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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

08 January 2009

MGR and Poet Laureate

Kavingar Kannadasan wrote many beautiful poems for MGR movies. In 1953 when MGR was in DMK, the party had Anna Durai as their Leader, E.V.K.Sampath second to the Leader. Apart from MGR the party had prolific with the pen Karunanidhi and Kannadasan. Together they (MGR, Kalaingnar and Kannadasan) contributed to the movie and as well as the politics.


DMK had a minor split in 1960 E.V.K.Sampath and Kannadasan and others left the party. Though MGR and Kannadasan were in other team they worked in many movies despite of their difference. The rift become severe when MGR was ousted from DMK in October 10, 1972.


Still Kannadasan wrote bad about MGR in his books, poems. And MGR last lyric from Kannadasan is for the movie Urimai Kural. Then by 1977 MGR assumed Power the ruler of Tamil Nadu. After becoming the Chief Minister MGR appointed Kannadasan as the Poet Laureate this raised many eyebrows.


MGR said with smile he was against me and I am not against his poems.




Kannadasan met MGR before the ceremony and thanked him with glistened eyes. Further he mentions the great characters of MGR. He treats friends as friends, enemy as enemy. He does not back stab his enemies like others. When I talked to him (in 1980) I did not see Madurai Veeran or Mannathi Mannan or Rajadesingh or Nadodi Mannan but I saw Tamil people most trusted GREAT HUMAN BEING.


I have praised many but they have ditched me though I have  given bouquets and brickbats to MGR but he is the only one who cared and helped me. For me MGRs M and G is Magnanimity and Generosity.


In the image the person to the left of MGR is Vasu my neighbour whose aunt is Mrs.Parvathy Kannadasan.

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M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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