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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

09 September 2006

Re-Release and Reaction - Part III

In this Blog I try to write only about the Songs in the film. As a protocol his solo songs were like a prediction. His songs foretell his actions, though written by different song writers the future did not change.

In the 1st Song

தூங்காதே தம்பி தூங்காதே ......


சில பொறுப்பு உள்ள மனிதர்களின் தூக்கத்தினால்

பல பொன்னான வேலை எல்லாம் தூங்குதப்பா!

(Please pardon for the Tamil translation of the song)

The song goes like this

Don't Sleep brother don't sleep......

In the last stanza of the song

Some officials (Ruler) sleep in their duty - for that

More good works for the people are sleeping.

Lyric by "Pattukottai Kalyana sundaram", a communist by thoughts, simple phrase provides great meaning to the plans that are unfulfilled by the Politicians.

In another song,

பெண்: காடு விளையிய்சுயன்ன மச்சான்

நமக்கு கையும் காலும் தானே மிச்சம்

(Female : We had a good harvest my Dear

But what were left to us are our hands and feet)

ஆண்: காடு விளையட்டும் பொண்ணே

நமக்கு காலம் இருக்குது பின்னே

(Male : Let the lands grow Dear

we are going to have a prosperous time soon)

Last stanza goes like this

ஆண்: நானே போடப் போறேன் சட்டம்

பொதுவில் நன்மை புரிந்திடும் திட்டம்

நாடு நலம் பெறும் திட்டம்

Male : One day I will make Law,

which will be good for all &

also good for the Country.

The songs are all prophetic, the film was released in 1958 and MGR became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1977, and he did what he said in the movie.

To be continued.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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