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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

30 December 2011

Remembrance Day 2011 Part 3

Sri MGR Year 94, 30th December, Friday


MGR Devotees from Bangalore have conducted a function for the remembrance day of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR in Sriramapuram Bangalore.




MGR Devotee Bangalore S.Vinod forwarded these images to share in our MGR Blog.




கோடிக்கான தமிழர்களின் இதயதெய்வம் மக்கள் திலகம், பொன்மனச் செம்மல், புரட்சித்தலைவர் எம்.ஜி.ஆர் அவர்களின் 24வது ஆண்டு நினைவுநாள் நிகழ்ச்சி ஸ்ரீராமபுரம் பெங்களூரில் மக்கள் திலகம் எம்.ஜி.ஆர் மனிதநேய மன்றத்தின் தலைவர் L.Mohan Kumar அவர்கள் தலைமையில் நடைபெற்றது.


The participants are Muniyappa former MLA, M.Ravi, S.Ravi, Auto Mano, Narasimman, Asai, Shimoga Sivakumar, Vinod, Ganesh, Gajanath and others. Annadanam was given to poor.

28 December 2011

The Kings Speech

Sri MGR Year 94, 28th December, Wednesday


I am not going to write about the Academy award winner movie The Kings Speech. This post is about the speech therapist who helped our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR after recuperating from stroke. (Second time in his life).


MGR – Janaki Ramachandran family member Kumar Rajendran has sent these scanned images from Kumudam to share in our MGR Blog.




A Government speech therapist Doctor Manoharan was asked to give treatment to MGR. He went to Ramavaram Gardens the next day his tension was relieved by Makkal Thilagam MGR.


Dr.Manoharan was with MGR for more than 2 years. He mentions that he was amazed by the Will Power of MGR.




After reading this post MGR Fans will surely say that the title for the post should not be The Kings Speech it should be The King of Kings Speech.


This is the 150th post of our MGR Blog. This achievement is only possible by the help provided by MGR Devotees – Bangalore Vinod, Tirupur Ravichandran, Sailesh Basu, Yukesh Babu, Sathya, K.P.Ramesh and his brother K.P.Suresh and B.S.Raj.

26 December 2011

Remembrance Day 2011 Part 2


Sri MGR Year 94, 26th December Monday


As said in the earlier post MGR’s Grandson MGCB Pradeep have published the remembrance day in his blog.




He has also updated the newspaper Anna published in 24.12.1987. And several other pages and video about the funeral.


Click here to read further.

25 December 2011

Remembrance Day 2011

Sri MGR Year 94, 25th December, 2011


Yesterday is our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR’s remembrance day. Millions of MGR Devotees and MGR Fans attended and they paid their respect to their dear Leader.




The above image is from e-edition of Daily Thanthi.


poster_1   Image0148


MGR’s Grandson MGCB Pradeep gave floral tribute and he presided for the function conducted by Aanaithu Indiya Manithaneya MGR Pothunala Iyakkam.


function_poster   mgr_tomb_view_2


This year nearly 50 MGR devotees are taking a pilgrimage to MGR temple situated at Nathamedu by walk. Click the above image for more details.


Among the millions, many foreign tourist also visited the resting place of MGR. Other images will be uploaded by MGCB Pradeep in his blog.

23 December 2011

New MGR Book

Sri MGR Year 94, 23rd December Friday


A new MGR Book titled “Dharani Kanda Thanipiravi MGR” was being released by Nakkeeran Publications. The price of the book is not mentioned.




The author of the Book is A.Sankar Rao, who has worked with our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR in more than 30 movies as still photographer.


A.Sankar Rao has attended Golden Jubilee of Nadodi Mannan and Platinum Jubilee of MGR in Films functions which were held in Chennai.


This information was passed by MGR Devotee Yukesh Babu.


Here is the link about the book.


Image taken from Nakkheeran website.


Sri MGR Year 94, 23rd December, Friday


Devar Films Thani Piravi is going to be re-released tomorrow in Coimbatore Delite Theater. The advertisement was published in Maalaimalar website Coimbatore edition.Thanipiravi was first released on 16.09.1966 all over South.




The re-release news was forwarded by MGR Devotee Yukesh Babu to share in our MGR Blog. The hat used by MGR in this movie was already published in Hats of MGR post. Click here for the information.


As this week is the remembrance day Matukkara Velan was re-released in Broadway this week.

19 December 2011

School Visit By MGR

Sri MGR Year 94, 19th December, Monday


Twice in a year (January 2nd week and 3rd week of December) that Dinamalar always remembers MGR by giving an unheard news with rare images in the Dinamalar Sunday edition. This time Dinamalar has given an account of MGR visiting a School in Madurai.


The article was written by Madurai S.S.Ramakrishnan. The article was published in Varamalar dated 18th December 2011.




This was the cover page of Dinamalar Varamalar Sunday Edition. The image was used from Dinamalar Varamalar E-edition.




In July 1979 our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR attended the Platinum Jubilee of Sourashtra School Madurai, he was then the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. As usual he was handed over the Visitors (or) Guest book, MGR turned the pages and took note about other leaders who have written earlier.



(Image from Dinamalar E-Edition)


Same time the Ministers were speaking, MGR was observing the speech, talks with others guests and also wrote a full page in the visitors log.




After writing MGR gave a speech praising the school management and also gave advice to the students.


mgr avl


The above image is taken from the visitors log. The image was scanned and forwarded by Tirpur Ravichandran and the same article was forwarded to me by Sailesh Basu to share in our MGR Blog.


This was another post from Dinamalar. Click here to read.

17 December 2011

Remembrance Day Posters

Sri MGR Year 94, 17th December, Saturday


December 24th 1987 is the day that our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR left us. This year is 24th Anniversary and it will be conducted as usual in all over the World.


In Chennai and Madurai the posters were made ready below is the two posters I received to share in our MGR Blog.




The above poster is by Anaithu Indhiya Manitheneya MGR Pothunala Iyakkam, the function will be on 24th December in MGR’s resting place in the presence of MGR’s Grandson MGCB Pradeep.




The above poster is by Madurai MGR Fans.


Other fans posters will be updated as soon as I get hold the copy.

16 December 2011

Cinema Express Article

Sri MGR Year 94, 16th December, Friday


MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran has forwarded the article that was published in Cinema Express. It is an interview given by MGR’s bodyguard K.P.Ramakrishnan. He was a stunt artist. He acted as stunt double for both MGR and M.N.Nambiyar in many movies.




He narrates an incident that happened in the shooting of Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga.




To read the interview click the above images.


The image was sent by Tirupur Ravichandran to share this in our MGR Blog.

14 December 2011

Kumudam Reporter

Sri MGR Year 94, 14th December, Wednesday


MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran has forwarded three pages of MGR article to share in our MGR Blog. The first one is about the question of Tirupur Ravichandran about the relationship with neighbouring states featured in Thamizhga Arasiyal Magazine.




Below is the scanned pages from Kumudam Reporter an interview given by Maya Devar the first ADMK Victory Candidate who contested in Dindukal By Election in 1973 on behalf of MGR party.




Maya Devar who is a lawyer joined ADMK during 1972, and he won the by election in Dindukal and he was the first elected Member of Parliament, later he came out of ADMK and joined DMK, and re joined again and was inactive after MGR’s death. His career continued, he joined DMDK party and now he is not in any party.




Previously we have published a separate post about the Dindukal election the link is given below.


Dindukal Election Result


The interview given by Maya Devar has some errors regarding the Election Symbol, the Victory symbol of ADMK Two Leaves was taken from the Illustrated Bible which was in MGR’s possession, the same was also published in this blog 5 years back titled “Holy Bible and Two Leaves”. The link is given below.


The story of Two Leaves Symbol.


Thanks to Tirupur Ravichandran who forwarded the scanned images to share.

11 December 2011

Mattukara Velan

Sri MGR Year 94, 11th December, Sunday


Jayanthi Films Silver jubilee movie Mattukara Velan was re-released in Mahalakshmi theater this week. Our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR dons dual role one as Cowherd Velan and another Advocate Raghu.




The movie has 5 songs tuned by K.V.Mahadevan the first song Sathiyam Neeye praising the Cow and Oru Pakkam Parkkira, (song scene between two MGRs) Poovaitha (duet), Thottu Kollava (duet), Pattikkaada patanama (MGR & Lakshmi) a teasing song.




Different posters were in display these are the two I was able to capture.


The movie was first released on 14.1.1970 all over South and the movie was box office hit of 1970. An ad given about the 400 shows housefull in Chennai city.




The movie was re-released in Cinemascope and the print was good and the evening show was housefull.

08 December 2011

Hats of MGR

Sri MGR Year 94, 8th December Thursday


MGR used different kinds of hats and caps in his movies according to the characters he portrayed. MGR Devotee Sailesh Basu during his free time sent me the images of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR with different hats and caps.


I have uploaded some of the images he had forwarded to share in our MGR Blog.


anbay_vaa   anbay_vaa_2


The above image to the left is the first scene from the movie Anbay Vaa where he will be welcomed by the Press reporters and MGR gives a short interview, the hat is called felt hat. The image to the right is during the song scene from the same movie.


arasakattalai_1   arasakattalai_2


Typical Indian costume, Veerappa crowning MGR for the film Arasakattalai. The other image is a cap using animal fur from the song Veetai Adu Velaiyadu.


baghdad_thirudan   baghdad_thirudan_2


Typical Fez hat used by MGR for the movie Baghdad Thirudan, along with him is M.N.Rajam. The image to the right is the turban kind.




Kind of turban hat used by MGR during the song scene from the movie Kudiyiruntha Kovil. Below is the video uploaded by istream.



ithayaveenai   ithayaveenai_2


A peaked cap used in the movie Ithayaveenai, to the right is ochre coloured turban, a style used by Swami Vivekananda.




Top hat used by MGR in the movie Ithayaveenai, along with MGR is M.N.Nambiyar and Manjula.




Typical Indian King’s Crown.




MGR acting as a Matador for the song Thulluvathu Illamai wearing a Matador hat formally known as Montera.


mgr_cap   mgr_hat


Felt hats




The above image is from the movie Navarathinam with a mughal costume.




The above image is from the movie Neethiku Thalaivanangu, MGR modified the Chilote cap and used it in the movie. The cap is made of raw wool.




This kind of hat used by Indian fishermen, the same was used by MGR in Padagotti.


The video of the song uploaded by Goldtreat in youtube website.




sangay_muzhangu_1  sangay_muzhangu_2


Felt hat for the movie Sangay Muzhangu, and turban typical of Sikhs.




Modified beret cap used by MGR in Thanipiravi.




Top hat again used by MGR in Oorukku Uzhaipavan for the song It is easy.


Credit goes to Sailesh Basu and other video uploaders.

04 December 2011

MGR Jewel Of the Masses

Sri MGR Year 94, 4th December, Sunday




From a very modest beginning, MGR scaled the heights of popularity in Tamil Films and politics. With several mega hits under his belt, MGR’s popularity shifted over from reel to real when he became the darling of millions – as a politician, who empathised with the common man.


Having begun his political career as a member of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) he established the Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (ADMK) in 1972 and was elected the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu consecutively for a record three terms. MGR’s legacy continues to flourish through various orphanages, hospitals, schools and fan clubs associated with his name.


sabash_maapillai   mgr_veerappa


mgr_srilankan_primeminister   jewel_of_the_masses


These are the opening words of the book written by Roopa Swaminathan titled M.G.Ramachandran Jewel of the Masses. The book was published by Rupa & Co. No.7/16, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi 110 002. The book contains 80 pages and cost Rs.150/- with high resolution photos of MGR which is the highlight of the book.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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