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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

29 October 2007

Emperor Returns

Monsoon rain sweeping Chennai for the past 3 days, hampering every day life of the City. For MGR fans it is celebration time. MGR pictures magnum opus production and Box Office record film of 1969 "Adimai Penn" was released in 5 theatres; 4 (Abirami, Melody, Sri Brinda, Vetri) 1 in Kanchipuram (Narayanamurthy) and another record of 4 shows in 4 theatres for second release. The theatres Abirami, Melody and Sri Brinda can accommodate nearly 900 persons per show. And Melody is screening 'Adimai Penn' for the first time.

Sri Brinda experience:

As planned earlier I went to Sri Brinda for the matinee show and my friends for the evening show in Melody. There is no end for the rain it started as a drizzle on Friday went on to Monday morning. I reached theatre half drenched, nearly 5 minutes, morning show ended and the fans with heart content came out. Some of the fans set fire to crackers - which obviously did not go well due to rain. And some fans lighted camphor near the cut out placed in the Entrance of the theatre.

While waiting I over heard some comments made by Die Hard MGR fans and one family came as far as from Veppampattu to watch this movie. I saw larger number of families came to watch Adimai Penn.

The print was very good and I contacted my friends and they said all the prints distributed for screening are also good. It was claps, praise and whistles when MGR comes on the screen and utters one liners. And cursed when the Villains laugh. Everyone enjoyed every frame of the movie.

For the story, cast and characters click the link below which I have written a year back.

Melody experience:

The climate got still worse in the evening. Now it was raining heavier. But the movie hall and adjacent road was crowded. The function was conducted by "Kalaiventhan MGR" It all started with Band music, garlanding MGR and placing candles inside the theatre and near the screen. Film personalities like 'Kundu' Kalyanam, C.K.Sarawathi also came to watch the spectacular show.

The movie hall was filled with fans and also with all kinds of flowers. Media such as Press, TV's especially Jaya TV covered the function. The distributor of the movie Mr.Chockalingam was also present. To satisfy the fans they again screened MGR's "Thai Illalmal Nan Illai" one more time. The video of the function will follow soon.

There was heated discussion between MGR Devotees and Director, Cameraman Thankar Bachan who in his movie had remixed (killed) a MGR song and the words he used are not good and difficult to digest for MGR fans. Finally police intervened and cooled the MGR Fans.

Though it was raining heavily the crowd thronged the theatres to see their God MGR. Adimai Penn is a family entertainer as well as Box Office film. The release proved MGR is the crowd puller and he is still the Box Office Emperor.

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