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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

13 October 2013

Dr.MGR The Pride Of Our Nation

Sri MGR Year 96, 13th October, Sunday

An article written by playback singer P.B.Srinivas. He had lent his voice to our Puratchi Thalaivar in couple of movies.


Three different letters out of the alphabet joined together to create a universal record in Arts as well as Politics. MGR created unprecedented history by his marvelous, generous and remarkable life, the synonym of super success, making astounding progress.

Four decades ago, as an young school boy. I saw his film titled Rajakumari. I became his ardent fan forthwith, enchanted by his magnetic personality and very impressive performance. In those days, I could not even dream of an opportunity to sing for such a stalwart but when it happened during my film singing career, my joy knew no bounds.



I sang altogether four songs for him in four films, Mannathi Mannan, Thirudathae, Paasam and Kaadal Vaganam. The heart throb of million-billion-trillions. MGR is the unique leader of a most successful life and a glorious career. As a Man, Artiste and Politician, he proved his worth, with consummate skill and uncompromising and sincere in industry. From insignificant roles, he emerged and became a screen as well as real life hero, by virtue of very significant roles, thereafter. Whatever role he plays, he plays with full confidence and conviction in a care free style, with authenticity. Most of his films are roaring successes, as he could long back feel and study the pulse of the changing tastes of the public and accordingly he acted, directed and produced films which proved to be the best money spinners, making him and his producers stronger, more solid and sound. He gives some great messages or other in each film, especially about the supremacy of one’s own mother, above all.


Maximum Guaranteed Run is the faith and satisfaction of any of his producers, the moment he signs for films. MGR’s name itself is hailed as a symbol of inevitable success and moreover, the multifaceted capacity of MGR as a Super Star Artiste and film maker fetches his movies ever growing success and box office collections.

His success story still continues even after his debut in politics many years ago and rightly he is estimated by all as a single man institution. It is his divine intuition which makes study of all the nuances in any subject, that helps him achieve incessant success, making him an august legendary phenomenon.

His magnanimous nature and devotion to the cause of the afflicted distressed and aggrieved poor people, led him on the faith of humanitarian service. The benevolent donations, during all demanding situations are umpteen, out numbering the stars. “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha” is an age old adage in Sanskrit, proclaiming that “Righteousness always protects it protector”. The adage is once again authentically proved on many critical occasions, in the philanthropic life of MGR – the Great.

Once his leg bone was broken and yet another time, when his life itself stood at stake he escaped from the ferocious jaws of Death, though for sometime his voice was affected making it difficult to speak. He slowly regained his voice and became a much more successful and dynamic film personality, with overwhelming popularity, growing day by day and film after film. Diverse experience taught him many useful lessons and his judging capacity of each situation has increased enormously, as his march forward continues invulnerably.

To-day, he is steady and strong on the peak of popularity and recognition, for his meritorious and multifarious humane deeds and activities. As a top hero for several years he created new records breaking his earlier ones. As a precise politician as well as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, he is settling new trends in settling amicably many disputes and tackling dire problems, easily and adeptly.

His shrewd and dauntless attitude towards disheartening mal-developments in his own opponent parties, is strengthening his commanding position in spite of his recent disarming ill health that necessitated a long treatment in America. Every time the devotion and the affectionate service he rendered, his mother serve as his armour, protecting him from all casualties.

Coming out with flying colours and doubled energy from each trial and tribulation, he is rendering his regime more powerful, vigorous glorious and illustrious, as the entire world is standing speechless, observing his miraculous progress agog. Such sovereign supremacy is given but to a few who lead golden chapters in the annals of ‘World History’.

He treats his people as his beloved children with full care, attention and genuine affection. He readily announces help in all possible ways and measures to the helpless victims of any calamity. The supply of free Mid day meal and many other facilities to the school children is a very bold step taken by his kind despite the financial risk involved therein. Notwithstanding the opposite stand of his party, regarding some policies and decisions, his unstrained relationship with the centre is amazing being ample proof of his all round capacity to rule dexterously as a politician in power.

The signal service he is rendering to Tamil and Tamil Nadu and his fluency in the language are remarkable. He has falsified the misgivings and rumours expressed by many big wigs, regarding how far and how long he can sustain and hold sway, as a film man voted to power. In fact from the beginning of his exemplary career, MGR gave solid proof of air tight organising capacity. No doubt he is the Master Graduate who has made a detailed and thorough study of the different courses of life, in the Universe- University.

He does deserve many a Doctorate, in addition to profuse tributes awards, rewards and enviable titles in honour of his record, record breaking achievements in both films and politics. Both as a competent ruler and compassionate human being Dr.M.G.Ramachandran is peerless as he has paved the way for a very bright future of Tamil Nadu by contributing his unfailing genius to the planning, forming and executing many multi purpose policies and projects that are going to build the sky kissing edifice of prosperity, on the strong foundation of his effective efforts and endeavours.

One day, when he was shooting, for a Tamil movie in Vijaya Vauhini studios, I wished him, as he was seated in a chair, waiting for the call from the Director. He affectionately received me offering a chair beside him and talked with me for almost an hour regarding his planning to make a Social film on the lines of Devadas, the famous story of Saratchandra Bose. During that hour long conversation, I could understand how he could become an ever-successful Top Hero and an able administrator of variegated activities.

He always has clear cut ideas about anything he wants to explain and gives a vivid and detailed picture of his ideas to the absorbed listeners. On another occasion at a function held by S.I.E.T. Women’s College, I was flabbergasted when I heard his spell binding speech which left an eternal indelible impression in my enchanted mind, by virtue of his fluency and skill in oratory too, never drifting away from the main point.

Many superb qualities are in love with MGR and together they have formed a very ideal leader called befittingly as “Puratchi Thalaivar” the dependable doyen of both films and politics. Caps off to his cap wearing towering personality in appreciation of his inimitable individuality.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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