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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

24 May 2006

Body Language

Definition of Body Language: Body Language is the unspoken communication that goes on in every Face-to-Face encounter with another human being. It tells you their true feelings towards you and how well your words are being received. Between 60-80% of our message is communicated through our Body Language, only 7-10% is attributable to the actual words of a conversation.

Here are some examples of Good Body Language commonly portrayed by MGR in films:

1) Brisk, Erect walk – Shows confidense

2) Standing with hands on hips – Readiness

3) Arms crossed on chest – Defensiveness (When facing a villain)

4) Stroking chin - Trying to make a decision

Now in detail:

In MGR movies the Body language is perfect. All actors know how to perform and portray their Body language in career as well as in public. But MGR's body language to his character is always correct. In the Film "Thirudathae" – Don’t steal, MGR does a negative role, when he is a thief he often keeps his hand inside the Pant pocket. After realizing his mistake the Body language also changes. In one scene were MGR's mother queries the innocence, MGR eyes evade from his mother, and this scene lasts only for 2 seconds.

In "Raja Desingh" – King Desingh movie after the climax, MGR and the co star S.S.Rajendran stand as a portrait, in this scene MGR stands still, there is no movement but S.S.Rajendran blinks his eyes.

In "Malai Kallan" – Mountain thief, MGR perfects the styles or the mannerism of a Muslim.

Shaking hands tells lot about a character, whether the character is dominating or subsiding. In many MGR films his hand shake with a Villain shows his domination attitude. The same hand shake with a friend is different. In "Nallavan Vazhvan" when MGR congratulates M.N.Nambiyar on becoming the Inspector of Police MGR grabs Nambiyar's hand with his two hands with Nambiyar, what that means, the hand shake tells that you are most valuable person to me, in the movie both characters are dependent to each other.

How will a person behave when he sees a currency, in film "Anba Vaa" MGR character is a Millionaire but acts as a Poor guy to the heroine and receives a 100 rupee note, how he takes the note is notable.

How does a shy person speak in a stage, how his body language look like? That can be seen perfectly performed by MGR in his film "Thozhilalli" – Labourer.

How does a caring person hug look like? Watch it in "Thazampoo" he hugs the other person(his brother acted by Asokan), his hands rises from down to up, like carrying posture – that is for caring and loving nature.

In "Kudieruntha Kovil" – were one MGR enters the house and tries to kill his mother on seeing 'Annadurai' (his mentor) Photo his face turns aside, his killing nature alters for a second.

When MGR asked to continue to act a Businessman (who was a smuggler) he resist and when he was shown the photo of her sister trapped, MGR shoulder droops, without uttering a word he shows the acceptance in the film "Ninaithathai Mudipavan".

In all the double action movies, MGR gives different Body language or mannerism to each character so as to differentiate and make people understand easily. Like twisting his nose in "Nadodi Mannan" – Wanderer and the King, playing with his fingers near chest level in "Engu Veetu Pillai", snapping and saying understand in "Ninaithathai Mudipavan", rubbing his neck in "Matukara Velan" – Cowherds Velan etc.

There is no ending if I start to give out the list of all his films. In every movie, his portrayal of Body language to the character is perfect.

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M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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