithal Nadu.

MGR and Jayalalitha bids farewell and he returns his research and service to their people a song in background claiming him that he is Ayirathil Oruvan.

17 May 2008

Story of Ayirathil Oruvan Part VII

After a long time R.S.Manohar the Dictator of Neithal Nadu comes into the scene. To lift his spirit he was adviced to participate in the festival for that the Dictator plans to travel to his neigbouring country.

The news reaches MGR and comes out with a plan to take over the navy in the middle of the sea. Poongodi (Jayalalitha) enters the hut and MGR calls her to get ready that he will personally take her to her home. Poongodi (Jayalalitha) denies and tells that she is willing to be wife. MGR as usual says that her life will wither out like a flower if she marries him. (As MGR character is doctor who researches with plants and herbs he relates life with flowers) She has taken the decision to stay with him and help in his duty.

But MGR was unwilling to risk her life and stays with his option. No way to convince him, she finally tells him that she has consumed poison and that she wants her last wish to be fulfilled. Her last wish? To marry him.

Take note that MGR calls her as Princess from the beginning but when she was on verge of death then he says Poongodi, the true love comes out. MGR performs the wed lock and comes to know that Poongodi has dramatized.

Only one duet song of the movie follows. The set used in the final stanza of the duet song is worth mentioning the set is a garden with a pond and moon lit when the camera moves the upper part of the set reflects in the pond, there was no cat walks a well planned camera angle basically the camera with that position, the cat walk should be seen but the pond reflects the background and the full moon.

As a last resort Nambiyar plans to ambush MGR in mid sea. He request MGR to take his turn. MGR utilize this opportunity as an unexpected gift from the Leader. He then assist Poongodi to get inside the large wooden case.

MGR, Nagesh and some of his men with the case makes to the shore. Unexpectedly Nambiyar intercepts and gives some cool comments on his new sword with a quick reflex he stabs the wooden box when he tries to do again MGR opens and lifts Poongodi out of the Box.

Nambiyar tells that MGR has disobeyed the law of the Island to that MGR retorts next to you. To finish the matter once and for all they come up with a duel the result whoever lasts will be the Leader.

With MGR's smiling face and cool moves over the dangerous cliffs the fight ends with MGR as victorious. Then Nambiyar turns into a new leaf and request him to become the Leader of Selvatheevu as per the rule of the Island. MGR denies the offer and ask him to continue as the Leader of the Island that he only need the freedom of his homeland.

Nambiyar extends his helping hand and he assures that his people will be on his side and will fight against the Dictator of Neithal Nadu.

14 May 2008

Re-release Periya Idathu Penn

Periya Idathu Penn was re-released in Natraj theater this week. The print was brand new. I went and met Yukesh Babu. He guided to take pictures and paper cuts placed in the theater.

The movie was almost full nearly 800 people watched 6.30 show, capacity of 900. Yukesh Babu gave some introduction about new MGR fans who came to see the movie. Out of this crowd two stand apart.

One man was wearing ordinary shirt and the shirt was fully pinned by MGR images, he fired most of the crackers and Yukesh Babu mentioned that he gave sweets to all the fans who came to see Nadodi Mannan previously.

Another MGR fan (very young) who don't have any house to dwell no family and working as Porter in Central Station. He is a regular viewer of MGR movies. When Yukesh Babu asked him why he likes to watch MGR movies, he said MGR's face and his songs gives a positive vibration and a strong feeling to live. Believe it or not he has watched the re-release Adimai Penn 12 shows continuously.

The paper cut of Periya Idathu Penn 100 days advertisement.

This is the image of re-release record of 'Nam Nadu' which was released when MGR was the Chief Minister.

Yukesh Babu's father and one of the ardent MGR fan Mr.Bakthavatchalam expired today, we all pray for his soul to rest in peace.

11 May 2008

Story of Ayirathil Oruvan Part VI

MGR plans to send Poongodi (Jayalalitha) with Nagesh to Kannitheevu. With that plan running in his mind he enters his hut outside it was cloudy and her mind also, unwelcome by Poongodi (Jayalalitha). MGR washes his hand and understands there is no dinner and not even a glass of water left for him. With a typical MGR smile he goes out to sleep.

Watch the frame background of Jayalalitha is swords and knife in her hand. The next day she takes a stroll over the seashore and over hears the talk between Nagesh and Gundumani. Nagesh gives a plan to take Poongodi (Jayalalitha) to Kannitheevu. Gundumani as usual denies and why he has to take Poongodi because Ramadoss is anxious to take revenge on them. And he continues when a girl comes in the life everything changes our Leader is no exception.

Nagesh counter acts and narrates why Gundumani became unfaithful and how he had forgotten the deed of the Leader, and how MGR has sacrificed his character to safeguard us from the death sentence issued by Nambiyar. Attitude changes not only for Gundumani but also for Poongodi (Jayalalitha).

On that night MGR returns after practice, Jayalalitha welcomes him, ask him to have dinner or atleast to take paisam. MGR says No, that he had already finished the dinner with his friends. When he tries to go out and sleep she acts as a normal Tamil movie heroine and makes him to stay.

Swords and Harp

When this scene goes on the background is worth mentioning, swords on the side of Jayalalitha and Harp on the side of MGR. Can we say that she is expecting favoruable action (Music) from his side but she received only unfavourable result (Swords) the deed she has done earlier. And also MGR points out that her behaviour is different and he feels as he is walking over a sword.

After this scene MGR scratches his cheek and comes to a decision with closing his eyes with his hand (a good body language) the decision to personally take her to Kannitheevu. This is the only romantic scene of the whole movie. This scene lasts for not more than 10 minutes. (Watch simple Bamboo cot for MGR and expensive one for Jayalalitha)

To be continued.

08 May 2008

Madurai Special

After a long time I contacted S.Kumar and asked him to forward the Box office details of MGR movies and other actors to my address. Within two days he gave lot of infos (giant size envelope). Which will be posted in the future.

S.Kumar, (from Brahmin community) who is actively involved in MGR re-release in and around Madurai city. I have already gave a detailed account please click here:

MGR Devotees from Madurai

S.Kumar, Secretary 36th Ward MGR Mandram and Thamilazhga MGR Manitheneya Mandram, No.2, Ramasamy Konnar Lane, Vadugakaval Kudatheru, Madurai-1.




M.Shanmuga Sundaram


Kochadai Murugan

A.Asai Thambi

Recently he was honoured by Cellur K.Raj, Secretary Madurai City AIADMK and S.D.Jayabal, Secretary, Madurai City MGR Mandram on 11.1.2008 in Panthadi 5th Street, Madurai.

And he was also honoured by M.Jayaraman, Madurai Puranagar District AIADMK Secretary. The function was conducted by Anna Thozhil Sanga Puranagar District on the Birth day function of Makkal Thilagam MGR presided by S.Murugan.

On the first death anniversary of Madurai Meenatchi Theater owner E.M.G.Soundarrajan a function was conducted on 24.3.2008 presided by S.S.Rajendran, Cho.Navaneedha Krishnan (former Vice Mayor) Madurai Mayor Mrs.Thenmozhi's husband Gopinathan, film distributors and theater owners attended the function.

Madurai Meenatchi theater is synonymous to MGR movies. This is the photo of S.Kumar with S.S.Rajendran.

Kavalkaran and Uruku Uzhaipavan were re-released recently in Madurai Meenatchi.

The images of Periya Edathu Penn was forwarded by S.Kumar. Below is the ad placed in the News paper dt.10.5.1963.

Another image is the successful completion of 10th week of MGR movie in all the theaters including Madurai Sridevi.

This is the movie review which came in the Cinema magazine in 1963, pardon for the poor scanned picture.

The movie was crossed 100 days in Chitra, Crown (Chennai) 91 days in Mahalakshmi (Chennai), Trichy (theater name not available) 93 days, Madurai Sri Devi 10.5.1963 to 2.8.1963 - 85 days due to legal problem between the Film distributor and Theater management the movie was changed to City Cinema (Madurai) 3.8.1963 onwards – 55 days combined run 140 days. Since Madurai is MGR's fort. Most successful records comes from Madurai there is no second opinion.

Madurai MGR Special

03 May 2008

Story of Ayirathil Oruvan Part V

When MGR gives a plan to attack only pirate ships Nagesh comes to the frame and says why he has changed then MGR says he is only acting so they cannot harm passenger ships.

The scene continues with MGR taking up a pirate ship and amassing the wealth. When the pirate ship reaches the shores of Selva Theevu he was welcomed by Nambiyar.

Part of the loot was given as a share to MGR and his men. MGR orders his men to melt the jeweleries into Gold and send it to the people of Neidhal Nadu. Then Gundumani says ''If we give everything to others what about us''. MGR says


To change her mood, Jayalalitha plans to take a voyage, though Ramadass tells the peril and risk involved in sea and also MGR has turned as a pirate. But she takes up the journey.

The next hunt begins for MGR incidentally he sights a pirate flagged ship thinking that it is a pirate ship, MGR orders to attack and take over. After getting inside the pirate ship one of Nambiyar's men enter into the princess room to gets his hand on the jewels of Jayalalitha, and MGR dashes into and orders to free her and also get out of the deck. [MGR is seen with a peculiar sword trade mark of Ayirathil Oruvan with that sword one can easily say it is from Ayirathil Oruvan]. MGR tries to say why he turned as a pirate. But she did not accepts and MGR with help of Nagesh tries to safe guard her from the sight of Nambiyar. But the plan gets foiled and Nambiyar was taken away by the beauty, and order to bring her to auction. (Check out typical belt on MGR's hip)

Nambiyar makes up a plan to buy her in the auction for 1 lakh, but his wife L.Vijayalakshmi has another to buy her 1.5 lakhs. Song goes on explaining her pathetic condition. The song ends and the auction begins. She was finally bought by MGR for 2 lakhs gold. [Remember MGR was sold for 1 gold and he is buying her the Princess of Kannitheevu for 2 lakhs gold.]

Even though MGR interfered in the auction and saved her from Nambiyar but Jayalalitha did not understand and she is not able to digest the change of gentleman MGR to a pirate.

Nambiyar did not stop with that failure, before he reaches MGR's hut, L.Vijayalakshmi tries to convince Jayalalitha to marry MGR but she hesitates then Nambiyar enters.

Typical MGR one liners at his best in Ayirathil Oruvan dialouge between MGR and Nambiyar.

Click to see the the best one liners

Then sword fight with both hands continues. I have to mention that it is safer to fight with two equal sized swords with two hands but it is riskier to fight with a knife and a sword with both hands. Before the fight ends, Jayalalitha on the request of L.Vijayalakshmi, stops the fight and says that according to the law of the Island that the Leader should bless the couple. Nambiyar's with disgust and hatred blesses them. Is it a bless of a Leader, good acting by Nambiyar.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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