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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

21 October 2008

Mega Release Part III

This the first fight scene in the movie (the new bgm is not good)

First Fight scene

This is another fight were the bgm is best, beautiful usage of DTS effect, MGR's punch was very good, the theatre rocked when MGR raises his fist watch the sound effect for that particular frame, and also the ecstasy of MGR fans.

MGR Fights with Justin

This is the best shot I can get in midst of MGR Fans.

I tried to take photos of Chiku mangu chiku mangu song but the fans crowded the place these are some of the photos that can be posted here at least you can see the face of MGR.

Which is real? the people in front of this camera is real people and in front of them is the screen view from Balcony.

Camphor to God MGR

Fountain Scene

MGR's directorial touch watch the fountain raises when Manjula gets to know about his Lover is alive. In the original version there is no sound when the fountain raises, they have worked meticulously and worked on the minute sound details in the frame.

Formula Address scene

This scene complete background music is changed to English movie theme and watch Asokan's action and sound effect when MGR destroys the mike from the Doll. When the scene cuts to the Japan Buddha temple Japanese music is added. Music for the scene fade is also changed.

Song Nilavu oru pennagi

Nilavu oru pennagi song music is re composed to DTS the sound difference is cannot be found in this clip but you can find the difference in Theatre. MGR Fans started to throw flowers and covered the screen, in this clip you will not see MGR face only the sound and MGR Fans. Watch the sound of Aeroplane flying ahead of Taxi. The best is when the Airport scene fades and a van moves from the right of the screen to the left you can hear it in stereo (in theatres only this clip is mono)

Robinson house

Special mention is the film was graded that can be seen visually, MGR's dress will be glittering, watch the ecstasy of MGR Fans, the barking of dog is heard on the back side of the seat most of them turned back to see whether dogs are behind them.

Rule dialogue

I added this clip because this is the only scene were political dialogue in the movie.

Song Thanga thoniyila

DTS effect in MGR movie! unbelievable how painstaking work they have done in shorter period. Watch and enjoy the song clip and please see the Old version and this clip and you will understand what I mean.

Special mention is that there is a theme music for MGR which is very majestic. You have to feel yourself. I think this post has lot of Videos.

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