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28 December 2008

A Day With MGR

Ananda Vikatan has issued a vintage edition dated 2.8.1964 the title “A day with MGR in Ramavaram Gardens”. Group of Reporters visited MGR’s residence “Ramavaram Garden”.




They were welcomed by MGR who returned from shooting. He appeared fresh and cool. The reporters questioned about the animals in Ramavaram Gardens. MGR told that the bear and deer given by MGR Fans from Aranthangi. MGR mentions his fans as his friends and not as fans.



The area of Ramavaram Gardens is 7 1/2 acres. It is full of vegetation, Mango tree, Banana cultivation and paddy is also cultivated. It has a Swimming pool and Gym.


Ramavaram Garden bungalow was named as “Annai Nilaiyam”. And MGR has constructed a temple to his Mother in the Eastern side of the garden. The reporters asked him since he was in DMK why did he construct a temple because the party was against God worship. MGR cleared their doubt. (Read for yourself)




Breakfast with coffee and Ice cream were given to all the reporters in the mean time MGR queried about the driver who came with them and was he taken care of.


After this party MGR asked the reporters to come with him to take a look at his underground. The reporters were astonished that MGR was very bold enough to show them the underground were MGR could hide his riches. When they questioned him MGR with a smile said there is nothing to hide.


They followed MGR. He opened the door leading to the underground it looked alike in cinema. But when they reached the underground they saw images of Political leaders, religious leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Rabindranath Tagore, Vivekananda, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Ramalinga Swamigal, Saradhamani Ammaiyar, Bharathiyar, Thiruvalluvar. And lots of books written by various authors, on various subjects. MGR explained why he has kept this Library in underground because when someone speaks it will echo so who ever comes to read the books only concentrate in reading.



The reporters came up with MGR but the underground Library was in their mind. They asked the difference between Drama and Cinema. MGR without hesitation answered, lot of difference between Drama and cinema I can give you an instance, I have acted in En Thangai both in drama and as well as in cinema. When I was acting in drama I can change my mood instantly and able to weep and act in natural way. But when the same was done in Cinema I adamantly not used glycerin. When they showed me the shot it looked though I am not crying because due to heat of the tears dried before they reach my cheeks. From that day onwards I realized the difference between the Cinema and drama and started to use glycerin like others.


MGR told about that he is going to shoot Kalki’s novel “Ponniyin Selvan” in Tamil and as well as in English and that he has asked “Anna” for English dialogs. He also told that he is wishing to visit foreign countries and he is going to participate in cultural festival in Malaysia shortly.


The reporters felt that MGR was different in person he was very calm and cool.

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