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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

28 January 2013


Sri MGR Year 96, 28th January, Monday

Today Puthumaipithan was telecasted in Raj TV. The movie was released on 2nd August 1957. The movie was directed by Ramanna, his sister T.R.Rajakumari did a important role in this movie.




Article by Randor Guy


Written by Mu. Karunanidhi, this story of kings, princes and ambitious courtiers was essentially a traditional cloak-and-dagger costume drama with interesting elements that contributed to sustaining the interest throughout, though, at times, plot twists and turns were somewhat predictable. Mu. Ka’s pungent dialogue with subtle political innuendoes was spoken with much punch by MGR with both then being on the same side of the fence!


The king (Panthulu) is imprisoned by his ambitious brother (Balaiah) who creates the impression that the king died during a hunt. The crown prince (MGR) is away on a sea journey, and returns to the king’s fake funeral! However, during the funeral he comes to know the truth, thanks to a secret message conveyed to him by a bearded messenger who is really the daughter (B.S.Saroja) — in disguise — of the palace doctor (Balasubramaniam). Expectedly, she falls in love with the prince! The king’s brother plans to get rid of the prince too, by giving him a drug (provided by the palace doctor) to drive him mad.


The prince, of course, does not drink it, but pretends to, and behaves like a madman to fool everybody. An attractive woman (Rajakumari) who runs a drama group helps the hero, and, of course, falls in love with him. But in the end sacrifices her life and love, and unites the hero and the doctor’s daughter. The king is saved and the villains are destroyed by the hero and his sidekick (Chandra Babu).


MGR plays the adventurous role in his characteristic style and verve. Well-known singer C.S.Jayaraman lends his voice for MGR — it was before T.M. Soundararajan came on the scene. B.S.Saroja as the heroine gives a good performance, including in the sword fighting sequence with the masked hero. Not many are aware that Saroja trained in a circus troupe before she entered films.


Balaiah as the greedy king’s brother impresses, as usual, with his own style of dialogue delivery while Sahadevan — a good actor not much remembered today — plays the villainous commander. Chandra Babu too was in his element, and even sang the song ‘Thillana….’, which became quite popular. His sequences with another underrated comedian C.S.Pandian (a regular member of the N.S. Krishnan’s famed team) raises laughter. E.V. Saroja as the palace maid also makes an impact.


Directed by Ramanna, Rajakumari’s brother, the film was produced under the banner of K.Muniratnam and his Sivakami Pictures. Music was composed by G. Ramanathan with lyrics by Thanjai Ramaiah Das and most of the tunes were of the ‘light music’ variety.


The film had good cinematography, especially the outdoor sequences, shot well by the talented G.K. Ramu. Despite an impressive cast and Mu.Ka’s writing, the film did not fare well as expected, mainly because of the predictable storyline.


Remembered for MGR’s screen presence and charisma, impressive performances by the cast, and Mu. Ka’s writing.




MGR performance as a lady (in the above image) was excellent, I had thought that MGR in female disguise was done in one movie “Kadhal Vaganam” but in this movie he comes in two scenes, dressed as Dancer and again in the role of Rajakumari while escaping from the prison.


Our beloved Leader in the song performed like a lady though MGR had rigorous training in Drama as Shri part (Heroine part), in movie MGR turned as an Action Hero it might be difficult for him to convey the feminine features but MGR did that in absolute ease. Only during the walk we can say this is MGR. And MGR does a left handed sword fight with B.S.Saroja. The same he did in Neerum Nerupum.

27 January 2013

Movie News January

Sri MGR Year 96, 27th January, Sunday

MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran has forwarded some of the images he had captured from the re-release of Vivasayee in Coimbatore Royal theater.




Above and below are the posters fixed in Royal theater.Inset is the frame captured during the show.




Below is the ad given in Tamil newspaper for the movie Vivasayee.




Coming attraction Puthamaipithan in Royal theater.




In Madurai from 25.1.2013, Palani Murugan theater MGR double action movie Matukara velan, news forwarded by MGR Devotee Vinod.




MGR Devotee Vellore Ramamurthy forwarded this image Ninaithathai Mudipavan (typing error) Netru Indru Naalai re-released in Ganesh Theater.

25 January 2013



 Sri MGR Year, 25th January, Friday

When our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR was elected as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1977, he recommended Thirunavukarasar (earlier known as Thirunavukarasu) as the Deputy Speaker, he was elected and did his job as the Deputy Speaker in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly from 1977 to 1980.


Later MGR in his second term appointed him as one of the Cabinet Ministers.


Recently in Thuglaq Tamil weekly Thirunavukarasar has written an article about his political life. In this he had given many insights into MGR’s behaviour in Assembly.


Page number one:



Page number Two:



Page number Three:

In 1980 when MGR’s government was dismissed by Central Government ruled by Indira Gandhi, ADMK went on to contest the general elections against the Giant alliance between Congress and DMK.


Thirunavukarasu was selected to contest in Aranthangi constitutency but one of the party member against MGR’s wish also contested as an Independent. And the rumour was that when this independent candidate (along with help of some ADMK cadres) is elected he will again join ADMK. On the election tour to Aranthangi, Thirunavukarsu made his appeal to MGR. At that time MGR was looking very tried and half asleep, Thirunavukarasu was not sure about MGR has heeded his request. But on the stage MGR raised this issue and told that whoever contesting against ADMK party order are not welcomed. Further he stated I made him the Deputy speaker, if Thirunavukarasu wins this election or not he will be my Cabinet Minister this time. (How confident is MGR with Tamil Nadu people.)




Page number Four:




From Thuglaq magazine.

21 January 2013

MGR Function Malaysia

Sri MGR Year 96, 21st January, Monday

MGR Devotee Sree Sitharan has informed me about two MGR birthday programmes conducted in Malaysia. He attended only one show due to his schedule. And he happily sent some of the images and videos to share in our MGR Blog.




MGR cultural show Ninaithathai Mudipavan.




Sivaselan performs for Aadaludan padalai.





Vijayasekar performs for the song Yen Endra Kelvi


A short account of the show written by Sree Sitharan.


MGR Devan is the organiser & Producer of this mega show !


Function : MAKKAL THILAGAM MGR 96th Birthday Mega Show !
Date : 19/1/13 Saturday
Time : 6 pm - 11.30 pm
Place : Civic Centre , Petaling Jaya



Hari performing for the song Ada piranthavela






Ninaithen Vanthai Nooru vayathu song performed by Hari and Malaysia Saroja Devi Santhi Sinayah.



Anbalagan for Pesavathu Kiliya song.



Devan’s peformance for Ayiram Nilavae Vaa from Adimai Penn.

The show started with Free Food (rice with chicken, Thosai, Poori etc ).

At sharp 7pm , selected few came on stage to give testimony what made them to be a fan of MGR!'

While this is going on, food is still severed ! But sorry , to say I was a bit late, I reached there at 8 pm !



MGR Devan speaking



The Main team Jas AV Sound



MGR look alike.



Participants of the MGR Cultural show.

It was a marvelous show ! I did my best to record some songs ( partly ) stage artist are as follows : Mgr Devan , MGR Hari , MGR Vijaysegar, MGR Prabu ( 9 years ) MGR Letchumanan , MGR Anbalagam also Sivaseelan ( son of Mgr Devan ) The crowd was full pack in the Hall !



A visitor holding a MGR photo close to his chest.



The souvenir given to participants of the show.


An introduction to MGR Devan.




The credit of this post goes to MGR Devotee Sree Sitharan of Malaysia. We have to thank for his painstaking work he had done for our MGR Blog.

MGR Fan Jayaram

Sri MGR Year 96, 21st January, Monday

Jayaram MGR Fan

From his own words

Every body use to tell MGR is no more wherever good deeds happening and helping tendency is there and MGR is there.


I do not believe he expired still those who are helping poor persons in that heart MGR is living as a God in there hearts.


Where ever Dharamam is there, MGR is there.


Only one actor proved what he told in his song irudhalum maraithalum peyar solla vendum.


MGR is democratic and charismatic figure which we cant forget him forever and his helping tendency made me his administration and made me mad on him.


I like each and every MGR film unnai arinthal is my favourite song, I am proud to say MGR fan let live and die as a MGR fan.


Below are some of his paintings.











19 January 2013


Sri MGR Year 96, 19th January, Saturday

One MGR Fan from Malaysia Sree Sitharan was friend of mine. Nearly a year back I saw his video Ulagam piranthathu in youtube, MGR song enacted by him then I contacted him and we became friends. We share our daily dose of MGR in facebook. He also made many contributions in our MGR blog like commenting and sending some images from MGR functions held in Malaysia.


Below is Sree Sitharan’s view of MGR from his own words.


We come across many people in our life – some are incidental and others are pertinent to our experience. But as we journey through in time, we tend to forget those moments, the people and the encounters. Here I must acknowledge that the only instants that have stayed for so long in my life are the philosophies and teachings of a man, a man born to lead by his acute personality as well as his portrayals on screen. That man is my dearest ‘Vathiar Makkal Thilagam MGR”. My fascination with MGR started at the age of 14, when my friend took me to a film for the very first time in my life as if destiny brought me to meet my “Thalaivar”. MGR appeared on the screen simultaneously entering my life through the movie “Deivathai”. The film and especially the song “Moondru Yezhuthil Yen Moochu” captured my thinking and attention as I was mesmerized by the emergence of my hero.


From that point onwards, I started to go for all the MGR’s movies. I pay great deal of attention to the details of MGR’s songs as I felt that whenever the songs are played, some great wisdom is delivered. As life went on, I too was carried away by the superficial joys of life from the habits of drinking and smoking. At the age of 25, a great change came into me when I watched the film “Oli Vilaku”. The song “Dairiyamaga” poked my conscience and I immediately abandon my bad habits. I can honestly say that my attitude and outlooks towards life is formed at that very moment in time. I am banished from cigarettes and liquor from then on and I have not gone back to such vices till now. MGR became my role model and a huge component in my life. The most beautiful day that I will never forget, will be the day when I met MGR personally and shake hand with him during the shooting of “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban” in the year 1970.


I admire his style and acting in films. My most favorite films are “Ayirathil Oruvan” and “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban”. I always strived to be like him, especially his portrayals in these films and in my attempts to embody the experience of being MGR, I ended up making short music videos. The most significant music video that I cherish deeply is “Ulagam Pirantha Enakage”. I have tried my level best to expose and enlighten my children with the philosophies and life of MGR. I as explain the meanings and context of each motivational songs of MGR, it has been instrumental for me to guide my children in the proper path of succeeding in life.


Today I am proud with the achievements of my children, thanks to my “Thalaivar”. The most significant moment of me thanking my hero came when I was in America for my son’s graduation. My son asked me “What do you want to see in America and what do you want to do here?” He promised that whatever my request might be, he would fulfill. With a great outburst of joy I told him that I wanted to sing and dance like my “Thalaivar” and you must record it. Initially my son hesitated but with the obligation to keep his promise, he agreed. I was running around dancing in the middle of San Francisco with the song “Puthiya Vanam Puthiya Bhoomi” playing in the background. It was truly a remarkable experience that later became a collaborative piece of video art that I created with my son. We did many other music videos together from then onwards.


This video clip is now in the permanent collection of a museum in Malaysia. Today, as my son made his career as a successful media artist in Malaysia, his collaboration with me – the beautiful, wonderful and potent songs of my “Thalaivar” has become a crucial video work that has become part of the national art heritage. Our collaborative video music are published, written about, researched and collected by official institutions. I am grateful to my MGR and I can go on to write pages after pages of instances where MGR has been (and still is) an all-inspiring beacon in my life. It’s never is enough to speak about “Thalaivar” and I hope this sincere confession will inspire many more generations to come - of the goodness and strength that I have gained from my hero.


Please Note: the use of video “Puthiya vanam puthiya bhoomi” is restricted by copyright. Thus I cannot supply a copy of the video with this text.




Book published with all the collaborative video works cited as part of my son’s solo exhibition.




Puthiya Vanam Puthiya Bhoomi video published in the book.




Exhibition of Puthiya Vanam Puthiya Bhoomi video in the museum’s gallery space.


Here is the video of MGR song he enacted. Ulagam Piranthathu Enakkaga.



He does not look like MGR but his creativity does.

17 January 2013

Happy Birthday

Sri MGR Year 96, 17th January, Thursday

Today is our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR’s 96th birthday. Here is a small token of my affection towards our Leader.




பொன்மனச் செம்மல், புரட்சித்தலைவர், மக்கள் திலகம் ஏழை பங்காளன், எங்கள் வாத்தியார் எம்.ஜி.ஆர் அவர்களுக்கு ஸ்ரீஎம்.ஜி.ஆர்.காம் டீமின் பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

16 January 2013

Memorable Roles

Sri MGR Year 95, 16th January, Wednesday

Here is an interview that our beloved Leader MGR gave to Filmfare magazine in 1964. The same interview was reprinted in February 1988.


The interview pages were scanned by MGR Devotee Kaliyaperumal.


My Memorable Roles

Twenty nine years in films and before that, eleven years on the stage have filled my life with rich memories. I love my profession. Yet, there was time when I wanted to quit films for good and join the army. But somehow I have stayed on. The fascination of films is for me very much a reality.


I made my screen debut in 1935, just four years after the advent of talkies. The picture was Sathi Leelavathi, produced under the banner of Manorama Films. It dealt with the evils of liquor. I was glad to begin my career with a purposeful film which had a theme after my own heart. The story was by S.S.Vasan.




I had been assigned a fairly major role, that of a detective. But when I actually started work on the sets, I found that I was to play a lesser role – that of a police inspector. It was a bit disappointing. Perhaps as a compensation. I then had the joy of seeing a hundred rupee note for the first time in my life. It was part of my remuneration. I am grateful to M.Kandawamy Mudaliar (father of the then hero, M.K.Radha) my guru in the social stage-plays; without his help. I might never have joined films.


After my debut in Sathi Leelavathi, offers of screen roles started pouring in. I had bit roles in 18 films, among them Maya Machindra, in which I portrayed a virile character, Suryakethu, Sri Murugan, in which I played Lord Siva, and Abhimanyu (I played Arjuna). I particularly liked my role in Sri Murugan, for as Lord Siva I had to render those fine dances – Ananda Thandavam and Rudra Thandavam. I had enjoyed learning to dance and I was elated that my dances won all round appreciation.


I may say that whatever success came my way early in my screen career was entirely due to the experience I had gained on the stage. I had joined the theatre at the age of seven, because of poverty at home. The stage troupe, where I started work on a weekly salary of four annas (25 paise) was called Madurai Original Boys Company. To begin with, I was taught to dance and sing. Not a day passed without a beating from master for some slip or other. This failed to dampen my enthusiasm to make good on the stage. Taking my first acting lessons from the late Kali.N.Ratnam, a well known comedian, I made my stage debut in the role of Utharan in Mahabharata. After that I was cast in all sorts of role – even feminine ones – the successful interpretation of which increased my confidence in my ability.


It was a fairly easy jump from the stage to the screen. My first leading role on the screen was offered to me by Narayanan & Company of Devta fame. The film was Chaka, directed by the late Nandalal Jaswantlal. When the picture was half-way through, the producers, for reasons best known to themselves, wanted to replace me, but the genial director intervened on my behalf. The picture was finally shelved, also for reasons unknown. But Nandalal Jaswantlal, who had all along shown a deep interest in me, went all out to help me find a niche in the film world. Jaswantlal is no more but I can never forget his help during those early years of struggle.




The year 1947 saw the release of the first film in which I played a leading role. It was Jupiter Pictures folklore film Rajakumari, produced by M.Somasundram and S.K.Mohideen. The film, which proved a hit, was an Arabian Nights fantasy. A.S.A.Samy made his debut as a director in it. I played the role of a humble villager, who falls in love with a princess and finally wins her hand in marriage. My heroine was K.Malathi. I had excellent scope to show my fencing skill – in fact, I had myself conceived and arranged the fencing sequences.


Mohini, my second film as hero is also memorable, for it was in that film that I met my future wife V.N.Janaki, who played the heroine. Then came two costume films – Marutha Nattu Ilavarasi and Manthiri Kumari. In Manthiri Kumar, the story and dialogue by M.Karunanidhi were the highlights of the film. Both films turned out to be box office hits.




One of my successful films was Jupiter's Marma Yogi, which was later dubbed in Hindi under the title Ek Tha Raja. The picture, which was based on the adventures of Robin Hood, had good production values. Ace director K.Ramnoth's imaginative handling of the subject enhanced the film's appeal. I had a most dynamic role –that of a revolutionary – and my work came in for high praise. It was a role after my own heart. In private life, I have rebelled against the evils which the film sought to expose.


I have wonderful memories of my role in Asoka Films emotional drama En Thangai, which was later re-made in Hindi under the title Choti Bahen. The director, C.S.Narayanamurthi, knew his job well. I had a most satisfying role- that of the poor elder brother charged with the responsibility of looking after his blind younger sister (played by E.V.Saroja). That was the role interpreted by Balraj Sahni in Choti Bahen. I loved my role immensely and even today I consider it the best role I have ever portrayed.


My career suffered a set back in 1953, when as partner in Mekala Pictures I produced a social called Naam. I played the part of a revolutionary and I had to go about most of the time made up with a half burnt face. The gruesome make up hurt me terribly but the picture, which aimed at exposing the hollowness of pseudo-sanyasins failed miserably at the box office.


Luck turned in my favour with S.M.Sriramulu Naidu's Malaikkallan, which turned out to be a phenomenal money-spinner. Elated by the unprecedented success of that film, the producer made a Hindi version under the title Azad. I played the good hearted hero, the part enacted in the Hindi version by Dilip Kumar.


My co-star was Bhanumathi. It was a meaty role and the film's triumph wafted me to stardom.


In my next film Kundukili, I portrayed the large-hearted hero while Sivaji Ganesan played the villain. When the picture was finally released it proved to be a disappointment. The failure of the film was an eye opener to me.


My next film was Modern Theatres Alibaba and Forty thieves. It was the first full length colour film in Tamil and proved immensely successful.


The brightest period of my career opened up in the year 1958, when I directed and acted in my own film Nadodi Mannan, which was partly shot in colour. The basic idea for the film taken from the American film Prisoner of Zenda, but the treatment and presentation were entirely Indian and original. I take a lively interest in the stories and screenplays of films in which I agree to act. Since Nadodi Mannan happened to be my own film. I was at liberty to introduce my own ideas about the emancipation of the poor and downtrodden, into the screenplay. I had a dual role in the film.


There was a reason for my handling a subject like Nadodi Mannan. while I was working in Maya Machindra at Calcutta during the years 1937-38, I had seen the memorable English film If I Were King, in which Ronald Colman played the lead. I had liked the message of that film. I have experienced hunger and humiliation and I want others to be spared such hardship. That is why I decided to make Nadodi Mannan.


When the paper work for the film was almost ready, Bhanumathi informed me (at that time we were working on the sets of Alibaba and Forty Thieves) that she planned to produce a film on the same subject and insisted on my dropping it. I told her that I had made far greater preparations for my film than she had for hers and since my treatment and presentation were entirely different, I proposed to go ahead with my project and that she was free to go ahead with hers. A few days later, she gave me the comforting news that she had dropped the subject and that I was free to go ahead with my plans. I thanked her and eventually cast her in the feminine lead in my film.


During the production of Nadodi Mannan, skeptics and so called well wishers pooh-poohed my endeavour and circulated rumours to the effect that the picture would never be completed and it would make my downfall for ever. They even made sarcastic remarks about the inclusion of B.Saroja Devi (then practically a new comer), in the colour sequences. All these doubts proved false. The picture, when released, turned out be the biggest box office bonanza in the south. The very producers who had made sarcastic references to Saroja Devi, started making a bee-line to her house to sign up in their own films.


Thanks to the wonderful co-operation I received from artistes and workers, Nadodi Mannan turned out to be an outstanding movie and it captivated the hearts of picture goers through South India and outside in Bombay, New Delhi, Calcutta – and even in Ceylon, Burma, Malaysia and the Far East.


Earlier, Gemini's Chandralekha had been considered at the time of its release as the biggest box office film ever on the South Indian screen. This record was beaten by my film Madurai Veeran and this, in turn was beaten by Nadodi Mannan. It broke all box office records and it is still popular today. With the film's success. B.Saroja Devi who was then at the lowest rung of the ladder, blossomed into a star.


It is said that excess of joy sometimes ends in pain and sorrow. This proved true in my case. As early as 1954, I had started my own dramatic troupe and staged plays like Inba Kanavu, Advocate Amaran, Sumaithangi and Pagaivanin Kathali. while acting in Inba Kanavu at a place called Sirkhazhi, I broke my left leg after colliding with co-actor on the stage. The accident which took place on June 15, 1959, put me out of gear for five months and film people and the public alike wondered whether I would complete my various under production films, which had to be suspended. My future as an actor was at stake. Thanks to the efforts of Dr.M.Natarajan, Chief of the Orthopedic Department of the General Hospital, Madras, I recovered.


As soon as my fractured leg regained strength. I reported on the sets of Thai Magalukku Kattiya Thali and had the satisfaction of seeing the film released by the end of 1959, the same year in which I had met with the accident. The film, in which Jamuna starred opposite me, was reasonably successful. I completed my other film assignments too.


In Thief of Baghdad I had the pleasure of co-starring with Vyjayanthimala, an artiste in the true sense of the term. I admire and appreciate her spirit of goodwill and co-operation. In the title role, which I portrayed, I had to wear a fantastic make-up and it sparked many a joke on the sets.


Another milestone film was A.L.S. Production's Thirudathae released three years ago. It was a purposeful film. I tried to instill moral values both in my dialogue and in the interpretation of my role. Director P.Neelakantan's deft touches and imaginative handling of the subject contributed to the box office success of the picture. My co star was B.Saroja Devi. We were both cast together in several films that followed.




Since the release of Thirudathae, I have acted in 19 films – making a total of 66 films so far. If my films inspire even a few to strive towards peace and happiness. I shall feel that my career has been worthwhile and that I have satisfactorily expressed my sense of gratitude to my motherland.

Filmfare February 1 -15 1988.

13 January 2013

Pongal Release Movies II

Sri MGR Year 95, 13th January, Sunday

Continuation post of Pongal Release movies of MGR.


Number 4 : Enga Veetu Pillai


Enga Veetu Pillai Super Hit movie of 1965 was released on Pongal day. In this movie MGR donned dual role and his performance, Incredible.




Number 5 : Anbay Vaa


Next year that is 1966, AVM’s first colour movie Anbay Vaa was released. A romantic movie.




Anbay Vaa, famous Philosophical song.



Number 6 : Matukkara Velan


Jayanthi Films Mattukara Velan was released on Pongal day, MGR in dual role one Cowherd and another an Advocate.




Songs from the movie uploaded by Raj Video Vision.


MGR’s 3rd Directorial venture movie Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian was released on 14th January 1978 just six months after MGR became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.





Watch this song.

MGR the prince of Madurai enters his enemies Court and sings this song without any anger sign just smiles for the whole song. With these gestures he makes others angry.


A punch dialog from Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian uploaded by MGR Devotee Sailesh Basu.







Pongal Greetings.

We team wishes our Blog readers a very Happy Pongal.

12 January 2013

Pongal Release Movies

Sri MGR Year 95, 12th January, Saturday

Pongal festival is the only festival MGR celebrated. On this day some of MGR movies were released. Below is the list of MGR movies released on Pongal festival.



Name of the Movie

Year of Release

01 Harishchandra 1944
02 Alibabavum Narpathu Thirudargalum 1956
03 Rani Samyugdha 1962
04 Vettaikaran 1964
05 Enga Veetu Pillai 1965
06 Anbay Vaa 1966
07 Matukkara Velan 1970
08 Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian 1978


In the above list of 8 movies 7 movies are MGR starred as Hero, so we take here only the seven movies (Look number 7 coincidence!).


Number 1: Alibabavum Narpathu Thirudargalum




The first Tamil colour movie is our beloved Leader’s Alibabavum Narpathu Thirudargalum. Produced by Modern theaters and directed by Sundaram the movie was released on Pongal day.


Number 2 : Rani Samyugdha.




Historical story of Rajput clan Prithviraj Chauhan who defeated Mohamed Ghori in the First battle of Tarain (1191) and the love between the Jai Chandra’s daughter Samyugdha.


Duet song from this movie.



Uploaded by Goldtreat.


Number 3 : Vettaikaran




Devar Films Black and White movie (part Cowboy movie) Vettaikaran was released on Pongal Day on 14th January 1964.


The famous philosophical song “Unnai Arinthal”



Uploaded by RVVMGR.


The images are provided by B.S.Raju Editor Olikirathu Urimaikural Magazine.


Other movie reviews will continue.

11 January 2013

Golden Jubilee Panathottam

Sri MGR Year 95, 11th January, Friday

Aringnar Anna’s book title Panathottam was used for MGR starrer movie. The film was directed by K.Sankar later the same director went on to direct many MGR movies and became related by giving his daughter to M.G.Chakrapani.



(Image provided by B.S.Raju, Editor Olikirathu Urimaikural)


11th January 1963 Panathottam was released for the first time in South India. Today is the 50th year of Panathottam movie. The story is about fake currency being dispersed among public to destabilize Indian Economy.




The cast include:

MGR, B.Sarojadevi, S.V.Subbaiah, M.N.Nambiyar, S.A.Asokan, M.V.Rajamma, Nageh, Thirupathysamy and others.


Story by B.S.Ramaiah, lyrics penned by Kannadasan and music by Viswanathan and Ramamurthy.


Produced by G.N.Velumani and directed by K.Sankar.




pt_story_1   pt_story_2


The story of Panathottam, click the above images to read.


pt_story_3   pt_story_4


Above images are from the collection of Professor Selvakumar.


First I watched this movie in 1991 in Palaniappa theater. That was the transforming period of me from Kamal fan to MGR Fan. The movie is suspense thriller in the climax the real culprit is masked off.


Below are two philosophical songs from Panathottam.



And Manathottam Song:



The duet song “Pesuvathu Kiliya Illai Pen arasi mozhiyae”




The song goes like this Is MGR relative of Cheran or Moon of Tamil Community.


This video clip is uploaded by Raj Video Vision in HD format.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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