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05 December 2012

Unfinished MGR Movies II

Sri MGR Year 95, 5th December, Wednesday

This is the continuation of MGR’s unfinished movies post. This post contains some of the movie details which were planned in 1970s.




Vellikizhamai film produced by G.Sakunthala (MGR’s pair in Manthiri Kumari)  MGR acted as Muslim, Manjula as the heroine, written by Karunanidhi. The movie had a song shot with MGR and Manjula, the song is Nerungi Nerungi. After MGR was ousted from DMK the film was dropped. Later the same song is used in Netru Indru Nalai, MGR singing with Latha.




MGR in the role of Jesus Christ, film titled Yesunathar was produced by Thomas pictures who have already produced MGR movie Thalaivan couple of years back. The movie script was written by Karunanidhi (when he was Chief Minister at that time). The movie was planned in colour.


The project did not went into shooting, only pooja was done with couple of photos taken for advertisement purpose.




Samugame Naan Unakae Sontham (the title is perfect for MGR) was another colour movie in 1974 period. The movie had one scene and was dropped due to MGR ousted from DMK where the producer been threatened to halt MGR’s progress in politics.




Anna Pirantha Nadu produced by MGR’s makeup man Pithambaram and directed by M.Krishnan a colour movie. It was planned during late 1974. MGR was busy with his politics he had less time for this project and he had to prepare for the General Elections.  And the hurdles by the ruling party made sure that the movie was shelved for ever.




Director Sridhar’s home production Naanum Oru Thozhilali project started in late 1975 and the movie had some scenes with MGR and Latha. The movie did not progress as MGR became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.




Anna Nee En Deivam directed by Sridhar (who at one time was handling three MGR movies Naanum Oru Thozhilali, Meenava Nanban and Anna Nee En Deivam) nearly 20 minutes of the movie was completed with two MGR songs one with Latha, Nee Ninaichathum and another En Maapillaiku.




MGR and Latha Song from Avasara Police 100 (Anna Nee En Deivam)

uploaded by rvvmgr.



uploaded by gopalsamy ragavan.

One whole stanza was not shot according to the song book.




Later the movie was completed with another story starring Baghayaraj, deleting some conversation scenes of MGR with other characters. The movie was released in 1990 titled Avasara Police 100.




A.P.Nagarajan second venture with MGR titled Annavin Thambigal was planned but unfortunately A.P.Nagarajan died and the project was dropped.




Nallathai Nadu Ketkum another colour movie which had just 9 minutes of footage and the movie was directed by Camera Man Karnan. Later the movie was released in 1990 by Jeppiar under the same title.



The above video is  by MGR’s Grandson MGCB Pradeep.


Some of the images are from Olikirathu Urimaikural Editor B.S.Raju, MGR Devotee Venkat.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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