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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

31 July 2013

MGR Series Watch

Sri MGR Year 96, 31st July, Wednesday

This is nothing to do with MGR watch but interesting article about MGR series watch launched by Casio.


a new casio watch from its mgr series is to be released_2346_800026655_0_0_7032980_300

A new Casio watch, from its MGR series, is to be released

Watch fans who want to wear an item that looks tough and stylish are being advised to go for the Casio MGR-7500.

The MGR series is one of the most expensive of the watchmaker's collections, which believes in "going from zero to one" to create something that was not available before, but the number of features more than makes up for this, Review board magazine has reported.

For the MGR-7500, these include having a Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating, which is highly scratch resistant, a daily alarm, stopwatch and a calendar that displays the day and date, as well as a mode that can display the time for 27 cities in 29 various time zones.

When in this mode, pressing the top right button can also alter the home city to one of the owner's choosing.

Features within this watch do not stop there, either, with a water resistance of up to 200 metres, along with a technique for battery life that has the second hand jump on a two second interval to alert the user of a low battery.


The original content appears here.$800026655.html

28 July 2013

Playback Singers

Sri MGR Year 96, 28th July, Sunday

Many playback singers have lent their voice to our beloved Leader Puratchi
Thalaivar MGR. Of that we are going to see K.J.Yesudas fondly called Gana Gandharvan.


Many MGR movies released after 1972 had one or two songs rendered by K.J.Yesudas.


He had sung 19 songs for MGR alone. His first song for MGR movie (actually second if we consider he lent his voice for Chandrababu in Parakum Pavai) is “Thanga Thoniyilae” from Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban and his last song “Thendralil Adum” from Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian.




List of songs sung by K.J.Yesudas for MGR.



Movie Name

01 Thanga Thoni Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban
02 Vizhiyae Kathai ezhudhu Urimaikural
03 Neela Nayanangalil Nalai Namathey
04 Ennai Vittal Nalai Namathey
05 Kadhal Enbathu Nalai Namathey
06 Ondre Kulam Endru Pallandu Vazhga
07 Poi Vaa Nadhi Alai Pallandu Vazhga
08 Sorgathin Thirapu Pallandu Vazhga
09 Enna Sugam Pallandu Vazhga
10 Intha Pachai Neethiku Thalaivanangu
11 Nalai Ulagai Alavendum Uzhaikum Karangal
12 Ithu Than Ooruku Uzhaipavan
13 Azhgenum Oviyam Ooruku Uzhaipavan
14 Iravu Padagan Ooruku Uzhaipavan
15 Pillai Tamil Ooruku Uzhaipavan
16 Manum Odivaralam Navarathinam
17 Anbuku Naan Adimai Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga
18 Thangathil Mugam Meenava Nanban
19 Thendralil Adum Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian


In Pallandu Vazhga movie MGR used K.J.Yesudas instead of TMS, most songs by K.J.Yesudas.


Below are some of the Duet songs and Philosophical songs sung by K.J.Yesudas which I liked most.



1. Thanga Thoniyile

Upload by Singer Haridas in youtube.


2. Vizhiyae Kathai Yezhudhu


Another interesting point in this song apart from K.J.Yesudas mesmerizing voice, MGR used his political symbol of Two Leaves in this duet song. Video uploaded by Rajshri.


3. Neela Nayanangalil

A duet song from Nalai Namathey.

Video upload by Abdul Gafoor.


4. Thangathil Mugam yeduthu


Uploaded by abdul gafoor




1. Ondrae Kulam Endru


Watch how suitable MGR look and K.J.Yesudas voice interlaced in this philosophical song.


2. Nalai Ulagai

A philosophical song from Uzhaikum Karangal, using soft voice of K.J.Yesudas instead of regular majestic TMS voice. But the picturing of MGR as a Messiah like and the ADMK flag took the song to another stage. 



3. Intha Pachai Kilikkoru


One of MGR’s Lullaby songs rendered by K.J.Yesudas in Neethiku Thalaivanangu.


4. Anbuku Naan Adimai



5. Iravu Padagan

Another song sung by K.J.Yesudas a slow song


23 July 2013


Sri MGR Year 96, 23rd July, Tuesday

One of MGR’s heroines Manjula today passed away. Her first movie with our beloved Puratchi Thalaivar MGR is Rickshawkaran, for this movie MGR received India’s Best Actor Award in 1971.




She then continued her short stint with our Thalaivar, Ithayaveenai, Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban, Netru Indru Nalai and Ninaithathai Mudipavan. Her best role was in Netru Indru Nalai.



Above image is from Vellikizhamai an unfinished MGR movie the song Nerungi nerungi later used in Netru Indru Nalai movie.

She only acted with MGR in five movies and all the five movies are hit movies.


We team prays for her soul to rest in peace.

19 July 2013

Immortal Lyrics

Sri MGR Year 96, 19th July, Friday

MGR’s favourite lyric writer Vaali (Rangarajan) passed away yesterday in  Chennai at the age of 82. He first worked with our beloved Leader for the movie Nallavan Vazhvan for the song “Sirikindral Indru”. Though the movie was a average run, MGR used his talent and patronized him.


From Nallavan Vazhvan to Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian this duo produced immortal songs on screen. His greatest song that happened in MGR’s life is “Naan Aanai Itttal” in Enga Veetu Pillai. MGR an actor who became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, 1965 it was mere lines became immortalized in 1977.




The songs written by Vaali in MGR movies

No. Movie Name
01 Nallavan Vazhvan
02 Thaiyin Madiyil
03 Deiva Thai
04 Padagotti
05 Asai Mugam
06 Enga Veetu Pillai
07 Ayirathil Oruvan
08 Kalangarai Vilakkam
09 Thazhampoo
10 Panam Padaithavan
11 Anbay Vaa
12 Chandrodayam
13 Thali Baghyam
14 Nadodi
15 Naan Aanai Ittal
16 Petral Than Pillaiya?
17 Arasa Kattalai
18 Kavalkaran
19 Olivilakku
20 Kanavan
21 Kannan En Kadhalan
22 Kudieruntha Kovil
23 Ragasiya Police 115
24 Adimai Penn
25 Nam Nadu
26 En Annan
27 Engal Thangam
28 Mattukara Velan
29 Thalaivan
30 Thedi Vantha Maapillai
31 Oru Thai Makkal
32 Kumari Kottam
33 Neerum Nerupum
34 Rickshawkaran
35 Ithayaveenai
36 Annamittakai
37 Nan Yen Piranthaen
38 Raman Thediya Seethai
39 Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban
40 Netru Indru Nalai
41 Sirithu Vazha Vendum
42 Urimaikural
43 Ithayakani
44 Ninaithathai Mudipavan
45 Nalai Namathey
46 Ooruku Uzhaipavan
47 Uzhaikum Karangal
48 Neethiku Thalaivanangu
48 Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga
49 Navarathinam
50 Meenava Nanban
51 Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian


For me the greatest songs by Vaali for MGR movies are:


Enga Veetu Pillai




Most of MGR philosophical songs are written by Vaali, I am very much blessed for my Professor who taught me Tamil in College had done his Ph.D., in Vaali songs.


Iraivaa Un Maaligaiyil



This song is from Olivilakku, the lyrics became more popular in 1984 when our beloved Puratchi Thalaivar was in United States undergoing Kidney Transplant.



We team pray for his soul to rest in peace.


List of Vaali songs in MGR movies provided by MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran.

14 July 2013

Olivilakku 2013

Sri MGR Year 96, 14th July, Sunday

Gemini’s first colour movie and our Thalaivar’s 100th movie Olivilakku is re-released in Mahalakshmi theater this week.




Earlier this movie was re-released in two theaters in Chennai on 28th September 2012, in Mahalakshmi and Anna theater, Mahalakshmi had a three weeks run.


Not even one year has passed Olivilakku is re-released in the same theater. On my way to clients work I had to pass through Mahalakshmi theater and took some images (no videos) as the time was 5.15 PM.





Already MGR fans has started to show their devotion by garlanding MGR banners. Above are some of the images.

There are more banners placed by various MGR fans association.

Earlier release link

12 July 2013

Sweet Revenge

Sri MGR Year 96, 12th July, Friday

King Claudius to Laertes “Revenge should have no bounds” a line from Hamlet. Taking revenge in Tamil Movies are run of the mill story. In MGR movies the theme revenge is categorized to five, they are taking revenge for his Mother, Father, Sister, Family and Country.

The concept of revenge in MGR movies is giving justice for the wrong doing by his enemies. Mostly they were taken into custody or they repent for their sins and rarely killed.


I. For Mother:

Most of MGR movies have a widowed mother. But when looking into the story of MGR movies for the revenge theme the number of movies falls under this category they are:

Thaiku Pin Tharam

Mannathi Mannan

Adimai Penn

Of this the grandest revenge movie for his Mother is Adimai Penn.


II. For Father:

Astonishingly more revenge stories are attributed for his fathers demise. The movies are:

Kudieruntha Kovil

En Annan

Thedi Vantha Mapillai

Kumari Kottam

Sangay Muzhangu (Foster Father)




Above image is from Sangay Muzhangu.


III. For Sister:

Not more than two movies for the taking full revenge by our Hero, against the opponent done on screen. One movie Engal Thangam though appears to fall in this category it is more apt to say that the story is about brothers love.

The movies for this category is two:

Periya Idathu Penn

Anna Nee En Deivam (Avasara Police 100)



IV. For Family

This includes not only the villain killing MGR’s father and mother but also tormenting his siblings. This includes two movies.

Neerum Nerupum


The above image is from Neerum Nerupum, this movie involves revenge against Asokan who had killed MGR’s Father and Mother. Same movie can be counted in For Country also.


Sirithu Vazha Vendum

Nalai Namathey


V. For The Country:

Most of his movies either Social oriented or period movies MGR’s character is centered around liberating the hardship faced by his country men, those includes the below movies.

Marutha Nattu Illavarasi

Ayirathil Oruvan

Nam Nadu


MGR’s revenge against corrupted politician.


Uzhaikum Karangal

Revenge theme against his Employer who becomes corrupt and anti social.



Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian

A classic novel of Akilan “Kayalvizhi” directed by MGR and named as Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian a revenge against Chola Empire, how MGR succeeds in his task forms the core of the story.


Rickshawkaran movie which fetched MGR his best Indian Actor Award is also about revenge, but in this he fights against the injustice of Asokan, this revenge MGR takes is for somebody else, the foster child.



I might have missed some movies, if any please let me know.Thanks to Vinod Sir for cross checking the list.

07 July 2013

Coimbatore Theaters

Sri MGR Year 96, 7th July, Sunday

Below are the MGR movies that have reached 100 days and more in Coimbatore theaters.

The movies of MGR from 1947 to 1978, taking into account the movies with MGR as the lead.


City centres like Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Salem, Coimbatore etc. only Coimbatore had a very low 100 days movie run. MGR Hit films for example Anbay Vaa, Kavalkaran, Nalla Neram, Pallandu Vazhga, Neethiku Thalai Vanangu, Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga and Meenava Nanban did not have a 100 day run in Coimbatore, sure not a fort for MGR movies but politically it has a strong MGR base.




Data and image provided by Olikirathu Urimaikural Editor B.S.Raju.



Movie Name


1947 Rajakumari Raja
1948 Mohini Ashok
1950 Manthiri Kumari Carnatic
1951 Marmayogi Raja
1951 Sarvathikari Raja
1952 En Thangai Ashok
1954 Malai Kallan Carnatic
1955 Kulaybaghavali Diamond
1956 Alibabavum Narpathu Thirudargalum Carnatic
1956 Madurai Veeran Raja
1956 Thaiku Pin Tharam Royal
1957 Chakravarthy Thirumagal Diamond
1958 Nadodi Mannan Raja
1961 Thirudathae Raja
1961 Thai Sollai Thatathey Royal
1962 Thaiyai Katha Thanaiyan Carnatic
1964 Panakara Kudumbam Swamy
1965 Enga Veetu Pillai Royal
1965 Ayirathil Oruvan Carnatic
1968 Kudieruntha Kovil Raja
1969 Adimai Penn Raja
1969 Nam Nadu Raja
1970 Mattukara Velan Iruthaya
1971 Rickshawkaran Raja
1973 Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban Raja
1974 Urimaikural Geethalaya
1975 Ithayakani Central


Out of 115 movies from 1947 to 1978 as a Hero, 27 movies crossed 100 days and Enga Veetu Pillai is only movie to have a Silver Jubilee run in Coimbatore.

04 July 2013

Chakravarthy Thirumagal

Sri MGR Year 96, 4th July, Thursday

ALS productions first venture with our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR is Chakravarthy Thirumagal. The movie was first released in 18th January 1957 all over South.




The first MGR movie for Director P.Neelakantan then he went on to direct 16 other movies with MGR as the lead.


The movie was a super hit and crossed 100 days in 8 theaters, Chitra and Sri Krishna in Chennai, New Cinema – Madurai, Gaiety – Trichy, Diamond – Coimbatore, Santhi – Salem, Radha – Virudhu Nagar, States – Bangalore. And one theater in Srilanka – Kinsley.


The movie is re-released tomorrow in Mahalakshmi theater. More of images and videos of re-release will follow soon.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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