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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

15 November 2013

Golden Jubilee Year Parisu

Sri MGR Year 96, 15th November, Friday

Today 15.11.2013 is the Golden Jubilee Year of MGR movie Parisu, directed by Yoganand, story by Kottarakara, produced by Kottarakara and Yoganand, dialogs by Aroordass, music is by K.V.Mahadevan and lyrics by Kannadasan. The character name of MGR in this movie is Venu and he is a Police Officer.


A crime takes place in Lakshmi Jewellers and the Police entrusts the case to MGR who goes in disguise as a researcher there he meets Ponni (Savithri) her uncle is M.R.Radha and his boss is the thief M.N.Nambiyar (who disguise as an old man). She has a boat, MGR uses her boat for his investigation. Both fell in love in due course, which was not liked by M.R.Radha who has plan to marry her.


MGR has a dearest friend, he has a sister Rajasulochana she is in love with the Villain. M.N.Nambiyar plans to kill MGR in his house unfortunately MGR’s friend was stabbed and he asks MGR to look after her sister and dies. MGR comes to know about Rajasulochana’s love and asks Nambiyar to marry but he suggest MGR to first marry his sister who is mentally ill. MGR sacrifices his love of Ponni and marries Nambiyar’s sister (Raghini). MGR comes to know about his wife’s illness and sends doctor to look after. Meanwhile on his investigation MGR comes face to face with the thief and killer Nambiyar in old man get up. He escapes cunningly but both his sister and Rajasulochana came to know Nambiyar is the person who is the criminal. Raghini tries to convey this message to MGR but was locked in her room by her sister in law. MGR fells sick and he is treated by a servant who knows everything about him, Ponni comes to know about the sacrifice done by MGR during the treatment.

Nambiyar plans to change his location and tries to transfer the amazed wealth. Ponni on returning from MGR’s house hears the meeting between her uncle and Nambiyar. Ponni then through the help of Jimmy (Nagesh) asks MGR to visit her secretly, MGR comes to the location but was taken custody by M.R.Radha, MGR was locked in Nambiyar’s hideout.

Meanwhile Raghini somehow escapes from her house and get in touch with Ponni she gives the revolver to her so that her husband escapes from the clutches of Nambiyar, on the way she is killed by M.R.Radha. MGR gets the revolver through Savithri and does the fight and finally Nambiyar gets arrested in the end. After returning from his official duty MGR seeks the hand of Savithri with a present.


The movie has memorable six tunes sung by TMS and P.Sushila.

1. Aalai Parthu Azhagai parthu – solo song for Savithri

2. Pattu Vanna chittu – solo song for MGR

3. Enna Enna inikkithu – duet song

4. Koonthal karuppu – the famous duet song

5. Ponnulagam nooki – solo song for Raghini

6. Kalamennum Nathinele – solo and sad song for Savithri

The highlight of the movie is the performance of MGR and Savithri, the songs and the climax fight, gun slinging new to Tamil movie of those days. After MGR getting married Savithri gives a present to MGR and Raghini, a locket (having the photo of MGR and Savithri) which MGR already gave as a present to Savithri, the change in MGR’s reaction on seeing the locket in the hand of Raghini, lasts only for a fraction of a second, MGR beautifully conveys his reaction, we have to watch carefully the reaction comes and goes in a flash.

In  my childhood I watched this movie in a theater I remember the stick fight were MGR gets hurt and the blood oozing out of his head, the investigation he does in the shore, MGR in the locked room picking up the revolver from the table and the revolver fight with Nambiyar along with Nagesh (the hilarious part of Nagesh in this movie). In one word Parisu (Present) is a crime thriller of the 1960s era.

Uploaded by RVV MGR in youtube but the picture is with less brightness.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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