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10 April 2012

MGR Movies In 2011

Sri MGR Year 95, 10th April, Tuesday




Consecutive 33rd year (from 1979) Re-release of MGR movies hitting the screen and spinning money. The unparallel record still continues.


MGR Devotee Venkat compiled the data's and forwarded to Sathya and he gave this to me four days back.


In 2006 - 38 movies were released in 114 centres.

In 2007 - 31 movies were released in 111 centres.

In 2008 - 33 movies were released in 102 centres.

In 2009 - 28 movies were released in 83 centres.

In 2010 - 37 movies were released in 108 centres.

In 2011 – 40 movies were released in 89 centres.




Of this 47 centres screened our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR movies as 3 shows, 30 centres as 4 shows and 12 centres as 1 show i.e. 11.30 show and 1 centre 2 shows.


Most number of MGR movies was released in Star Theater for 18 weeks, Saravana theater for 16 weeks, Balaji theater for 14 weeks, Batcha theater for 10 weeks and Mahalakshmi theater for 9 weeks, Natraj theater for 7 weeks, Broadway theater for 4 weeks, Lakshmi theater for 2 weeks and the rest one week.


At a time three MGR movies was re-released in 3 different theaters in a week for seven times and four MGR movies were re-released in 4 different theaters in a week for one time. A new record and a new feather to MGR’s cap.


A record that cannot be broken in future, an artist who left the Cinema world in 1977 and Earth in 1987 still his movies were watched regularly by his fans.


Complete list of MGR movies that were re-released in Chennai alone in 2011.


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M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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