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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

28 February 2013

Thaedi Vantha Maapillai

Sri MGR Year 96, 28th February, Thursday

Padmini Pictures and MGR colour movie Thaedi Vantha Maapillai has been re-released in Royal Theater Coimbatore. MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran has forwarded some of the images from the theater.


This is the banner for Thaedi Vantha Maapillai.




Below are some of the posters from the  movie.


tvm_2   tvm_4




Creative work done through photoshop.

23 February 2013

Re-Release Movies 2012

Sri MGR Year 96, 23rd February, Saturday

MGR movies are re-released all over Tamil Nadu without break. Below is the column about the re-release of MGR movies in Coimbatore city alone. The information is passed by V.P.Haridas, Goundampalayam, Coimbatore.


No. Date Movie Name No. of Days Theater
No.of Shows
01 01.01.2012 Thanipiravi 10 Delite/2
02 13.01.2012 Asai Mugam 12 Delite/2
03 26.01.2012 Adimai Penn 12 Delite/2
04 11.02.2012 Puthumaipithan 7 Delite/2
  24.02.2012 MGR Week 7 Royal
05 24.02.2012 Nam Nadu 1 Royal/4
06 25.02.2012 Adimai Penn 1 Royal/4
07 26.02.2012 Mattukara Velan 1 Royal/4
08 27.02.2012 Ayirathil Oruvan 1 Royal/4
09 28.02.2012 Kavalkaran 1 Royal/4
10 29.02.2012 Kudieruntha Kovil 1 Royal/4
11 01.03.2012 En Annan 1 Royal/4
12 03.03.2012 Oru Thai Makkal 10 Delite/2
13 16.03.2012 Thaiyai Katha Thanaiyan 7 Delite/2
14 18.03.2012 Pallandu Vazhga 5 Shanmuga/3
15 30.03.2012 Uzhaikum Karangal 7 Royal/4
16 13.04.2012 Chakravarthy Thirumagal 7 Royal/4
17 20.04.2012 Panakara Kudumbam 6 Delite/2
18 27.04.2012 Dharmam Thalaikakum 4 Shanmuga/3
19 29.04.2012 Netru Indru Nalai 5 Delite/2
20 04.05.2012 En Annan 5 Delite/2
21 08.05.2012 Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum 5 Royal/4
22 11.05.2012 Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian 7 Delite/2
23 25.05.2012 Enga Veetu Pillai 7 Royal/4
24 08.06.2012 Baghdad Thirudan 7 Royal/4
25 22.06.2012 Kavalkaran 7 Delite/2
26 29.06.2012 Ragasiya Police 115 7 Royal/4
27 06.07.2012 Nalai Namathey 7 Royal/4
28 13.07.2012 Vettaikaran 7 Royal/4
29 20.07.2012 Navarathinam 10 Delite/2
30 20.07.2012 Nam Nadu 7 Shanmuga/3
31 31.07.2012 Netru Indru Nalai 3 Shanmuga/3
32 02.08.2012 Puthumaipithan 7 Delite/2
33 10.08.2012 Naan Aanai Ittal 7 Shanmuga/3
34 16.08.2012 Arasa Kattalai 7 Royal/4
35 24.08.2012 Arasa Kattalai 7 Delite/3
36 31.08.2012 Deiva Thai 7 Royal/4
37 31.08.2012 Thaiku Thalai Magan 10 Delite/3
38 07.09.2012 Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga 7 Shanmuga/3
39 14.09.2012 Oli Vilakku 14 Royal/4
40 21.09.2012 Mannathi Mannan 7 Delite/3
41 28.09.2012 Asai Mugam 11 Delite/3
42 05.10.2012 Sangay Muzhangu 7 Shanmuga/3
43 12.10.2012 Mahadevi 7 Delite/2
44 19.10.2012 Thanipiravi 5 Delite/2
45 26.10.2012 Baghdad Thirudan 7 Delite/2
46 01.11.2012 Olivilakku 4 Murugan
47 13.11.2012 Olivilakku 18 Delite/2
48 13.11.2012 Rickshawkaran 10 Royal/4
49 09.11.2012 Ooruku Uzhaipavan 5 Royal/4
50 29.11.2012 Thazhampoo 7 Delite/2
51 07.12.2012 Sangay Muzhangu 7 Delite/2
52 20.12.2012 Thozhilali 12 Delite/2
53 21.12.2012 Thaiku Thalai Magan 7 Royal/4


The theaters listed above are Royal, Delite, Shanmuga and Thudiayloor Murugan only. Other centres are not included. It will be a Herculean task to get all the re-release dates of MGR movies in Tamil Nadu.

22 February 2013

Dharmam Thalai Kakum

Sri MGR Year 96, 22nd February, Friday

Today 22.2.2013 is the 50th Anniversary or Golden Jubilee Year of Devar Films and our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR’s social movie Dharmam Thalai Kakkum.


MGR acted as a Doctor in this movie and the heroine is Sarojadevi. M.R.Radha, S.A.Asokan were supporting actors. But in this movie it was Asokan who is the villain.


dharmam_thalai_kakkum   dtk_54days


Paper cuts for the release of Dharmam Thalai Kakum.




The above banner is from Mahalakshmi theater during the re-release of Dharmam Thalai Kakum.


Songs in this movie are:

1. Thotu vida thotu vida – Duet song

2. Dharmam Thalai Kakum – Philosophical song

3. Oruvan Manathu – Philosophical song

4. Hello Hello – Duet song

5. Paravaigala

6. Moodupani



Dharmam Thalai Kakum song (needless to say the proverb, dharma saved his life 2 times)



Final scene for the title.



This video is captured during the re-release of Dharmam Thalai Kakum in Mahalakshmi theater.


Full movie Dharmam Thalai Kakum



All the above video are from youtube site.

20 February 2013

Rare Images 2013

Sri MGR Year 96, 20th February, Wednesday

Below are some of the rare images published by Kumar Rajendran from MGR family, in internet.


1   2

MGR reading a book in his Ramavaram Garden Home. To your right is the photo from Kalaivanar NSK family album, T.A.Mathuram’s brother marriage (T.A.Gnanam with T.R.Sethulakshmi she is the sister of T.R.Ramanna and T.R.Rajakumari). The marriage was presided by Peraringnar Anna and our beloved Leader MGR.


3   4


The above image to your left is taken during the Remembrance day of Kalaivanar N.S.Krishnan. To the right is the award function in New Delhi. Playback singer P.Susheela is sitting next to MGR and in front row is Actor Sanjeev Kumar.



For the pooja of Oru Thai Makkal movie.



MGR with his wife V.N.Janaki.


' 7

MGR receiving Kalaivanar Award from the then Chief Minister Bakthavatchalam to his left is C.Subramaniyam.





A function held by South Indian Film Artists Association.





MGR receiving a sword from his mentor for Nadodi Mannan movie function.




Photo of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR greeting Mr.Sivaji Ganesan after his successful return from United States.





Should be a movie function.



MGR celebrated Pongal function with his drama artists and friends. This is from one such function.


From Kumar Rajendran note: One of MGR's fans kept the plate of betel leaves and nuts in front of him. note the box of nuts carries his name and picture.




All credit goes to Kumar Rajendran.

14 February 2013

Directors III

Sri MGR Year 96, 14th February, Thursday

The third installment of Directors series follows with M.A.Thirumugam who have directed 16 movies of MGR starrer.


M.A.Thirumugam brother of Chinnappa Devar who also had the skill of editing assisted his brother in Devar films productions.

All the movies MGR acted in Devar films are all directed by M.A.Thirumugam.


The list is given below:

S.No. Name of the Movie Date of Release
01 Thaiku Pin Tharam 21.09.1956
02 Thai Sollai Thatathey 07.11.1961
03 Thaiyai Katha Thanaiyan 13.04.1962
04 Kudumba Thalaivan 15.08.1962
05 Dharmam Thalaikakum 22.02.1963
06 Neethiku Pin Pasam 15.08.1963
07 Vettaikaran 14.01.1964
08 Thozhilali 25.09.1964
09 Kannithai 10.09.1965
10 Mugarasi 18.02.1966
11 Thanipiravi 16.09.1966
12 Thaiku Thalai Magan 13.01.1967
13 Vivasayee 01.11.1967
14 Ther Thiruvizha 23.02.1968
15 Kadhal Vaganam 21.10.1968
16 Nalla Neram 10.03.1972


First movie of Devar Films, Thaiku Pin Tharam was released on 21.9.1956 and it become the super hit movie of the year.


1_thaikupintharam   2_thai_sollai_thathay


After the release of Thaiku Pin Tharam MGR and the Producer had some misunderstanding and they not worked together. After some years both friends opened their heart and gave hit movies in 1960s to first phase of 70s. After five years second movie Thai Sollai Thatathey was released and became a hit movie.


Below are the movie ads of Devar Films banner directed by M.A.Thirumugam.


3_thayai_katha_thanayan   4_kudumba_thalaivan


5_dharmam_thalai_kakkum   6_neethikupinpasam


In Dharmam Thalaikakum MGR acted as a Doctor, in Neethikupin pasam MGR role is lawyer and in Thaiyaikatha Thanaiyan and Vettaikaran MGR acted as a Hunter.


7_vettaikaran   8_thozhilali


Thozhilali is a story about rags to riches.


9_kannithai   10_mugarasi


Kannithai directed by M.A.Thirumugam is first movie of MGR and Jayalalitha combo to appear in Devar films. They acted together in six movies out of 16 movies.


11_thanipiravi   12_thaiku_thalaimagan


Thaiku Thalaimagan was released on the next day of MGR was shot and he was recuperating in the hospital.


13_vivasayi   14_therthiruvizha


15_kadhalvaganam   16_nalla_neram


First colour movie of Devar films is Nalla Neram directed by M.A.Thirumugam. He is also the director for Hindi version Haathi Meera Sathi with Rajesh Khanna in the lead.



10 February 2013

Penang News

Sri MGR Year 96, 10th February, Sunday

MGR Devotee from Malaysia Sree Sitharan has forwarded this news paper cutting to share in our MGR Blog.




Above is the article from Dina Kural a Tamil daily from Malaysia. Pirai MGR Pothunala Iyakkam and Thiruvalluvar Kazhagam jointly celebrates MGR’s 96th birthday on 9.2.2013.


During this function 3 laptops will  be given to needy students and Thirukural books will be given to 100 students.


Click the above image to read.

08 February 2013

Medical Seat

Sri MGR Year 96, 8th February, Friday

MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran has forwarded an question and answer article from Baghya Tamil Magazine.




When our beloved MGR became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu he was given a quota of 10 seats for Medical course. When the official asked him to use his quota, his answer… click the above image.

02 February 2013

Directors II

Sri MGR Year 96, 2nd February, Saturday

In this second post on MGR Directors we will be discussing about K.Shankar, who have directed 8 MGR movies. K.Shankar is a great editor and he was in charge of editing Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban.



A duet song from Panathottam


 kalangarai_vilakkam  chandrodayam

A still from Kalangarai Vilakkam and to the right is Chandrodayam


He also worked as guest Editor in many MGR movies. K.Shankar’s first directorial MGR movie is Panathottam. On the first day of the shooting he asked many retakes for MGR part. With a smile our beloved Leader put his arm around K.Shankar's shoulder and took him out of the set.



A song from Kudieruntha Kovil


MGR took K.Shankar to a secluded place and told him you are working with other Actors. And you should have a mind set of other persons acting, and you are expecting me to perform like others. That is wrong ask what Ramachandran will do and do not expect me to give some one else expression and acting. With this little advice K.Shankar filmed MGR movie Panathottam.




He was choosen to direct many MGR movies later. In 8 movies he directed 7 movies are social theme movies. Adimai Penn is a period movie.



Name of the Movie

Date of Release

1 Panathottam 11.01.1963
2 Kalangarai Vilakkam 28.08.1965
3 Chandrodayam 27.05.1966
4 Kudieruntha Kovil 05.03.1968
5 Adimai Penn 01.05.1969
6 Pallandu Vazhga 31.10.1975
7 Uzhaikum Karangal 23.05.1976
8 Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga 05.05.1977


Later K.Shankar became MGR’s relative.



An image  from Pallandu Vazhga.



Uploaded by MGR Devotee Sailesh Basu

Sailesh Basu has done a trailer of this movie.



Collage of Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga.


Of these 8 movies 5 movie were colour. And K.Shankar is the only director to be credited as Director for Emgeeyar Pictures Adimai Penn.


He is the person who took MGR to Moogambikai temple during the shooting of Pallandu Vazhga. During that visit MGR went inside a room in the temple and did meditation. K.Shankar told in an interview that the room has less ventilation and we cannot stay more than 10 minutes. But MGR went inside and did one hour meditation and when he came out of the room MGR face was shining.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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