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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

27 March 2015

Panam Padaithavan 50th Year

Sri MGR Year 98, 27th March, Friday

pp_gold Today 27.3.2015 is the Golden Jubilee year of Panam Padaithavan movie. Produced and directed by T.R.Ramanna this family drama movie is star studded with our Puratchi Thalaivar in the lead, K.R.Vijaya and Sowcar Janaki as the heroines, Nagesh as MGR’s brother, T.S.Balaiah as his father. Dialogues by Sakthi T.K.Krishnasamy, stunts by R.N.Nambiyar, cherography for the song Paruvathil Konjam and Kan pona pokkile by Joseph Krishna, songs Antha Maapillai and Pavazha kodiyile by Thangappan, camera M.K.Rehman.


MGR throwing a javelin


Shot put throwing scene


Getting ready on the tracks

This movie was released during the successful run, full and full entertainment flick Enga Veetu Pillai and it is succeeded by the super hit movie Ayirathil Oruvan. Unfortunately Panam Padaithavan having good family story, top notch performances and memorable songs was over shadowed by mega movies Enga Veetu Pillai and Ayirathil Oruvan.


Panam Padaithavan 50th day ad

Cast and Character

            Artist Name        Character Name
MGR Raja
K.R.Vijaya Shanthi
Sowcar Janaki Rema
Nagesh Balu
T.S.Balaiah Shanmuga Pillai
Geethanjali Uma
S.A.Asokan Kuppan
R.S.Manohar Joker
A.K.Veerasamy Masilamani


To the left is Geethanjali (Uma), Nagesh (Balu), MGR (Raja), Sowcar Janaki (Rema) and R.M.Sethupathy.


Raja (MGR) is an athlete he goes with his brother Balu (Nagesh) to Calcutta (now Kolkata) to participate in an athletic meet. On his way his car accidentally knocks a drunkard, Masilamani (father of K.R.Vijaya) and Raja takes him to his house. There Raja meets Shanthi (K.R.Vijaya), she thanks him, love at first sight. 

During the competition Raja and Balu befriended by Rema’s father. He ask them to stay with him. Rema who is an ultra modern girl (Sowcar Janaki) likes Raja, Balu likes her sister Uma (Geethanjali).


MGR_Sowcar   MGR_harmonics

Her father wanted his daughters to marry brothers of the same family, so that they can live together. As Raja did not wish to marry Rema, rejects the offer, dejected Balu becomes a drunkard. Then Raja scarifies his love for his brother.


Raja (MGR) getting to ready to fight and save his brother

During the marriage Rema comes to know the fact that Raja is in love with Shanthi and that he is unwillingly marrying her. On that night Shanthi tries to suicide by jumping from Howrah bridge but she was saved. Masilamani phones Raja and informs the message, Raja leaves the house to see Shanthi and to console her, which Rema dislikes.


Raja (MGR) getting the promise from Shanthi (K.R.Vijaya) not in the image

Raja meets Shanthi in the hospital and gets promise from her that she will not do this act again. When he returns home Rema questions him and as a revenge, the next day he makes her friend Joker (Manohar) to call her, Raja takes the phone call, voluntarily Rema answers the call and tells him a lie that her friend is hospitalized and she needs to see.

As planned Rema meets Joker in the Boat Club, she understands that leaving the house in late hours and visiting Joker is not a revenge. Joker tries to molest her, Raja enters and tries to save her, but Joker shoots and kills Rema and later Joker was arrested by the Police.


Rema (Sowcar Janaki) wounded says sorry for her deeds


Raja (MGR) writing letter from the battlefield


Raja was depressed by the loss of his wife he joins the Army and goes to battle field. He frequently writes letters to his family. Raja gets wounded in action and was discharged from the service. Raja returns home and his brother gets the consent from Shanthi to get married with Raja.


Raja (MGR) firing his SVT 40 rifle

Shanmuga Pillai (Raja’s father) who first was interested in the marriage proposal asks to stop the marriage as Shanthi’s father Masilamani is from  a lower caste. Raja’s mother explains that Masilamani is from a lower caste loved Shanmuga Pillai’s sister (Aunt of Raja) married and she died giving birth to a child then Masilamani with his child went to Calcutta. Raja (in a dark shirt like Periyar EVR) speaks the evil of caste system and wants to marry Shanthi even if the world is against him.


To the left is MGR speaking about the evil of caste system and to the right is a scene about his marriage idea.

The marriage takes place with small hurdles caused by Kuppan the henchmen of Shanmuga Pillai. Raja gets work as a physical instructor. Months roll by and Shanthi becomes pregnant.


Balu is always pestered by Shanmuga Pillai that he need grand children. Balu hatches a plan and gets the promise of Shanthi that she will help to unite the family. As per the plan Uma acts as she is pregnant and returns to Calcutta. Shanthi gives birth to a son. Now Uma and Balu return and ask the favour of lending their son so that he can live in Shanmuga pillai house. With hesitation she gives the child. Raja comes to know this later and scolds Shanthi for her deeds.

Shanmuga Pillai was captivated by the grand son presence in his house. But Masilamani wanted to unite Raja and Shanthi goes to Shanmuga Pillai and asks the child to return, now Shanmuga Pillai comes to know that the parent is Raja & Shanthi he then gives back the child to Masilamani.


Raja (MGR) and his wife Shanthi (K.R.Vijaya) welcoming Shanmuga Pillai (T.S.Balaiah) not in the picture before the climax

Due to the love for his grand son Shanmuga Pillai next morning goes to Raja’s house and ask to return but comes to know that the child and Masilamani are missing since yesterday. He gets a letter from Kuppan about the ransom for the grand son return. Raja and Shanmuga Pillai meets Kuppan, then Raja confronts Kuppan and saves his son. Finally the family gets united.


All the songs of Panam Padaithavan are penned by Vali, music by Viswanathan Ramamurthy.

No. Songs Characters
1 Paruvathil Konjam MGR, Sowcar Janaki and K.R.Vijaya
2 Kan Pona Pokkile MGR (Philosophical song)
3 Antha Maapillai MGR, K.R.Vijaya (Duet)
4 Than Uyir K.R.Vijaya
5 Pavazha Kodiyile MGR, K.R.Vijaya (Duet)
6 Enakoru Magan MGR (Philosophical song)
7 Manicka Thottil MGR, K.R.Vijaya


Yenakoru Magan


MGR and K.R.Vijaya as Shajahan and Mumtaz for the song Pavazha Kodiyile

paruvathil_song2 paruvathil_song

Paruvathil Konjam song

Of all the songs I personally like Kan pona pokile, Yenakoro magan and the duet song Pavazha kodiyile.

Click the link below to view the song

“Kan Pona Pokile”

Click the link below to view the song

“Pavazha Kodiyile”

Click the link below to view the song

“Yenakoru Magan”

Click the link below to view the song

“Antha Maapillai”

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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