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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

27 November 2014

Agni Malargal

Sri MGR Year 97, 27th November, Thursday

An article that had appeared in Agni Malargal November 2014 edition was forwarded by Govindaraj son of K.P.Ramakrishnan (MGR’s bodyguard). The article is about MGR’s attachment to Tamil language.

agnimalar_1   agnimalar_2

The images above are the two pages from the magazine.

KPR had reminded about the first meeting between MGR and Mohandass during the shooting of Mattukara Velan and also how MGR encouraged non Tamil  speaking artists to learn the Tamil language.

22 November 2014

MGR Function – 2

Sri MGR Year 97, 22nd November, Saturday

Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Welfare Association along with Aanaithulaga MGR Pothunala Sangam, Makkal Thilagam MGR Mandram and Ayirathil Oruvan Iraivan MGR Bakthargal celebrated 190th day of Ayirathil Oruvan and also the Golden jubilee of MGR movies released in 1964 in Chennai Press club on 16.11.2014.


We have already uploaded some images of the function continuing to that post we are now uploading the speech given by Poovai Sengkuttuvan about our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR.

Click here for the video url

He remembered how meticulously MGR looks into the dialogues and lyrics. Poovai Sengkuttuvan had written only one song for our MGR and that song is “Naan unga veetu pillai” from Puthiya Bhoomi. He also told that MGR had great memory power. The title “Sumai Thangi” was given by him to one of MGR’s drama. Earlier he had sent one drama script for which MGR acknowledged with his own handwriting and when Poovai Sengkuttuvan wrote that he want to meet MGR, he replied that he will come to his place and meet him which he did when he came for staging a drama in his native place.


19 November 2014

Thadam Pathithavargal - 3

Sri MGR Year 97, 19th November, Wednesday

Vendhar TV broadcasts Thadam Pathithavargal a program featuring ordinary people excelling and achieving pinnacle of success through their hard work, dedication. In this feature our beloved Puratchi Thalaivar MGR life history is being shown regularly.


We have already uploaded the episodes 1 to 4 from Vendhar TV youtube site in our MGR blog. In this post we will be uploading episode 5 and 6.

Episode 5



In this episode they continued with the movies released in 1962, importance was given to Rani Samyugdha, Thayai Katha Thanaiyan and Kudumba Thalaivan.


MGR_kudumbathalaivan3 MGR_kudumbathalaivan1 MGR_kudumbathalaivan2


Episode 6

In the sixth episode they telecasted many scenes from Vikramadityan how the hero succeeds in the quest. Another movie Pasam the program showed MGR’s acting capability showcasing important scenes to emphasize their statement.



The episode ended with Panathottam and Koduthuvaithaval the movies that were released in 1963.

For the previous episodes please click the link below.

Episodes 1 and 2


Episodes 3 and 4

17 November 2014

MGR Function

Sri MGR Year 97, 17th November, Monday

Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR welfare Association along with Aanaithulaga MGR Pothunala Sangam, Makkal Thilagam MGR Mandram and Ayirathil Oruvan Iraivan MGR Bakthargal celebrated 190th Day of Ayirathil Oruvan, Golden Jubilee of 1964 movies and inauguration of Ponmanachemmal MGR centenary trust in Chennai Press Club on 16th November 2014.


Author of several MGR books and the then editor of Anna newspaper Nagai Dharuman and lyricist Poovai Sengkuttuvan were the chief guests of the function.



One of the Chief Guest Nagai Dharuman with ill health gave a heart touching speech about our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR for 10 minutes followed by Poovai Sengkuttuvan speech. The video will be uploaded in the future post.

book_release cd_release

In the function on behalf of Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Welfare Association presented a fund to Nagai Dharuman and Poovai Sengkuttuvan.

Ayirathil Oruvan 175th day function celebrated on 1st September in Kamaraj Arangam DVD was released by the Chief Guests followed by the special edition of Golden jubilee of 1964 MGR movies book.

13 November 2014

Thadam Pathithavargal – 2

Sri MGR Year 97, 13th November, Thursday

MGR_lcd_1  MGR_lcd_2

We have already uploaded Thadam Pathithavargal 2 weeks video earlier in our MGR blog which was telecasted in Vendhar TV on Sunday 1 pm. Following MGR’s entry into cinema and success movies the following program looks into MGR successful career.



In part 3 they gave a glimpse of making of Nadodi Mannan and about the mannerism MGR did in that movie. I did my best to capture the image, MGR doing his style. They also showed the accident that our beloved leader MGR met in Sirgazhi on 16.6.1959 and how he came back powerfully through his sheer will power.




In part 4 the program dealt with 1961 movies the transformation from period movies to social oriented themes. They showed some scenes and songs from Thirudathae and Thai Sollai Thatathey.


During the end of the program MGR’s bodyguard K.P.Ramakrishnan’s son Govindaraj narrated some of the benevolent deeds of our God, that had happened during when MGR was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

For earlier post click here.

09 November 2014

Padagotti Golden Jubilee – 2

Sri MGR Year 97, 9th November, Sunday

celebrationThis is the continuation to the 50th Anniversary of Padagotti. Earlier post we had dealt elaborately with the story, in this post we will be extrapolating MGR histrionics and the character study.

Our beloved Puratchi Thalaivar character Manickam in Padagotti is not different from other movie characters, the same do-gooder, saviour of the poor and downtrodden, helper of the hapless.

As soon as the movie starts to reveal the plot MGR becomes the head of his village, the position thrust upon by his rivals. The character portrayed by MGR can be discussed in three view points.

As a Leader:

His men are illiterate like their rival group but the rival group people had faith in their leader enacted by Ramadoss they did what their head told him to do so, a blind faith. Here in MGR’s group, sometimes they take their own decision and suffer and sometimes they loose faith in him even if MGR took a right decision. For this type of scenario the Leader should have lot of patience. MGR keeps his calm. The extremity of MGR patience is tested when his people without his knowledge goes to the loan shark (Nambiyar) and without knowing what was written in the agreement signs it. Now MGR interferes and reads the agreement, he comes to know the atrocious method of Nambiyar, his men illiterate and having very little intelligence had fallen easily to Nambiyar’s trap, now MGR has to express and point out their foolishness,  but he did not express the point in hard way. Because the best leaders don’t come down harder on people whose performance is lagging; they come to their aid.

He being the leader also has the responsibility to take care his men like a mother to her child in that way MGR conveys. Nambiyar asks MGR “where did you come and what you are talking” (Yenga vanthu yenna pesara). The following one line is what MGR utters for that scene, totally ignoring the direct words for their foolish mistake and says; “I am speaking to my people about their ignorance”. (என் மக்கள் கிட்ட அவங்க அறியாமை பத்தி பேசறேன்). MGR’s expression while reading the agreement is great, the escalation of anger is seen clearly in his face when he looks to his men the anger drains in a second and when he looks at Nambiyar his anger expression comes up instantly.


In another scene when MGR senses the demand for fish in market he raises the price and this idea succeeds his men praises him. And again when the same plan did not worked out they start to loose their faith in him. And they start to take their own decision (a’la the common man) when MGR gets assurance from a new commission agent for their catch, Nambiyar befriends the commission agent and this time also his plan goes wrong.


As a true leader MGR knows how to lead his men knows their needs and wants, he looks at them confidently and tells them, that he will take this to the Government officials and get their help. His men who always think only about today and never care what is for tomorrow blindly denies MGR, they burst with sadness and says you always speak like that but God has given everything to them (Nambiyar) it is our fate. MGR answers to these questions to them through the song “Koduthathellam Koduthan”.




Before the climax there is another scene showing one of his leadership qualities. Sarojadevi leaves her village and comes to meet MGR and wants to get married. By this time his men come up and asks to make a decision of what MGR wants in his life, either the love or his people. MGR knows well that “there is no success without sacrifice” with less time to respond he takes the decision to sacrifice his love. MGR subtly gives an appearance of weight being rested on his shoulders by drooping his head after the dialogue. (The rest of the dialogues will be dealt with in next post as a Lover).

03 November 2014

Padagotti Golden Jubilee

Sri MGR Year 97, 3rd November, Monday

Today is the Golden Jubilee year of Padagotti movie. On deepavali day 3rd November 1964, Saravana Films first colour movie and our Puratchi Thalaivar starrer Padagotti was released all over Tamil Nadu.


Cast and Characters:

1. MGR – Manickam (Protagonist)

2. Saroja Devi – Muthazhagi

3. M.N.Nambiyar – Neelamegam (Antagonist)

4. Nagesh – Ponvandu

5. Ramadoss – Alaiyappan (Muthazhagi’s father)

6. Asokan – Thangappan (Neelamegam’s henchman)

7. Jayanthi – Meenvizhi (Neelamegam’s lover)

8. Thirupathisamy – Manickam’s father


Dialogues – Sakthi Krishnaswami

Music – Viswanthan and Ramamurthy

Camera – P.L.Roy

Direction – T.Prakash Rao

Producer – G.N.Velumani


All the songs are mesmerizing :

1. Tharai mela pirakavaithan – sad song for MGR

2. Ennai yeduthu thanai koduthu – sad song for Sarojadevi

3. Thottal poo malarum – duet song

4. Koduthathellum koduthan – philosophical song for MGR

5. Azhagu malar ragam – solo song for Jayanthi (Sarojadevi)

6. Naan oru kozhunthai – solo song for MGR

7. Pattuku pattu yeduthu – MGR and Sarojadevi combo song

8. Kalyana ponnu – solo song for MGR


There are four fishermen hamlets (kuppam) of this Thirukaimeenkuppam and Surameenkuppam are rivals. During a festival the head of Thirukaimeenkuppam Thirupathisamy extends his arm to Alaiappan (Ramadoss) to be united forever but Neelamegam (M.N.Nambiyar) comes to know this fact and sends his men to create chaos in the function and thereby two villages always have difference of opinion. As planned, Neelamegam people fatally wounds the head of Thirukaimeenkuppam, Manickam (MGR) tries to save his father but his father ask a promise from his son that the two villages should be united in future and he should work hard for that. Manickam promises then his father dies.


Days rolls on Alaiappan goes with his men to meet Neelamegam for getting loan. Neelamegam gives them money and gets their thumb impression on blank stamp papers and keeps it in a safe.

tharai_mel_song  tharai_mel_song2

The weather changes and fishermen loose their opportunity to go to sea, so far Thirukaimeenkuppam avoided Neelamegam’s loan. But now there is no option and they visit him without the knowledge of their new head Manickam. As usual they were given an agreement regarding the selling of their catch to him and the price is fixed by him only no questions asked.

MGR  loan_1

loan_2  loan_3

When they were signing Manickam enters Neelamegam’s house, stops them and make them understand what was written in the agreement. On seeing his plan thwarted by Manickam, Neelamegam gets angry and asks everybody to get out of his house.

Manickam heads to sea in the rough weather, he gets caught in the storm and washed away on the shores of Surameenkuppam. There Alaiappan’s daughter Muthazhagi (Sarojadevi)  saves him even though she knows who he is, they fall in love.

One day Alaiappan fells sick so his daughter goes to the market to sell the fishes. But on that day there is a demand for fishes, all these years Neelamegam using their rivalry bought the fishes for less amount but on that day Manickam and Muthazhagi stands united and sells their fishes for higher amount. Manickam’s people praise his shrewdness.

Duet song “Thottal poo malarum”.


The next day they again try to utilize the situation but Alaiappan comes into the market as asked by Neelamegam he sells his goods to him very cheaply, Manickam group suffer this time. Now the same people hurts him with words.

Manickam goes to town to meet a commission agent and arranges to sell their fishes to him. But the new commission agent betrays Manickam and supports Neelamegam.


Kuduthathalam koduthan song.


This time Manickam meets Government officials to get help but they tell him that Government will not help individuals but can help if they are all united. Now as a last resort Manickam goes to meet Alaiappan and uses Gandhian ideology but they try to attack him. Manickam fights valiantly and wins, then he tells, I come here to speak about peace but you thought I am a coward only a strong willed can speak about peace.


Then Manickam shows his mammoth strength by bending the iron bar and Manickam tries his best to make them understand who is gaining and who is loosing, because of the rivalry between them and also about the Government who are ready to give loan, insurance, boat etc. if the villagers are stand united. Alaiappan when at the verge of understanding the facts presented by Manickam, Neelamegam intervenes and  twists their mind they beat Manickam and throws him to the sea.

Thirukaimeenkuppam feels something has went wrong as Manickam had not returned. They try to take revenge by attacking Alaiappan but Manickam in old man disguise saves Alaiappan and he takes Manickam to his house. There Muthazhagi comes to know that Manickam is disguised as old man and he is trying to unite both the villages.

Surameenkuppam wanted to take revenge as their opponent had tried to kill their head but Manickam intervenes and tries to stop their act, Alaiappan tells them to wait as in the boat race they will get an opportunity to hurt their enemies.

The boat race takes place but as the head of Thirukaimeenkuppam does not show up Manickam takes up the position and wins the race. But in the presentation everybody comes to know that Manickam is the old man.

Neelamegam hatches a plan and asks Alaiappan to give his daughter as a marriage to him. First he disagrees but Neelamegam threatens him with the loan document they had been signed by his people. As there is no way to survive Alaiappan agrees for the marriage..

Pattuku pattu edathu song

After the song his Thirukaimeenkuppam people objects for the marriage of Manickam with Muthazhagi. For the care of his group Manickam sacrifice his love. Muthazhagi returns to her hut and she was taken to Neelamegam’s house, Alaiappan asks Neelamegam to take care his daughter and leaves.


Now both the village asks Manickam to help Muthazhagi from the clutches of Neelamegam. And Manickam disguises as a bangle merchant goes to Neelamegam’s house there Neelamegam suspects and keeps Manickam locked in his guest house.


Meenvizhi helps Muthazhagi by giving the loan documents that she had stolen from the safe in the process Meenvizhi was shot and killed.


Manickam uses loose wire found in the room and gives shock to Neelamegam’s people and escapes from the guest house a small fight follows and finally Neelamegam was arrested for the killing of Meenvizhi.


Alaiappan understands that Manickam has saved his daughters life and his noble deeds he then gives his acceptance for her daughter to marry Manickam and thus the group fight ends.


Acting, songs, costumes and others will be dealt in the next post.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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