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29 January 2009

Duet songs in MGR movies

One of MGR fans have asked me to upload two duet songs of MGR in this blog. Instead I will write about the song sequence.

Duet songs in MGR movies that too dream songs are noteworthy. The theme is mostly fantasy based. One theme will be under water, Sea bed in Nadodi Mannan, Water ballad in Ulagam Sutrum Valiban, in another planet such as in Thozhilali and Rickshawkaran.

In Anbay Vaa MGR is Millionaire JB, but acts as a Secretary of JB. Before this song MGR pretends that he is seriously ill and gets the notice of Sarojadevi.

In this song MGR looks very beautiful, royal, charismatic, romantic and stylish. The costume as a King (European style) suits him well too. The background for chariot scene looks like colliding of galaxies syncs well with the characters of MGR and Sarojadevi.

Anbay Vaa rights for Salem and South Arcot

Ravindran MGR pictures story writer when he visited a foreign country a person who was checking the baggage asked him is this your Prince, pointing to a photo Ravindran had in the bag, the person in the photo was none other than MGR in Anbay Vaa royal costume. He said, No he is my Leader.

And a question who dreams this song? Write your views.



Nice. Any way I can see a video of MGR's wonderful dance song in front of the students?



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M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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