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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

11 May 2007

Ulagam Sutrum Valiban Story Part II

Rathna (Chandrakala) who is a dancer works in a Hotel, she refuses to dance and MGR has to save the damsel in distress and settle with Justin the Boss of the Hotel. Nagesh once again helps to get the pendant to MGR by his kleptomaniac behaviour. Inside the pendant is another address pointing to Hong Kong. Rathna becomes her secretary. MGR goes to Hong Kong to grab the time piece given by Scientist MGR to his friend named Mr. Robinson.

MGR's progress of grabbing the time piece was checked by R.S.Manohar. It was a cinch escapade for MGR. In the time piece is another part of address given as Bangkok Floating market.

A thrilling boat chase in the waters of Bangkok gives a set back to Asokan, were MGR and Nagesh goes to Bangkok floating market in search of Somsai. Mehta Rungroth was introduced as the daughter of Somsai. Mehta falls in love with MGR; he stays the night with Somsai. On the morning Somsai hand over the Little Buddha Statue.

After reaching the famous Dusit Thani Hotel MGR places all three pieces and the full address of the hidden place of the formula revealed. In the mean time MGR has to give a usual talk about sister to Mehta.

Asokan on knowing the address hires a Wrestler enacted beautifully by M.N.Nambiyar. He was first to reach the Buddha Temple. There a Buddhist Monk invites him, and comes to know there is another code to breaking the secret. He threatens the Monk that goes in vain. He disguises himself as the Monk and waits for MGR's arrival.

MGR reaches the temple and breaks the code the four Japanese letters Toshika, Kimoko, Mikayo and Himono. MGR finds the briefcase containing the formula. Nambiyar show who he is and fights with MGR. The magnificent fight ends in MGR's favour and he saves the Monk and put the formula briefcase in safe custody.

By this time Asokan takes the Scientist MGR to Kamakura Buddha temple, there MGR after seeing the statue of the Light of Asia gets the needed shock treatment and becomes normal. On knowing the failure of Nambiyar, Asokan uses another plan by trying to cure MGR by molesting his lover in front of him. But that turns to a comical fight. After this scene MGR tells about himself to Manjula and Latha helps them to escape.

On trying to pass this message to MGR she gets trapped to Asokan who tries to use her to nab the brothers and the formula.

On trying to pass this message to MGR she gets trapped to Asokan who tries to use her to nab the brothers and the formula.

As per the conversation MGR reaches Ginza Street there Latha escapes from the grip of Asokan and passes the message to meet his brother in Expo 70.

The movie reaches top gear in Expo 70 pavilions. A song, comedy and site seeing Expo 70 ends and MGR comes to know about his brother who was again captured and sent into torture chamber.

The climax takes place in a Hotel, were he fights a dozen thugs by skating. And finally MGR outwits Asokan and the doctor, and saves his brother. In the End MGR was seen with Latha and Chandrakala boarding a plane to continue the World Tour. The credits end with "Kizhuapricavil Raju" (Raju in East Africa) a sequel to this movie.

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