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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

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05 March 2008

Offensive writing - After Effects III

The Notice for Hunger Strike Given by MGR Fans.

Excerpt from the speeches of Thirunavukarasu M.P. And Ithayakani Editor Vijayan.

Thirunavukarasu - I have three children, all of them are named by Puratchi Thalaivar MGR. He named my first son as 'Anbu' and my third child – girl as Sathya Rajeswari. When I took my second son to MGR he asked what is his name, I told 'Ramachandran'. He looked at me so that I is the reason you have not asked me to name your second son. He never likes to give his name to others. He chooses only other good names. He never likes publicity, such was the attitude. I request Mr.Jeyamohan should concentrate and find fault and do necessary writing in his blog about the present actors and not yesteryear Actors Who are legends such as Puratchithalaivar and Sivaji Ganesan.

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And Ananda Vikatan is good and respectable magazine I am astonished why Ananda Vikatan published this indecent writing of Jeyamohan. In 1970 to 1972 MGR wrote his Bio-graphy in Ananda Vikatan this gave fame to MGR and Ananda Vikatan. I strongly condemn Ananda Vikatan that have published indecent writing on Puratachi Thalaivar MGR and Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan. They should sincerely regret for what they have done.

The Video is about the un uttered words of MGR written by Jeyamohan as said by Theepori Arumugam when MGR met the Teachers in strike during his tenure as Chief Minister.

Ithayakani Editor Vijayan : MGR is the greatest Human being in the world we know that, but Jeyamohan not. We all know Jeyakanthan wrote ill about Tamil women in his novel “Cinemavuku pona Chithalu” in it he indirectly mentioned about MGR and the Tamil girls love MGR then their husband. MGR was then alive when he wrote, but MGR was the most forgiver he did not take any actions. If MGR had took action on that day this Jeyamohan will not write like that.This Jeyamohan is nobody he is the sishyan of Jeyakanthan. I have contacted him through phone now he is not picking up the cell. Mayil Samy has helped me in tracing his number. I have given his number to all my friends. I can assure you that Jeyamohan will not sleep peacefully until he regrets in public.

The writing is entirely different the language he used is indecent. Poet Vairamuthu has condemned the writing of Jeyamohan to me by phone, and he has asked me that this kind of indecent language is not good for the society we have to stop this as quick as possible.

Jeyamohan has written so many things but one thing that is very undigestable that is MGR's dialogue delivery after his accident. A person who is not able to speak properly has tried whole heartedly to pronounce the words. He did not ask his dialogue writers to give simple words to speak instead he tried and given the best he can that is laudable performance but Jeyamohan has not looked into. Every word MGR said after the accident is worth and not comical as written by Jeyamohan. I give you some instances in MGR movies.

a) In Kavalkaran there is a scene between MGR and Jayalalitha. Where Jayalalitha was embarrassed by his father M.N.Nambiyar that was seen by MGR without the knowledge of Jayalalitha. When Jayalalitha says that she was welcomed well MGR say 'Parthean Susila Parthean'. MGR took nearly 1 hour for pronouncing that dialogue that too part by part. Such was his hard work. The best pronunciation was taken.

b) The second dialogue having lot of tongue twisting 'En inba Komedhakathai' MGR can ask his dialogue writers to change into simple one. But he did not ask so he went on and tried to give the best.

Such was the hard work of MGR. The best tone work can be seen in Adimai penn.

I thank all the MGR Fans who have come here to participate in the Hunger Strike amid their work and I aslo thank film personals MGR friends and others. We have planned for a large demonstration on 9th of March if 'Ananda Vikatan' and Jeyamohan did not apologise properly.

After Vijayan speech Kaliannan spoke for sometime he gave more details about MGR that we have not heard about. Vijaya T.Rajendar also spoke on the occasion followed by Comedy Actor Vivek. Who strongly condemned Ananda Vikatan. The Hunger strike came to an end by 5 pm. The function was peaceful because it was attended by MGR Fans and held by MGR Fans.

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