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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

30 May 2009

Mega Release of Adimai Penn

In October 2008, Diamond Pictures released Emgeeyar Pictures Ulagam Sutrum Valiban in DTS in all over Tamilnadu, it was posted in our blog already. That was a Mega re-release. This year Emgeeyar Pictures Adimai Penn was released in DTS. The entire sound track is in DTS.

Though the movie was released yesterday in South Tamilnadu. The theaters are:
1. Coimbatore - Santhi
2. Erode - Sri Sandiga
3. Thirupur - Diamond
4. Metupalayam - Abirami
5. Puliampatti - Sridevi
6. Perunthurai - Devi Chitra
7. Tarapuram - Sathya
8. Kangeyam - Sorgam
9. Gopi - Indira
10. Palladam - SAPS
11. Sathi - Sathya

Coming week Adimai Penn will be released in two theatres in Chennai, one Broadway and Lakshmi and both these theatres are not DTS equipped.

24 May 2009

MGR Devotee T.T.Selvan

MGR Fan from 1975 and Ponmanachemmal MGR Devotee from 1987 and one of the person behind the MGR movies Guinness Record T.T.Selvan aged 41 years proud son of Thangavel and Lakshmi hails from Tutucorin. He spends two hours daily to spread the word of MGR.

The Guinness Record of screening MGR movie in Sathya theater in Tutucorin started on 4.3.2007 with MGR double action movie "Ninaithathai Mudipavan". So far the theater has screened 116 movies, in the 25th week again Ninaithathai Mudipavan was screened, 50th week Ragisya Police 115, 75th Week Raman Thediya Seethai and 100th week MGR's 100th movie Oli Vilakku, 116th week previous week i.e. 17.5.2009 is Kumari Kottam.

With other active MGR Fan members T.T.Selvan conducted 25th week (Silver Jubilee week) a 10 kilometre two thousand members cycle rally and reached the Theater and giving Annadanam to 1500 members, Dhotis to 50 men, Sarees to 50 women and Kudam to 25 members. This function also continued for the 50th week and 75th week.

For the 100th week the Reels of Oli Vilakku was taken to the theater by an Elephant that function was briefly given in our earlier post. The function was presided by members of AIADMK, MGR Fans from India and abroad. Total people present in the function was 4000. The people who have watched the movie Oli Vilakku was 2850 unparalleled in History for one show theater full capacity was 1000, others were allowed to watch the movie standing.

I pray to our Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR spirit to bless him and I also convey best wishes to T.T.Selvan.

21 May 2009

MGR songs in Podcast

I have started to Podcast MGR songs and as the first one, I have uploaded Emgeeyar Pictures Adimai Penn song "Thai Illamal".

All the MGR songs and speeches will be uploaded in the future. Awaiting your reply.

Click here to hear the song.

17 May 2009

When I saw God (MGR)

This same day 25 years back I saw MGR in person for the First and Last time in my life. Below is the extract from the post I have already written in 2006 January.

"In my previous blog I have mentioned about the fans activities on seeing MGR on Silver Screen. Imagine what will have happen if they had a chance to see him in person. I have heard many accounts about people meeting MGR, and aftermath. What most of them said on the instant of seeing him is this. 1. When he/she sees MGR they raise their hands as a gesture of welcoming him. 2. They forget all their problems, and also they forget where they are. 3. Some kind of force field works on them, which makes them to move closer to MGR. 4. The eagerness to touch him arises. 5. And finally their happiest moment in their life. All the above facts resemble something Godly. Most of them reading this blog could say that all the fans or followers in the World will behave like that. Okay, but what about others? Who are not his fans and they dislike MGR? What happens when they meet? As a rule the above fact should not happen right? No you are wrong the above thing happened to them also. From my experience I came to know what all they say about MGR is true. Even who disliked him say that MGR is like this and that and when their eyes falls on MGR they turn and behave like his followers and when MGR disappears from their view they become normal and start to say that he is like this and that again".

Click to here to read my experience with MGR.

15 May 2009

Records of Adimai Penn

Adimai Penn was released on 1st May 1969 all over Tamilnadu. Subsequently Hindi version was also released in North India.


 Cover of Adimai Penn Booket

I hereby produce the Silver Jubilee and Collection records of Adimai Penn movie the real 8 page booklet was done by MGR Kalaikuzhu Rasigargal Salem, which was issued during the release of Nam Nadu. I got this booklet one and half years back. I have given the last 4 pages of the booklet.


100 days collection


The collection records are categorized into 50 days collection and  100 days collection in theater wise, District wise collection and State wise collection. The booklet was issued with the help from Pallavaram Ramamurthy, Tamil Mani, Abdul Gani (Chennai) Madurai Rangasamy, Marimuthu (Trichy) Subramanian (Kovai) Vai.Ko.Rasu, Durai, Ram and Govindaraj (Salem). I am wondering how many of them should be alive now. If they are still living how many of them know that their work is being published in Internet and the World is watching their hard work. This booklet is 40 years old and the MGR Fans were at the age group of 25 to 35 at that time.




This booklet reached my hand through B.S.Raju, Editor Urimai Kural forwarded by 57 year old Abdul Gani (the same person who took part in complying the data's.


District collection


Some of the theater collections are:


1. Sri Krishna – 100 days – Rs.4,09,243.25

2. Midland – 100 days – Rs.3,52,971.95

3. Mekala – 100 days – Rs.2,94,593.15

4. Noorjehan – 100 days – Rs.2,26,748.15


Chennai Theatre collection for 100 days – Rs. 12,83,556.50 not including other two theatres.


State wise collection


Madurai Chintamani – 100 days – 3.52.349.13

Kovai Raja (120 days) Shanmuga (18 days) – Rs.3,75,425.31

Trichy Jupiter – 100 days – Rs.2.75.575.40

Salem Shanthi – 133 days – Rs.3,00,474.12


State wise collection:

Karnataka – Rs.7,60,215.00 (10 weeks collection)

Kerala – Rs.1,82,169.71 (21 days Distributor share)

MGR produced, acted Adimai Penn Videos will follow soon.

08 May 2009


Two months back I requested S.Kumar to send the re-release records and the collections, he sent 300 pages of Xerox copies of nearly 110 MGR movies. I am sorting out the huge datas he has provided. It will take another two months to complete. He also sent various photos to publish in our Blog.

This photo is from Tutucorin 15.2.2009 on the 100th week of MGR movie release in Sathya Theatre. The 100th movie of the week was MGR's 100th movie Oli Vilakku.

These are some of the MGR fans in Madurai. This photo is on 22.2.2009 during the re-release of Vivasahi in Madurai Meenatchi Theater.

Can you tell me how many of them are above 30 years?

This photo is on the felicitation by V.Veerapandi (Madurai Talkies Employee) to S.Kumar on his service to his God (MGR).

And this one MGR Fans Sister-in-law Saroja Devi visited Madurai and she was greeted by MGR Fans and Devotees.

01 May 2009

Adimai Penn 40th Year

This day 40 years back Magnum Opus Emgeeyar Pictures Adimai Penn hit the silver screen. This month I will try to give you as much details and images of this movie.


From Today


In Chennai the theaters are Midland, Sri Krishna, Mekala and Noorjehan.


reservation record


Before hitting the silver screen the movie Adimai Penn started to create records on the 2nd day of the  reservation.


400 shows houseful


For the first time in Tamil film history a movie was houseful for 400 shows in 4 theatres in Chennai.


50 days in Banglore


This is the 50th day ad from Karnataka.




100 days Enga Veetu Pillai record was broken by Evergreen MGR acted, produced movie Adimai Penn in just 50 days.


100th day


Detailed collection records and videos will follow soon, this is the 100th day ad.


100th day run in Srilanka

Adimai Penn was also released in Srilanka in 4 theatres, Central, Jasimha, Rani and Manohara. This is the 100th day ad in Central theater. And Rani theater record run is 112 days.


25th week


Adimai Penn successfully completed 175 days in Madurai Chintamani.


MGR and Jayalalitha


MGR and Jayalalitha acted in double roles. This image is from the song sequence in the Desert.


May 15th


Diamond Pictures will be releasing the Digital version of Adimai Penn in the Second week of May. 2nd installment from the Diamond Pictures who already DTS’ed Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. The record collection of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban in DTS was above 2.5 Crores and it was already given in our Blog.


For the movie review click here


I received mail and phone calls for the wishes of Adimai Penn on its 40th year.


I thank B.S.Raju, Editor Urimai Kural, S.Vinod from Bangalore, E.Gnanaprakasam and Ramamurthy for providing information and photos to publish in our Blog.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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