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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

30 December 2006

God Father

After Reading the novel "The God Father" by Mario Puzo, the Character Don Vito Corleone is very much like MGR, some of the instances the Don faces in the novel has lot of coincidences.

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25 December 2006

To be or not to be (God)

(This is said by Ravindran one of the story writers of MGR.)
In 1970 MGR was about to act in the Film named "Yesunathar" (JESUS CHRIST) a grand opening for the Movie was held then. MGR gave various poses as JESUS. A month or so, the film was dropped because MGR refused to act. The reasons what do you think will be? That MGR got a low deal or his call sheet problem?


When his story writer Ravindran asked MGR why did he turned down the offer, MGR said when he went to some villages he saw his still he posed as Jesus were used for worshiping. That he doesn't like and that is the reason for turning down the offer.

When I read this 10 years back, I was not aware of the fact, daily I have to go pass over a Cycle store there were 3 photos hanging one was his father, and another was Annadurai and one was Jesus with a garland, as I usually go past the shop one day I went near and saw the photo garlanded was not JESUS it was MGR as Jesus. MGR thinking was right. As I mentioned in my previous Blog MGR used to symbol of cross and kept JESUS Idol in his private room.

21 December 2006

Still the Leader

Students of Mass communication of Loyola College took a survey in recently getting the opinions from 2,943 people from all over the State of Tamil Nadu except the district of Nilgiris.


Name of the Chief Minister Percentage Years in Power
M.G.Ramachandran (MGR) 44.2% 11 Years
K.Kamaraj (a.k.a. King Maker) 31.0% 10 Years
M.Karunanidhi 14.5% 15 Years (Still in Power)
J.Jayalalithaa 4.2% 10 Years
Annadurai 3.2% 2 Years

Although MGR has left this World 19 years ago People still favour him as their Best Chief Minister, the position unchallenged. I thank those who voted.

20 December 2006

Mythos of the Legend

My conversation with one of my client Telephone department person.

The Post I have published in 2006 is been published as a separate book. 
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18 December 2006


Most of us use to wear watch, where? in the Left Hand, ok, MGR wears the watch in the Right Hand and that too over the sleeve, his watch had a big Steel strap (he used for self defense, that watch is now placed in his Memorial house). He is a Watch lover, has a collection of varieties.

A peculiar habit of wearing watch in the Right Hand is followed by most of MGR fans even today, including me!

16 December 2006

Holy Bible and Two Leaves

Why I am Relating the Holy Bible with the AIADMK Party Symbol. Read the lines from the Bible marked in Red and you will get the answer.

The Post I have published in 2006 is been published as a separate book. Publication date of the book will be conveyed soon.Thanks for visiting my site.

15 December 2006

A general Survey

11 December 2006

Alphabet and Tamil


Illiterates of South India definitely know 3 letters in English Language. They are able to identify the 3 letters from other letters and can understand what it is and who it is. The letters are g, m and r. Say MGR.

Few years back I went to a movie and my favourite movie, "உலகம் சுற்றும் வாலிபன்" in English "World Trotting Youth", it was produced and directed by MGR. The title rolls on over Flower background and when the screen illuminated with Tamil words "இயக்குநர் எம்.ஜி.ஆர்" there was pin drop silence. Frames changes to English "Direction MGR" there were roaring whistle and applause.

M, G and R letters added like Adenine-Thyamine, Cytosine-Guanine in the DNA of the Tamils. It is inseparable and entwined.

10 December 2006

Song Remix

My Favourite film "Ulagam Sutrum Valiban" first song I did this remix 4 years back using Virtual Dub. I dont know the hindi meaning of the song, but the lip movement matched, those who know hindi, please tell me what is the meaning of the song.

09 December 2006

Statue of MGR

MGR Statue in Parliament

Nine Foot Bronze Statue of M.G.Ramachandran, the Former Chief Minister Tamil Nadu was unveiled in Parliament Complex on 7th December 2006. The Bronze statue was sculpted by Mani Nagappa and was donated by AIADMK. The statue was unveiled by Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, in the auspicious presence of the Vice President of India Bhairon Singh Shekhawat. The function was presided by National Leaders and various party members. Including BJP Leader L.K.Advani, Union Ministers Mr.Pranab Mukherjee, Mr.P.Chidambaram, Mr.Priyaranjan Dasmunsi and Mr.Jairam Ramesh, MDMK Leader Mr.Vaiko and all the AIADMK MPs and MLAs were present in the function.

A booklet was released on the occasion described Bharat Ratna MGR as a man of the masses who strived for their welfare. He was a remarkable politician, nationalist to the core and visionary Chief Minister. He strived ceaselessly for the betterment and welfare of the people, particularly the poor. A renowned actor, MGR propagated, through his films, high ideals, which he hoped would take root among the people. His Chief Ministership was recongnised for its contribution to the growth of higher education, systematic rural development, the mid day meal scheme and reservation for weaker sections. (Source The Hindu dt.8.12.2006)

Ms.Jayalalithaa, (General Secretary of AIADMK) said this is a historic occasion, which transcends all political considerations; everyone from Tamil Nadu should have participated. MGR was an illustrious son of India. He did not belong just to the AIADMK or Tamil Nadu but the entire country. Hence the Government of India honoured him with the Bharat Ratna.

As a fan of MGR I thank "Amma" for her painstaking work in unveiling the Statue of her Mentor in Parliament.

06 December 2006

Noon Meal Scheme

The literacy ratio when MGR came to Power increased dramatically, it is due to his various free schemes he announced out of that his Powerful weapon to eradicate he came out with Noon Meal Scheme, though it was already implemented in Late 1950s the scheme was dropped due to lack of economcial support.

MGR know that children will get atleast one time meal so that their parents would send them to school. It worked as desired. Even now the Noon Meal Scheme continues.

A detail insight is given by Mr.Krish, the link is

Please post your valuable comments.

02 December 2006

Video Blog of MGR

A visual created by me using Web cam with Ulead 9 software. Thanks to Raju for is guidance in creating this Video blog.

29 November 2006

People Psychology

Few years back I read an article in Kumudam Magazine which exhibited Peoples mental attitude and their behaviour in public places. Kumudam publishers placed a small temporary shop selling Bananas and no one to attend; just a board stating the price and a Large Photo of Father of the Nation (Mahatma Gandhi). Kumudam staffs watched over, did all the people correctly paid? Or did they cheat as there is no person to look after?

But to their astonishment all the purchasers honestly paid for the banana and put the money in the cash box. Kumudam published this scenario in their weekly magazine. That the Photo of Mahatma Gandhi is the sole reason for the sincerity

I witnessed the same kind of scenario, a person scurrying along a main road with a cigarette in his hand, all of a sudden he stood still, his hands went back, head drooped like as he did a mistake before a Master, and walked slowly away – on that place is pasted Cinema Poster of MGR starrer film!

Another one happened a few months back, a person whose head cleanly shaved and carrying a yellow bag (goes without saying a Villager) was nearing a Jeep a MGR sticker on the Windshield and ADMK flag on the Hood. He did a salute and kissed the flag as a revered object. Their goodness of Character left by Mahatma and MGR creates the propensity of Goodness in human.

22 November 2006

Signs of the Sign


Every celebrity casts autographs to their fans scribbling words like "with love", "yours" etc., did these words come from the heart or did they tell any thing to us and that the words will cherish in our lives.

In the picture above is the autograph of MGR who signed in Tamil

"அண்ணா நாமம் வாழ்க"

"உழைப்பவரே உயர்ந்தவர்"

(Thanks for the translation work of Viju)

Hail Anna (MGR's Mentor)

Greatest are those who work hard.

The autograph gives us the insight how he loved his Mentor "Anna Durai" shortly and lovingly called "Anna" (also termed as Elder Brother in Tamil) and the message "Greatest are those who work hard" (a Hard worker).

Those who have the knowledge about Hand writing analysis look carefully the letters, the spacing, and the upward trend in signing. Did you notice any negative sign in his Signature?

His nature of likeness to be with others are very well revealed in spacing of the letters, and even placement of words to his neatness of work or personality. And then the numeral 2 written in two different ways simple 2 and embellished 2. Maybe it tells about his enigmatic nature.

Even his signature tells his character and makes us to follow what he said.

08 November 2006

View of Journalist


by S.N.Narayanan, Journalist.

The Year was 1975, I had an assignment from Film World, Bombay (now Mumbai), and to interview MGR. Till then I had not met the great star in person. So I was in a fix.

I had been seeing almost all his starrers as also reading a lot of pro and anti writings on him. Unwittingly influenced by political speeches, I never developed a desire to cultivate friendship with him. However, for the Film World interview I had to establish a contact. And I did meet him. That was my turning point, a correction of a deceptive conviction, a metamorphosis of the MGR image that loomed in my mind till then!

I met him in his Arcot Mudaliar Road residence (Now MGR memorial) there was a large crowd comprising party workers, favour seekers, fans and film personnel. I lost hopes that I could meet him at all, because I did have absolutely no influence there. That feeling was further fanned by my inherent prejudice!

Hardly had I waited for ten minutes. Muthu (now the Care taker of MGR memorial) his valet came to me. "Thalaivar (Leader) calls you in". I was ushered into the august presence of MGR, sitting behind his desk, cap-less, make-up-less, clad in a sleeveless banian and lunghi. He looked as handsome as in his moves! That was my first shock!

He enquired about my calling, welfare, family and only then permitted me to begin the interview. (Note MGR's nature when interacting) We talked for an hour. All my questions, some political and hence irritable, he answered patiently.

I came out, a totally changed man. My ambiguous and ill-founded impression about the great star, nay the great human vanished. In its place, I installed the 'MGR' as I really saw him. Then only I understood why millions in the country owe everything to him. He deserves it! Thereafter I had the good fortune to be with him for shooting at Bangalore (Capital of Karnataka) and Ooty (hill resort) I was an eye witness to the perennial fountain of generosity that MGR is.

"I came into the world as a have-not. Let me depart also so" He said. Had he wished, he could have owned half of Madras city (Now Chennai) with his fabulous earnings! But his munificence always overtook his income! Well, Sir, now the whole state is in your balanced hands!

MGR has given new interpretation to the word PHILANTHROPY. No dictionary can improve upon it, ever!

The interview of 1975 was titled "MGR – next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu" It was no clairvoyance on my part. Any one who knows this great leader even casually would have attested my view. The State of Tamil Nadu reached a stage when it had to be reclaimed by a strong and soft hand. Only MGR possesses that! And, we, the people of Tamil Nadu today experience the niceties!


This is an extract of the Journalist experience when MGR came to Power in 1977.

31 October 2006

Down Memory Lane

North East Monsoon has started, and heavy rain is lashing the City. I saw School children half drenched returning home. Government declared holiday to Schools lately. My thoughts went down memory lane, when I was in High School and when MGR was the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

I studied in Government School, whenever there was drizzle I tune to Radio to hear that Government declaring holiday. That happy moment happened always. MGR albeit had 3 years of formal education know the difficulties of School going Children.

In his tenure whenever rain lashes the City, I can expect a Newsreader spelling out these familiar line "Schools and College will be closed due to Rain ". Sometime the weather changes, but I enjoyed the period as a School boy.

People in my age group will ever cherish the experience. We as students never suffered any hindrances. Thanks to MGR an exemplar, the Legend with Human touch.

03 October 2006

Re-Release and Reaction - Part IV

MGR is the Producer, Director and also Hero of the movie.

As Actor:

MGR as Hero (Dual action) portrayed the character of the King and the Wanderer, the style he introduced in Tamil Film to differentiate the two roles is still followed. (Example – the Nose twitching goes without saying it is meant for MGR) The King enacted with exquisite costumes, charming smile, and easy go attitude. On the other hand Wanderer holds his position by help of dialogues and swashbuckling fights.

The dialogues in the movie for example:

  1. when wanderer was obstructed verbally by Commander to use his Power as King, he retorts by saying “You are looking the People from the Palace, I am watching the Palace with the People”
  2. Further when he was questioned that he is not aware of the Power of the Kings, wanderer says, “My appearance has changed but not my conscience, I know that I am not a true King, I am not going to rule for ages, but in this short tenure I have to do more good for the Poor”
  3. “We don’t like useless Plough and powerless Authority”.

The dialogues are by Poet Kannadasan who later differed with MGR and when MGR became the Chief Minister, Kannadasan was given the most coveted post of Poet Laureate.

As Producer:

“Wanderer and King” is the first production for “MGR Pictures” which produced only 3 films so far and all the films were Super Hit. MGR was a very shrewd Producer, he precisely know how to create awesome sets for the Coronation ceremony and at the same time showing the half of the island in miniature. The sum he had spent for the sets, costumes and meal for the crew sets up for taking another film.

As Director:

First MGR has no intention to be the Director of the movie, he approached the then great Directors, but all of them said MGR to direct as he knows lot about the technology of film making.

In one scene, the death of Heroine was shown as a montage shot, never before used in Tamil film to my knowledge.


His fans were excited from the first frame to the last, in Indian films, the appearance of the Hero in the first scene was given a great applause and MGR movie is no different, and the fact is when the second MGR appears in the screen the same applause continued as the MGR fans feel that there are two MGR’s. His simple gestures involving the real story or his Political side were very well understood by them. When Wanderer and Kings Aide parts before the climax, the wanderer gives a warm hug, the fans admire it, because they look not only the character of the king's aide, who is the real Brother of MGR (M.G.Sakrapani). When the Queen comes to know that Wanderer is not her husband and the Wanderer says "Do you trust me sister?" she tells the Wanderer, "Not only me, the whole country trusts you".

As usual the fans lighted camphor's and throwing bits of colour papers when MGR appeared in the silver screen.

09 September 2006

Re-Release and Reaction - Part III

In this Blog I try to write only about the Songs in the film. As a protocol his solo songs were like a prediction. His songs foretell his actions, though written by different song writers the future did not change.

In the 1st Song

தூங்காதே தம்பி தூங்காதே ......


சில பொறுப்பு உள்ள மனிதர்களின் தூக்கத்தினால்

பல பொன்னான வேலை எல்லாம் தூங்குதப்பா!

(Please pardon for the Tamil translation of the song)

The song goes like this

Don't Sleep brother don't sleep......

In the last stanza of the song

Some officials (Ruler) sleep in their duty - for that

More good works for the people are sleeping.

Lyric by "Pattukottai Kalyana sundaram", a communist by thoughts, simple phrase provides great meaning to the plans that are unfulfilled by the Politicians.

In another song,

பெண்: காடு விளையிய்சுயன்ன மச்சான்

நமக்கு கையும் காலும் தானே மிச்சம்

(Female : We had a good harvest my Dear

But what were left to us are our hands and feet)

ஆண்: காடு விளையட்டும் பொண்ணே

நமக்கு காலம் இருக்குது பின்னே

(Male : Let the lands grow Dear

we are going to have a prosperous time soon)

Last stanza goes like this

ஆண்: நானே போடப் போறேன் சட்டம்

பொதுவில் நன்மை புரிந்திடும் திட்டம்

நாடு நலம் பெறும் திட்டம்

Male : One day I will make Law,

which will be good for all &

also good for the Country.

The songs are all prophetic, the film was released in 1958 and MGR became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1977, and he did what he said in the movie.

To be continued.

30 August 2006

Emperor of Tamil Cinema Part II

Emperor of Tamil Cinema Strikes Back Part II

Lets take a time travel to 22nd August 1958 the day "Nadodi Mannan" (Wanderer and King) released, the response for the film was excellent, a huge success and created a revolution in film making. A film released nearly two decades ago, when Cinema Technology was in nascent stage, when there was no Digital Theatre Sound or No Surround Sound playback and not even Stereo recording. What will happen when the same movie released now?

Imagine the same movie has to compete with the Young Hero films, those films having all sort of sound effects, and as well as CG effects. But still "Wanderer and King" is in the Toppers list. New films generate Rs.50,000/- per week as revenue for the Theatres alone. But "Wanderer and King" generated and still generating Rs.1,50,000/- per week. (Source 'Daily Thanthi') MGR is still the King in Box Office collection.

What does the film tells about? Is the film showcases scintillating Action? Rip roaring Comedy? Or Lengthy dialogues (as it is a protocol for the Old movies and also if it is a Historical one) the answer is big "NO"

Then how is the film is still a favourite? The film narrates the different back ground of the Rich and Poor. The revolutionary way to liberate the Poor and oppressed saying it in simple word "Socialism"

The film has Action not fully, Rip roaring Comedy – Limited, Lengthy dialogues – No, instead lot of catchy one liners, there was no Computer Graphics in 1950's the Double Action scenes shot in were by mask technique, which gives us a feeling of Two MGR acting. As a thumb rule for a mask shot the camera should not move. But the Camera moves in "Wanderer and King" not in just one scene but more than 4 scenes. To my knowledge if my guess is right MGR should have used Back projection in two scenes. The songs are prophetic, the sets are sumptuous, and costumes are lively and vivid. Finally what MGR said in the movie, he did in his life and typical MGR formula, and these are the important ingredients that turned into a Money Maker movie.

18 August 2006

Re-Release and Reaction - Part II

Re-Release and Reaction Part II

The Story of Wanderer and King:

Rathinapuri is a country ruled by a King who had a Girl as his heir, but the Raja Guru (The Chief Priest) without others knowledge kidnaps the little princess and raises her in his own Island now known to the outer World. He has a plan to rule Rathinapuri later. Though everyone searches, all goes in vain. After some years the Old king dies. Now New King has to be appointed there were two rightful heirs to be elected King one is Pingalan and another Marthandan (King). The Chief Priest likes Pingalan as he can be easily made a puppet. But most of the consul and the Commander wishes Marthandan to be anointed as the King. The Chief Priest accepts and plots to kill Marthandan before the coronation.

Same time due to misrule of the Officers and wars, make rebel groups emerge throughout the Kingdom and give annoyance to the Monarchy. Of that Veerangan (Wanderer) who is a farmer turned Soldier becomes a rebel leader and propagates the evils of Monarchy and was flung into prison. There he meets a girl who is a member of another rebel group headed by the Old king's body guard, as there thoughts are same there heart beats in love rhythm. (Marthandan and Veerangan are exactly alike) Due to coronation most of the rebels were pardoned for their crime. Veerangan comes out of prison and mistaken as the New King in disguise.

As the coronation ceremony nears The Chief Priest puts a lot of conditions in the name of Astrology and makes Marthandan separated from his wife and was housed in a separate castle guarded by his Commander. He arranges for Marthandan's assassination by means of poisoning by his most trusted Cook.

One rebel group mistakes Veerangan as the new king and tries to kill him. And Veerangan escapes from the duel and fortunately for the people and unfortunately for the Chief Priest meets Marthandan. The New king comes to know about the problems poor faces in their daily life. Marthandan promises that he will look through the problems after he was sworn in as the King. On that night during the dinner the poisoned drink makes Marthandan unconscious. The news reaches the Chief Priest and tries to make Pingalan as the King.

The Doctor advices about the condition of the King, that he will be alright and he will conscious after 2 or 3 days due to the effect of the poison. The commander convinces Veerangan to act as the King only for a day. Veerangan accepts and rushes to the coronation ceremony. And in right time takes the crown and sceptre in a dashing manner. The Chief Priest did not believes, that Marthandan is alive some thing should have happened. He orders his men to rectify his doubt and there the King was captured and taken with them, and kept in a dungeon.

After the ceremony, the Commander comes to know the drama of the Chief Priest and again convinces Veerangan to continue as the King. Though Veerangan is not willing to be in Power but he accepts and lays many revolutionary ideas that will change the condition of the Poor and oppressed. All upper class in the country is against the new orders.

As once his Jail mate and sweetheart helps Veerangan to meet the rebel leader, who was body guard for the Old King, he tells the mystery of the Kingdom and about the abducted princess and high hand of the Chief Priest. And Veerangan throws his gauntlet and meets Pingalan and his men in their own dungeon. Veerangan overpowers Pingalan and captures him. In his small absence Veerangan's sweetheart was killed by Pingalan and the real King was taken to the Island accompanied by Pingalan, were the Chief Priest raises the Princess. In that Island the leader is none other than the Chief Priest who takes off his beard, Pingalan comes to know the truth that the Chief Priest plans to marry the princess and become the King of Rathinapuri thereby he doesn't need the help of Pingalan and why the Chief Priest is double crossing him. He waits to settle the matter once and for all.

Same time Veerangan reaches the Island, and accidentally enters the queens chamber, there he sees the princess and tells everything about her and ask her to help him in finding out the Real King, she accepts tells the place of the Real King were he was held captive and also she fell in love with Veerangan. Shortly Pingalan also enters the Queens chamber and lures her and abducts. Veerangan comes to the rescue and finishes Pingalan in the sea. (But he was to be resurrect in the Second part of the movie)

In the Eagle den the King comes to know by Pingalan's aide about the whole story and how he was held captive there by the Chief Priest. He tries to escape from his captivity on progress unfortunately he was hurt on the head and fells unconscious. Veerangan comes in time and saves the King from drowning. And both of them unite to save the Princess and fights to finish of the wicked plans of the Chief Priest. And finally after reaching their country the Real King puts the end to Monarchy.

The Cast

Marthandan - MGR (King)

Veerangan - MGR (Wanderer)

Chief Priest - P.S.Veerappa

Pingalan - M.N.Nambiyar

1st Heroine - Banumathy

2nd Heroine &

Princess - Sarojadevi

Behind the Scene:

The movie was inspired by the stories of "If I am a King" and "Prisoner of Zenda". Actually the story was started to grow wit

h MGR when he entered the film Industry. When the time was ripe he started to shoot the film. MGR stopped to work in other films and dedicated his entire force as well his wealth to making this Film. He was very concerned to his make up as he has to do the two leading roles, the heroine Banumathy has to wait longer than usual and she was not ready to wait and MGR has no other choice other than as a Director, to kill the heroine in the movie. And saw the debut of Sarojadevi as the new Heroine, one of the best loved pairs of his fans. 10 minutes after Intermission the film was shot in Colour. MGR was very bold to take this move, in the history of film making either the film was fully black & white or Colour. But MGR took the risk by moving over to Colour.

To be continued.

09 August 2006

Re-Release and Reaction - Part I

MGR's first directorial film "Nadodi Mannan" (Wanderer and King) was re released in Chennai city after 12 years. His fans thronged the Theatre and behaved as devotees and performed 'Abishekam' (In Hindu tradition Pouring Milk over a Idol is a respect and make the God happy) to their Demi God MGR. Look closely accompanied picture you will conculed the Fans age group is not more than 40.

Most of the TV channels aired the screening of this Film and they astounded by the behaviour of the Fans like throwing flowers, lighting camphor etc., and also they telecasted the news several times.


Miracles of Demi God

After MGR's recuperation from his illness in 1984, whenever he tours the Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu he always asks Dr.V.V.Muthuswamy (Cardiologist) to accompany him.

On one occasion MGR was staying in Ashok Hotel in Madurai, and Dr.V.V.Muthuswamy was working in Madurai General Hospital, on that day Officials from Police Department rushed to Dr.V.V.Muthuswamy and asked to meet the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MGR urgently. He went to the Hotel were MGR was staying. There he was taken aback as he saw MGR was in unconscious state, it was a shocking state for him, as he always seen MGR in ebullient state. Tears rolled from his eyes on the mere sight.

Dr.V.V.Muthuswamy started his regular procedure of taking E.C.G. in 12 positions. On completing the 10th position the E.C.G. machine prompted for the insertion of paper roll, which he had forgotten to take with him. Imagine his consternation that he is taking care of a person who is elected by Millions, he said to himself go ahead and try once again, and as a miracle the machine worked giving the remaining 2 positions.

After finishing the examination he was satisfied that nothing serious and MGR needs some rest. And then he opened the machine and saw there wasn’t any bit of paper remaining. He was mystified that some force had worked giving out the last bit of paper to conclude the test. Even today Dr.V.V.Muthuswamy feels the event as a miracle.

Even though MGR had a panel of Senior Doctors to check his health regularly, MGR always asked him to stay with him. He cherishes the brotherhood nature that MGR showered on him.

(Source: Chennai Edition of "Dinamalar" dt.8.8.2006 from the column "They Said")

04 August 2006

Emperor of Tamil Cinema Strikes Back

The First picture is the Newspaper Cut out of MGR directed film "Nadodi Mannan" (Wanderer and King) released in 1958. I have not taken this cut out from Old 1958 magazine. This is the 3.8.2006 edition of "Daily Thanthi" Those who don’t know Tamil, what is written in the advertisement is the film is going to be released on 4th August 2006 and Advance booking is advised.

The other picture shows MGR film advertisement and other New Movies that are currently running in Chennai City. Note that MGR film ad is bigger than any other movie ad. And do take into account that this MGR film is a re release. After 48 years "The Emperor Strikes Back"

02 August 2006

Test for tamil blog

என் முதல் வலை பதிவு கடவுள் பற்றி எழுத ஆசைப்படுகிறேன். இறைவன், ஆண்டவன், கடவுள் என்ற வார்த்தைகள் நமக்கு மேல் உள்ள ஒரு சக்தியை பொதுவாக குறிக்கப்படுவது. கடவுள் என்பது ஆணா? பெண்ணா? அவருக்கு இந்துக்கள் குறிப்பிடுவதுபோல் உருவம் இருக்கிறாதா? கிருஸ்ததுவர்கள் படி பரிசுத்த ஆவியா? அல்லது நாபிகள் நாயகம் குறிப்பிட்ட உருவம் இல்லா ஒளி வடிவம் உள்ளவாரா? என்ற விஷ்யைங்களுக்கு செல்லாமல், நாம்மையும் நாம்மை சுற்றியுள்ள பொருட்களையும் உருவாக்கிய கற்பனைக்கும் எட்டாத ஒரு மகா சக்தி என்பதாக எடுத்துக் கொள்வோம். நாஸ்திக நண்பர்கள் மேற் சொன்னதை இயற்கை என்பார்கள் அப்படியும் வைத்துகொள்வோம்.

This is a test for tamil blog

22 July 2006

Next Generation

I had a rendezvous with a MGR fan, we talked a lot about her interest in other matters and when it came to MGR, she told a lot about her likings. I asked her which MGR pair she liked most. She said without hesitation "Amma" (Jayalalitha) and not Saroja Devi. She liked MGR films that were in Colour. And most noticeable was she mostly liked MGR films that were released after 1970.

Do you guess what are age is? (a) Is she 60 years old (b) Is she 50 years old and (c) Is she 30 to 40 years old, if you have said a, b or c as the answer you are wrong. Her age is just 9 years. Are you astonished! The fact is that she has never seen MGR in person or his film in Theatre. She has only one opportunity of watching MGR films and songs that are telecasted in various TV channels. This is my account with young MGR fan.

Same kind of experience was mentioned by Cho Ramasamy the Editor and Rajya Sabha M.P., who one day was traveling in a car and he saw a boy not more than 10 years old was lighting camphor, prayed and went to the School. When Cho reached the place he saw the Photo of MGR. He has mentioned this in his magazine "Thuglaq" and said that MGR's impact is still felt in the younger generation also. Who were born after MGR's death – they are the Next Generation MGR fans.

30 June 2006

1000 Words

The famous V sign pictured for Kumudam magazine (when MGR started the Party and also Two Leaves was not the party symbol)

The magic moment when MGR approach the People. See the boy's happiness.

The eagerness to touch MGR (protected by MGR's body guard)

03 June 2006

Mercurial Traits

Traits of Planet Mercury

The Post I have published in 2006 is been published as a separate book. 

Publication date of the book will be conveyed soon.

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24 May 2006

Body Language

Definition of Body Language: Body Language is the unspoken communication that goes on in every Face-to-Face encounter with another human being. It tells you their true feelings towards you and how well your words are being received. Between 60-80% of our message is communicated through our Body Language, only 7-10% is attributable to the actual words of a conversation.

Here are some examples of Good Body Language commonly portrayed by MGR in films:

1) Brisk, Erect walk – Shows confidense

2) Standing with hands on hips – Readiness

3) Arms crossed on chest – Defensiveness (When facing a villain)

4) Stroking chin - Trying to make a decision

Now in detail:

In MGR movies the Body language is perfect. All actors know how to perform and portray their Body language in career as well as in public. But MGR's body language to his character is always correct. In the Film "Thirudathae" – Don’t steal, MGR does a negative role, when he is a thief he often keeps his hand inside the Pant pocket. After realizing his mistake the Body language also changes. In one scene were MGR's mother queries the innocence, MGR eyes evade from his mother, and this scene lasts only for 2 seconds.

In "Raja Desingh" – King Desingh movie after the climax, MGR and the co star S.S.Rajendran stand as a portrait, in this scene MGR stands still, there is no movement but S.S.Rajendran blinks his eyes.

In "Malai Kallan" – Mountain thief, MGR perfects the styles or the mannerism of a Muslim.

Shaking hands tells lot about a character, whether the character is dominating or subsiding. In many MGR films his hand shake with a Villain shows his domination attitude. The same hand shake with a friend is different. In "Nallavan Vazhvan" when MGR congratulates M.N.Nambiyar on becoming the Inspector of Police MGR grabs Nambiyar's hand with his two hands with Nambiyar, what that means, the hand shake tells that you are most valuable person to me, in the movie both characters are dependent to each other.

How will a person behave when he sees a currency, in film "Anba Vaa" MGR character is a Millionaire but acts as a Poor guy to the heroine and receives a 100 rupee note, how he takes the note is notable.

How does a shy person speak in a stage, how his body language look like? That can be seen perfectly performed by MGR in his film "Thozhilalli" – Labourer.

How does a caring person hug look like? Watch it in "Thazampoo" he hugs the other person(his brother acted by Asokan), his hands rises from down to up, like carrying posture – that is for caring and loving nature.

In "Kudieruntha Kovil" – were one MGR enters the house and tries to kill his mother on seeing 'Annadurai' (his mentor) Photo his face turns aside, his killing nature alters for a second.

When MGR asked to continue to act a Businessman (who was a smuggler) he resist and when he was shown the photo of her sister trapped, MGR shoulder droops, without uttering a word he shows the acceptance in the film "Ninaithathai Mudipavan".

In all the double action movies, MGR gives different Body language or mannerism to each character so as to differentiate and make people understand easily. Like twisting his nose in "Nadodi Mannan" – Wanderer and the King, playing with his fingers near chest level in "Engu Veetu Pillai", snapping and saying understand in "Ninaithathai Mudipavan", rubbing his neck in "Matukara Velan" – Cowherds Velan etc.

There is no ending if I start to give out the list of all his films. In every movie, his portrayal of Body language to the character is perfect.

15 May 2006

MGR Returns

The Last day of the campaign for my constituency (Chennai City) was going on. Jayalalitha was expected to make her address on 1 P.M., so to gather mass ADMK cadres have arranged for a Light music. The songs were from MGR movies and were enacted on the stage by MGR look-alike. I was behind the stage and near to Sound Engineer; there I saw how they planned the show with one MGR song preceding Party's song. What I coming to say is about MGR look-alike persons, 3 of them totally, 2 were wearing costumes from MGR film and one in Political MGR with typical White shirt and dhoti, with fur cap and dark glasses. People enjoyed when 2 MGR appeared on the stage for a song from the film "Oli Vilakku", many people were showing Victory sign (Party Symbol) "Two Leaves" to MGR look-alike.

As the song was going on the stage, one person went near the stage and shook hands and next he touched the feet of MGR look-alike, the person donning MGR costume was shocked for a second and told to him Don’t do this to me, I am not MGR, he pointed to the sky and said MGR is great.

And another incident I came to know after the Election results is ADMK cadre who has given the charge to look after the campaign in some villages of Andipatti (were Jayalalitha contested and won) went with music troop with MGR look-alike, as it is a Village people took "Aarthi" (a camphor lighted and showed as a respect to a person) for MGR look-alike and a woman around the age of 90 was saying that "Mavarasan MGR nallu erukatum" Long live MGR and finally she added that MGR is resting and Jayalalitha is campaigning for him. MGR cadre said to me that if he had said MGR has died years back, the Old lady might have trashed him, so he kept quite. There is no end for the fame of MGR.

29 April 2006



The Post I have published in 2006 is been published as a separate book. 

Publication of the book will be conveyed soon.

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08 April 2006

Battle for the Title


In Tamil Film Industry MGR and Sivaji Ganesan were the main contenders. They not only competed for the supremacy over the Box Office Record but also for their film titles.

MGR film title appeared in the Sivaji starrer film songs and Sivaji film title appeared in MGR starrer film songs. In reel life both were termed as "North and South Pole" or "Poles apart" but in real life they behaved as Brothers.

Some interesting Movie Titles

(Pardon me for the English Translation)

MGR Movie


1. En Thangai (My Younger sister)

En Akka (My Eldest Sister)

2. En Annan (My Elder Brother)

En Thambi (My Younger Brother)

3. Raja Rajan (King of Kings)

Raja (King)

4. Engal Thangam

Engal Thangaraja

5. Andaman Kaithi (Prisoner of Andaman)

Andaman Kadali (Lover from Andaman)

6. Raman Thediya Seethai

Raman Enthai Ramanadi

7. Arasa Kattalai (Kings Order)

Andavan Kattalai (Gods Order)

8. Deivathai (God Mother)

Deivamagan (God Son)

9. Thirudathae (Don’t Steal)

Thirudan (Thief)

10.Oli Vilaku (Lighted Lamp)

Pachai Vilaku (Green Light)

11. Navarathinam (Nine Gems)

Navarathri (Nine Nights)

12. Enga Veetu Pillai (Our Son)

Raja Veetu Pillai (Son of a Raja)

13. Thazampoo

Veelai Roja (White Rose)

14. Thanipiravi (Born different)

Deivapiravi (Born Godly)

15. Puthia Bhoomi (New World)

Puthia Paravai (New Bird)

16. Uzhaikum Karangal (Working Hands)

Anbu Karangal (Caring Hands)

The above film title gives an appearance that the story to be same but the story, cast of characters and period of the film is different. The above films are never released in the same time. For example Andaman Kaithi (MGR movie) was released in 1952 but Andaman Kadali came in 1970s.

MGR holds most for donning dual action roles and Sivaji for triple action roles and also for nine roles in one Tamil Film.

25 March 2006

MGR Formula

Formula of MGR Film

The story of the Film is the real hero, besides to a MGR movie, story is also a vital ingredient. Let us look at a typical MGR film (which presented above in pictures) the Hero is an Honest person, and a lovable character. He has a widowed mother (most probably) the hero has to solve or avenge for his father's death, his country or the difficulties of downtrodden people. The heroine proposes first and duet song with colourful costumes proceeds. Variety of fights that too an honest fights and there is no cheating involved. Fights are face to face you can see the difference between MGR and other Hero films that MGR never attacks a person from behind, never stabs or kills them from back. Every fight is face to face. And finally the film ends in a harmonious note. All together his movie portrays postive attitude in every frame. His solo song lifts the spirit and our confidence level.

Here is the formula a + b + c x d = MGR theme or MGR formula for a successful film. Whereas (a) is the main Plot, (b) is the Love songs and scenes, (c) is the Action and (d) is the positive thinking portrayed through songs and visualizations.

11 March 2006

The Story of Adimai Pen

A girl was married to one Ruler (MGR) but another Ruler named Sengodan played by Asokan likes her. After some years Sengodan on a hunting trial meets the girl who was now a Queen, he proposes but the Queen points out that she is a mother, but Sengodan tries to kill her son, the Queen uses an axe and cuts Sengodan's right leg. This brings dishonest to Sengodan's country men.

MGR on hearing goes to Sengodan's country and asks Justice. And Sengodan agrees for a duel. The fight takes place over the net below Javelins was placed; who ever falls on the Net will get pierced. The rule is if the Fighter loses his weapon or falls from the net it is considered as a defeat and that the ruler and the people of that Country will become slaves to whoever wins the duel.

As Sengodan has one leg, MGR binds his right leg and fights with him, the result MGR wins but Sengodan throws a Javelin and kills MGR. Sengodan orders his men to get hold of the Country and summon the Queen and her son. One of MGR's close aides escapes and reaches his country but he was able to save the queen but not the Prince, who was taken prisoner. All the girls in their country are made slaves and thus the title.

The Queen was in hiding and year’s rolls by. The close aide was captured and sentenced to prison where he meets the Prince (MGR) who was allowed to live in a 2 feet high cell, MGR was introduced as a Barbarian, he did not know how to talk, how to eat with his hands, and he did not know that he was a human being. The close aide was taken aback on seeing the condition of his Leader. Some how he and his Leader escape from the prison via a river. He manages to save his Leader and dies in his grand daughter’s hand getting promise from her that she has to teach everything to him and make him the Ruler again and abolish the slavery of their Country. The Grand daughter Jeeva, acted by Jayalalitha promises him and takes MGR to her hut. But the traveling made on the river makes him sick. So his hands and legs are tied, showing his beautiful physique. MGR behaves rudely but she calms herself and treats him good. She raises him against all odds. She teaches him to speak and write. Slowly he understands who he is. But still he was not able to walk like others, stands like a hunchback because he was grown up in 2 feet high cell. She also teaches him all kinds of martial arts.

As MGR character is a man who helps damsel in distress saves a girl from two warriors, and when he tries to help the girl who was binded between two heavy wooden plank and MGR while lifting the plank, his curved spine straightens he was able to stand like normal person. And now Jeeva tells MGR all about his tasks and shows his mother's hiding place. On seeing his mother’s condition MGR vows to his mother that he will release the slave girls and his Country from the clutches of Sengodan. MGR with the help of Jeeva and others attack small group of soldiers and show his mark to Sengodan. MGR and his followers strikes often and frees up the girls from slavery. On one such assault, he comes upon a Commander of neighbouring nation, who was also a relative of Sengodan, played by R.S.Manohar, he was astonished on seeing Jeeva because his Nation Ruler is also another Jayalalitha. He conspires to replace the real Queen with Jeeva and take over the country. This conspiracy leads to the separation of MGR and Jeeva from his followers. They are captured by the Commander claiming MGR as a spy and hides Jeeva in another place, keeping MGR and his friend in the trial.

The Queen presides over the trial as she is also the sister of Jeeva, MGR also believes that his sweet heart is the Queen and hates to look at her. MGR's hands were bounded and were pulled by strong men on both sides. MGR shows his physical strength and throws both men. The Queen was impressed and attracted to MGR and orders to release and appoints him as her special body guard.

The Commander hatches a plan to kill both the Queen and her body guard and ask her to come for a Party. But the poisoned drink was misplaced by one of MGR's close aides acted by Cho who pretends as a magician and practices Witch craft.

The Commander having only one card in his sleeve orders to arrest MGR and the Queen. He pleads with Jeeva to act as the Queen so she and her Leader can be freed and allowed to return to their country. She accepts and replaces the real Queen and the Queen was dressed in Jeeva's cloth and kept in captivity, later to be killed. The commander goes to the prison and tells his plan but MGR cleverly kills the commander and escapes with the Queen thinking that she is real Jeeva.

After a long journey MGR reaches his country, due to his long absence the Country has changed, their house gutted with fire and farms plundered, his own men were now against him. MGR tells the whole story and makes them to rejoin the army. The Queen now joins the Sengodan side and waits to take revenge.

Same time MGR mother was captured by Sengodans men and announces the news of going to kill her in public. MGR and his men secretly enter the palace and fights with Sengodan and MGR likes to pay a man back in his own coin kills him as Sengodan has done to his father, releases his mother, his lover from the Lion and his Kingdom from Sengodan. The Queen also dies in the end and the film ends in a harmonious note.

The Characters:

Vengaiyan: MGR dons dual role as father and son, His hunchback character and barbaric activities like trying to drink the water like an animal from the bowl and doing the same with a cup, seeing his figure in the mirror and reacting and innocently asking why he is not kissed by Jeeva when she kisses and say good bye to all kids who come to learn are very well portrayed by him. The questions he ask about why he has to learn martial arts, the enemies, and how the enemies look like, and silly questions like how the fight will look like and so on that every child would ask.

And also how a Leader should behave in time of crisis and how to manage his men and his enemies are very beautifully narrated like many other MGR films. His love to his mother and the vow to regain his country in a clever way depicts his real character.

Sengodan: Played by Asokan … no he lived by the Character, as time is a good healer, his principles never changes in time. His disgust of not able to achieve his goals is depicted in every frame. His lion voice and modulated dialogues is another feather to his cap. His villainous laugh in the climax still echoes in my ears.

Jeeva/Queen: I think she has done a larger than life role in "Adimai Pen" she contrasted between a poor peasant girl and Queen. Her walk and look of a Queen is terrific. Also she is a good dancer, she might have exhausted after the dance sequence in the Desert. As per the story she is a teacher who teaches Martial arts to MGR (who is well known martial artist) the storyboard people questioned that the people will not digest that she is teaching MGR but MGR had confidence that his fans will not be embarrassed, after screening and huge success his idea proved right.

Costumes: The costumes of the film have two types one is rough looking and another Roman type. MGR cleverly used rough cloth to a peace loving people and delicate Roman style for Power hungry, depicting that nobility is not in the dress but in the heart.

Action: Or fights are all different kind as you expect in a MGR film the first fight scene on the nets and the last fighting scene with Lion is not pictured previously in any Tamil film. MGR as a Hunchback used wrestling techniques of gracious body movement and not using that much of fist for fighting. Swash buckling Prison fight with R.S.Manohar and his army is also worth mentioning.

Editing: As you know the film has 24 frames per second, and MGR used more 6 frame bits to Lion fights which boosts the thrill in the climax and shows MGR editing prowess. Thousand of footage used for the 10 minute Lion fight.

(The Lion named Raja was breed by him and after it died the body preserved and still kept in MGR Home for public view)

Camera: There is no ideal frame, the frame is always moving, zooming, panning and tilting, great camera work was again is in the Lion fight. Magnificent scenes include thousands of Camels marching in the desert and the song shot in Jaipur palace which I have mentioned in the previous blog are tip of an ice berg. The Cameraman V.Ramamurthy proved his mantle.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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