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08 December 2011

Hats of MGR

Sri MGR Year 94, 8th December Thursday


MGR used different kinds of hats and caps in his movies according to the characters he portrayed. MGR Devotee Sailesh Basu during his free time sent me the images of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR with different hats and caps.


I have uploaded some of the images he had forwarded to share in our MGR Blog.


anbay_vaa   anbay_vaa_2


The above image to the left is the first scene from the movie Anbay Vaa where he will be welcomed by the Press reporters and MGR gives a short interview, the hat is called felt hat. The image to the right is during the song scene from the same movie.


arasakattalai_1   arasakattalai_2


Typical Indian costume, Veerappa crowning MGR for the film Arasakattalai. The other image is a cap using animal fur from the song Veetai Adu Velaiyadu.


baghdad_thirudan   baghdad_thirudan_2


Typical Fez hat used by MGR for the movie Baghdad Thirudan, along with him is M.N.Rajam. The image to the right is the turban kind.




Kind of turban hat used by MGR during the song scene from the movie Kudiyiruntha Kovil. Below is the video uploaded by istream.



ithayaveenai   ithayaveenai_2


A peaked cap used in the movie Ithayaveenai, to the right is ochre coloured turban, a style used by Swami Vivekananda.




Top hat used by MGR in the movie Ithayaveenai, along with MGR is M.N.Nambiyar and Manjula.




Typical Indian King’s Crown.




MGR acting as a Matador for the song Thulluvathu Illamai wearing a Matador hat formally known as Montera.


mgr_cap   mgr_hat


Felt hats




The above image is from the movie Navarathinam with a mughal costume.




The above image is from the movie Neethiku Thalaivanangu, MGR modified the Chilote cap and used it in the movie. The cap is made of raw wool.




This kind of hat used by Indian fishermen, the same was used by MGR in Padagotti.


The video of the song uploaded by Goldtreat in youtube website.




sangay_muzhangu_1  sangay_muzhangu_2


Felt hat for the movie Sangay Muzhangu, and turban typical of Sikhs.




Modified beret cap used by MGR in Thanipiravi.




Top hat again used by MGR in Oorukku Uzhaipavan for the song It is easy.


Credit goes to Sailesh Basu and other video uploaders.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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