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31 May 2013

Rickshawkaran 42nd Year

Sri MGR Year 96, 31st May, Friday

Sathya Movies Rickshawkaran celebrated its 42nd year on 29.5.2013. The movie which fetched MGR the best actor award for the year 1971. MGR is the first Tamil Actor to receive the National honour.


bharath_award_1   bharath_award_2




A special edition was published by Thiraiulagam for Rickshawkaran.




One philosophical song:




50 days collection of Rickshawkaran. Box office collection of 39 centres are given.


The Famous fight scene



A different fight scene from MGR movie. 80 percent of the fight scene is  done without getting down from the cycle rickshaw and the remaining 20 percent as usual fight, and after thrashing them MGR does a turn with the cycle rickshaw and with a majestic look, wow great performance.


And one duet song:





Above is the 100 days ad given in Tamil Newspaper.

The movie crossed 100 days in 12 theaters they are:

1. Devi Paradise (Chennai City)

2. Sri Krishna (Chennai City)

3. Saravana (Chennai City)

4. New Cinema (Madurai)

5. Raja (Coimbatore)

6. Alankar (Salem)

7. Palace (Trichy)

8. Lakshmi (Thirunelveli)

9. Krishna (Erode)

10.Yagappa (Thanjavur)

11.Mayavaram (Sundaram)

12. Diamond (Kumbakonam)


The images were provided by Olikirathu Urimaikural Editor B.S.Raju and the videos are all uploaded by the individuals in youtube site.

26 May 2013

Playback Singer

Sri MGR Year 96, 26th May, Sunday

One of successful Tamil movies playback singer T.M.Soundararajan (TMS) has passed away yesterday at the age of 91. T.M.Soundararajan has lent his beautiful voice to our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR.




MGR’s philosophical songs written by Kaviarasu Kannadasan, Vali, Pulamaipithan etc. mostly play backed by T.M.S. 



Naan Aanai Ittal written by Vali, a philosophical song sung by TMS for MGR happened real by MGR’s benevolence, hard work and the love of people. This in turn made our Leader as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu not once but thrice.



TMS has the distinction that he play backed for two Chief Ministers MGR and NTR.

TMS may be dead but not his voice.



The list of his memorable songs are bigger when to name a few to my liking the above four songs from MGR movies were the best songs from the list.



MGR oru Sitthar

Video from Youtube TMS remembering MGR.


All the videos are from youtube, uploaded by Raj TV, Goldtreat etc.

The image provided by MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran.

We team prays his soul to rest in peace.

21 May 2013

ADMK First Victory

Sri MGR Year 96, 21st May, Tuesday

May 22nd 1973 is the 40th Anniversary of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR’s party ADMK won its first election victory in Dindukal.

The election was held on May 20th 1973 just 9 days from the Magnum Opus release of Emgeeyar Pictures Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban. The expectations are very high. This is the day in the History of Tamil Nadu an Actor who was lifted by his caring people of Tamil Nadu to the undisputed position of Chief Minister and Party Leader of all time. MGR who then became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1977 till 1987 to his last breath a record unparallel to this day.

Below is the article that already posted in our MGR Blog.

When MGR was ousted from DMK on 10th October 1972, his fans and public were against such an atrocious act. MGR came to understand that the people wishing him to start a party. On 17th October 1972 MGR formed Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam in front of Millions.

The party was not even 8 months old when by election for Dindukal Lok Sabha Constituency was announced. MGR was in the field of releasing Emgeeyar Pictures Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. There was hurdles placed before him by the ruling party. The theater owners were threatened some withdrew from the agreement most of them stood on the side of MGR. Ulagam Sutrum Valiban was released on 11.5.1973 and the response was recorded in history.

After the stupendous success news MGR turned his attention to Dindukal Lok Sabha, he announced Mayadevar a lawyer to contest on behalf of ADMK. MGR Fans club members voluntarily entered into election campaign one such member was MGR Devotee S.Vinod, he said that people expectations were that ADMK will surely win the election, but DMK propagated false news, MGR fans did not cared they did their job with 100% dedication and lifted their Leader from an Actor to an undefeated Political Party Leader.

The election was held on 20.5.1973 and the result was announced on 22.5.1973, the seeds of victory sown by the people and the first victory of ADMK and also that this election recognized MGR as one of most important Political Power of Tamil Nadu to reckon with. It is not an easy task for a budding political party and the Party Leader MGR with one hand fighting with his film career and another contesting in this election, 8 month old ADMK against three big parties (Syndicate Congress, DMK and Indira Congress).

The DMK party printed posters before the results that MGR has suffered the defeat. But the result was different the one they imagined.

Poll Date : 20.5.1973

Total Voters : 6,43,704

Votes Polled : 5,05,253


Party Candidate Name Votes received

(ADMK) K.Mayadevar - 2,60,824

(Syndicate Congress) V.C.Sithan - 1,19,032

(DMK) Pon Muthuramalingam -    93,496

(Congress (I) Seemaisamy -    11,423

Seemai Samy of Congress (I), Suryamuthu, Sethrama Devar, Govindasamy, Vadhadesikan lost their deposit. ADMK won the by election by a margin of 1,41,792 votes a record unbeatable by any new party in India. And it has received nearly 52% of the votes polled.


For detailed view click here

Malaysia Function 2013 Part 3

Sri MGR Year 96, 21st May, Tuesday

MGR 96 function was conducted in Kuala Lumpur, Sentul convention center on 7.4.2013. K.P.Ramakrishnan who is our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR’s bodyguard was felicitated for his 30 year service.


K.P.Ramakrishnan’s son Govindaraj has forwarded exclusive images to be shared in our MGR blog. Below is the video clip of Mr.K.P.Ramakrishnan been felicitated by YB Tan Sri Koh Tun Khoon (Minister in the Prime Minister Dept).



Other video of this function will be uploaded soon.

19 May 2013

Super Fan

Sri MGR Year 96, 19th May, Sunday

MGR Fan (MGR Visiree) Abul Hassan from US for forward the article that have appeared in The Hindu dated May 7 2013.


From inside a small brown suitcase, MGR reigns over E. Parameswaran, a diehard fan's life and the decisions he makes to this day.



In the movie hall, people have to plead with him to be silent, as he will shout out each dialogue, a minute before it is delivered on screen. But he can’t help it, says E. Parameswaran, also known as an encyclopedia on MGR. From the names of directors, scriptwriters and lyrics of songs to dialogues, costume, and even the kind of shoes the star wore, he knows every little detail about MGR.

With folded hands he bows to a black-and-white photo of a dashing MGR, with a vermillion dot on the forehead, that is hung on the walls of his living room, next to the photos of his parents. “He is the only reason why I became successful in life. If you watch his film, you will learn about how to look after your family, and maintain good relations with people around you.”

Watching Parameswaran delivering MGR’s dialogues is quite an experience. He sits up straight, raises his head a little and launches into a dialogue of the star from Mattukkara Velan. It is from the scene where Raghu, played by MGR, tells his mother that a man can buy rewards and gifts but can never buy a mother. Parameswaran’s eyes well up and his voice quivers as he says these lines. “This scene always makes me cry. The love and respect that he shows his mother in his films, is what attracted me to him.”

His love for the star does not stop with his films. Soon, he is all ready to imitate MGR, the leader. He clears his throat, holds a pretend mic and thunders, “En rathathin rathamana udan pirappukkale…” Parameswaran, who has attended most of MGR’s rallies, knows his speeches by heart. “When there are issues in the family, I quote from his speeches and films. It is even said that if you see his films there will be no family fights.”

Precious possession

Perhaps his most treasured belonging is a brown suitcase. In it are Parameswaran’s collection of stills from MGR films, the actor’s cut-outs from newspapers and magazines and several editions of Idayakkani — an exclusive magazine on MGR, his films and personal life.

As he neatly lays down each CD on the floor, careful not to step on them, he bursts into songs and shares trivia of each film. “This film is Nam Naadu. Haven’t you heard the song, Vaangayya Vaadiyaarayya? MGR looks so good in this with his shirt tucked in! I have the CDs of all the 136 films he acted in. These are my life. When I die, I want them to be buried with me.”

Parameswaran also has a stack of cut-outs of just MGR’s head. Just by looking at the wig worn by the actor, Parameswaran can identify the film. “Every wig is special and unique to the film. I also note his costumes. In the film, Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban, he wore 65 costumes. And, no one looks as good as him with glares. If you give me his picture, I can go on looking at it for hours, without food or water.”

His two sons have gifted him a TV and DVD player and given him a separate room so that he can watch the films in peace. Every day, he watches at least one film of MGR, but only after finishing work at the sugar mill where he works as a security guard. That is because, “MGR always says you come to the theatre to watch me only after finishing your work.”

Parameswaran does not take kindly to anyone who does not love MGR as much as he does. That includes his wife and children, too. Thirty years ago, he took his newly-wed wife to watch an MGR film. And was terribly offended when she said she did not like the movie all that much. “That was the last time I took her for a film.”




When MGR passed away in 1987, his mother and wife had to lock him in his room. “I was about to end my life. However, I remembered what MGR used to say, ‘You do not go after death until it comes to you.’ That stopped me from killing myself.” Every year, on MGR’s death anniversary, he visits his Samadhi. “MGR can never die. He is not just an actor. He comes alive on screen and talks to people like me. For us, it is not just a film that ends in three hours. It is life and he is our Thalaivar.”


The original content given below.

16 May 2013

Re Release Urimaikural II

Sri MGR Year 96, 16th May, Thursday

Director Sridhar’s first venture with MGR the silver jubilee movie Urimaikural was re-released previous week in Mahalakshmi Theater. We have already uploaded images and video on that post.



Below is the video clip from Urimaikural captured by MGR Devotee Sathya to share in our blog.


Birthday scene, watch how his fans enjoy when MGR removes his towel to show his beautiful physique.



Other videos will follow.


For the previous post of Urimaikural re release.

11 May 2013

40th Year

Sri MGR Year 96, 11th May, Saturday

Today 11.5.2013 is the 40th year of Emgeeyar Pictures Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban. This same day 40 years back the movie was released amidst the hurdles created by the then ruling party DMK.

The movie was released without any posters and created history unparallel to this day. The movie was a feather to MGR’s cap as the Director, Producer and as well as the Actor.




Japan temple recreated in Sathya Studios by Art Director Angamuthu.


The full movie


Uploaded by saregama south in youtube.


From wikipedia

Mr.Murugan (M.G.R) is an Indian scientist who has recently discovered how to store a part of the energy unleashed from lightning. He tells this in the Hong Kong scientists' conference. He tells that he won't reveal his discovery to the world since the world is at the brink of world war III and his research may be used for destructive purposes. Scientist Mr.Bairavan (Asokan) tells Murugan is just showing off without researching anything. So Mr.Murugan demonstrates it and destroys the vital research notes which upsets the other scientists. Bairavan negotiates with him to sell the research to a foreign country which Murugan refuses. Murugan then departs with his girlfriend Miss.Vimala (Manjula) for a world tour. He tells to Vimala that he actually pretended like destroying the research notes and he has kept the notes in some safe place. He was willing to use them and research further so that his research is used for productive purposes. Bairavan who have been following them hears this and follows them wherever they go. Bairavan wants the research notes so that he can sell them to some countries for a lumpsum amount.

In Singapore, Bairavan shoots Murugan with a special gun (not killing him). Vimala faints on seeing this. Murugan became mentally affected and is taken into Bairavan's custody.

Now comes Mr.Raju (M.G.R) a CBCID officer and Murugan's younger brother who comes to Singapore in search of his brother. How he finds his brother and what happens to others form the rest of the story.



The most famous duet song often repeated in theaters during the re-release.


The last part of the movie was shot in Expo 70 beautiful song with nearly 250 shots and a spellbinding performance.

05 May 2013

Re Release Urimaikural

Sri MGR Year 96, 5th May, Sunday

First movie of MGR and Director Sridhar combo, Urimaikural was re-released in Mahalakshmi theater previous week. The print was not that bad compared to Pallandu Vazhga.


MGR Devotee Sathya had given these images and video to share in our MGR blog.




The banner of Urimaikural fixed in Mahalakshmi theater.



Urimaikural is the Silver Jubilee movie of MGR for the year 1974. The story is a village theme MGR in different dhoti costume, memorable songs apt direction. A treat to watch.

04 May 2013

Punch Dialogs Pattikattu Ponnaiah

Sri MGR Year 96, 4th May, Saturday

MGR Devotee Sailesh Basu has done the painstaking work of uploading the punch dialogs from Pattikattu Ponnaiah. Below are the four dialog scenes from the movie.


This is the last film of MGR and Jayalalitha pair, released in 1973 after the  Mega hit movie Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban.



MGR did a dual role one as a Farmer and another as a College student. Above clip is the scene about his education and what he will do after his course.



Ponnaiah character raises his voice against the atrocities of Nambiyar.





Above two clips between MGR and Jayalalitha, Ponnaiah is asked to leave the village (a re-enactment of MGR ousted from the DMK). Further states that the person will be punished for his act by the people.

01 May 2013

Malaysia Function 2013 Part 2

Sri MGR Year 96, 1st May Wednesday

MGR 96 function was conducted in Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur in Sentul Convention center on 7.4.2013 by Malaysia MGR Narpani Illam, Malaysia. The chief guest of the function is YB Tan Sri Koh Tun Khoon (Minister in the Prime Minister Dept) special priority was given to Data Durairaj a very close friend to the Minister.


The special guests were from Tamil Nadu, Siva Subramaniam (NASA scientist), K.P.Ramakrishnan (MGR Bodyguard) TMS Selvakumar (TM Soundararajan son) and Namakal MGR.


K.P.Ramakrishnan was felicitated for his 30 years of service to our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR.


We have already uploaded the function details in our post. And also K.P.Ramakrishnan son Govindaraj had forwarded some exclusive images and they were also shared in our MGR Blog.


The function details were flashed in Tamil dailies too. Below are the Tamil dailies scanned images forwarded by Govindaraj for MGR Blog readers.


From Makkal Kural


From Dinamalar


Previous Post Number 1


Previous Post Number 2

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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