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01 May 2015

Costumes IV

Sri MGR Year 98, 1st May, Friday

This is the continuation to the post of costumes used by our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR in his movies. In this fourth instalment we have uploaded the costumes/dresses from the movie Ragasiya Police 115.

All the costumes are screen captured and given in 4 film rolls. The list follows.

Dresses 1 to 4:


Click the above image to enlarge

1. First shot of the movie MGR as Secret Agent escaping from the enemy territory, cladded in Trench coat.

2. MGR meeting his official dressed in brown suit, carrying a black and red leather suitcase.

3. MGR in Trench coat enquiring for a room in the hotel. Removes the trench coat in conversation with Ramarao (Manager)

4. In his room MGR in light grey suit.


Dresses 5 to 11:


Click the above image to enlarge

5. Fights with Justin some of the scenes where shot in 1966 and some in 1967, MGR in light brown shirt and dark brown pant.

6. Next day, MGR coming out of shower with pink coloured bathrobe (some of the shots were from 1966).

7. MGR meeting Jayalalitha’s father K.D.Santhanam, MGR in single-breasted white suit with gold embroidery on the lapel.

8. Next dress worn by MGR is light brown shirt (not the same dress used in the fight scene with Justin) and light brown pant.

9. Unique MGR dress, embroidery white shirt and blue pant used for the duet song “Kannae Kaniyae”

10. Jayalalitha introducing MGR to Nirmala, MGR wears contrasting colour red shirt, a light blue colour tie with gold tie pin and navy blue pant.

11. While in the house of Nirmala MGR wears single breasted Grey suit with multi coloured tie and tie pin, gold rimmed cooler.


Dresses 12 to  18:


Click the above image to enlarge

12. Scene continues with duet song MGR in orange shade shirt and grey pant.

13. From the same duet song MGR wears red embroidery shirt and shade of blue pant.

14. Continued in the same duet MGR in single-breasted white suit (used in meeting K.D.Santhanam scene) difference is the tie colour this time it is blue tie.

15. MGR and Jayalalitha song same light brown shirt and brown pant the difference is MGR uses a scarf.

16. Same costume used by MGR in the first scene for meeting with Police official, difference is red tie.

17. MGR comes to know the news about his blind mother goes to the hospital wearing a light brown shirt and grey pant.

18. Duet song MGR in typical Tamil Nadu dress, white shirt and dhoti.


Dresses from 19 to 24:


Click the above image to enlarge

19. A scene, MGR asking Nirmala about her back ground, MGR in white shirt and sparkling red colour pant.

20. MGR entering Nirmala’s house with light blue shirt and black pant.

21. MGR in old man disguise wears a black coat, blue shirt and a dhoti (on closer inspection the coat is dark blue and striped)

22. MGR fighting with Asokan wearing khaki pant and light green shirt (continuity error couple of shots show khaki shirt and light green pant)

23. Movie climax MGR in navy blue jacket & pant wearing dark green shirt and red tie. The jacket is modified for MGR, the buttons in the jacket are small sized bombs. 

24. Ending scene MGR uses white shirt and dhoti.

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For the original size of the above images click the link below:

Ragasiya Police 115 complete set of dress used by MGR in 5000 x 810 resolution.

Film Roll One

Film Roll Two

Film Roll Three

Film Roll Four

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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