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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

12 July 2013

Sweet Revenge

Sri MGR Year 96, 12th July, Friday

King Claudius to Laertes “Revenge should have no bounds” a line from Hamlet. Taking revenge in Tamil Movies are run of the mill story. In MGR movies the theme revenge is categorized to five, they are taking revenge for his Mother, Father, Sister, Family and Country.

The concept of revenge in MGR movies is giving justice for the wrong doing by his enemies. Mostly they were taken into custody or they repent for their sins and rarely killed.


I. For Mother:

Most of MGR movies have a widowed mother. But when looking into the story of MGR movies for the revenge theme the number of movies falls under this category they are:

Thaiku Pin Tharam

Mannathi Mannan

Adimai Penn

Of this the grandest revenge movie for his Mother is Adimai Penn.


II. For Father:

Astonishingly more revenge stories are attributed for his fathers demise. The movies are:

Kudieruntha Kovil

En Annan

Thedi Vantha Mapillai

Kumari Kottam

Sangay Muzhangu (Foster Father)




Above image is from Sangay Muzhangu.


III. For Sister:

Not more than two movies for the taking full revenge by our Hero, against the opponent done on screen. One movie Engal Thangam though appears to fall in this category it is more apt to say that the story is about brothers love.

The movies for this category is two:

Periya Idathu Penn

Anna Nee En Deivam (Avasara Police 100)



IV. For Family

This includes not only the villain killing MGR’s father and mother but also tormenting his siblings. This includes two movies.

Neerum Nerupum


The above image is from Neerum Nerupum, this movie involves revenge against Asokan who had killed MGR’s Father and Mother. Same movie can be counted in For Country also.


Sirithu Vazha Vendum

Nalai Namathey


V. For The Country:

Most of his movies either Social oriented or period movies MGR’s character is centered around liberating the hardship faced by his country men, those includes the below movies.

Marutha Nattu Illavarasi

Ayirathil Oruvan

Nam Nadu


MGR’s revenge against corrupted politician.


Uzhaikum Karangal

Revenge theme against his Employer who becomes corrupt and anti social.



Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian

A classic novel of Akilan “Kayalvizhi” directed by MGR and named as Maduraiyai Meeta Sundarapandian a revenge against Chola Empire, how MGR succeeds in his task forms the core of the story.


Rickshawkaran movie which fetched MGR his best Indian Actor Award is also about revenge, but in this he fights against the injustice of Asokan, this revenge MGR takes is for somebody else, the foster child.



I might have missed some movies, if any please let me know.Thanks to Vinod Sir for cross checking the list.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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