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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

28 March 2008

Making History in Tuticorin

MGR movies are re-released in almost all parts of Tamil Nadu. Not only the then Box Office movies average movies are also re-released with support from the MGR Fans and as well as movie lovers. To create a Guinness Record for re-releasing 100 MGR movies, Tuticorin Sathyam Theater was regularly re-released MGR movies continuously from 4.3.2007. Only on Sunday three shows and some movies for one week.

  1. 04.03.2007 – Ninaithathai Mudipavan

  2. 11.03.2007 – Chakravarthy Thirumagal

  3. 18.03.2007 – Dharmam Thalaikakum

  4. 25.03.2007 – Anba Va

  5. 01.04.2007 – Kudieruntha Koil

  6. 08.04.2007 – Mattukara Velan

  7. 15.04.2007 – Nam Nadu

  8. 22.04.2007 – Rickshawkaran

  9. 29.04.2007 – Netru Indru Nalai

  10. 06.05.2007 – Vivasahi

  11. 13.05.2007 – En Annan

  12. 20.05.2007 – Raman Thediya Seethai

  13. 27.05.2007 – Kudumba Thalaivan

  14. 03.06.2007 – Vettaikaran

  15. 10.06.2007 – Neethiku Thalaivanangu

  16. 17.06.2007 – Thani Piravi

  17. 24.06.2007 – Navarathinam

  18. 01.07.2007 – Ayirathil Oruvan

  19. 08.07.2007 – Kumari Kottam

  20. 15.07.2007 – Thedivantha Mapillai

  21. 22.07.2007 – Meenava Nanban

  22. 29.07.2007 – Palandu Vazhga

  23. 05.08.2007 – Nalai Namathae

Protest from other Actor fans the movie was slated to be re-released was postponed to one week. For information it was not Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Fans.

  1. 19.08.2007 – Ninaithathai Mudipavan (Without any option they have to re-release the same movie again)

  2. 26.08.2007 – Nan Anai Ittal

  3. 02.09.2007 – Nalla Neram

Again the hurdles for the re-release of MGR movie by other Actor Fans the movie was postponed.

  1. 16.09.2007 – Idhaya Veenai

  2. 23.09.2007 – Thalaivan

  3. 30.09.2007 – Kalathai Vendravan (MGR Documentary)

  4. 07.10.2007 – Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga

  5. 14.10.2007 – Idhayakani

  6. 21.10.2007 – Madurai Veeran

  7. 28.10.2007 – Namathu Deivam (MGR Documentary)

  8. 04.11.2007 – Pattikatu Ponniah

  9. 11.11.2007 – Engal Thangam

  10. 18.11.2007 – Kalangarai Vilakkam

  11. 25.11.2007 – Thazhampoo

Further data will be posted as soon as I receive from Tuticorin.

Movie data provided by T.T.Selvan, Makkal Thilagam MGR Pothunala Mandram, Tuticorin.

Images given by B.S.Raj, Chennai.

21 March 2008

Mattukara Velan Records

In 1970 five MGR movies were released

  1. Mattukara Velan (Colour) – Date of Release 14.01.1970, no. of days 177.

  2. En Annan (Colour) – Date of Release 12.05.1970, No.of days 112.

  3. Thalaivan (B/W) – Date of Release 24.07.1970, No.of days 70.

  4. Thedi Vantha Mapillai (Colour) Date of Release 29.08.1970, No.of days 100.

  5. Engal Thangam (Colour) Date of Release 09.10.1970, No.of Days 110.

One movie to reach 175 days in 1970 is MGR's Mattukara Velan. (Any other movie please inform)

Highest No.of House full shows for Mattukara Velan held by Trichy Palace Theater consecutive 151 shows.

After Adimai Penn (1969) Mattukara Velan held 100 shows house full in Madras city for four centres. The centers or movie halls include Plaza, Broadway, Krishnaveni, Sayani.

    16 centers crossed 100 days they are

  • Plaza – 112 days (Chennai)

  • Broadway – 176 days (Chennai)

  • Krishnaveni – 107 days (Chennai)

  • Sayani – 106 days (Chennai)

  • Chintamani – 181 days (Madurai)

  • Palace – 151 days (Trichy)

  • Jaya – 156 days (Salem)

  • Iruthaya – 188 days (Coimbatore)

  • Central – 149 days (Erode)

  • Lakshmi – 142 days (Nellai)

  • Yagappa – 105 days (Thanjavur)

  • Diamond – 101 days (Kudanthai)

  • Crown – 100 days (Vellore)

  • Balasubramaniam – 100 days (Thiruvannamalai)

  • Central – 142 days (Sri Lanka)

  • Rani – 126 days (Sri Lanka)

After “Enga Veetu Pillai” movie MGR movie “Mattukara Velan” reached Silver Jubilee in 3 cities Chennai, Madurai and Coimbatore.

As stated earlier total number of MGR acted movies released in 1970 are 5 of this 4 movies such as Mattukara Velan, En Annan, Thedivantha Mapillai, Engal Thangam reached 50 days in all centers

a) 86 centers for Mattukara Velan (75 days in 25 cities, 50 days in 45 cities)

b) 62 centers for En Annan.

c) 42 centers for Engal Thangam

d) 28 centers for Thedivantha Mapillai

Combined No.of days in Salem in 3 theaters comes to 222 days.

In Sri Lanka Mattukara Velan was released in 4 theaters of this 2 theaters reached 126 and 142 and fifty days for other two. In Re-release in 1973 and 1977 50 days.

In Bangalore 3 centers reached 50 days and in 2 11 weeks.

Tamil Malar a Daily in Singapore held a contest for the Best Actor in1970 and MGR was elected as the Best Actor for the movie Mattukara Velan.

After Nadodi Mannan i.e. nearly after 12 years Mattukara Velan is the movie to reach 100 days. And after Enga Veetu Pillai film Mattukara Velan crossed 175 days in Coimbatore (Iruthaya – 188 days)

Records and images provided by “Anaithulaga MGR Pothunala Sangam” B.S.Raj.

20 March 2008

Junior MGR

When ever I write a new Post and publish I receive less comments just one or two. When the topic shifts to MGR Movie records I get various kind of comments from MGR Fans as well as from Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Fans. The post for comments will come within 2 to 3 days. Some post will comments nearly after three or four months. I posted about MGR's Picture festival on December. By the end of February I received a comment from Mr.Pradeep Balu saying him the Grand Son of M.G.Chakrapani and MGR. I first thought some one is trying to play practical joke. Because I felt why should such persons will try to contact me, what great thing I have done to MGR. I did not answer to his email. This month too I received two comments one with his mobile number. Then I contacted Mr.Pradeep Balu just two minutes talk and when contacted daily. I asked more about his family and he gave the details which I want to share with MGR Devotees and MGR Fans.

MGR and M.C.Balu

PRADEEP BALU Son of M.C.Balu (9th son of M.G.Chakrapani) M.C.Balu is a singer he had a troupe started with Abaswaram Ramjhi, an Ad film director and ADMK Party Worker. He actively participated in ADMK party. M.C.Balu passed away one year back, his wife a writer in Andhra Pradesh and daughter of the famous film writer and novelist in Andhra Pradesh named Palagummi Padmaraju. Pradeep Balu was born in the year when MGR came to power.

MGR, Jr.MGR (Pradeep Balu), M.G.Chakrapani and his wife, Janaki Ramachandran.

Pradeep Balu was to be debuted as Junior MGR in Tamil film unfortunately that did not happen. Then Junior MGR Pradeep concentrated on Film editing. He worked as Assistant Editor in various movies such as “Bambhara Kannaley”, “Azhaga Irukirai Bayamaiga Irukirathu”, “Thiruvillyadal Arambam”, “Kannum Kannum”, “Sabari”, “Deepavalli”. And he worked for five Hollywood films shot in RAMOJI FILM CITY in “Crocodile-2- death roll”, “Quick Sand”, “In the shadow of the cobra. He was credited for Assistant Director for Beeper, and Centipede. After 12 years of Hard Work Junior MGR got to work independently it is again an English co produced by Walt Disney named "The Family Picture" Directed by Umakanth.

Junior MGR Pradeep Balu

Junior MGR is the only person from the MGR family to be in Film Industry. Junior MGR Pradeep Balu wants to achieve something in this film Industry and prove that his grandfathers a good grandson.



The images are provided by Jr.MGR Pradeep Balu, from his Mobile, with his consent I have produced some of the words from his email. He has promised me in giving the scanned pictures of MGR and his family.

17 March 2008

Re-release Matukara Velan Part II

Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal celebrated the re-release of Matukara Velan in Natraj Theater. As usual Sathya and his friends garlanded MGR Image in the Banner. The fans standing below the Banner are ready with flowers in their hands. When the camphor was lit MGR Devotees and Fans throwed flowers and praised MGR. Long Live Puratchi Thalaivar MGR echoed.

The Video the celebration.

The theater management first opened the balcony counter priced as Rs.15/- when it was full then only the next ticket counter was opened. People rushed to the counter as their was Police unwanted verbal fights did not arise. The Police helped in keeping the line in order.

The evening show was full. The print was not bad. As per MGR devotees the request for “Oru Pakkam Pakura” song was shown once more. As a special item Doctorate function awarded to MGR was also shown in the first half of the film. The enjoyment of the MGR devotees reached the sky when their request was permitted.

Collections for 3 days is Rs.50,000/- The highest ticket is Rs.15/- and lowest Rs.12/-

Matukara Velan records will follow soon.

16 March 2008

Re-release Matukara Velan

Hoarding placed by Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal

A special vinyl banner indicating the pathetic condition of New released films and the success of MGR movies re release in 2007.

The Banner placed in the Movie Hall

Image showing a Lady performing Pooja to MGR

Cricket Fever Hoarding placed by MGR Devotees from East Tambaram

Movie Records

Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal have placed photos and paper cuttings of old news Papers the success of Matukara Velan.

Matukara Velan

MGR's Dual Action movie Jayanthi films "Matukara Velan" was released in Natraj Theater this week (14.3.2008) Ads were placed in Daily Thanthi on Friday. In 14.1.1970 Matukara Velan was released in Plaza, Broadway, Krishnaveni and Sayani (Chennai).

As usual MGR Devotees have fixed vinyl hoardings and garlanded and decorated MGR images. A Fan has kept a MGR picture and performed pooja. Anaithulaga MGR Pothunala Sangam welcomed MGR Fans and issued special notice about Matukara Velan records and various MGR film records and the movies which are released in 1970.

Various MGR Fans Association came to show their respect to MGR. They performed Poojas to cut outs and Banners of MGR. Even women fans and children were in large number.

Indian Cricket Team had won the mighty Australian team in their soil the fever is still felt. A group of MGR Devotees from East Tambaram have place a hoarding that MGR is still not out batsman.

When the function began cracker and applause was non stop. Then Police came in and made order. Four police men were kept near the counter to maintain order. The film was house full. The Theater management has decorated the Movie hall with colourful lights, and also placed a focus light for MGR's Big picture which is kept in the middle of the entrance.

I thank Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal and Anaithulaga MGR Pothunala Sangam helping me to take pictures and videos and Yukesh Babu protected me from the crowd.

12 March 2008

MGR's Unfinished movies II

By the end of 1969 MGR went on to make a movie under the Banner MGR Productions “Inaintha Kaigal”. The story was inspired from a Hindi film Prithiviraj Kapoor's “Daktha Mansoor”. The story is real one from the life of Muslim Chief Mansoor who lived in Iran.

Arrangements were made the story draft was changed 3 times before it went on to shooting stage. N.T.Ramarao was booked for the Telugu version of this movie. A grand function was held in Sathya studios on the first day shooting of the movie, presided by Kalaignar Karunanidhi.The crew involved in this movie are M.S.Viswanathan – Music, Lyrics by Vali and Pulavar Vedha, Camera by V.Ramamurthy, Story – Syed Hajah Mohideen alias Ravindran, Dialogues by Sornam, Jambu for Editing, Stunts by Shyam Sundar, Arts by Anga Muthu and Direction by Chanakya.

The Ad placed in Daily Thanthi

Story : Mansoor was born in Royal family, circumstances make Mansoor and his mother get separated from the family. Mansoor was raised by a Poor man named Moosa. Mansoor becomes a thief for living. Years roll by, Mansoor helps the poor and needy by giving them food, care and money, and stand for their cause and against the reigning King. An incident happens that he becomes changed man when he falls in Love with a girl who is a princess. Her father is Harun Al Rashid. Mansoor gets to know his birth mystery. He get assisted by his Lover. A greater task was kept in front of Mansoor to provide water to her Kingdom. He triumphantly performs the task by breaking the mountain with that he gets to know about his Mother and finds her and finally the throne he rightly owned.

MGR planned to introduce Iranian Actress as the heroine for this movie.

Four songs were recorded three usual movie songs and one lengthy Kavali type song. The songs such as

a. Nilavu Oru Pennagi (the song was used in Ulagam Sutrum Valiban – MGR and Manjula)

b. Aval Oru Navarasa Nadagam (this song also used in Ulagam Sutrum Valiban – MGR and Latha the one with water ballad)

c. Konjam Neram Ennai Marenthan (this song was used in Sirithu Vazha Vendum – MGR and Latha, remember both of them in lots of costumes for that song)

A forest set was made in Sathya Studio and shots were taken as MGR saving four girls and some dialogue scene between MGR and orphan children.

MGR and Geethanjali in Inaintha Kaigal

When the shots in studio were completed MGR asked Chitra Krishnasamy to get the permission from the Iran Government to shoot the movie in their country. The situation changed when Chitra Krishnasamy went to meet the Government they asked the story, after reading the story they denied permission. The reason the then Iran country was ruled by a King, it is capital punishment to mock a King or telling a story a thief becoming a King. King and Queen are highly placed and they do not want such a story to be shot in their country. Chitra Krishnasamy returned home and he told the sad story.

Story writer had a chance meeting Fartheen an International actor who is also one of the member from the Royal Family and asked can he do any help regarding picturising the movie. He firmly said you can ask the King to give the greatest treasures from his kingdom but not this kind of story. We are very strict we did not like disrespecting the King and Queen. You might have seen that all the foreign movies running in Iran are dubbed and released in Persian language. The Censor board is very powerful than our Police. I cannot help regarding this movie.

Then MGR made a 4th draft changing the back drop to India. Some characters are to be deleted and new ones to be created. When M.G.Chakrapani was asked to take the role of the King Rashid he did not accept and went on to take the role of Poor Moosa. He acted in the role of raising the child character Mansoor because he desired to raise MGR's son in real life but that did not happen for that he wanted to act as Poor Moosa to raise MGR's son in reel life. 5th draft was made and Actress Geethanjali acted with MGR for some scenes.

The movie was dropped the reason unknown then MGR went on to make “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban”.

MGR asked the story department for lavishness in the movie. Imagine the scene of breaking the mountain and the rushing water in those days. 3 Dream songs in Iranian back drop. The sets are inspired from Arabian Nights story. Costumes that MGR used is very different and shows individuality. Apart from the head dress MGR keeps the knife in his throat.

Excerpts from Nenjil Neraiantha Ponmanachemmal and image from Ithayakani magazine November 2003 issue.

09 March 2008

Offensive writing - After Effects IV

The South Indian Film Artist Association today called for protest on the flippant writing about Makkal Thilagam MGR and Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan. The venue was Abibullah Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17. The time was 3 p.m. Tomorrow Newspapers will be flooded by the support of the Actors and Actress.

Jeyamohan created unnecessary tension for each and every MGR and Sivaji Fans. I am looking back at my blog what I have done apart from condemning Jeyamohan. The older posts are only about him and not anything useful about MGR. It is a pity that I have not done anything as I have done earlier. Lot of work are pending the MGR M.R.Radha case, Unfinished MGR movies, Annadanam videos conducted by Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal, unseen MGR song etc.

The image from Daily Thanthi dated 9.3.2008.

05 March 2008

Offensive writing - After Effects III

The Notice for Hunger Strike Given by MGR Fans.

Excerpt from the speeches of Thirunavukarasu M.P. And Ithayakani Editor Vijayan.

Thirunavukarasu - I have three children, all of them are named by Puratchi Thalaivar MGR. He named my first son as 'Anbu' and my third child – girl as Sathya Rajeswari. When I took my second son to MGR he asked what is his name, I told 'Ramachandran'. He looked at me so that I is the reason you have not asked me to name your second son. He never likes to give his name to others. He chooses only other good names. He never likes publicity, such was the attitude. I request Mr.Jeyamohan should concentrate and find fault and do necessary writing in his blog about the present actors and not yesteryear Actors Who are legends such as Puratchithalaivar and Sivaji Ganesan.

Video url:

And Ananda Vikatan is good and respectable magazine I am astonished why Ananda Vikatan published this indecent writing of Jeyamohan. In 1970 to 1972 MGR wrote his Bio-graphy in Ananda Vikatan this gave fame to MGR and Ananda Vikatan. I strongly condemn Ananda Vikatan that have published indecent writing on Puratachi Thalaivar MGR and Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan. They should sincerely regret for what they have done.

The Video is about the un uttered words of MGR written by Jeyamohan as said by Theepori Arumugam when MGR met the Teachers in strike during his tenure as Chief Minister.

Ithayakani Editor Vijayan : MGR is the greatest Human being in the world we know that, but Jeyamohan not. We all know Jeyakanthan wrote ill about Tamil women in his novel “Cinemavuku pona Chithalu” in it he indirectly mentioned about MGR and the Tamil girls love MGR then their husband. MGR was then alive when he wrote, but MGR was the most forgiver he did not take any actions. If MGR had took action on that day this Jeyamohan will not write like that.This Jeyamohan is nobody he is the sishyan of Jeyakanthan. I have contacted him through phone now he is not picking up the cell. Mayil Samy has helped me in tracing his number. I have given his number to all my friends. I can assure you that Jeyamohan will not sleep peacefully until he regrets in public.

The writing is entirely different the language he used is indecent. Poet Vairamuthu has condemned the writing of Jeyamohan to me by phone, and he has asked me that this kind of indecent language is not good for the society we have to stop this as quick as possible.

Jeyamohan has written so many things but one thing that is very undigestable that is MGR's dialogue delivery after his accident. A person who is not able to speak properly has tried whole heartedly to pronounce the words. He did not ask his dialogue writers to give simple words to speak instead he tried and given the best he can that is laudable performance but Jeyamohan has not looked into. Every word MGR said after the accident is worth and not comical as written by Jeyamohan. I give you some instances in MGR movies.

a) In Kavalkaran there is a scene between MGR and Jayalalitha. Where Jayalalitha was embarrassed by his father M.N.Nambiyar that was seen by MGR without the knowledge of Jayalalitha. When Jayalalitha says that she was welcomed well MGR say 'Parthean Susila Parthean'. MGR took nearly 1 hour for pronouncing that dialogue that too part by part. Such was his hard work. The best pronunciation was taken.

b) The second dialogue having lot of tongue twisting 'En inba Komedhakathai' MGR can ask his dialogue writers to change into simple one. But he did not ask so he went on and tried to give the best.

Such was the hard work of MGR. The best tone work can be seen in Adimai penn.

I thank all the MGR Fans who have come here to participate in the Hunger Strike amid their work and I aslo thank film personals MGR friends and others. We have planned for a large demonstration on 9th of March if 'Ananda Vikatan' and Jeyamohan did not apologise properly.

After Vijayan speech Kaliannan spoke for sometime he gave more details about MGR that we have not heard about. Vijaya T.Rajendar also spoke on the occasion followed by Comedy Actor Vivek. Who strongly condemned Ananda Vikatan. The Hunger strike came to an end by 5 pm. The function was peaceful because it was attended by MGR Fans and held by MGR Fans.

01 March 2008

Offensive writing - After Effects II

Yesterday I received a phone call from Ponmanachemmal MGR Bakthargal and they told there will be a protest and hunger Strike against the writing of Jeyamohan and Ananda Vikatan on MGR tomorrow near Chepauk Cricket Stadium.

Today between my work I went to Chepauk by 12 noon Yukesh Babu accompanied me in the protest dias, gathering of MGR fans, important persons from Cinema, Polictics, Writers and artists. Some of them are Thirunavakarasu M.P. (Bharatya Janata Party) Poet Kasi Muthu Manickam, MGR Assistant MGR Muthu, Actors Radha Ravi, Mayil Samy, Kumaresan, Directors P.Vasu, V.C.Kuganathan, Rajan, MGR relative Thottam Vijayan, Ithayakani Editor Vijayan, MGR Car Driver Kaliannan, MGR's makeup man son Hariaran and others.

All of them condemned Jeyamohan his way of indecent writing. Police protection was there amidst the Birthday function of Kalingar Son Mu.Ka.Stalin.

Speech by Kasi Muthumanickam (Poet)

These are the excerts from the speeches made by P.Vasu, Thirunavakarasu M.P. and Ithayakani Editor Vijayan.

P.Vasu: I am the son of Peethambaram who have touched MGR several times because he is the Make up man of Puratchi Thalaivar. I always admire him, his skin colour, lips, the cheeks etc.MGR is the most beautiful person in Cinema. Recently Mayil Samy presented me a MGR portriat it was very beautiful picture of MGR and very homely look. We know how MGR is and how he acted in films, Jeymohan should re consider. And I strongly condemn Jeyamohan and the artist who mimics MGR in TV shows. I am now working with Rajni for the up coming film Kuselan and recently Rajni asked me what is the secret and how MGR made all his films success?

Thirunavakarasu: I was a member of ADMK. I was also one of the cabinet minister of Puratchi Thalaivar MGR.I will give you some incidents from Puratchi Thalaivar MGR life that how much civilised Puratchi Thalaivar MGR is.

The first incident is when MGR is the Chief Minister I also had to accompany him in his travels in Tamil Nadu on one such occasion we came near a Farm - Farmer and his wife who were working in the field. There was no one except the farmer and his wife. When the Car stopped the farmer came running and looked inside the car to see MGR smiling. He reverendly touched Puratchi Thalaivar MGR and he was in tears, then MGR asked him do you have any problems tell me I will help you? The farmer answered, No... there is no problem for us in your rule. Then MGR's usual conversation continued and while leaving MGR gave them a handful of cash but the Farmer with a shock throwed the money into the Car. We dont want any money. I have touched you that is equivalent to crores that is enough. MGR sat back and when the car moved he told me, I fear how I will be able to hold this Love till my death, I have to work hard more to be loved by them forever.

Director P.Vasu, Thirunavukarasu M.P., MGR Muthu.

when speaking about the meeting between MGR and Prince Charles

Another incident is when in November 3rd 1979 Prince of Wales Charles visited India and he came to Madras now Chennai. MGR asked to accompany Charles wherever he went. I did what he said. When Prince Charles met MGR - he talked to Puratchi Thalaivar for sometime and MGR took leave. When we came back Prince Charles questioned me, is MGR is from Royal family? I answered we call him King of Kings through films. Prince Charles asked again is he from Royal Family? I told no not in this birth maybe last birth he should have been King and I asked him why you are asking like that. Prince Charles told me MGR behavior is very civilised I have gone to many countries and meet so many Politicans but MGR 's talk, his look, the way he handles his cap, glasses and kerchief gives a sign of Royal. MGR is most civilised man and as we the Fans of MGR should maintain such dignity in this stage. We should not call names who has ill treated MGR. I also condemn Jeyamohan who have also wrote about Sivaji Ganesan one of the Great Actors of India.

To be continued.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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