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08 February 2014

Ninaithathai Mudipavan

Sri MGR Year 97, 8th February, Saturday

Recently crystal clear print, Oriental Pictures Ninaithathai Mudipavan was telecasted in Murasu TV on 19th January. Here are some of the images captured during the movie.

MGR dons dual role one as Villager and Band Master Sundaram and Diamond smuggler Ranjith. This is a rare character of MGR doing a negative role. The story starts with Sundaram has a physically challenged sister enacted by Saradha, nobody wish to marry her because of her disability. One comes up to marry her if he is paid a high dowry, Sundaram then plans to go to the city to earn money.

 frames_1   frames_2
Same time the Police is waiting to get a solid proof of Ranjith’s involvement  in stealing diamonds. The Police comes with a plan of lady police Manjula to be introduced as Queen who has diamond mines. They all go and attend the function of disguise party. Band master Sundaram on his visit to the city was mistaken as Ranjith and was asked to attend the function.  Also Ranjith comes in disguise and taken aback by the resemblance of Sundaram. He plans to use his look alike to confuse the police in his future plans. During the function Ranjith calls his aides to fetch Sundaram and take him to his home.

Sundaram is introduced to Manjula and a beautiful philosophical song follows. After the party Sundaram is taken by his aides and he meets the boss Ranjith.

A little about the character of Ranjith he is a cool and calculative boss. Does not show his feelings and uses others to his goal. Sundaram who is a naive villager tells about his visit and Ranjith uses his manipulative speech and charisma and gets consent of Sundaram to act as Ranjith for some days. A salary was fixed for Sundaram’s performance. As he is a villager Latha who is the lover of Ranjith teaches him to read, write and speak English and changes his appearance to resemble Ranjith. In due course the salary is sent to Sundaram residence but his Aunt ill treats his sister and one day heavy rain lashes the village and the aunt dies. Saradha becomes an orphan and with her dog goes in search of his brother Sundaram.

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Birthday of Ranjith was celebrated and in place of Ranjith, Sundaram takes up and he goes in dealing with the diamond smuggling, police comes up during the diamond exchange and Nambiyar who is a police officer shoots Ranjith and he gets hit in the leg and immobilizes him for one month. Sundaram was asked to attend the office and he meets Thengai Srinivasan who first gave Sukku Coffee on his arrival to the city. Sundaram gives 500 rupees cheque to him as a token of love (re creating MGR’s off screen benevolence).

One day while Sundaram was taught about fencing lessons happens to see a marriage procession, he escapes and sing to his content on seeing the physically challenged girl as the bride groom. His sister see this and tries to reach his brother but he is whisked away by Latha. Then Saradha meets some bad guys on her way and is saved by Nambiyar! who takes her to his home and gives shelter.

Ranjith after recuperating comes to know that Sundaram sister is in the city and goes to the police officer home when he is away and gets Nambiyar mother permission to take his sister. The dog easily understands that Ranjith is not Sundaram and the dog runs behind Ranjith car, but Ranjith’s aides tries to kill the dog and it escapes from their plan. 

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Sundaram in Ranjith’s office calls Manjula and fixes a place to meet, now the police hatches a plan by giving truth speaking pills with the juice to Ranjith so that he will tell all his activities then he can be arrested. But the plan fails as both Sundaram and Manjula drinks the juice and they speak about their love, a mesmerizing duet song follows.

frames_7   frames_8

Sundaram comes to know the real colour of Ranjith and does a fight to uphold justice but was over powered and Ranjith uses his trump card of Sundaram sister. Finally Sundaram accepts Ranjith’s plan.

The diamond exhibition takes place Ranjith uses his special formula and steals the diamonds and jewellery along with the gold pedant having a receiver transmitting the where about of the jewelry. At the last minute Sundaram who acted as he had tasted the coke springs up and hits Ranjith from the back, Ranjith become unconscious, Sundaram as Ranjith enters the hide out and finds that his sister is in custody. After Ranjith wakes up and understands that he is outwitted by a villager rushes to make it right and a fight takes place but the police enters the scene and Ranjith who is very calculative and shrewd now acts as that he is the innocent villager Sundaram. Police and his sister gets confused and arrests both of them.

In the court after many enquires and a final resort police uses Ranjith’s mother as the bait and Ranjith tells the truth and also his back ground why he became a diamond smuggler.

Sundaram is released and marriage of Nambiyar and Saradha takes place the marriage procession continues over a head title appears “Ninaithathai Mudithavan”.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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