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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

20 December 2006

Mythos of the Legend

A few months back, I had to talk with my Client (he is working as a Lineman in Telephone department) about his Mother's Will probation and how much it will cost him. And I asked when she died, he went with it and the subject turned to MGR he said MGR died but living (confusing, I am to at that time). I asked to expound his theory he said, when MGR fell sick in 1984, he was rushed to Brooklyn Hospital in United States. There he died, but he was fitted with machines and the control was given to MGR's wife Mrs.Janaki Ramachandran, and she controlled, the button is not mechanical one it is in a form of medicine (tablets).

Proper medication has to be given in proper time so that it will function properly. (What actually tries to mean is MGR has turned into to Cyborg - Half human and half machine by the Americans, imagine the film like Robocop and Terminator)

One day (23.12.1987 night) MGR's wife has administered the wrong drug and the machine ceased to function and it was reported that MGR was dead. After a week or so there was rumour that strange machine sound is coming from the Tomb of MGR. He said the sound was audible for a year and there is no sound now. This is his conception about MGR.

People of Tamilnadu by the end of 1987 and 1988 kept their ears to the Tomb and said they too heard that sound. They said it is the sound of the Watch that is ticking and some said it is code word of his Secret account in Swiss Bank.

What I thought in 1988 is that MGR has placed a look like person and proclaiming he is dead and retired and living somewhere in a remote village.

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