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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

28 March 2010

Re-release Thanipiravi Part II

Sri MGR Year 93, 28th March Sunday

Somehow I managed to reach the theater by 6.00 pm and the ceremony has started for God MGR. The devotees started to perform their regular pooja. 14 tier garland was done by Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal Trust, Speaker system was done by Sri MGR Bakthargal.

The IPL wave was overcome by MGR, the crowd was huge lining from one end of the theater to another end. I saw lot of cycles and tricyles in the parking lot. The crowd was half way in the highway they physically obstructing the traffic. Their joy know no bounds.

26 March 2010

Re-release Thanipiravi

Sri MGR Year 93, 26th March Friday

 Devar Films Black and White Movie Thani Piravi was released today in Natraj theater. With help from MGR Devotee Yukesh Babu I made a visit to Natraj for the first show. 

Nearly 100 MGR Fans were standing near the movie hall at 2.00 pm. 

Vinyl Banner placed by Sri MGR Bakthargal, Chennai. And Garland was placed by MGR Devotee Sathya.

Enga Veetu Pillai will be released in Natraj a poster was fixed inside the theater, and 3 boys from nearby school (after writing the exam) came to watch this movie, one boy was singing the song Kumari pennin ullathilay from Enga Veetu pillai and said that beautifull song is from this movie. I was looking at them MGR has captivated these boys with a Love song at this age! what to say.

Three boys looking at the poster of MGR with awestruck by the charm of MGR.

The Video near the Counter

Some of the theaters in Chennai were not screening night shows due to IPL matches. But MGR is still going strong against this IPL wave.

Updated after 8 pm result:

Total collection from Matinee and evening show is more than Rs.9,000 plus for 2 shows theater capacity is 1200 plus for a black and white movie, highest run for this movie is 75 days for the first release.

25 March 2010

MGR News Week

Sri MGR Year 93, 25th March, Thursday

This week MGR black and white movie Thani Piravi will be released tomorrow in Natraj Theater. The poster was affixed in Purasawalkam area yesterday. I took this photo near Doveton.

MGR Devotee from Bangalore Vinod has sent me a link about our Leader MGR which I have given below the site is still in construction phase and the article has some mistakes like the number of movies etc. It is a very long post have patience to read.

23 March 2010

MGR Show in Malaysia

Sri MGR Year 93, 23rd March Tuesday

MGR birthday functions are celebrated in Tamilnadu and we know it is happening right from 1988. But we did not know that MGR birthday function is also celebrated in other countries were MGR Devotees and Fans reside. 

MGR Fan from Singapore Mr.Chandran has forwarded an attachment in my mail with a Tamil daily an article about MGR's 93rd Birthday function celebrated in Port Dickson which is 90 km from Kuala Lumpur. The function was presided by S.Jothinathan who was former Minister.

20 March 2010

Nayagan MGR

Sri MGR Year 93, 20th March, Saturday

 Zee Tamil has been airing Nayagan a program about Tamil Cinema actors.

Previous week is the first week of Zee Tamils Nayagan about our beloved Leader MGR. Today Daily Thanthi gave a gist of the future program.

14 March 2010

Re-release Dharmam Thalai Kakum Part II

Sri MGR Year 93, 14th March Sunday

MGR Devotees and MGR Fans and public were standing before Mahalakshmi theater for watching the 6 pm show old black and white movie Devar Films Dharmam Thalai Kakum. Which was re-released this Friday with much fan fare.

The capacity is around 1000 and the show was houseful. I was able to take some images and videos for our blog.

12 March 2010

Re-release Dharmam Thalai Kakum

Sri MGR Year 93, 12th March Friday

Devar films Dharmam Thalaikakum movie is released today in Mahalakshmi theater after a long gap. The distributor have placed ads two weeks before, this is the  4th time they have placed ad in Daily Thanthi Chennai Edition.

How much money the film should generate if they have to place colour ad in a Leading daily for two weeks calculate yourself.

Below is the ad placed today, which movie ad is bigger new movie ads or MGR black white movie ad?

Old black and white movie should generate enough money to pay the rent of the theater, the ad charges, poster charges etc. and also give profit to the distributor.

Theater rent for one week is Rs.50,000/- this time it was fixed as Rs.45,000/-  Advertisement charges for two weeks minimum Rs.3000/- for 3 times it comes to Rs.9000 and todays ad is bigger than other ads how much it will be?

Images will be posted soon.

08 March 2010

New MGR Magazine

Sri MGR Year 93, 8th March, Monday

Most actors have fan made magazines in their acting period. But after their death or retirement the magazines will vanish. 

But our beloved Leader MGR is not that kind of an Actor, after becoming the Chief Minister he stopped acting in 1977 and his last film was released in January 1978. But even now we can see dedicated MGR Fan magazines in News stands. Various magazines comes out but only 2 or 3 are hitting the stands periodically now another MGR Fan magazine titled Nalai Namathey hit the stands this month from the Urimaikural MGR magazine team.

06 March 2010

Vettaikaran in Coimbatore

Sri MGR Year 93, 6th March, Saturday

Devar Films super hit Black and white movie Vettaikaran was released in Coimbatore Shanmuga this week. An ad was placed in the Malaimalar Coimbatore edition.

Thanks to MGR Devotee Yukesh Babu.

05 March 2010

100th Day

Sri MGR Year 93, 5th March Friday

This is the 15th continous week of releasing MGR movies in Saravana Theater. A Record in Chennai Cinema History.

Above image was the ad given in Daily Thanthi Chennai digital edition, Dharmam Thalaikakum movie which was slated to be released this Friday in Mahalakshmi was postponed due to the 100th Day Function in Saravana theater.

Images and Videos will be uploaded as soon as I get the copy.

04 March 2010


Sri MGR Year 93, 4th March Thursday


MGR Grandson has joined ADMK in September 2009, now MGCB Pradeep was appointed as Party Official Speaker. Below is the image taken from Dr.Namathu MGR official Newspaper of ADMK Party.



MGR spirit will guide him and let us wish him all success.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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