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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

16 March 2009

Myth Buster I

From 1978 to till date every year MGR acted movies are re-released frequently than any other actors movies. Is this is a myth (false run as mentioned by someone in the Net).


Here are some of the movie rates for the re-release, these rates are quoted by the Meeran Sahib Street Film Distributors, Chennai-2. Some of the rates quoted by the officials from AVM Productions, Diamond Pictures, Divya Films, SV Films, Anand Pictures, Shoukathbai and Good luck movies.


Regular show means 3 shows per day. Movie Rent inclusive of Print and posters for one week.

Rajnikanth Movies:


Nallavanku Nallavan – Rs.3,000 for regular show (3 shows) for one week.


Murattu Kalai – Rs.3,000 for regular show.


Ejamaan – Rs.5,000 for regular show (1,500 for single show)


Pokkiri Raja – Rs.3,000 for regular show.


Kamalhassan movies:


Thungathae Thambi Thungathae – Rs.5000 for regular show.


Sagalakala Vallavan – Rs.5000 for regular show.


Vazhvae mayam – Rs.3000 for regular show.


( For single show Rs.1500 to 2000)


Sivaji Ganesan Movies:


Uyarntha Manithan – Rs.2000 for regular show


Sorgam – Rs.2000 for regular show


Rajapart Rangadurai – Rs.2000 for regular show


Pachai Villaku – Rs.1000 for regular show


Parthal Pasi Theerum – Rs.1000 for regular show


Thanga Pathakam – Rs.3000 for regular show


Vasantha Malligai Rs.3000 for regular show (single show Rs.1000)


Uttama Puthiran Rs.2000


MGR Movies:


Ragasiya Police 115 – Rs.10,000 for regular show.


Kudieruntha Kovil – Rs.10,000 for regular show.


Kavalkaran (Black and white movie) Rs.10,000 for regular show.


Thai Sollai Thatathey (Black and White) – Rs.7,000 for regular show.


Periya Idathu Penn (Black and White) – Rs.7,000 for regular show.


For single show it is Rs.3,000 for all the above MGR movie.


For the 3 Emgeeyar Pictures movies the rent is in Lakhs.


Here is the myth buster why MGR movie is a Gold Mine.


Theater rent for One week:


Natraj Rs.40,000


Pandian Rs.45,000


Broadway Rs.40,000


Mahalakshmi Rs.50,000


Bharath Rs.1,75,000


Maharani Rs.2,00,000


Lakshmi – Rs.50,000


Muralikrishna – Rs.52,000


Albert – Rs.3,00,000


Annai Abirami – Rs.1,00,000


Abirami – 50% of the collection


These are the theatres were MGR movies are released frequently. The rent for film print is low but the rent for the theater is higher. Many movies were not re-released because of this factor of high theater rent. And the those who come to theater are people belonging to B and C category. This is the main reason why MGR movies are still going strong.


115 of MGR Movies (as Hero) all of them were running in theaters from 1977 to 1987, at present out of 115 movies 107 movies are screened all over Tamil Nadu, but some 30 films negative were lost and they have only print.


Ayirathil Oruvan was released in Annai Abirami recently and collected 1,56,000. Albert collection of Nadodi Mannan is well known. Abirami and Albert are A center theatres. MGR movies collect well in A,B and C centres.


Here are some videos for myth buster.


Ulagam Sutrum Valiban re-released in October 2008 in Motcham theater.



This is from Natraj Theater for the movie Ithayakani.


MGR is the Emperor in Collection for Re-release movies.

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