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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

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23 January 2009

Invincible MGR

After the release of teaser trailer of Puratchi Thalaivan in Internet the reaction was amazing from MGR Fans. The official website of Puratchi Thalaivan has added many features after January 17th. Now you can download MGR’s unique style wallpapers, the one he poses in the ship was awesome. I thank mayabimbam team for the movie and also for the nice and cool website.


Puratchi Thalaivan MGR


This is Malathi Rangarajan’s write up on Hindu Cinema plus, Friday January 23, 2009.


A Teaser trailer on the net on January 17 has attracted the attention of more than 2,000 MGR fans in a matter of just two days! We timed it to coincide with MGR’s birthday. Though the teaser per se has nothing to do with the animation film, ‘Puratchi Thalaivan’ we are working on, we wanted to know the pulse of the viewer. The feedback has been amazing, smiles Sridevi Rao, its producer.


Thalaivar on the ship


We at Mayabimbam wish to make wholesome family entertainers with messages for society at large. ‘V4’ had them too. But as we did not have popular personalities imparting the ideals, the messages did not percolate to every stratum. So we decided  to go in for a famous figure this time Who else can do it better than MGR himself? is Sridevi’s contention.


The film will be in typical MGR format, with its quota of songs, dances, villains and stunts.So who’ll play the bad man? I assure you it will be someone  who was a perfect foil for the hero during that era. From Nambiar and M.R.Radha to Asokan and Manohar the options are aplenty.


As a screen pair the MGR-Saroja Devi combo was always a sell-out. The two will be seen together in the animation version also. We’ve spoken to Saroja Devi and she’s very happy with the project. We intend to use her voice for Puratchi Thalaivan.


January 17, 2010 has been envisaged as the release date of Puratchi Thalaivan. The entire team is working hard with the time frame in mind, says Sridevi.


I humbly request MGR fans to participate in Puratchi Thalaivan website and give comments and suggestions that will help bring our Thalaivar back to silver screen in all his glories.


Thanks to MGR Devotee Yukesh Babu who informed me the Cinema plus editorial of MGR Returns!


The Official Web site of Puratchi Thalaivan.

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