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17 April 2009

Bose’s MGR

Every MGR Fan has a individual story with MGR. My client Mr.Bose, who retired as Superintendent from Chennai Port Trust has his own experience with MGR.


MGR in Madras Port


Mr.Bose  became MGR fan after watching Madurai Veeran and Nadodi Mannan, he was fascinated by the stylish swash buckling MGR fights.


Two times he had the opportunity, first time he saw MGR was in Broadway Chennai, MGR was collecting funds from the people  for rebuilding houses which were gutted due to fire.


Mr.Bose was having only 1 rupee in his pocket he took it and handed over to MGR, with smile MGR was touching only the coin but not Bose’s hand. So he grabbed MGR’s hand for a moment, MGR eyes gestured him  to leave his hand. He was in heaven after seeing MGR. He was carried away by the colour and charisma of MGR.


MGR receiving the Prime Minister 


The second time when Mr.Bose saw MGR was in 1983 during the inaugural ceremony of Container berth in Madras Port Trust during the reign of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.


MGR came first to the function followed by the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. Mr.Bose was near the Ministers of Tamil Nadu Nedunchezhian (not in the photo).


Prime Minister and Chief Minister entering the dias


From the images we can name some of the persons along with MGR, Khurana Governor of Tamil Nadu, R.Venkatraman (President of India) he was Cabinet  Minister in Indira Gandhi rule.


Prime Minister with Chief Minister


Mr.Bose had preserved these photos all these years. We have to thank Mr.Bose when I asked him to hand over the photos to me to share with MGR Fans in our Blog without any hesitation he handed over the photos.


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M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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