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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

27 May 2010

Punch Dialogs - II

Sri MGR Year 93, 27th May Thursday

The beginning of MGR one liners and punch dialogs originated from the movie Marma Yogi. This super hit movie of 1951 catapulted MGR into Super Stardom. MGR acted as do gooder, the scene I have uploaded is much bigger scene to be specific I have trimmed the video for the One Liner part of MGR. The same scene will be included in another category.

24 May 2010

Platinum Jubilee II

Sri MGR Year 93, 24th May Monday


Urimaikural MGR Magazine and all MGR Fans Association are going to celebrate Platinum Jubilee of MGR in Cinema, MGR Fans meet were going on in several districts of Tamil Nadu, and I received images from Madurai and Coimbatore for which I had published the meet held in Madurai recently and now MGR Fans meet for Coimbatore District was held in Dhivya Hall, opposite Coimbatore Railway Station on 18.4.2010, presided by Engineer Duraisamy, Thirupur Ravichandran, S.K.K.Bose and Tamilnesan from Madurai.




MGR Fans from Coimbatore spoke outwardly and extended their support for the Platinum Jubilee to be held in Chennai August 29th 2010 in Kamarajar Arangam, the function details will be posted soon.


Below are some of the images from Coimbatore meet.


duraisamy bsr


lady post


karuppasamy tamilmani_cbe


young kovai_team


Senior MGR Fans Duraisamy, V.S.Rajan to the junior MGR Fans Karuppasamy participated in the meet.




The Invitation for Platinum Jubilee Function.

20 May 2010

Punch Dialogs - I

Sri MGR Year 93, 20th May Thursday

This post is done by the immense help from MGR Devotee Sailesh Basu who forwarded much of MGR movie one line dialogs in mp3 format. I added some important images to the dialogs and did not use any video from the movie. 

I have provided some of the dialogs more will follow. Senior MGR Fans please give us some guidance in this regard. 

Thedi Vanth Maapillai was released this week in Natraj theater and Nan Aanai Ittal collected only 46000 plus which is very lowest collection. Other end Thedi Vantha Maapillai collected Rs.40000 upto Sunday Evening show the print was good and the response was awesome. (News forwarded by MGR Devotees Sathya and Yukesh Babu).

13 May 2010

MGR Titles

Sri MGR Year 93, 13th May Thursday

India Glitz website has written an article about how MGR movie titles were used nowadays, the author has given the titles from 1995 to the present date.

I have to thank MGR Devotee Yukesh Babu by forwarding the url to share this with our MGR Blog readers.

08 May 2010

Re-release Nan Aanai Ittal

Sri MGR Year 93, 8th May Saturday

Sathya Movies “Nan Aanai Ittal” was released in Mahalakshmi theater this week. I went for the first show and took some videos and images for our blog.

Watch the video clip of MGR as Millionaire with Saroja Devi and Nagesh. Watch this video how MGR transforms into three characters in 8 minutes and touching a little bit of romance. And also look how people enjoyed this scene when Saroja Devi fights verbally with MGR and when says “Ada Pavi”.

06 May 2010

Platinum Jubilee

Sri MGR Year 93, 6th May, Thursday

MGR first acted movie “Sathi Leelavathi” was released on 28th March 1936. He should have faced the camera in the year 1935 and there is no mention of particular date in MGR’s biography even though he has recorded his life in Dairy.

MGR and the movie Sathi Leelavathi has reached a mile stone in Tamil Cinema i.e. 75th year. We MGR Fans are going to celebrate the function in grand manner as Platinum jubilee for Asian usage or Diamond Jubilee (50 and 75) in UK and US usage.



MGR acted as in Inspector Rangaiah Naidu in this film.


All MGR Fans Association are going to celebrate this mega event in Chennai during the last week of August. MGR Fans meet were conducted during April in Madurai and Coimbatore.



MGR Fans meet for Platinum Jubilee celebration in Madurai was held in Santhanam Marriage Hall near Cine Priya Theater. The function was presided by Tamilnesan, S.K.K.Bose, S.Kumar, Anupanadi Arumugam, Ramachandran, M.S.R.Mani, Thangarasu and the Chief Guest for the function was MGR’s Grand Son MGCB Pradeep.


tamilnesan skumar


skkbose pradeep_speech


The people who participated in MGR Fans meet are V.M.Nagaraj, M.Sakthivel, Marmayogi Manohar, V.Kalvan, R.Kannan, R.R.Ganesh, S.Nagaraj, M.Chinnasamy, R.Venugopal, V.Ramasamy, M.Lakshmikanth, Sellur R.Ravi, N.Nagaraj, M.Meeranbai, M.Shanmugasundaram, Rajendran, MGR Suresh, S.Sathish, K.Ganapthi, E.Raman, V.Veerapandi, Subramani, V.Nagamalaiyan, C.Murugan, R.K.Jothi, Ramkumar, K.Kamalbai, A.Anwar, Vandiyur Nagaraj, B.Parmasivam, T.R.L.Venkatesh, Muthuvel, P.S.Suresh, S.James, S.Madurai Veeran, MGR Ashok, P.Pichumani, V.Ayyadurai, P.Kumar, J.J.Prakash, K.K.Karuppiah, T.Kumar, R.Nanda, G.Jothi Murugan, T.S.Ashokumar, P.S.Ganesh Babu, B.Thangapandian, V.Periyasamy, S.Babu, Ko.Sridharan, M.Rajendran, R.Rajasekaran, K.Baskaran.


Coimbatore MGR Fans meet will be added soon.

02 May 2010

Re-release Enga Veetu Pillai

Sri MGR Year 93, 2nd May Sunday

Enga Veetu Pillai was released in Natraj theater this Friday. An ad was placed in Daily Thanthi Chennai Edition today.


The show was nearly full and MGR Devotee Ma.So.Narayanan is releasing a Book about our beloved Leader MGR today in the same venue. The function was to held at 8 PM. The updated news will be included in MGCB Pradeep’s Blog.


The movie print is worse than Netru Indru Nalai. Below is the image I have added for your view.

This is the maximum brightness and what you see is the maximum sharpness I have applied. Image appeared blurry and there is no sharpness, the people were complaining about this print.

Below is the ad placed in Daily Thanthi during May 1st.


01 May 2010

Re-release Netru Indru Nalai IV

Sri MGR Year 93, 1st May Saturday

Here is the video taken during the movie Netru Indru Nalai in Mahalakshmi theater. 

NDTV interviewed MGCB Pradeep and it was telecasted in NDTV three days, the video is available in Youtube.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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