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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

15 May 2006

MGR Returns

The Last day of the campaign for my constituency (Chennai City) was going on. Jayalalitha was expected to make her address on 1 P.M., so to gather mass ADMK cadres have arranged for a Light music. The songs were from MGR movies and were enacted on the stage by MGR look-alike. I was behind the stage and near to Sound Engineer; there I saw how they planned the show with one MGR song preceding Party's song. What I coming to say is about MGR look-alike persons, 3 of them totally, 2 were wearing costumes from MGR film and one in Political MGR with typical White shirt and dhoti, with fur cap and dark glasses. People enjoyed when 2 MGR appeared on the stage for a song from the film "Oli Vilakku", many people were showing Victory sign (Party Symbol) "Two Leaves" to MGR look-alike.

As the song was going on the stage, one person went near the stage and shook hands and next he touched the feet of MGR look-alike, the person donning MGR costume was shocked for a second and told to him Don’t do this to me, I am not MGR, he pointed to the sky and said MGR is great.

And another incident I came to know after the Election results is ADMK cadre who has given the charge to look after the campaign in some villages of Andipatti (were Jayalalitha contested and won) went with music troop with MGR look-alike, as it is a Village people took "Aarthi" (a camphor lighted and showed as a respect to a person) for MGR look-alike and a woman around the age of 90 was saying that "Mavarasan MGR nallu erukatum" Long live MGR and finally she added that MGR is resting and Jayalalitha is campaigning for him. MGR cadre said to me that if he had said MGR has died years back, the Old lady might have trashed him, so he kept quite. There is no end for the fame of MGR.

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