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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

30 June 2013

MGR The One And Only

Sri MGR Year 96, 30th June, Sunday

Today 30.6.2013 is the 36th year of our beloved Leader MGR sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. First Indian Actor to be elected as the Chief Minister to rule the state.


M.G.Ramachandran famously known as MGR, started his career as an actor his versatile skill in art made him excel in his career. The benevolence and humane nature that he naturally possessed made him a leader, his wish to help poor increased in proportion when he joined politics. MGR was the mass of DMK.

Later in October 10, 1972 MGR was ousted from DMK. This outrageous act was not tolerated by his fans and the people of Tamil Nadu. There was widespread agitation by students. MGR went around Tamil Nadu and came to a conclusion that the people needed a political party under his leadership, ADMK was formed on 17th October 1972. MGR popularly called as Puratchi Nadigar (Revolutionary Actor) henceforth conferred the title as Puratchi Thalaivar (Revolutionary Leader) in front of Millions in Chennai by K.A.Krishnasamy.

His enemies predicted that his party will be for 100 days like his movies. But people thought differently. And in June 1977 General Elections, opposition parties bitterly attacked MGR as unreliable, unprincipled politician and even as buffoon. These comments were uttered by heroes of Political parties later people turned them into buffoons and comedians.

MGR's ADMK party contested and swept the polls, it was a landslide victory. MGR was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 30.6.1977.



1977 Election

MGR contested from Arupukottai constituency

MGR (ADMK) – 43,065

Muthuvel Servai (Janatha) – 13,687

Sivasami (Congress) – 12,075

Bose (DMK) – 5,415

Candidates of Congress and DMK lost their deposit.




1980 Election

MGR contested from Madurai West Constituency

MGR (ADMK) – 57,019

Pon Muthuramalingam (DMK) – 35,963

Kamaraj (Janatha) – 2,178

Maayandi (Forward Bloc of India) – 130

Except DMK all other candidates lost their deposit.




1984 Election

MGR contested from Andipatti constituency

MGR (ADMK) – 60,510

Vallarasu (Forward Bloc) – 29,026

all opposing candidates lost their deposit.



MGR in the Tamil Nadu Assembly.


A look at MGR as the one and only Chief Minister undisputed and unparallel.

1) The party which helped MGR to become the Chief Minister was not founded or guided by Freedom fighters. The vote garnered by MGR did not come through such leaders and their vote banks. He is the only person to get the love and respect from the people of Tamil Nadu to be the Chief Minister.

2) MGR is the only Chief Minister who was undefeated in elections before and after he became the Chief Minister. In other word MGR is God of Tamil Nadu, the people and his fans were loyal to him.

3) MGR is the only Chief Minister to get elected three times successively.

4) He is the only Chief Minister to take the seat from his first election as the Party leader which others were not. In other word he was the choice for the Chief Minister for the first election and succeeded, the record still unparallel.

5) MGR did not have strong Central Government support which some Chief Ministers enjoyed during their regime.

6) When MGR in politics he had to face strong opposition parties and their Leaders and defeated them three times successively.

7) In Tamil Nadu he is the only Chief Minister to regain the title and came to power within four months when his rule was dismissed in 17.2.1980, which other leaders cannot make up the return.

8) He was the only Leader (maybe the last too) to be get elected as Chief Minister when he was recuperating in United States.

9) He is the only Leader who enjoyed mass support to his last breath.

10) He is the only Leader who still has the Vote bank.

11) His party ADMK is still alive and ruling the state.

12) MGR is a decent Leader like his Mentor Peraringnar Anna Durai, he did not threaten or gave money to defeat his opposition party members during election when he was the Chief Minister.

13)MGR was criticized heavily by the opposition during the 1977 elections. MGR is the only Leader who boldly said (that really happened) to the people and his fans, "mark my words after June 15 1977, ADMK will be in Power. Please wait until then. You (MGR Fans) should have the grievances remedied after that date".


The above image from Newspaper about MGR thanking the people of Tamil Nadu after swearing in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.



MGR letter to the people of Tamil Nadu watch closely how careful in using the words this is another example why people always choose our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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