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Golden Jubilee Padagotti

27 April 2008

Box Office Emperor MGR - Chennai Collection Records

These records are from Thirai Ulagam forwarded by B.S.Raj.

MGR took the Bow as a Hero in 1947 to the end of 1977, and he never acted in a Guest role after becoming Hero in 'Rajakumari'. Total movies acted 136 (excluding the movies Avasara Police 100 and Nallathai Nadu Ketkum) The hero acted movies comes to 115.

MGR movies which generated above Rs.13,00,000/- (13 lakhs) in Chennai City alone are ten. I got the collection details of eight movies so far. The last two movies Ninaithathai Mudipavan and Pallandu Vazhga collection details will be posted as soon as I get the info.

The collections are after the last day of the movie.

Enga Veetu Pillai (1965) – Rs.13,23,683.22

Adimai Penn (1969) – Rs.13,60,256.82

Mattukara Velan (1970) – Rs.13,21,376.11

Rickshawkaran (1971) – Rs.16,84,953.47

This is the 75th day ad in the News Paper of Ithayakani.

Ulagam Sutrum Valiban (1973) – Rs.23,40,064.61

Ithayakani (1975) – Rs.19,89,881.39

Meenava Nanban (1977) – Rs.17,70,518.45

Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga (1977) – Rs.15,68,871.60

Enga Veetu Pillai, Adimai Penn, Mattukara Velan, Rickshawkaran and Ulagam Sutrum Valiban are Silver Jubilee movies, we can easily put that 175 days collection, but take into account the other movies such as Ithayakani, Meenava Nanban and Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga which are 100 day movies.

These records were unbeaten to the end of 1978 in other words until MGR became the Chief Minister and when he left the Cinema world fully.

Previous weeks I had posted about Adimai Penn Re-release in Natraj theater, the collection is 95,000/- the movie was released with a time gap of 4 months and this collection is highest for any re-release movies in Chennai City particularly in Natraj Theater.

Thanks for the info provided by Sathya and Yukesh Babu Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal.

MGR is still the Box Office Emperor.

24 April 2008

Story of Ayirathil Oruvan Part IV

Long shot showing the boats from the pirate ship reaching the shores of Selvatheevu. The pirate Leader Nambiyar was welcomed by the Queen enacted by L.Vijayalakshmi, she bows on seeing Nambiyar this gives a suspicion to MGR. Nambiyar introduces MGR to the Queen as they need her help. With swift motion MGR and his men are arrested, Nambiyar removes the cloud of suspicion that he is also the Leader of Selvatheevu.

The next shot MGR called upon by Nambiyar and ask him to join his side to become a pirate, as most of his men are killed in the battle. MGR turns down the offer and the pirate leaders rage boils and says that I will kill you with your men. Without hesitation MGR pleads not to ill-treat his men. Nambiyar understands that MGR's weekness is that he loves his men and he cannot stand against their suffering he can easily make MGR surrender to his wish. Then Nambiyar utters now itself I know the end of the story, he turns to his assistant and orders to execute all MGR's men in front of him.

MGR rushes to Nambiyar to stop his action and pleads to take his life and leave them as they are his Dear. Nambiyar nearing victory if you really love your men then why you hesitate, kill them. MGR tries to stop the crushing floor and knowing it is not possible with out having second thought MGR say (Nan sammathikiran, Kollaikaranaga nan sammathikiran) I accept, I accept to become a pirate. (Note that the words instead of saying Kollaikaranaga nan sammathikiran, he says first Nan sammathikiran. That crucial word that will stop Nambiyar's action. A classical example from Ramayanam, that when Hanuman was sent by Lord Rama to know the whereabouts of Seetha, after Hanuman returns he says 'Kandean Seethai' and then only were she is. Hanuman knows that what Lord Rama needs at present. Same handling of dialogue by R.K.Shanmugam.) MGR kneels and takes the oath to become the pirate and abide to the law of the Island.

The concept of convincing a rival to surrender to his wish is followed in almost all language movies and Hollywood is not different, even a movie having Super Hero character. MGR character in Ayirathil Oruvan 'Manimaran' basically a Doctor circumstances makes him to take up the Leadership and to fight against his Ruler. Manimaran character is flesh and blood like us.

In Warner Brothers movie “Superman” the leading character 'Kal -El' a.k.a. Superman (Earth name) is a super hero, an alien who came to planet Earth when his home planet Krypton exploded. He was raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent. He comes to know about his Powers and the reason why he was sent to Earth becomes Superman and fights for Truth, Justice in American way. In the second part of the movie Superman II, his father's (Jor-El) rivals General Zod, Ursa and Non reaches Earth and came to know about Jor-Els son Superman and tries to take revenge. First meeting with Superman General Zod orders to kneel before him and accept him as his superior he turns down the offer General Zod havocs destruction and innocent people suffer, to stop this in the climax Superman kneels down and takes General Zod hand. The time line of both movies are nearly 15 odd years apart both movies have same kind of characterization.

Similarity between Ayirathil Oruvan and Superman II movie.

A look into the similarities between MGR acted Ayirathil Oruvan and Christopher Reeve acted Superman II

Hero – MGR (Manimaran) Hero – Christoper Reeve (Superman)

Villain – Nambiyar (Pirate Leader) Villain – Terrance Stamp (General Zod)

Sufferers – MGR's men Sufferers – Innocent people

Coming back to Ayirathil Oruvan MGR his fewer men and lots of Nambiyar's pirates goes to sea. When they saw a passenger ship a pirate tries to blow the horn, but MGR stops and says what is the use of stealing from a passenger ship when we try and nail a pirate ship we get lot of gold.

To be continued.

20 April 2008

Adimai Penn in Natraj

Adimai Penn was released on 18.4.2008 in two centers Natraj and Balamurali. Within 3 months same movie Adimai Penn released again, but the crowd waited to watch.

The movie hall management has provided light decorations on the cut out and focus light.

Various MGR Fans association garlanded MGR cut out.

The crowd was controlled by Police who came by 6 p.m. When the crowd was thin.

Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal

As usual family with children came to watch this movie.

photos and stats placed inside the theatre by various MGR Associations from Chennai as well as from other Districts.

One MGR Devotee Dhanasekaran from Perambalur set crackers and fire pots turning the theater into Deepavali function.

Images and videos will follow soon.

17 April 2008

Story of Ayirathil Oruvan Part 3

After reaching the ship they attack Nambiyar's crew and capture the pirate ship. When one of MGR's men try to kill Nambiyar, MGR interferes and saves him. He request pardon for his men's action, further continues and ask Nambiyar's help to sail them to Naythal Nadu. Nambiyar assures that he will help MGR for he has saved his life.

Canon was fired as a warning to anchor the ship. And Ramadoss orders to send one man MGR to the shore. MGR's men and Nambiyar too did not wish to send MGR to the shore, but MGR speaks about Leader's sacrificial nature.

Nagesh : Without you we will not succeed.

Gundumani : We all wish to die with you.

MGR: If you think I am your Leader, then you all have to fulfill my desires.

Everyone: We will do it

MGR: I am going to the shore and nobody should stop me.

Everyone: No

MGR: My wish is to save all your lives. Why all has to suffer for me. What is wrong for me to take all your sufferings. You all know my ambition, be cheerful, I will come back.

(A lamp is seen above MGR and Nagesh during the above dialogue and a Candle in another shot were MGR is getting down from the ship, a kind of montage, candle is for sacrifice, Light is for giving enlightenment to his men)

MGR reaches the shore and Ramadoss shows his pistol and MGR ask his permission to allow his men to sail safely, but Ramadoss has another plan when he gets hold of MGR he wish to kill all the men in the ship with his canon. Unfortunately for Ramadoss, MGR acts quickly and gets the pistol from him and orders his soldiers to stay away from the canons. MGR takes Ramadoss as a hostage (in a long shot birds are flying a natural montage, as MGR is getting free, Director Sankar once said that when filming MGR movie miracles happened in Adimai Penn, this is one example for Ayirathil Oruvan) and reaches the pirate ship with everyone's excitement. When the ship starts to sail and reaches out of firing range, MGR gives a boat and ask him to leave. Ramadoss while reaching the shore lets out a war cry as usual by MGR villains “Unna kavanithukolgiran” (I will make you pay for this)

MGR and his men set sail with merriment, but the next shot was Poongodi (Jayalalitha) with tears in her eyes, saying my life is going there, pointing to the pirate ship. (A second my enthusiasm drained) this feeling in shown in the next shot with MGR and Nagesh. And he tells how strong the thoughts become when let loose and how it becomes our servant when trained.

“Unnai nan santhithen” follows, in between the song Nambiyar mentions that they are running out of water and provision and to obtain he has to anchor his ship in Selvatheevu. The song continues, the end of lyrics is the opening of new struggle to MGR leadership.

To be continued.

13 April 2008

Story of Ayirathil Oruvan Part 2

The deal finishes and the slaves are purchased for one gold coin. The work of the slaves is mainly cutting, pruning the rough terrain. As this hard work is new to them, Gundumani express his unwillingness to his comrades, then Ramadoss lashes them with words. Thought provoking song “Yen Endra Kelvi” follows.

Jayalalitha character fells in love with MGR and follows him to the place were MGR cuts the wood. (I have to mention that cutting the tree by MGR – the full tree is set up, the cutting part is real wood, the axe used by MGR is very sharp and MGR acts as a real wood cutter even the chips from the cut flies out and seen in the shot) Out of MGR's vision the tree falls on her, but in the nick of time MGR dashes in and saves Jayalalitha, she let out a cry and all MGR's men comes out and with difficulty takes the tree from MGR's back. This incident makes to love him even more. She joins to give treatment to MGR. But MGR's men dislike it and they feel that she is trying to take MGR from them. But MGR is a different Leader. When Jayalalitha gives permission to him to enter all the places in the Island and ready to give him good place to dwell, then MGR say, if my friends are also allowed to do the same I too will enjoy. And continues what a Leader should be (typical MGR one liner) – they believe me as their Head and I consider them as my Body, what is the use when Head is separated from the Body the life. Unwillingly Jayalalitha leaves him.

The next shot establishes MGR's plan to escape from Kannitheevu. MGR tells his comrades to cut and roll the trees to the river, when asked by others tell them that it is easier to drag the trunk in water. The scene changes to Poongodi (Jayalalitha) as she plans an invasion to capture MGR's heart. She and her maid visit the hut of MGR. Nagesh inquires before seeing MGR, Jayalalitha enacts as her eyes are burning and she needs a Doctor. MGR comes out of the hut and examines her eyes and understands that Jayalalitha is playing with him, MGR orders Nagesh to clean her eyes with water and goes inside. She cannot take this foiled plan.

Now she plots another invasion by acting as she is very ill. Ramadoss orders MGR to take care and completely treat her illness. MGR holds Jayalalitha's hand to know the pulse. (MGR keeps three fingers, when I was a boy I thought that MGR doing a style, as Doctors keep only one finger to know the pulse rate. When I had a opportunity to talk with a Siddha Doctor, he told me about the nadi. Placing three fingers in Siddha medicine is to find the pulse type and not pulse rate as I once thought. There are three types of nadi – kapam, pitham and vatham. Three fingers are placed evenly over the pulsating region to feel the pulse, when the first finger feels the pulse then it is Pitha nadi, when the pulse is felt in two fingers it is kapa nadi and when it is felt in all the three fingers it is termed as Vatha nadi then the doctor will find out that the body is having some problem when they observe the pulse in three fingers, and accordingly they will give treatment. This is a minute detail, MGR has observed and used it in Ayirathil Oruvan. The shot can be focused on MGR and Jayalalitha alone but importance was given in the fingers, MGR keeps his fingers then again with doubt places two fingers and then the third finger and conclude that nothing wrong with her, who said MGR is not a Good Actor)

MGR One Liner

When the maids leave the princess room, and then slowly Poongodi (Jayalalitha) tell her love and affection to MGR. There is no camera movement, a tight close up shot of both in one frame MGR on the floor and she on the bed with dominating gesture (keep note no eye movement of MGR, he is staring and the movement is by Jayalalitha) she is trying to dominate and at the same time convince him with her words. The next shot MGR gets up and says to marry someone equal to her rank and not a slave. MGR character loves the princess but he did not want to express his feeling, another body language scene continues, that can be noticed in MGR's acting, he tries to hide both hands when talking to Jayalalitha about her Love.

The song “Odum Megangala” continues, MGR reaches the seashore with her, their conversation abruptly stops when they hear horns from the pirate ship nearing the unguarded Sea shore. MGR takes Jayalalitha to the castle and he joins his men. As most of the Soldiers have gone to other side of the Island there was little force left to guard the sea shore as well as the castle. Ramadoss with a plan meets MGR and asks his help. MGR was unmoved, then Ramadoss put forward his plan and assures them if they win the battle they will be set free from slavery and they will treated as the soldiers of Kannitheevu. Brimming with confidence MGR request his men to join him, but some of them question him what is the use if we die in the war. MGR say that there is no rule only the enemies has to die in the battle, Gundumani then mention after the war MGR is the real benefactor he will be praised by Poongodi. MGR utters the words with pain, Don't blemish my ambition. Nagesh speaks on behalf of MGR and they willing join to fight against the pirates and save Kannitheevu.(I have to say a good continuity, MGR entering the princess room to give treatment and MGR men entering the pirate ship lasts to nearly 20 minutes, the first scene is evening, lights are seen, then the sea shore continued with pirate ship sighting evening again, fight with pirates night and prison scene night and the escape and reaching the ship in dawn. Only one mistake is the conversation scene between MGR, Ramadoss and his men that was in day time)

Nambiyar the pirate leader is introduced with his typical villainy smile. In the battle some of MGR's men die and they force the pirates to run from the Island. Victorious MGR meets Ramadoss but he cunningly outwits MGR and orders his men to arrest MGR and his men.

MGR makes a plan to escape from the prison and enter the pirate ship, the plan gets successful. Leadership abilities of MGR is seen in this scenario also, he helps all his men to get out of the prison and then finally he gets out. They all reach the seashore, MGR suggests to swim and reach the ship without the knowledge of Ramadoss and as well as the pirates.

12 April 2008

Story of Ayirathil Oruvan

Padmini Pictures Ayirathil Oruvan was released in the year 1965. The cast include

Manimaran – MGR

Poongodi – Jayalalitha

Azhagu – Nagesh

Thenmozhi - Madhavi

Chengappan – Ramadoss

Leader of Selva theevu – M.N.Nambiyar

Queen of Selva theevu – L.Vijayalakshmi

Dictator Naythal Nadu – R.S.Manohar

Commander – Thirupathisamy

Comrades – Kundumani, K.B.Ramakrishnan

Naythal Nadu is a country ruled by a King who becomes a Dictator. The story begins with the 1st frame of camera shows herbs, pans to the left to 3 Cobras in separate glass jars and again pans to the left to a fire, behind fire, Manimaran (MGR) lifts his head with uttering in enthusiasm 'Vetri... Vetri' he has successfully tested the poisoned milk with the newly found herb. The poisoned bluish milk gets deactivated and turns to white upon the addition of herbal juice prepared by MGR. Azhagu (Nagesh) his assistant to MGR in his works.

A thud on the door and Nagesh opens to sea of people, they rush to meet the Vaithiyar (MGR). They came with a wounded Gundumani. MGR checks the patient and ask them how he got hurt. The men who came with Gundumani did not answer. And finally they say they are the mutineers against their King enacted by R.S.Manohar. They propound their theory but MGR did not accept that the freedom from the Dictator's rule should be by peaceful method. And MGR treats Gundumani. Meanwhile the Soldiers enter the clinic, MGR and Nagesh in a suspicious condition arrested with the mutineers.

Next day MGR was called upon by the King. As MGR is high ranked he was questioned on behalf of the mutineers. Though MGR's answers are in support to the mutineers and against his rule and prove his innocence, R.S.Manohar finds it unacceptable and MGR, Nagesh and mutineers are banned from the Kingdom and ordered to be sold as slaves.

The ship sails to Kannitheevu. MGR's ambition to save his country from the evil clutches of R.S.Manohar takes shape in this voyage. The mutineers find MGR their Leader. Before the ship with slaves reaches the destination, the Heroine of the movie Poongodi (Jayalalitha) is introduced (her first movie with MGR) with a song. After the song Jayalalitha's paternal Uncle Chengappan (Ramadoss) who is the ruler of Kannitheevu visit the port. The camera shows the security of the Sea Shore canons on two side with lot of soldiers with rifle on the other. All the slaves are lined up to Ramadoss to show their strength, but it turns comical by Nagesh. And the comical line up ends when Nagesh get his jaws broken. Someone rushes and informs that one of the slaves was bitten by snake and their Leader MGR is giving treatment. Ramadoss and others rushes to the place and see that MGR has saved the patient. The ship captain informs Ramadoss that he is a Leader to the Slaves, which brings panic for Ramadoss and orders MGR to be thrown to the Sea. But Jayalalitha interferes and gets permission to use the skills of a Doctor for the snake ridden Island.

(This is a very different scenario in all MGR movies, he is the real life saver but in Ayirathil Oruvan, Jayalalitha is the life saver, even though this is her first movie with MGR, picturising that she is shrewd like MGR).

To be continued.

08 April 2008

Devotion of MGR Devotees II

Puratchith Thalaivar Fans - K.P.Ramesh & K.P.Suresh

I received this mail from MGR Devotee K.P.Ramesh who is regularly reading this Post. With his consent I am producing his email here. His meeting of MGR is like GODLY.

I am 39 years old & my brother is 36 years old now and we are a proud, sincere, dedicated followers of Puratchith Thalaivar MGR from our childhood as my father (retired government officer) is a staunch follower of Arignar Anna & Amarar MGR. My brother and I were fed and made to grow with Thalaivar's preachings by my father. Our past time used to be watching Thalaivar's movies since our school days. We even worked in election campaigns for our party ADMK candidates since 1980 in almost all elections. Those days, we used our bicycles decorated with Thalaivar's small cut out with 2-leaves symbol to please women voters in our native village areas.

Now I teach my two small daughters about Him; they can identify Him in any make-up or costume. They call Him as MGR Thaaththaa! Thalaivar is respected as our GURU in my family. I had seen Him several times during election campaigns/ public meetings / government functions in 1980 to 1987.

In 1986 Panchayat elections, my distant relative won as Panchayat Union Chairman. Just after the election victory, I had an opportunity to visit Ramavaram Garden along with the elected-Chairman and got a golden opportunity to touch and kiss Thalaivar's hands. I went in a queue of thousands waiting to see Him. Thalaivar greeted all of us and met the “Thondarkal” first (one-by-one) and asked the VIPs/ VVIPs to wait. I still remember those moments. I went with lots of dreams. As I was nearing Him, I was in an excited state of mind and thought of talking few words with Him. He was very much listening carefully to the party men who were talking / making complaints to Him. He was not able to speak then (just after his treatment from US). Whenever He felt something important, He was indicating His assistant to take notes of the points/ complaints. But when I reached Him, I became speechless. But I touched His right hand, lifted and kissed Him. He was smiling. My eyes were filled with water. I thought of touching His feet to get His Aashirvaatham. But as the crowd pushed me, the security men grabbed me out to exit. All just happened like a dream.

I was literally crying then; Mr.R.K.Perumal (ex-MLA of our constituency Vilathikulam in Thoothukudi district, known to my father) noticed me and took me out to a place where all our native area men were assembled inside the Garden. All were comforting me thinking that I was hurt by the crowd. I could not open my mouth and answer their questions as I was weeping out of control. After a while, I told them that I was fine and happy that I could meet our Thalaivar face to face. I was crying, as I could not tolerate the condition of Him (unable to talk and could only make a sound of "mm, mm, mm"). He spent almost one and half hours talking to the ordinary party men simply "standing" under hot sun, even in that poor health condition!

Then He felt tired and wanted to sit. So He went and sat in a chair placed at the veranda facing the crowd. The visiting party functionaries and election winners took snaps with Him. This was going on for another one hour. At this time, He spotted a poor handicapped boy crawling to reach Him with his mother, Thalaivar immediately waved with His hands not to climb on the veranda stairs (as it could be difficult for the boy to crawl & climb) and He went down to the floor to reach the boy & his mother. He listened to their issues by keeping the officers next to Him and assured them to do the needful. I cannot forget this incident.

In the past 3 years, (I visit India once a year from Dubai), I visited Ramavaram Gardens 3 times to pay my respects at His memorial. I had been to T.Nagar Memorial house once and visited few times to the Samaadhi at Marina beach.

His portrait decorates my laptop and cell phone screens. A day never passes in my life without thinking of Him! I read several books about Him and never miss a single opportunity to notice any news about Him.

Amarar MGR leads my life! Vaazhka Amarar MGR Naamam!

Please also read the post

07 April 2008

Devotion of MGR Devotees

Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal celebrated MGR's birthday function by giving Annadanam and distributing Note Books, pen and pencils to poor school going children.

The function was held on 20.01.2008 in Narayana Maistry Street, Otteri, Chennai. Not only devotees of Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal but also Anaithulaga MGR Pothunala Sangam also participated in this function. E.Baskar of Ayanavaram lighted the 'Kuthuvilaku' in traditional manner followed by 'Annadanam' and distribution of note books by various MGR Devotees.

MGR birthday celebration of 'Annadanam' was done regularly by Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal and various organizations in Chennai City.

S.Kumar from Madurai

Sorry for the belated video upload of this function.

S.Kumar from Madurai a MGR devotee is well known in MGR Fan circle. He is hailing from Brahmin community and it is very rare such persons coming out in public and performing functions whenever MGR movies re-released in Madurai theaters. MGR is the most blessed human being in the World to have such love and affection from Devotees and Fans like S.Kumar.

Recently on 17.1.2008, S.Kumar glorified for his service to his God 'MGR' ADMK Madurai District General Secretary Cellur K.Raju felicitated S.Kumar and also Anna workers Union District Assistant Secretary also honoured S.Kumar by giving him traditional 'salvai'.

Images from 'Ithayakkani' monthly magazine.

03 April 2008

Daredevils of MGR

MGR was the best action Hero in Indian Cinema. He performed stunts since in his first leading role in “Rajakumari”. That involved real hanging scene, swashbuckling in “Sarvathikari”, aerial rope climbing in “Malai Kallan” etc. are performed with precision by MGR. Yes we can take it as done by MGR in his young age. What about MGR doing same kind of stunts when he was above 50 years. When MGR was responsible for the lives of more than 1000 families and numerous producers. His life is worthy than the stunts he performed in movies.

Below is clip from the movie “En Annan” released in 1970, MGR performing acrobatics with Justin, who is a professional stunt man. MGR's age was 53 years and having cataract at that time.

This fight scene takes place during the eve of MGR's marriage ceremony. I edited the whole fight scene into under 15 seconds clip so as to show the real time involvement of MGR doing his stunts without stunt double.

First part is the fight scene, MGR performing a somersault with two shots, the first shot MGR getting up placing his hands lifting his body, second shot completing the somersault and cat life reflex holding Justin and suplexing.

Second part MGR getting up on Justin and performing half somersault and bringing Justing down with wrestling techniques. Look closely how MGR holds Justin with his legs. A typical MGR technique.

You can pause the clip and find out for yourself MGR's expertise in fighting.

01 April 2008

Arasakattalai another story

Sathyaraja Films produced "Arasakattalai" directed by M.G.Chakrapani. The story of the movie is to put an end to monarchy. MGR in the leading role with good songs, the Heroine are Saroja Devi and Jayalalitha. I have written earlier in one of my post about the climax scene in the movie Arasakattalai, that according to the movie the end was death of Saroja Devi and MGR marrying Jayalalitha. But the other climax is MGR marrying Saroja Devi and Jayalalitha becoming a saint. That much MGR Fans know, but there is another story R.S.Manohar is the main villain he was helped by M.G.Chakrapani. Due to the length of the film M.G.Chakrapani character was deleted. Keep in mind that M.G.Chakrapani is the Director of the movie and MGR is also the brother of M.G.Chakrapani, but the scenes are deleted.

The image was forwarded by Jr.MGR Pradeep Balu.

MGC with Manohar

Other Actor Fans say that when some one acts more than MGR he will delete the scenes, what they will say to this? Whenever there is need to give a grip (Cinema term) to the movie unnecessary scenes are deleted or cut short. This is the reality.

The picture shows that Manohar giving a “Porkizhi” to M.G.Chakrapani, the costume used by M.G.Chakrapani looks like he is a 'Raja Guru'.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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