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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

30 August 2009

Secret Police 115

Last week Ragasiya Police 115 was released in Natraj theater. As usual I was late and reached the theater by 6.20 pm. The celebration was already over, MGR image was garlanded.

The talk was about the MGR movies Golden Jubilee Function. I was busy in editing the photos of the Golden Jubilee that is the reason I was not able to upload this movie release.

25 August 2009

Evergreen Superstar MGR

Everybody knows that MGR was the Box Office Emperor, he then became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1977.

After 32 years from the movie world and 22 years from the real world still MGR movies smashes Box Office not only in Tamil Nadu but also in Andhra Pradesh.

Click here an article by Nakkheeran.

And another one from

Recently Chiranjeevi's son Ram Charan Teja acted movie Magadheera was released in Andhra Pradesh. The movie was a mega hit. In Nagari the movie was running houseful, until our Leader MGR movie Adimai Penn was released, everything changed. A new Telugu movie cannot stand against 40 year old movie. Such is the power of our MGR.

22 August 2009

Golden Jubilee Function Part III

All MGR Fans assembled in Rani Seethai Hall by 5 pm. Pulavar Pulamaipithan and Nagai Dharuman inaugurated the Photo Exhibition by 6 pm.





MGR Fans were excited when they saw various MGR photos mostly unseen. Boomai Publications opened a Book Stall selling various Books on MGR, followed by Thangavel’s MGR CD stall.



Golden Jubilee Function badge was given to 200 MGR Fans and MGR logo Cap was issued to all MGR Fans by “Manithapunithan Makkal Thilagam MGR Bakthargal Kuzhu” Madurai District.


Nearly 1000 people came to the Function 50% of MGR fans are from Madurai, Thirunelveli, Tutucorin, Trichy, Coimbatore, Thiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram, Pondichery etc. It was a grand success for us in combining all MGR fans in one place.


First Time 6 bit colour posters were used for this function in Chennai.

First Time 6 MGR co-stars participated in this function.

First time MGR fans from 20 districts participated in this function.

First time Music orchestra was performed in Rani Seethai Hall.

First time all M.G.Chakrapani Family participated in this function.

First Time all MGR poets and writers assembled in this Golden Jubilee function.




30 Feet Banner was fixed, it was an eye catcher.




On Screen MGR Fans were able to see all the artists and happenings from a distance.



The Hall was fully crowded, see for yourself the people standing near the Door. Most of them are from Madurai.



Nagai Dharuman entering the stage after opening the Photo Exhibition.




There was an excitement when Mrs.M.G.C.Leelavathy entered the Hall – she was the donor who donated Kidney to MGR in 1984.




Members from MGR brother M.G.Chakrapani family:

M.G.C.Chandran, M.G.C.Prabhakaran, M.G.C.Rajendran, M.G.C.Vijayalakshmi and grandsons of M.G.Chakrapani – Praveen, Prasanth, Abishek and Pradeep.




MGR songs were performed by Samboo Orchestra. A small girl performed two songs one from Anbay Vaa “Love Birds”.





In the photo front row from left are Actress Rajashri, Rajasulochana, B.S.Saroja, Veniradai Nirmala, back row from left third is Mr.S.A.Alagarsamy – Founder MGR Biodiesel.




MGR memorial House MGR Muthu, Poet Muthulingam.




MGR (Screen) Mother S.N.Lakshmi, Sathya Studio Film Editor




MGR Fans danced to MGR’s philosophical songs. Watch the crowd and how much they are entertained.


MGR’s co-stars



Urimai Kural MGR Editor B.S.Raju welcomed all the Chief Guests, and actress Bhavani (who acted as second Heroine – Classical Dancer role in Uzhaikum Karangal) was awarded in the dais by Pulavar Pulamaipithan.






She hesitated to speak at first but gave a small speech about MGR and this function.


book_cover_1 book_cover_2


This was the Golden Jubilee Book released by us in the Function. Those who need are asked to contact our email – and


There are 350 photos of the function it will posted in this blog in due course. The Golden Jubilee function will continue in the next post.

19 August 2009

Golden Jubilee Function Part II

These are the two papers out of 7 News papers that published the Golden Jubilee Celebration held by MGR Fans for the completion of 50 years of MGR movies in Rani Seethai Hall, 16th August 2009 in Chennai.

This Newspaper cutting is taken from "Dinasari" a Tamil daily published from Trichy, Madurai, Kovai, Vellore, Salem, Pondichery and Chennai.

Makkal Kural published not only about the actress who participated but also the resolution passed by various MGR Fans Association from Tamil Nadu.

The videos will be uploaded in this blog in two weeks.

17 August 2009

Golden Jubilee Function Part I


Golden Jubilee Function was a grand success. Nearly 1000 MGR Fans participated in Rani Seethai Hall.

In the morning Introduction of Tamil Nadu MGR Fans was organised in Royapettah. MGR Fans from all over Tamil Nadu Thirupur, Trichy, Tutucorin, Kovai etc. named will be published after getting all their names) partcipated. More number of Fans came from Madurai region. They were all wearing MGR logo white cap.

Thirupur Ravichandran welcomed all. Number of MGR Fans spoke on this dais including me.

Theni Rajappa Dasan speaking about MGR Qualities.

ADMK party member speaking about the Leader and the Party.

MGR Fan who had organised MGR Book exhibition all over Tamil Nadu.

Special thanks note by Urimai Kural MGR Editor B.S.Raju.

Nan Ungal Veetu Pillai song by Coimbatore MGR Fan Kannan.

The Grand Function started at 6 pm with Photo Exhibition of MGR. All the pictures and videos will be exclusively posted in this blog. These were the images shot by me using a mobile phone.

Kalai Arasigal termed by Kavingnar Pirai Sudan the Actress who have acted with MGR. Rajasulochana, B.S.Soraja, Rajashri, S.N.Lakshmi, Veniraadai Nirmala, Sachu and Jayakumari.

Click here for updated news.

13 August 2009

Historical Speech of MGR –1980

When Congress under the Leadership of Indira Gandhi with drew support, Charan Singh Government (constituting MGR’s two ADMK Central Ministers - first Tamil Ministers of non Congress Government) resigned and subsequently India faced Parliamentary Election in 1980.

MGR already alliance with Janata Party and Karunanidhi’s DMK was allied with Indira Congress to face the Election. Sympathy wave for Indira Gandhi was present all over India, Tamil Nadu is no exception.

Indira Gandhi swept the poll and she became the Prime Minister and after that she dismissed MGR Government in Tamil Nadu, Indira Congress and DMK shared 110 seats each for the 1980 Assembly Elections. MGR fought the battle single handedly.

MGR’s foes and media predicted the end of MGR legacy in Tamil Nadu Politics and some even said that MGR will return to acting after the Assembly elections. The opposition expected hands down win, but all was changed by this historical speech of MGR in front of thousands of people not for hours just 6 minutes.

In this speech like other Political Leaders he did not ask to cast their vote to Two leaves instead he indirectly tells them how to vote and why.

Feel it for yourself by watching the video.

I received this historical speech through K.P.Suresh, and I thank him. The images in this video are taken from various books and TV shows. The final video size was 27 MB, I reduced it to 1/3rd size. Pardon for the audio quality since the original version was taken from audio tape, I don't know who took care all these years and made this to CD format. I thank them the unknown persons involved.

Click here for the Golden Jubilee MGR movies Invitation. All MGR Fans are invited. Admission Free. Celebration Time for MGR Fans.

07 August 2009

Mega Event for Makkal Thilagam - Trailer

Only 9 days left for the mega event in Chennai. I was busy in giving final touches to MGR speech video of 1980. Grandson of MGR and M.G.Chakrapani Pradeep has posted the trailer of the mega event in his blog. The original version comes to nearly 1 Hour.

Click to see the video that will be projected in Rani Seethai Hall.

Click here for direct link to his blog.
Adimai Penn was released in Madurai Theaters this week, image forwarded by MGR Devotee Yukesh Babu.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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