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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

29 March 2013

Directors IV

Sri MGR Year 96, 29th March, Friday

This is the fourth installment of Directors who have worked with our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR. Previously we have published about Director P.Neelakantan, M.A.Thirumugam and K.Shankar. In this we are going to write about T.R.Ramanna who have directed 8 movies. Mostly of R.R. Pictures he is the Producer as well.


The list of T.R.Ramanna directed MGR movies:


S.No. Name of the Movie Year of Release
01 Kundukili 26.08.1954
02 Kule Bagha Vali 29.7.1955
03 Puthumai Pithan 02.08.1957
04 Pasam 31.08.1962
05 Periya Idathu Penn 10.05.1963
06 Panakara Kudumbam 24.04.1964
07 Panam Padaithavan 27.03.1965
08 Parakum Pavai 11.11.1966



The only one movie in Tamil film industry that the two legends MGR and Sivaji Ganesan worked together for the first and last time. This combination was possible by Ramanna’s sister T.R.Rajakumari.




Kule Bagavali:

MGR in search of a flower to bring back the sight of his father and the hurdles he faces is the story of Kule Bagavali. Three heroines were cast in the movie, T.R.Rajakumari, Rajasulochana and S.Varalakshmi.


kula_baghavali   kula_baghavali2



Super hit movie of 1955.



MGR as the prince and revolutionary leader in night who fights against Balaiah and saves his father and the country is the story of Puthumaipithan. T.R.Rajakumari does a befitting role and finally she sacrifice her life to save our MGR.





Duet song from Puthumaipithan. Uploaded by Goldtreat.



Director T.R.Ramanna did the acid test in this movie Pasam. One of MGR’s sad movies. MGR had a meaty role. A very different kind of film. T.R.Ramanna tried new method of killing MGR character. But the movie was not successful as our MGR dies in the end. We can say that MGR formula is finalized after this movie release.





A rare image showing the theater and the cut outs.


Periya Idathu Penn:

MGR as a villager teaches a lesson to the heroine Sarojadevi is the story of Periya Idathu Penn. The movie had wonderful songs. One such song is the western type first tried and MGR fans accepted is Andru Vanthathum Athey Nila song.Super hit movie of 1963. In 2013 this movie is going to celebrate its Golden Jubilee.





The Western theme song


Panakara Kudumbam:



A hit movie of 1964.

MGR comes up in his life against his father belief and principle is the movie background. The philosophical song Ondru Engal Jathiyae is the highlight of the movie.



Panam Padaithavan:

Released in 1965 with two heroines K.R.Vijaya and Sowcar Janaki, MGR character is an athlete. The movie had a superb song Kann Pona pokilay, the ending lines Irunthalum marainthalum peru solla vendum ivar pola yaar endru oor solla vendum. A prophetic line which MGR became the subject of the song later his career.





Uploaded by Rajshritamil in youtube. The philosophical song of MGR.


Parakum Pavai:

T.R.Ramanna this time staged the movie background with circus life. MGR who becomes a trapeze artist and protects Sarojadevi a suspense thriller movie and the first movie in colour.



All the songs in the movie are super hit.

A duet song with Saroja Devi in the circus tent.



Another duet song from Parakum Pavai this time MGR with Kanchana. A dream song too.


24 March 2013

Nadodi Mannan In Coimbatore

Sri MGR Year 96, 24th March, Sunday

Emgeeyar Pictures Nadodi Mannan is re-released in Coimbatore Fun Cinemas. Nearly 55 year old movie Nadodi Mannan still running with full house.  MGR Devotee S.Vinod has forwarded the image below to share in our MGR Blog.




The movie is released in Qube format. This same was already released in Chennai couple of years back.




MGR Devotee Tirpur Ravichandran has sent this image of MGR’s Chakravarthy Thirumagal which is running successfully in Coimbatore Delite.

In Chennai two weeks back Oriental Pictures and MGR’s double action movie Ninaithathai Mudipavan was released as 3 shows and previous week the same movie continued for the second week as morning show in Mahalakshmi theater.

16 March 2013

Animate Your Memories

Sri MGR Year 96, 16th March, Saturday


For the first time, two popular heroes, MGR and Raj Kapoor, will co-star in a film. Pentamedia graphics and 3d Max Media Inc., USA join hands to create this impressive digital entertainment (using cutting edge tools) for internet, cinema and TV. The Indo-US co-production’s pioneering project will bring two of the greatest movie stars of India alive, through digital animation and photo-realistic 3D graphics.


The producer of the movie, Srinivasan, CEO, 3dMax Media, said the film would be made in Tamil and Hindi. It will be family entertainer with lots of fun, action, melodious songs and stirring moments. The English version of the film will be released through the Internet.


The joint venture company will use Hewlett Packard’s high performance visual workstation and e-service frame work to deliver the unique project.


Srinivasan discussed the project in detail. Excerpts from the interview:


The idea of bringing superstars like MGR and Raj Kapoor back to life using 3D animation sounds fascination. Is it not a commercially risky venture?

At the outset, I want to stress that we will be bringing the actors alive using 3D animation, for a 90 minute duration. Any pioneering effort has its challenges and risks. Although there are commercial risks involved, we believe that on completion, we will have valuable software, animation and movie production technologies that can be used, for example, to make a Hollywood film by bringing Marilyn Monroe back to life. In the long run, this venture will prove to be profitable.


What about the technological challenges?

To complete this ambitious project, one requires a wide range of skills in system software, 3D animation, new 3D tools and cost effective digital movie production techniques.

To make this film a reality we will rely on Pentamedia Graphics Ltd., our partners.


Can you elaborate on the salient features of Interactive Cinema over the Internet? Is it practical?

With the internet bandwidth rapidly improving, Interactive Cinema is practical at least in the developing nations. Internet users can watch our film with a number of choices. For example, the user can decide whether he wants to see MGR in a single role, double role or triple role. He will also have a choice to MGR’s costume styles. The user can decide on whether the movie is to have a happy or sad ending. The background scenes can also be set according to his choice, in Paris, Bali or West Indies.

Besides, the user will also be able to watch the standard version of the film without any interactive functions.


Do you think this film may give India greater visibility in Hollywood?

I certainly think so. There is a lot of excitement about this film and this project has been widely covered in the far East and India.  Everyone knows that India has the necessary software manpower to make this film happen. If we can make this film meet international standards, we will have an opportunity to enter Hollywood.


What prompted you to undertake this venture?

I saw an elderly lady in New York-Los Angeles flight, reading a book on Marilyn Monroe and she was interested in knowing about Marilyn Monroe who died long ago. That was when I decided that experiments on virtual actors should be done with dead ones. There is no better choice than MGR and Raj Kapoor.


How do you plan to combine animation and live action shooting?

We will first build the animated portion of MGR and Raj Kapoor by meticulously creating every move, expression and emotion. The massive library will be used to create the animated portions, depending on the script. Once it is completed, we will commence the shooting in digital format. It will then be merged with the animated portions using digital stapler technology. Then the digital content will be transferred to films for theatrical viewing.


Don’t you think nine months is too short a time with a small budget of 2-3 million dollars?

Yes, but we are trying to make this a reality. We are developing certain proprietary technology which will allow the automation of animator. That is why we are confident that we can deliver this movie on time. If one follows traditional methods of animation, such a movie will take at least two years with a budget of over 40 million dollars.


Why are you casting new heroines with MGR and Raj Kapoor?

First of all we want to follow the traditions of MGR and Raj Kapoor who have introduced dazzling stars in the movie industry. Second, we want the actresses and actors to be cost effective, flexible and open minded in trying new digital technologies.


The above article was published in The Hindu dated 7 August 2000. That was the first animation movie for our beloved MGR. The project did not commenced.


In another 5 to 10 years with animation software growth we will be watching many yesteryear hero movies.

13 March 2013

Memorable Drama Actors

Sri MGR Year 96, 13th March, Wednesday

In this post we are going to see the yesteryear prominent drama actors who have acted with our beloved Leader MGR in movies.





MGR received his acting skills through Boys Drama company. And like many of his contemporaries entered cinema in the year 1935.


Kalaivanar N.S.Krishnan a greatest Actor and philanthropist guided our MGR when our Thalaivar was very young. The same, MGR had mentioned in his autobiography Naan Yen Piranthen.


Both Kalaivanar and MGR debuted in Sathileelavathi in the year 1936. And they acted in more number of films together. Below is the list of movies.

1. Sathi Leelavathi

2. Dakshayagnam

3. Maya Machindra

4. Ashok Kumar

5. Vedavathi (a) Seetha Jananam

6. Harichandra

7. Salivahanan

8. Prahalatha

9. Rathnakumar

10. Dasi penn or Jothi Malar

11. Paithiyakaran

12. Madurai Veeran

13. Chakravarthy Thirumagal

14. Raja Desingh

(Any movie other than in the list?)


MGR presided for the marriage of Kalaivanar’s son N.S.K.Nallathambi.


The most important roles of Kalaivanar and MGR pair is Madurai Veeran, and the unforgettable Song in Chakravarthy Thirumagal.



Their relationship was beyond film world. After the demise of Kalaivanar MGR helped his family members. Most known to this world.



A rare image of MGR welcoming Kalaivanar N.S.Krishnan and S.V.Sahasranamam in MGR family function. The image was given by MGR’s grandson MGCB Pradeep.



Another great Drama artist and best character role artist of Tamil films acted along with MGR in many below is the list.


1. Marmayogi

2. Paithiyakaran

3. Ananda Jothi

4. Deivathai

5. Urimaikural

6. Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga

7. Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian



In Marmayogi Sahasranamam acted as MGR’s younger brother! and did commendable sword fight with our MGR. In Ananda Jothi he acted as the Father in Law, in Deivathai as a respectable Police Officer (Father in Law too). The most memorable role of him with MGR is the sentimental brother role in Urimaikural. Another important to mention is Pandian King and the brother of Sundarapandian in Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian.


Will continue.

10 March 2013

Madurai Re-Release Record

Sri MGR Year 96, 10th March, Sunday

MGR Devotees Tamilnesan, K.Kathiresan and Marmayogi Manohar has forwarded the re-release of MGR movies in Madurai for the year 2012.


No. Date Movie Name Theater
01 01.01.2012 Ninaithathai Mudipavan New Deluxe
02 08.01.2012 Neethiku Pin Pasam New Deluxe
03 15.01.2012 Nadodi Mannan Meenatchi
04 22.01.2012 Oli Vilakku Alankar
05 29.01.2012 Adimai Penn Solaimalai
06 29.01.2012 Enga Veetu Pillai Palani Murugan
07 29.01.2012 Ananda Jothi New Deluxe
08 29.01.2012 Naan Aanai Ittal Meenatchi
09 30.01.2012 Kavalkaran Ram
10 05.02.2012 Ooruku Uzhaipavan Meenatchi
11 05.02.2012 Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban Shah
12 05.02.2012 Ragasiya Police 115 New Deluxe
13 09.02.2012 Ooruku Uzhaipavan Banu
14 09.02.2012 Parakum Paavai Murugan
15 12.02.2012 Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian Central
16 19.02.2012 Deivathai Meenatchi
17 04.03.2012 Kumarikottam New Deluxe
18 11.03.2012 Thazhampoo Meenatchi
19 16.03.2012 Nadodi Mannan Jayam
20 18.03.2012 Kavalkaran New Deluxe
21 18.03.2012 Puthumaipithan Meenatchi
22 25.03.2012 Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian New Deluxe
23 01.04.2012 Sirithu Vazha Vendum Meenatchi
24 08.04.2012 Ayirathil Oruvan Central
25 15.04.2012 Arasakattalai Meenatchi
26 22.04.2012 Netru Indru Nalai Meenatchi
27 29.04.2012 Mattukara Velan New Deluxe
28 06.05.2012 Oli Vilakku Meenatchi
29 13.05.2012 Oli Vilakku (2nd Week) Meenatchi
30 13.05.2012 Puthumaipithan New Deluxe
31 18.05.2012 Oru Thai Makkal Ram
32 22.05.2012 Nalla Neram Meenatchi
33 31.05.2012 Kavalkaran Kallanai
34 03.06.2012 Sirithu Vazha Vendum New Deluxe
35 03.06.2012 Puthumaipithan Ananda
36 03.06.2012 Kudumba Thalaivan Central
37 10.06.2012 Alibabavum Narpathu Thirudargalum Meenatchi
38 17.06.2012 Nadodi Mannan Aravindh
39 17.06.2012 Nadodi Mannan Shah
40 19.06.2012 Meenava Nanban New Deluxe
41 24.06.2012 Nadodi Mannan Mani Imphala
42 24.06.2012 Thedi Vantha Maapillai Meenatchi
43 24.06.2012 Adimai Penn Tamil
44 01.07.2012 Adimai Penn Meenatchi
45 01.07.2012 Parakum Paavai Central
46 08.07.2012 Rickshawkaran Aravindh
47 08.07.2012 Adimai Penn Vinayaga
48 08.07.2012 Ragasiya Police 115 Vellai Kannu
49 08.07.2012 Ayirathil Oruvan New Deluxe
50 08.07.2012 Mattukara Velan TPK Lakshmi
51 15.07.2012 Neethiku Pin Pasam Meenatchi
52 22.07.2012 Adimai Penn Ananda
53 22.07.2012 Oru Thai Makkal Meenatchi
54 22.07.2012 Adimai Penn Shah
55 25.07.2012 Vettaikaran New Deluxe
56 29.07.2012 Mattukara Velan Saraswathi
57 29.07.2012 Vikramadityan New Deluxe
58 09.08.2012 Neerum Nerupum Meenatchi
59 10.08.2012 Enga Veetu Pillai Central
60 10.08.2012 Uzhaikum Karangal Ram
61 12.08.2012 Adimai Penn Aravindh
62 09.09.2012 Thaiyai Katha Thanaiyan Meenatchi
63 16.09.2012 Mattukara Velan Alankar
64 16.09.2012 Sirithu Vazha Vendum Aravindh
65 16.09.2012 Meenava Nanban Palani Arumuga
66 16.09.2012 Kudieruntha Kovil Vellai Kannu
67 22.09.2012 Ithayakani Central
68 22.09.2012 Kalangarai Vilakkam New Deluxe
69 22.09.2012 Kudumba Thalaivan Ram
70 30.09.2012 Nam Nadu Meenatchi
71 06.10.2012 Vettaikaran Kallanai
72 07.10.2012 Meenava Nanban Meenatchi
73 07.10.2012 Thazhampoo New Deluxe
74 07.10.2012 Puthumaipithan Solaimalai
75 14.10.2012 Olivilakku Aravindh
76 14.10.2012 Oru Thai Makkal New Deluxe
77 21.10.2012 Dharmam Thalai Kakum New Deluxe
78 24.10.2012 Nam Nadu Ram
79 28.10.2012 Enga Veetu Pillai Aravindh
80 29.10.2012 Thedi Vantha Maapillai Ram
81 04.11.2012 Adimai Penn Kallanai
82 04.11.2012 Ananda Jothi New Deluxe
83 11.11.2012 Mattukara Velan Shah
84 18.11.2012 Nadodi Mannan Central
85 16.12.2012 Ragasiya Police 115 Aravindh
86 23.12.2012 En Annan Central


From the above record MGR movies being re-released in Madurai frequently almost without a break.


In year 2012, two MGR movies were released in the same day in two centres for 11 times. Three movies were released at the same day in three centres for 5 times.Four MGR movies were released in the same day in 4 centres one time and five MGR movies were released in the same day in 5 centres one time.

15 Black and White movies were re-released in 2012.

05 March 2013

MGR Movies In Hindi

Sri MGR Year 96, 5th March, Tuesday

MGR in his cinema career has acted in 136 films including direct 1 Telugu, 1 Hindi and 1 Malayalam movie (2 movies Avasara Police 100 and Nallathai Nadu Ketkum were released after he left us).


Some of MGR’s Black and White and as well as Colour movies were dubbed and released in Hindi language subsequently.


Below is the list of MGR movies that are dubbed and released in Hindi.


No. Tamil Version Hindi Version Year of Release
1 Kula Bagahavali Kul-E-Bakawali 1956
2 Baghdad Thirudan Baghdad 1961
3 Arasilangkumari Meri Bahen 1962
4 Nadodi Mannan Hame Bhi Jeene Do 1963
5 Mannathi Mannan Nartaki Chitra 1966
6 Adimai Penn Koi Ghulam Nahin 1970
7 Neerum Nerupum Akri Nishan 1974
8 Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban Rangeen Duniya 1975
9 Ithaya Veenai Love In Kashmir 1976


Four movies are Black & White and five are colour.


Video urls were provided by MGR Grandson MGCB Pradeep.


Bagdad (Duet Song) MGR and Vaijayanti Mala



Tumpe Hum Qurban Qismat Ban Jaaye Baghdad 1961 "Mohd Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur" Jamaal Sen Pt Indra "M G Ramachandran, Vaijayanti Maala". The video uploaded by Shahidjsipuri.


Song from Meri Bahen (Arasilangkumari)

Playback singer Mukesh.



Gul E Bakawali


A note from the uploader: cofiboardrajamohd


Song: Mera Kahan Hai Man Mera
Movie: Gul-e-bakawali 1956
Singers:Talat Mahmood and Jikki @ Krishnaveni
Music Director : Gyan Dutt
Film Director : T.R.Ramanna
Cast : MGR & G.Varalakshmi

This audio and video remix is dedicated to Legend Hindi singer Talat Mahmood and Legend Tamil actor turned former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.G.R. (M.G.Ramachandran). Contains content from You Tube Tamil video song "Mayakkum maalai pozhuthe po po" (Gulebakavali 1955) and Hindi mp3 "Mera kahan hai man mera" (Gul-e-bakawali 1956). This audio and video are remixed purely for entertainment purpose.


Kohi Ghulam Nahin (Adimai Penn)


Song : Ga Re Ga Man Aaj Yahi Tere Din Ab Badal Jaaye Koi Ghulam Nahin 1970 Mohd Rafi S N Tripathi S K Deepak. This is Tamil version of Thai Illamal Naan Illai.The video uploaded by Shahidjsipuri.




            Rangeen Duniya Hindi version of Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban. Picture from Screen, March 15 1975.


            Images of Nartaki Chitra Hindi version of MGR Tamil movie Mannathi Mannan.







            03 March 2013

            Day With MGR

            Sri MGR Year 96, 3rd March, Sunday

            We have already uploaded a day with MGR as an Actor and as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. 

            This article was published in Kalkandu magazine in 1985. The same republished in Mannathi Mannan MGR Rasigan magazine July 2003 edition.

            First page 

            Chief Minister MGR schedule given in detailed manner. The description of medicines and therapies and the doctors who give treatment are given. 

            Second Page

            MGR gets up from bed by 5 AM and takes speech therapy exercise from 6 am to 8 am. Due to the injury he already had in the vocal chord (Shooting incident) this therapy became necessary.

            After this therapy MGR takes breakfast and meets his fans and VIPs from 9.30 am to 10 am. After this formality MGR visits his mother's temple and gets in his Car 4777 and rushes to do his official duty.

            Third Page


            A detailed account of MGR's office hours are given followed by his lunch and his duty of meeting his fans and well wishers continue till night and followed by his rest by watching TV programmes.


            M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

            M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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