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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

31 December 2007

Style King

MGR is the First Style King of Tamil Cinema.

This is from Vettaikaran.

Now there are many actors doing various things with their body, but MGR is pioneer. It all started from Marmayogi in dialogue delivery and got prominent from Double action movies such as 'Nadodi Mannan', 'Enga Veetu Pillai' and 'Ninaithathai Mudipavan'.

29 December 2007

MGR's Unfinished Movies I

Eventhough MGR credited as the Box Office Emperor and has many movie records under his belt some movies had problems in production as well as in releasing. MGR fully acted movie comes to 136 and 2 unfinished movies – Avasara Police 100 and Nallathai Nadu Ketkum released in 1990, totally 138 movies.

Most movies which MGR acted was stopped for various reasons. For example the year such as 1958, 1967 and 1972 were prominent phase in MGR's movie world. Most of MGR fans know why I describe these years. In 1958 MGR met with an accident while acting in a drama. The wound took 6 months to heal. The term MGR as Action Hero was said to be finished but it did not happen as expected by his rivals. MGR was acting in 'Malai Nattu Ilavarasan', 'Sirikum Silai', 'Thungathae Thambi Thungathae', 'Silambu Kugai' and pre production stage of Kalki's Magnum novel 'Ponniyin Selvan' these movies were shelved and did not come back to lime light.

The Ad about Nadodiyin Magan.

And 1967 is the year were MGR almost kissed death. Many movies were renamed and some movies were taken up Jai Shankar and Gemini Ganesh. Of this Inba Nila is one movie. And in fag end of 1972 Political colour played a major role in hampering MGR movie release and production even MGR Pictures Banner suffered a lot. Keep in mind that MGR's most trusted friend M.A.Chinnappa Devar did not produce any MGR acted movie from 1972. The last he did was 'Nalla Neram'.

MGR with G.Sakunthala.

The list of unfinished movies comes to nearly 50 and some 20 odds are nearly half finished and remaining 30 odds did not reach shooting stage meaning stopped in the Advertisement level. The size of the Ad is enough to provoke the feelings of MGR fans.

MGR with Surya Kala

Nadodiyin Magan – Second Part of Nadodi Mannan.

Kathiravan Pictures produced this film. The crew involved in Nadodi Mannan was also involved in this movie. The story is by MGR Pictures Story department, Kannadasan wrote dialogue and songs and music by S.M.Subbiah Naidu. The Heroine was G.Sakunthala (the heroine of Manthiri Kumari, who later went to act in comic role) The story starts with the resurrection of N.M.Nambiyar who takes revenge by killing Nadodi and taking up the throne and how Nadodi's son avenges his father death is the remaining story.

The movie has breathtaking sets and costumes. Some establishing shots and climax are to filmed but unfortunately the movie was dropped.

Now the question arise were is the negative. With todays technology the movie can be finished and can be released. Can some one do it?

I can say that unfinished MGR movies are uncut diamonds.

Images from MGR Ninaivugal, 1994 edition.

24 December 2007

When the Earth Stood Still

24th December 1987 the Time was 4.30 am my brother who went to buy milk return sober face and told MGR is dead. I thought the news should be another rumour. But when the time went past 5.30 am there was no traffic, silence. Radio announced MGR's death. The Earth stood still, my neighbours (Press Owner and his brothers) who are hard core MGR fans were dumb struck. They dont know how to react to the news, some of them left to see MGR for the last time.

Here is the video of MGR's final journey. I got this video somehow I edited to 2 mts, but when I tried to add some background music I was not able to do it. Eventhough I closed my room I was in tears, so I left this video muted.

Today MGR's remembrance. My home is located in Purasawalkam constituency which is hold by DMK. But every street end there is MGR smiling face kept by MGR Fans.

21 December 2007

Remembrance II

For Tamilan:

The image is taken from MGR movie records.

The First successful movie for MGR as Hero is his first Hero movie Rajakumari and not Manthiri Kumari as you have mentioned.

Secondly En Thangai record note number of days.

Nearly 17 years back I had the record for all MGR acted movies and which theater it was released. Unfortunately due to shifting and other reasons I lost most of the books, paper cuttings and pictures.

Below is the record for Oli Vilakku.

A week back Sathya showed two designs for the anniversary. Second design made as Poster for this year. Today Sathya handed over the Poster done by Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal. A Very young MGR's portriat adored the poster.

MGR Devotees:
Yukesh Babu, M.Sathya, G.Raja, D.Kumar, S.Velu, B.Unnikrishnan, M.K.Venkat, Mullai Manivannan.

The wording are very different. "God apart of religion, not this twenty years even two hundred years after nobody can fill your place".

Another view of the Poster. Long Live MGR Fame.

18 December 2007

Forget me Not

MGR Thunai
Vazhga MGR Pugal
Valarga MGR Bakthargal
Thodarum MGR Pani

These are the captions given for the poster for the 20th Year remembrance. The Poster size is 10 feet in width and 4 feet in height, which was very big to cover the image in my Nokia phone. This giant size poster was done by Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal Trust (Regd. No.1438 Tamilnadu) – G.Gunasekar, MGR Devotee, Chennai. He regularly comes out with these kind of posters for functions and celebrations in Theaters.

MGR Devotees are
G.Gunasekar, R.Ramu, Y.Basker, K.Sankar, M.Janakiraman, S.Baskar, A.Asmath(Late)

"Iraiva Ummai Marakum Nal Nangal Mariyum Nalagum" very sensitive line.

In English "The Day we forget you is the Day we have died"

The 6 sheet poster was forwarded by Sathya of Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal Kuzhu. Posters will hit the street within the next 4 days, Chennai MGR Fans, Devotees as well as common men can see this on 22nd but the World can see this Poster today. Thanks to INTERNET.

Note they have also included Jesus picture of MGR to convey the wishes for Christmas.

YOUR Comments are welcome. Interested MGR Fans can convey their messages through this email keep mailing.

16 December 2007

2006 Records

These are 38 MGR Films released from January 2006 to December 2006.

Thaiku Thalai Magan - 1 centres
Ragisya Police 115 - 3 centres
Raman Thediya Seethai - 5 centres
Anba Vaa - 4 centres
Thanipiravi - 1 cenre
Sirithu Vazha Vendum - 2 centres
Meenava Nanban - 4 centres

Netru Indru Nalai - 5 centres
Baghdad Thirudan - 1 centre
Vikramadityan - 2 centres
Kalangarai Vilakam - 1 centre
Idhyaveenai - 1 centre
Nan Anaiittal - 1 centre
Idhayakani - 5 centres
Chandrodayam - 1 centre
Nalla Neram - 1 centre

Neerum Nerupum - 1 centre
Vivasahi - 3 centres
Arasakattalai - 3 centres
Neethiku Pin Pasam - 8 centres
Puthiya Bhoomi - 2 centres
Ninaithathai Mudipavan - 3 centres
Thedi Vantha Mapillai - 2 centres
Nan En Piranthan - 4 centres
Periya Edathu Penn - 4 centres
Panam Padaithavan - 2 centres
Kudieruntha Kovil - 1 centre
Thozhilali - 3 centres
Thai Sollai Thatatha - 1 centre
Neethiku Thalaivangku - 5 centres
Nadodi Mannan - 24 centres
Mugarasi - 2 centres
Chakravarthi Thirumagal - 4 centres
Vettaikaran - 1 centre
Ananda Jothi - 1 centre
Kulabaghavali - 1 centre
Ayirathil Oruvan - 1 centre

Some Theatres which released the above movies are
(1) Mekala (2) Select (3) Liberty (4) Natraj (5) Albert (6) Baby Albert (7) Noorjahan
(8) Muralikrishna (9)Ganapathi Ram (10)Vijaya (11) Mahalakshmi (12) Kamadhenu
(13) Broadway (14) Minerva (15) Gopi Krishna (16) Golden Eagle (17) Sri Brinda
(18) Star (19) Bharath.

Note: Nadodi Mannan was released end of July 2006 and reached 24 centres in just 5 months.

Out of these 38 movies 31 were 3 shows.

Most number of Re-release record for any Actor. Unbeaten by any other Actor

Records provided by Ma.Ki.Venkat, (Organiser/Amaipalar - Central Chennai) Ponmanachemmal MGR Bakthargal Kuzhu and Thamizhaga Makkal Thilagam MGR Pothu Nala Mandram.

14 December 2007

MGR Movie List

The Movie List

MGR came to Movie world from Drama Stage in 1935 and acted to the end of June 1977.

Read as
No. Name of the Movie & Date of Release:
01. Sathileelavathi 28.03.1936
02. Eru Sagotharargal 1936
03. Dakshayangnam 31.03.1938
04. Veera Jagadish 1938
05. Maya Machindra 22.04.1938
06. Prahalatha 12.12.1939
07. Vedavathi (or) Seetha jananam 22.02.1941
08. Ashokumar 10.07.1941
09. Tamil Ariyum Perumal 30.04.1942
10. Jothi Malar (or) Dasipenn 03.03.1943
11. Harishchandra 14.01.1944
12. Salivaganan 16.02.1945
13. Meera 03.11.1945
14. Sri Murugan 04.06.1946
15. Rajakumari 11.04.1947
16. Paithiakaran 26.09.1947
17. Abimanu 06.05.1948
18. Rajamukthi 09.10.1948
19. Mohini 31.10.1948
20. Rathnakumar 15.12.1949
21. Maruthanatu Ilavarasi 02.04.1950
22. Manthiri Kumari 24.06.1950
23. Marma Yogi 02.02.1951
24. Ek Tha Raja (Hindi) 15.06.1951
25. Sarvathikari 14.09.1951

 Gardener A Memoir #1 E Book

MGR from Adimai Penn (story from first draft) deleted in the theatrical release

Please notify any errors in date of release.

No. Name of the Movie & Date of Release:
26. Sarvathikari (Telugu) 05.10.1951
27. Andaman Kaithi 14.03.1952
28. Kumari 11.04.1952
29. En Thangai 31.05.1952
30. Panakari 12.02.1953
31. Jenovah (Malayalam) 1953
32. Naam 05.03.1953
33. Jenovah 15.06.1953
34. Malaikallan 22.07.1954
35. Kundu Kili 26.08.1954
36. Kulabaghavali 29.07.1955
37. Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum 14.01.1956
38. Madurai Veeran 13.04.1956
39. Thaiku pin tharam 21.09.1956
40. Chakravarthi Thirumagal 18.01.1957

MGR as J.B. from the movie Anbay Vaa

No. Name of the Movie & Date of Release:
41. Rajarajan 26.04.1957
42. Puthamai pithan 02.08.1957
43. Mahadevi 22.11.1957
44. Nadodi Mannan 22.08.1958
45. Thai Magaluku katiya thali 31.12.1959
46. Baghdad Thirudan 06.05.1960
47. Raja Desingh 02.09.1960
48. Mannathi Mannan 19.10.1960
49. Arasilangkumari 01.01.1961
50. Thirudatha 23.03.1961

MGR posing as King in "Nadodi Mannan"

No. Name of the Movie & Date of Release:
51. Sabash Mapillai 14.07.1961
52. Nallavan Vazhvan 31.08.1961
53. Thai Sollai Thatatha 07.11.1961
54. Rani Samyugdha 14.01.1962
55. Madapura 16.02.1962
56. Thayai Katha Thanaiyan 13.04.1962
57. Kudumba Thalaivan 15.08.1962
58. Pasam 31.08.1962
59. Vikramadityan 27.10.1962
60. Pana Thottam 11.01.1963
61. Koduthu vaithaval 09.02.1963
62. Dharmam Thalaikakum 22.02.1963
63. Kalai Arasi 19.04.1963
64. Periya Idathu Penn 10.05.1963
65. Ananda Jothi 28.06.1963
66. Neethiku Pin Pasam 15.08.1963
67. Kanchi Thalaivan 26.10.1963
68. Parisu 15.11.1963
69. Veetaikaran 14.01.1964
70. En Kadamai 13.03.1964

Charismatic MGR from the movie Raman Thediya Seethai

No. Name of the Movie & Date of Release:
71. Panakara Kudumbam 24.04.1964
72. Deiva Thai 18.07.1964
73. Thozhilali 25.09.1964
74. Padagotti 03.11.1964
75. Thaiyin Madiyil 18.12.1964
76. Enga Veetu Pillai 14.01.1965
77. Panam Padaithavan 27.03.1965
78. Ayirathil Oruvan 09.07.1965
*(released as restored version in 2014 and had 190 days run)
79. Kalangarai Vilakam 28.08.1965
80. Kanni Thai 10.09.1965
81. Thazhampoo 23.10.1965
82. Asai Mugam 10.12.1965
83. Anbay Vaa 14.01.1966
84. Nan Aanai Ittal 04.02.1966
85. Mugarasi 18.02.1966
86. Nadodi 14.04.1966
87. Chandrodayam 27.05.1966
88. Thali Baghyam 27.08.1966
89. Thani Piravi 16.09.1966
90. Parakum Pavai 11.11.1966

Above image from Nalla Neram

No. Name of the Movie & Date of Release:
91. Petral Than Pillaiya 09.12.1966
92. Thaiku Thalai Magan 13.01.1967
93. Arasa Kattalai 19.05.1967
94. Kavalkaran 07.09.1967
95. Vivasahi 01.11.1967
96. Ragasiya Police 115 11.01.1968
97. Ther Thiruvizha 23.02.1968
98. Kudieruntha Kovil 05.03.1968
99. Kannan Enn Kadalan 25.04.1968
100. Oli Vilaku 20.09.1968

MGR as the famed Diamond smuggler Ranjith from Ninaithathai Mudipavan

No. Name of the Movie & Date of Release:
101. Puthiya Boomi
102. Kanavan
103. Kadal Vaganam 21.01.1968
104. Adimai Penn 01.05.1969
105. Nam Nadu 07.11.1969
106. Mattukara Velan 14.01.1970
107. En Annan 21.05.1970
108. Thalaivan 24.07.1970
109. Thedi Vantha Mapillai 29.08.1970
110. Engal Thangam 09.10.1970
111. Kumarikottam 26.01.1971
112. Rickshawkaran 29.05.1971
113. Neerum Nerupum 18.10.1971
114. Oru Thai Makkal 09.12.1971
115. Sangkae Muzhangu 04.02.1972
116. Nalla Neram 10.03.1972
117. Raman Thediya Seethai 13.04.1972
118. Nan En Piranthan 09.06.1972
119. Anna Mita Kai 15.09.1972
120. Ithaya Veenai 20.10.1972
121. Ulagam Sutrum Valiban 11.05.1973

MGR and Jayalalitha in a song sequence from the movie Kudieruntha Kovil

No. Name of the Movie & Date of Release:
122. Patikattu Ponniah 10.08.1973
123. Netru Indru Nalai 12.07.1974
124. Urimai Kural 07.10.1974
125. Sirithu Vazha Vendum 30.11.1974
126. Ninaithathai Mudipavan 09.05.1975
127. Nalai Namadhae 04.07.1975
128. Idhayakani 22.08.1975
129. Pallandu Vazhga 31.10.1975
130. Neethiku Thalaivangku 18.03.1976

MGR from Naan Aanai Ittal

No. Name of the Movie & Date of Release:
131. Uzhaikum Karangal 23.05.1976
132. Uruku Uzhaipavan 12.11.1976
133. Navarathinam 05.03.1977
134. Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga 05.05.1977
135. Meenava Nanban 14.08.1977
136. Maduraiyai Meeta Sundara Pandian 14.01.1978
137. Avasara Police 100 1990
138. Nallathai Nadu Ketkum 1990
139. Ayirathil Oruvan Restored version 14.3.2014

MGR Fans are asked to check the release date of some movies which are not available to me.

The bold letters indicate Silver Jubilee movies. Out of 11 silver jubilee movies 9 movies MGR was the Lead Artist.

Latest News click here

11 December 2007

Videos from Adimai Penn

Sorry the videos that I have uploaded in YouTube are been deleted due to copyright problem. The videos will not work. Again sorry for the inconvenience.
(updated 5.1.2017)

These are some of the videos I took and converted it to dial up size movie clip and I am very sorry for the quality of the movie.

This clip is the intro of MGR, which I have uploaded earlier but this is refined and enhanced sound (mainly the joy of MGR fans)

This clip is the escapade scene of MGR. Note the excitement when MGR takes a stride with a Hunch back. This walk is not a stylish one but MGR fans enjoyed it also.

Videos from Mahalakshmi Theatre 9.12.2007

09 December 2007

Vengaiyan in Mahalakshmi II

The Evening Show was full. Police was very strict and did not allow people to stand outside the theatre to see the celebrations done by Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal. I was late to the function and took some photos and videos (some videos will be posted soon)

Image showing milk Abishekam and lighting of camphor.

Image showing Fans rushing to the see film and the Police escorts.

Below is the clip showing the theatre housefull and the fans rushing to see the movie. The movie was on time.

Below is the clip when MGR name appears in the screen.

Various Photos of Adimai Penn MGR placed inside the Theatre.


Yukesh Babu, Sathiya, Mahalakshmi Theatre personals and MGR fans who co-opearted to take these videos and images.

08 December 2007

Real Action Hero

I have seen Adimai Penn several times but when I looked at this scene, it was something different.

Then I took the clip and watched frame by frame I came to know that this was not done in a Set it is an outdoor scene. Watch closely MGR was climbing the rock and that place is 20 feet from the Falls no rope, no stunt double, the rocks are mossy. MGR was 51 years when he
did this.

MGR is the Real Action Hero. I feel that no Indian Actor of his age will do this kind of stunt in any Indian Movie.

The Ad for Adimai Penna and Nadodi Mannan from Daily Thanthi Chennai Edition. Forwarded by Yukesh Babu, MGR Devotee.

07 December 2007

Vengaiyan in Mahalakshmi

Adimai penn releases in Mahalakshmi Theatre from today 7.12.2007.

This was taken 10 a.m. and the movie is 3 shows.

This image was sent from Madurai received through Yukesh Babu MGR Devotee

05 December 2007

Mid Day Meal Scheme

MGR successfully re-launched Mid Day Meal scheme to School going kids. Below is a clip showing MGR and school kids having mid day meal and MGR meeting children.

Some one from Ghana and Russian Federation has been reading this Blog regularly, please say about yourself SIR. Waiting for your reply.

01 December 2007

Adimai Penn Re-Release Records

Along with the letters from Madurai I also received the 'Adimai Penn' records of October and November release. This movie was released in rainy season, court stay order despite all these hurdles 'Adimai Penn' was a money spinner. It collected 25 lakhs in just 12 days.

The following are the theatres which released Adimai Penn (the date 26.10.2007)
Chennai - Sri Brinda (3 and 4 shows) 12 days
Chennai - Abirami (3 and 4 shows) 12 days
Chennai - Melody (4 shows) 13 days
Chennai - Chromepet - Vetri (4 shows) 12 days
Kanchipuram Narayanamurthy 22 days (4 shows)
Thiruvallur Lakshmi 6 days (4 shows)

Date 22.11.2007 (1 week agreement)
Chennai - Bharath- 4 shows
Chennai - Gopikrishna - 4 shows
Chennai - Koyambedu - Rohini - 4 shows
Poonamallee - Vigneswara - 4 shows

From 30.11.2007

Chennai - Kamala - 4 shows
Anakaputhur - Velco - 4 shows
Thiruninravur - Kaveri - 4 shows
Madurai - Alankar - 4 shows
Madurai - Vellakannu - 4 shows

(Madurai release celebrations images will follow soon)

Note: Adimai Penn released in 6 major theatres and collected more than 25 lakhs, a new records that no movie re-release has achieved. A header MGR the only one Superstar in the World.

Images and News courtesy Yukesh Babu and Sathya.

29 November 2007

Re-release Ulagam Sutrum Valiban

As mentioned in earlier post "Ulagam Sutrum Valiban" was released again in Madurai Meenatchi this Deepavali (8.11.2007) with grand celebration from MGR fans. Daily Thanthi flashed the news with photo in its daily (Madurai Edition) The celebrations witnessed by thousands in Meenatchi Theatre. The first time Ulagam Sutrum Valiban was released on 11.5.1973 in same theatre. And the film successfully completed 217 days.

MGR Fans celebrated this movie re-release in grand fashion, crackers and flowers strewn on the streets welcomed it as a New movie release. The joy did not end there, the first week response for the film was excellent and the Theatre management continued this film for the 2nd week.

Four Feet Poster

In the First week 'Kalai Venthan MGR Bakthargal Peravai' Madurai brought out posters and welcomed MGR fans. The poster size is four feet which I managed to take a snap and scanned for upload. In the second week the poster was 2 feet which thanked the people, who came to see the movie 'Ulagam Sutrum Valiban'. The response of the film proves MGR "The Undisputed Box Office Emperor".

The terms used in Posters:
Puratchi Ma Mannar
MGR means Victory

Thanks for the posters and images sent by MGR Devotee S.Kumar, Madurai.

26 November 2007

Madurai Celebrations by S.Kumar

These are the Re-release of MGR movies in Trichy, Madurai theatres. The photos are sent by Madurai S.Kumar an ardent MGR Devotee. He writes about MGR records in and around Madurai to several MGR books, special editions and in News Papers. A MGR fan wearing a Dhoti and checked shirt seen near "Ninaithathai Mudipavan" Banner is S.Kumar. Most of MGR movie records I post are given by Madurai S.Kumar.

"Ayirathil Oruvan" released in Trichy Star on 14.10.2007.

"Enga Veetu Pillai" released in Madurai Central and this image is taken on 28.10.2007.

"Ninaithathai Mudipavan" released in Madurai Meenatchi from 13.10.2007, this image on 15.10.2007. The following image is also "Enga Veetu Pillai" Madurai Central on 28.10.2007.

This movie "Neethiku Thalaivanangu" was released on 2.9.2007 Madurai Meenatchi note the various pictures of MGR.

MGR Pictures Ulagam Sutrum Valiban also released recently this Deepavali along with other New Deepavali release movies. As per the rule Survivor is the Fittest this movie completed second week (Photo soon in this blog) amongst other films such as Vijay's Azhagiya Tamil magan, Surya's Vel, Dhanush Pollathavan. These films failed to over shadow MGR's old movie Ulagam Sutrum Valiban.

Another image of the same movie.

"Veetaikaran" released 19.8.2007 in Madurai Central, note the number of garlands and the size of the garlands. And also MGR unseen photo from the movie 'Adimai Penn".

Images are provided by S.KUMAR, Madurai-625 001.

I thank Mr.S.Kumar for allowing me to use these images in my Blog.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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