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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

29 January 2012

MGR Birthday Function

Sri MGR Year 95, 29th January, Sunday

MGR’s 95th birthday function is going to be celebrated on 12th February 2012 this time in Bangalore by Manitha Deivam Makkal Thilagam MGR Mandram, Bangalore. The venue will be Sri Sai Baba Nagar Welfare Association Conference Hall, Sai Baba Nagar, Sriramapuram, Bangalore-21. Timing is from 2 pm onwards.

All are welcome. More information about the function will be posted soon in our MGR Blog.

Book Sellers and Publishers Association of South India conducts Book Fair every year in Chennai. This year was 35th and the fair was held in St.George Anglo Indian Hr. Secondary School, (Opposite to Paachayappan College) Chennai – 30.

More than 450 stalls from various publishers displayed their books, most of the stalls are by Tamil publishers. And most of the stalls displayed our beloved Puratchi Thalaivar MGR books.

The authors were connected with MGR’s film career and also from politics. Some books were republished by demand one such was MGR Tamailarae.

Click to read more.

28 January 2012

MGR Heroine Rathna

Sri MGR Year 95, 28th January, Saturday


One of MGR’s heroine Rathna who have acted in Engal Veetu Pillai, Thozhilali and Ithayakani (one unfinished movie) have given an interview to Cinema Express magazine.


She has mentioned about how she was selected to work with MGR in Thozhilali a Devar Films production. She also mentions about the unique character of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR.


cinema_express 1


These images were sent by MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran to share in our MGR Blog.


Click the below images to read.


cinema_express_2   cinema_express_3

26 January 2012

MGR In Avinashi

Sri MGR Year 95, 26th January, Thursday


Magnum Opus Emgeeyar Pictures Adimai Penn is re-released in Avinashi Chitralaya in Dts format this week. The movie is running successfully from 20.1.2012.





The movie has been released in other major cities in Dts format and qube format two years back and we have provided the information already in our MGR Blog.


The image and information was passed by MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran.

24 January 2012

Fame Of Politician

Sri MGR Year 95, 24th January, Tuesday


As many Tamil magazines were publishing article about MGR, this week Junior Vikatan  question and answers there is a question about how well the fame of politician should be?


The answer was, person who remembers him even he had not received any favour. The author mentions that on January 17th many people have placed MGR’s photo with flowers and lighted incense sticks this attitude makes to give the answer.




Click the above image to read.


The scanned image was sent by MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran.

22 January 2012

MGR’s Dream

Sri MGR Year 95, 22nd January, Sunday


During MGR’s tenure as Chief Minister, he had a plan to name Trichy as the second capital of Tamil Nadu.




He also aware about the fact that in due course like Chennai, Trichy will be congested so as a precautionary measure he created a small city near Trichy measuring 10 km radius with all facilities.


The city project had broader roads, Parks, Educational institutions, Bus depot, Bank facilities, playground, drinking water, Hospitals etc.




But unfortunately MGR’s dream remains a dream till date.


Click to read the article fully that was published in Kumudam Reporter, the scanned images were sent by MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran.

19 January 2012

Unforgettable MGR

Sri MGR Year 95, 19th January, Thursday


Next day of MGR’s 95th birthday, Daily Thanthi carried an article about our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR titled “Maraka Mudiatha Maa Manithar”.




They have written how people of Tamil Nadu celebrated his birthday in grand manner. And also mentions that some Leaders were remembered when they live, some leaders during their generation and some Leaders like MGR remembered eternally.


Click the above image to read.

World Celebrates

Sri MGR Year 95, 19th January, Thursday


On 17th of January not only we celebrated MGR’s birthday even the world celebrated. Here is some of the images forwarded by my friends and MGR Devotees Tirupur Ravichandran, S.Vinod and Sailesh Basu.




tirupur_2 mgr-tirupur




The above images are from Tirupur area captured by MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran.





The above images were from Bangalore S.Vinod, Bangalore MGR Fans celebrated our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR’s 95th birthday.




The Cake with MGR pictures mostly image work done by T.Srinivasan was Cut in the Office Bin Moosa & Daly Limited (Abu Dhabi) at around 8:30 am and distributed to all the personnel approximately 50 persons. Since most of the personnel are from Kerala and other parts of India they know about the Ever Green Popularity of our Thalaivar. Further, the staff strength include persons from United Kingdom, Germany, Philippines and Pakistan. The cake with pictures and words taken from our MGR blog with creative idea, 95 Not Out.


The above image was sent by MGR Devotee Sailesh Basu.


No other persons in this world have this following and loyalty like MGR.

18 January 2012

My Teacher MGR

Sri MGR Year 95, 18th January, Wednesday


MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran has forwarded a scanned image of Ananda Vikatan, Coimbatore special edition to share in our MGR Blog.




An article about an ardent fan of MGR, Zahir Hussain from Gandhi Park, Coimbatore, is a film distributor. He helps for the marriage of poor and downtrodden. He says that the helping tendency he acquired because of MGR and his movies.


He further states that everybody who tries to follow the foot steps of MGR will help the society to get rid of poverty. He also mentions that he was an atheist but he went to pray in mosque because of MGR when he fell ill in 1984.


Click the above image to read more.

17 January 2012

95th Birthday

Sri MGR Year 95, 17th January Tuesday


Today is the 95th Birthday of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR. From morning onwards MGR songs and MGR movies were telecasted in Jaya TV, Raj TV, Raj Digital, Zee Tamil, Mega TV, Polimer TV etc.




MGR photos were kept in road sides and sweets were distributed to all. The above image is an example.




MGR birthday was celebrated in Trichy the above image was taken from today’s Dinamalar edition.


Morning Actor Sivakumar gave an hour full of MGR tidbits for Jaya TV’s Thenkinnam program.


Today Raj Digital telecasts 3 MGR movies they are (1)Kudieruntha Kovil, (2)Ragasiya Police 115, (3)Mattukara Velan. Raj TV telecasts Emgeeyar Pictures super duper hit movie Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. Zee Tamil movie is Vivasahi, Mega TV telecasts two Movies Idhayakani and Vivasahi. Polimer TV telecasts Manthiri Kumari.

15 January 2012

Pongal Wishes

Sri MGR Year 94, 15th January, Sunday


Puratchi Thalaivar MGR celebrates only Pongal, on that day he used to give gifts, dress and food to every employees (MGR Nadaga Mandram and Emgeeyar Pictures) and friends. This function was celebrated in Ramavaram Garden in grand manner.




MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran has sent this image as a Pongal wish to all our Blog readers. We team wishes all MGR Fans, Devotees and Blog readers a Very Happy Pongal.

M.G.Chakrapani Birth Centenary

Sri MGR Year 94, 15th January, Sunday


January 13th is the 100th year or Centenary year of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR’s brother M.G.Chakrapani. MGR’s grandson MGCB Pradeep have uploaded the 100th year as a beautiful post in his site.


M.G.Chakrapani played a vital role in MGR’s life, he is also one of the person to shape the career of MGR. We team remembers and wishes for the birthday of Periyavar M.G.Chakrapani.


For detailed post with video click the link below.


M.G.Chakrapani Birth Centenary

MGR Loyalists

Sri MGR Year 94, 15th January, Sunday


MGR Devotee from Bangalore S.Vinod sent this image to share in our MGR blog. The image was taken by another MGR Devotee Shivakumar from Shimoga, while on his journey through Ambur he saw this banner and captured.




Another MGR Devotee from Vellore MR.Ramamoorthi have sent this banner to share in our blog for the 95th birthday of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR.




The banner is made like a pillar which will attract the crowd.

Media King

Sri MGR Year 94, 15th January, Sunday


MGR was always a King in the media before and after him. The Times magazine issued one page article about our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR during 1984.


Our Puratchi Thalaivar has left us 24 years back but still he is living in the media. Every Tamil channels telecasts MGR movies once or twice a week. Every Newspapers, Magazines and even Internet publishes about our beloved Leader MGR.


MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran has sent me the scanned images of some of the Tamil magazines, publishing articles about MGR.


kalki   nakkeeran


Kalki magazine published a new episode of MGR titled Rathathin Rathamae and Thuglaq magazine titled Enakul MGR by Poet Vali. MGR adores the front cover in most of the magazines.




And Thamizgha Arasial also publishes about MGR in their magazine regularly.


Many years back MGR name was blacked out or his movies and his politics been mocked up by most of the magazines but time has proved who is worth to be written.

14 January 2012

Birthday Posters

Sri MGR Year 94, 14th January, Saturday


Coming 17th is the 95th birthday of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR. As usual MGR Devotees and MGR Fans have sent me some posters to share in our MGR Blog.




The above poster is by Aanaithu Indiya Manitheneya Makkal Iyakkam.




Poster by Chennai MGR Fans of the same association.


poster_madurai_1   poster_madurai_2


These two posters by Madurai MGR Fans.


MGR birthday is termed as Manitheneya Dhinam by MGR Fans.

11 January 2012

MGR By Randor Guy

Sri MGR Year 94, 11th January, Wednesday


MGR Devotee Sailesh Basu forwarded a post written by Randor Guy who is a movie historian and a critic. Below is the excerpt from his post titled “The Indian Movie Mogul – A.V.Meiyappan”.


Some years ago an American media expert went on record that he was the second most well-known Indian after Indira Gandhi. No movie star anywhere in the world has created so much history as he did. The top superstar of Tamil cinema he turned politician and became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu more than once. M.G.Ramachandran acted in hundreds of films and his box-office track record is amazing. The percentage of his flops is extremely low when compared to that of stars of his day.


He was born in Kandy, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in a lower-middle class family that had been looking, forward to a happy life in that island country when tragedy struck. His father died suddenly and his poor deprived widow, Sathyabhama decided to return to her native land with her three small children and little else. She settled in the temple town, Kumbakonam where her sons, Chakrapani and Ramachandran attended school. But life for Sathyabhama and her kids was a long struggle. Money was scarce and making both ends meet was a daily challenge. One day she realized that she could not send her boys to school anymore and they would have to make their own way in the wide world.


For full post click here.

09 January 2012

MGR In Malaysia

Sri MGR Year 94, 9th January, Monday


One of my friend Sree Sitharan from Malaysia have sent two paper clippings to share in our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR Blog.




Malaysian satellite television Astro TV is broadcasting MGR movies this month.


January 7th Nan En Piranthen was broadcasted. January 14th the movie will be Arasilangkumari, on 21st, Oru Thai Makkal, and on 28th January it will be Vivasahi.




Another paper clipping showing two grand functions to be held in Malaysia. Click the above image to know more about the information.




MGR remembrance day was celebrated in Malaysia this photo was forwarded by Sree Sitharan to share in our MGR Blog.

07 January 2012

Looking Back 2011

Sri MGR Year 94, 7th January, Saturday


In the year 2011, our MGR blog have reached 151 posts and the posts acclaimed readership in over 65 countries from 7 continents. A look back at the 151 posts which garnered more than 1000 page views and comments. The list is given below month wise.





MGR was fondly called by Puratchi Thalaivar, Makkal Thilagam… and Vathiyar by his fans and Devotees. Here is the news that MGR taught Tamil to his foreign fan. MGR Devotee from Dubai K.P.Ramesh has forwarded the news that have appeared in Dinamalar digital edition. To read further post click the below button.





After MGR was expelled from DMK in 1972, a propaganda by his enemies was mentioning that he is not a Tamilan and non Tamil should not rule Tamil Nadu. This propaganda did not gain any momentum instead people of Tamil Nadu choose our MGR.






Re-release of Emgeeyar Pictures Ulagam Sutrum Valiban in Dts format.






Another Emgeeyar Pictures block buster movie Nadodi Mannan was released in Dts and Qube format during March 2011, here is the article posted in our MGR Blog.




Another post continued next week with update news and videos captured from the theater by MGR Devotee Elangovan.






The support and suggestions given by MGR Devotees and fans for the MGR movie punch dialogs and one liners were posted regularly this one is sixth in the series and was appropriate for the election time.


..The scene is Rangarao tries to bribe MGR and how MGR evades masterly from the evil of bribery. MGR's secret of success in Politics is felt in the punch dialog…






The Free Ambulance service was inaugurated on 5th November 1979 by the then Chief Minister MGR after the plan drafted by Doctor Natarajan. The plan was christened as Accident and Emergency Medical Services.






MGR wrote an article titled “After Fame” (புகழுக்குப்பின்) in 1961. This is an extract from the article. MGR narrates a small story how a person should lead the life, how much fame lasts in this world.






Manidha Deivam Makkal Thilagam M.G.R. proved his popularity once again in 2011 Tamil Nadu Elections. Historical 6th term AIADMK rule with his blessings.






In the year 1971 MGR movies such as Kumarikottam, Rickshawkaran, Neerum Nerupum and Oru Thai Makkal (5 years under production) were released. In the same year Tamil Nadu saw the General Election DMK with MGR won the Election. And in movie career MGR won the best Actor Award (Bharath Award) for acting in the movie Rickshawkaran.






MGR’s mentor Arignar Annadurai has written the movie review of Nadodi Mannan during the end of 1958. The review is seven pages retelling the movie to us in words.






Emgeeyar Pictures Adimai Penn has been released this week, 5 theaters in Bangalore and one in Kolar Gold Field. Not only MGR movies old Tamil movies were not released for the past 15 years in Karnataka State.




and for the second Click below.






MGR and Devar were close friends. Devar films first movie was Thaiku Pin Tharam. From 1956 to 1972 Devar Films produced 16 MGR movies. All the movies had social themes no Historical movies. M.M.A. Chinnappa Devar was the first Producer and who had confidence to book MGR for his subsequent movies in General Hospital during January 1967 when MGR was recuperating from M.R.Radha incident.






Social oriented movie and mega hit MGR movie Thirudathae celebrated Golden Jubilee, the function was conducted by all MGR Fans and Devotees in Chennai, MGR’s fans Sister-in-law Sarojadevi presided the function. Given below is the second part of the post with Sarojadevi speech about our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR in German Hall.






MGR temple was consecrated on 15th August 2011 in Nathamedu near Thiruninravoor, the temple was constructed by MGR Devotee Kalaivanan and his wife Shanthi Kalaivanan.






This is where the history of Cinema and Politics of Tamil Nadu started. For MGR Devotees and MGR Fans the Universe called MGR was born. Recently one of M.G.Chakrapani’s Grandson Vinesh V.Nair had visited Srilanka on an official tour. He had made enquires about the house were MGR’s parents have lived. One of his team member took him to Nawalapitiya in Kandy Province.






20th September 2011 is the 43rd Year of release of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR starrer movie Olivilakku. Gemini S.S.Vasan who was the story writer for MGR’s first movie Sathileelavathi was the Producer of MGR’s 100th movie Olivilakku. The movie was released on 20th September 1968 all over South.






This day 41 years back Makkal Thilagam MGR movie Engal Thangam was released. MGR Devotee Bangalore S.Vinod and Tirupur Ravichandran has helped me to publish this post for the 41st Anniversary of the movie.






One month ago MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran gave an idea of posting about the musical instruments that MGR used in his 115 Hero movies. Then he started to send various images of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar Ponmanachemmal MGR with musical instruments.


I categorised into two segments one is Western and another Indian musical instruments.






A railway gate incident about Chief Minister MGR when he visited Trichy, his car was stopped in the railway gate and nearby people rushed to meet him, they greeted him and when MGR greeted them how they are, they said if you are fine we will be fine too. (Neenga Nalla irukanum Nadu munnera song from Ithayakani movie which happened real in MGR’s life). What a word. MGR was emotionally disturbed and he told how he will repay their love and loyalty in his life.






… When MGR was ousted from DMK on 10th October 1972 his fans rushed to meet him, all MGR Fans clubs lowered the DMK flag and raised black with a golden lotus as their new flag, the news reached MGR and also he came to know that his fans are very much agitated and some thing has to done. MGR did not started a new party immediately on the report he received, he did not believe what others said even lakhs of his supporters thronged Sathya Studio from 10th October. One of MGR’s friend Mr.Alagarsamy who is now running a project MGR Bio diesel has told me that lakhs and lakhs of people with their vehicle was waiting outside Ramavaram Gardens he also said nowadays we have mobile phones with camera if I had that one on those days I might have captured and showed it to the younger generation what happens when a Mass Leader like MGR was in trouble…






Dozens of images with different kinds of sunglasses that our beloved Leader MGR used in many of his films was published in November. The post images were done by dedicated MGR Devotee Sailesh Basu.






Another masterpiece movie of MGR Devar combination and the second social theme movie and box office collection movie Thai Sollai Thathathey celebrated Golden Jubilee in 2011 a special post with help of MGR Devotees Sailesh Basu, B.S.Raj, Vinod and Tirupur Ravichandran.






Unfinished MGR movie Nalladhai Nadu Ketkum clip showing only the part of MGR was posted in our blog and it received overwhelming response from MGR Fans and public.






Yet another post which received more number of page views and comments all over the World. The post was about the release of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban and Dindukal By election which MGR newly found party ADMK contested and won with greater margin.






Rare images of MGR from movies to functions were posted and it is the 4th best post of 2011.






MGR used different kinds of hats and caps in his movies according to the characters he portrayed. MGR Devotee Sailesh Basu during his free time sent me the images of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR with different hats and caps.


I have uploaded some of the images he had forwarded to share in our MGR Blog.






I am not going to write about the Academy award winner movie The Kings Speech. This post is about the speech therapist who helped our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR after recuperating from stroke. (Second time in his life). MGR – Janaki Ramachandran family member Kumar Rajendran has sent these scanned images from Kumudam to share in our MGR Blog.




Your suggestions and comments can be sent to the email id of MGR Blog.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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