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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

27 September 2010

Literature to Films

Sri MGR Year 93, 27th September, Monday

MGR have acted in 136 movies including Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam. Of these many stories are from English, Russian and Tamil Literature some from Dramas and some from novels, from Leo Tolstoy to Akilan various authors writings were made to MGR acted movies.

Here are some of the Novels that were made into MGR Movies:

Anna Karenina (Panakkari - 1953) by Leo Tolstoy

Kadal Kaneer (Naam - 1953) by Kashi

Malaikallan (Malaikallan - 1954) by Nammakkal Ramalingam Pillai

Attanathi Athimanthi (Mannathi Mannan -1960) by Kannadasan

Woodcutter (Kanavan - 1968) Russian Novel

Ithayaveenai (Ithayaveenai - 1972) by Manian

Kayal Vizhi (Madurai meeta Sundarapandian - 1978) by Akilan

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22 September 2010

MGR’s Fifth Finger

Sri MGR Year 93, 22nd September, Wednesday


Every Actor in the World have their respective Fan Magazine during their career, our Puratchi Thalaivar had and still has Fan Magazines not one but four in current circulation.


cover1      pg


And now this September Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal Trust have published MGR Fan Magazine that is the MGR’s Fifth Finger. We wish them all success.

The other Magazine are:

1 Urimaikural MGR – Editor B.S.Raju

2 Ithayakani – Editor - Vijayan

3 Nalai Namathey – Editor – Professor Selvakumar

4 Endrendrum MGR – Editor P.T.Selvakumar

5 Vazhum Kalaiventhan – Editor Kalaimani


MGR Song in English:

… I also plan to do a song on The Legendary Person who I always admire Thiru Puratchi Thalaivar M.G.Ramachandran my grandfather (a hard rock song that will chronicle his life) like I have done for Barack Obama. I will be doing early next year and I planning to have in both English and Tamil.

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18 September 2010

Platinum Jubilee XIII

Sri MGR Year 93, 18th September, Saturday


Due to Rights issue “Kudumba Thalaivan” movie was not released this week. AGS cinemas multiplex theater in Chennai has been screening Adimai Penn this week. I have included some screen shots of online booking for the movie.




These two images are the screen captured and taken from the online booking of ags cinemas website. More than 60 seats were occupied through online booking for evening show. I was taken back that some MGR fans are using online nowadays for viewing their Thalaivar movie. The news was forwarded by MGR Devotee Yukesh Babu.




After the release of Special Edition, SSR made a small speech about our Puratchi Thalaivar and his son SSR Kannan gave a heart touching speech.


232  233


Mrs.Jayanthi Kannappan was one of the Chief Guest for this Platinum Jubilee, she gave away MGR Awards to various persons.


The image above shows Mr.Azhvai T.Rasappasamy and Theni Rajadasan receiving MGR Award.


250  256


Professor Selvakumar and Tirupur Ravichandran honoured for the untiring work for MGR.


267  DSC_0166


Lakshmi Child artist from the movie Thirudathae honouring Mrs.Jayanthi Kannappan of ALS productions. Rest of the MGR devotees were honoured in the video given below.


Video showing the MGR Awardees

14 September 2010

Old is Gold

Sri MGR Year 93, 14th September Tuesday


Our Leader MGR movies are always been in circulation or re-releasing every week even after MGR left Cinema in 1977 and became Chief Minister, his last movie was released in 1978. The record is unparallel. Recently not only colour movies, black and white movies were also released subsequently. Now Periya Idathu Penn is running successfully in Natraj theater (Non A/C) and coming week MGR’s hit movie “Kudumba Thalaivan” is going to re-released in A/C theater Woodlands.The movie was first released on 15.8.1962.


pep_sunday     pep_ad_tuesady


These two images were the advertisement given in Daily Thanthi on Sunday and Tuesday Chennai edition.


kt_saturday      kt_sunday 


These are the advertisement given in Daily Thanthi Chennai Edition the first image on Saturday, the second on Sunday.


kt_monday     kt_ad


These two image on Monday and Tuesday. I feel the above ads were well retouched and given in colour. The Monday ad gives a Titanic movie impression.

11 September 2010

Platinum Jubilee XII

Sri MGR Year 93, 11th September, Saturday


Nearly 1200 MGR Fans attended the Platinum Jubilee function. MGR Fans Association from all over Tamil Nadu, Pondichery, Karnataka, Malaysia and Singapore made their presence in Chennai on 29th August 2010 in Kamarajar Arangam.


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04 September 2010

Platinum Jubilee XI

Sri MGR Year 93, 4th September, Saturday


After the opening of Photo Exhibition, the Grand function of Platinum Jubilee of MGR in Cinema conducted by various MGR Fans Association from all over Tamil Nadu, Pondichery, Karnataka, Malaysia and Singapore in Kamarajar Arangam, Chennai on 29th August 2010, started at 3 pm with Dance program performed by Cini Abinayam and performers were MGR look like. They showed the perfect MGR mannerism in songs and dance style from various MGR songs such as Duet and and as well as Philosophical songs.



book_exhi  mgr_song


Book Exhibition hosted by Theni Rajadasan, various and rare books on MGR was kept neatly for public view. Another image from the Dance program for the song “Nan Aanai Ittal” performed by Kovai Siva and you can see MGR Devotee Sankar dancing to the tune in front of other MGR Fans.


 d1  d2 


Some of the photos from the MGR look like Dance program.


 nm  d3


The above image is from the movie Nalai Namathey performed by Kovai Elangovan.


mgrs  mgrs_2


All MGR Look like in one place after the final performance for the song “Neenga Nalla Irukanum” from the movie Ithayakani.


mgr_ravi  ravi


Images above, MGR Award was given to Kovai Elangovan by Malaysian MGR Fans and the second image from left is Director Saroj Kumar, MGCB Pradeep, Tirpur Ravichandran who presided the MGR Fans Meet in Samuthaya Nala Koodam in Royapettah. The MGR look like dance images and Samuthaya nala koodam images were forwarded by Tirupur Ravichandran.


I was very much impressed by the performance of Kovai Siva for the song “Nan Aanai Ittal” and Kovai Elangovan with original hair style, for “Nalai Namathey” song. The hand movement and the leg movement were very perfect, the way in which MGR lifts the heroine and the way in which MGR enters the frame are very very perfect. I think they should have watched the songs 1000 times. The costumes were very near to MGR costumes.


i_14  i_15


The dance ended by 6 pm and a small break was given so that the Music troop shall arrange their instruments.


MGR Devotees all over Tamil Nadu always perform  poojas to their God Sri MGR in the Theaters what happen when all MGR Devotees from all over Tamil Nadu meet in one place? The images below is the answer to that question.


I_16  i_17


MGR Devotees Marmayogi Manohar from Madurai, Sathya from Chennai performed their regular worship to their God Sri MGR. First they poured Sandal and continued by pouring Milk over the God Image of MGR.


i_18  i_20


i_22  i_25


i_26  i_29


Police force was used to regulate the traffic.


i_31  i_36




i_37  i_38


i_40  i_42


Seen in this image is MGR Devotee S.Kumar from Madurai chanting the MGR Mantra. And finally crackers to finish the mega worship.




A God who is worshiped by all apart from any Religion the one and only Makkal Thilagam, Puratchi Thalaivar, Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR.


stage  i_52


To be continued.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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