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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

24 February 2015

Revolutionary Actor

Sri MGR Year 98, 24th February, Tuesday

P.Bhanumathi is one of the leading lady who had acted with our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR in the following movies.

  • Malaikallan – 22.7.1954
  • Alibabavum Narpathu Thirudargalaum – 14.1.1956
  • Madurai Veeran – 13.4.1956
  • Thaikupin Tharam – 21.9.1956
  • Nadodi Mannan – 22.8.1958
  • Raja Desingh – 2.9.1960
  • Kalai Arasi – 19.4.1963
  • Kanchi Thalaivan – 26.10.1963

all are black and white movies her portion in Nadodi Mannan is also black and white only. Below is an article written by her, the article is given as it is with the error of number of movies acted with MGR.


I feel, I am not competent enough to talk about a genius in all spheres. The more thought we give to his achievements we come to the definite conclusion that there are still some elements in him which elude our incomplete perception, that enhances his entire personality.

I began to think about him more deeply only after his appointing me as the Director and Principal of the Government College of Music.


I was not fortunate enough to act in many pictures with Puratchi Nadigar Dr.MGR. I have acted only in 5 films Malaikallan in 1954, Mathuraiveeran, Thaikkupin Tharam and Alibaba and 40 thieves in 1956 and Nadodi Mannan in 1958. But I have the supreme satisfaction that all the films were, epoch makers both in box office and the total period of runs.

He was the reigning monarch in the film world before he become the real monarch of the Tamils. He had every quality for being at the top of every field in which he was involved. It can be said very aptly that he is a genius in assessing individuals and situations. Like an encyclopaedia, he would store all information about everyone who came into his sphere and utilise them appropriately. Even experts in the field of various sections of the film making, use to wonder at his ideas how they could not be bettered.

He fully knew the great potential of the film media and took every pains to see that only good things for the individual and the nation were portrayed in them. The scenic effects will bring out the best in our country. The dazzling dresses will be portly but without exhibitionism and within the norms of our culture. The songs, the contents, their tune will all be simple, direct and more pleasing to the ear and the knack he uses for fulfilling these will be subtle and no wonder they attracted the layman and the learned to force them to see his films again and again.

He had a lesson for every one - the young, old, the poor, the rich, the girl, the women and the mother. I am most fortunate in his selecting me for all his masterpieces. After leaving the film he had selected me to head the Government College of Music. My father had desired me to propagate music and his wishes have been met by my most beloved Dr.MGR. He had definitely weighed my qualifications and capacities and had, had great expectations of me. I will definitely fulfill his aspirations for propagating the sacred heritage of our hoary system.

No one actor, any where in the world, was a master in all the braches of film making. Not only that. No one steadfastly stuck to the portraying of only the good aspects of life and no one successfully bent others in the field to his view and admirably came out unscathed.

It is not precepts only. He proved himself the unquestioned master by directing and producing masterpieces. How aptly and well the title “Revolutionary Actor”, sits on his broad shoulders!

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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