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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

18 August 2006

Re-Release and Reaction - Part II

Re-Release and Reaction Part II

The Story of Wanderer and King:

Rathinapuri is a country ruled by a King who had a Girl as his heir, but the Raja Guru (The Chief Priest) without others knowledge kidnaps the little princess and raises her in his own Island now known to the outer World. He has a plan to rule Rathinapuri later. Though everyone searches, all goes in vain. After some years the Old king dies. Now New King has to be appointed there were two rightful heirs to be elected King one is Pingalan and another Marthandan (King). The Chief Priest likes Pingalan as he can be easily made a puppet. But most of the consul and the Commander wishes Marthandan to be anointed as the King. The Chief Priest accepts and plots to kill Marthandan before the coronation.

Same time due to misrule of the Officers and wars, make rebel groups emerge throughout the Kingdom and give annoyance to the Monarchy. Of that Veerangan (Wanderer) who is a farmer turned Soldier becomes a rebel leader and propagates the evils of Monarchy and was flung into prison. There he meets a girl who is a member of another rebel group headed by the Old king's body guard, as there thoughts are same there heart beats in love rhythm. (Marthandan and Veerangan are exactly alike) Due to coronation most of the rebels were pardoned for their crime. Veerangan comes out of prison and mistaken as the New King in disguise.

As the coronation ceremony nears The Chief Priest puts a lot of conditions in the name of Astrology and makes Marthandan separated from his wife and was housed in a separate castle guarded by his Commander. He arranges for Marthandan's assassination by means of poisoning by his most trusted Cook.

One rebel group mistakes Veerangan as the new king and tries to kill him. And Veerangan escapes from the duel and fortunately for the people and unfortunately for the Chief Priest meets Marthandan. The New king comes to know about the problems poor faces in their daily life. Marthandan promises that he will look through the problems after he was sworn in as the King. On that night during the dinner the poisoned drink makes Marthandan unconscious. The news reaches the Chief Priest and tries to make Pingalan as the King.

The Doctor advices about the condition of the King, that he will be alright and he will conscious after 2 or 3 days due to the effect of the poison. The commander convinces Veerangan to act as the King only for a day. Veerangan accepts and rushes to the coronation ceremony. And in right time takes the crown and sceptre in a dashing manner. The Chief Priest did not believes, that Marthandan is alive some thing should have happened. He orders his men to rectify his doubt and there the King was captured and taken with them, and kept in a dungeon.

After the ceremony, the Commander comes to know the drama of the Chief Priest and again convinces Veerangan to continue as the King. Though Veerangan is not willing to be in Power but he accepts and lays many revolutionary ideas that will change the condition of the Poor and oppressed. All upper class in the country is against the new orders.

As once his Jail mate and sweetheart helps Veerangan to meet the rebel leader, who was body guard for the Old King, he tells the mystery of the Kingdom and about the abducted princess and high hand of the Chief Priest. And Veerangan throws his gauntlet and meets Pingalan and his men in their own dungeon. Veerangan overpowers Pingalan and captures him. In his small absence Veerangan's sweetheart was killed by Pingalan and the real King was taken to the Island accompanied by Pingalan, were the Chief Priest raises the Princess. In that Island the leader is none other than the Chief Priest who takes off his beard, Pingalan comes to know the truth that the Chief Priest plans to marry the princess and become the King of Rathinapuri thereby he doesn't need the help of Pingalan and why the Chief Priest is double crossing him. He waits to settle the matter once and for all.

Same time Veerangan reaches the Island, and accidentally enters the queens chamber, there he sees the princess and tells everything about her and ask her to help him in finding out the Real King, she accepts tells the place of the Real King were he was held captive and also she fell in love with Veerangan. Shortly Pingalan also enters the Queens chamber and lures her and abducts. Veerangan comes to the rescue and finishes Pingalan in the sea. (But he was to be resurrect in the Second part of the movie)

In the Eagle den the King comes to know by Pingalan's aide about the whole story and how he was held captive there by the Chief Priest. He tries to escape from his captivity on progress unfortunately he was hurt on the head and fells unconscious. Veerangan comes in time and saves the King from drowning. And both of them unite to save the Princess and fights to finish of the wicked plans of the Chief Priest. And finally after reaching their country the Real King puts the end to Monarchy.

The Cast

Marthandan - MGR (King)

Veerangan - MGR (Wanderer)

Chief Priest - P.S.Veerappa

Pingalan - M.N.Nambiyar

1st Heroine - Banumathy

2nd Heroine &

Princess - Sarojadevi

Behind the Scene:

The movie was inspired by the stories of "If I am a King" and "Prisoner of Zenda". Actually the story was started to grow wit

h MGR when he entered the film Industry. When the time was ripe he started to shoot the film. MGR stopped to work in other films and dedicated his entire force as well his wealth to making this Film. He was very concerned to his make up as he has to do the two leading roles, the heroine Banumathy has to wait longer than usual and she was not ready to wait and MGR has no other choice other than as a Director, to kill the heroine in the movie. And saw the debut of Sarojadevi as the new Heroine, one of the best loved pairs of his fans. 10 minutes after Intermission the film was shot in Colour. MGR was very bold to take this move, in the history of film making either the film was fully black & white or Colour. But MGR took the risk by moving over to Colour.

To be continued.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roop

I am stunned & speechless on seeing your posts !!!

Outstanding, terrific !

I am another ardent MGR fan .

Great to get so much information about Pon mana chemmal through you !

Please give video links and audio links of some of his best scenes and best songs .

All the very best to you for all future endeavours



Roop said...

Dear Nakeeran, thanks for your comments, and i am regularly updating my blog my previous blog was first week of November 2006 did you find it, if not say so!

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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