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25 June 2012

Bharat Rathna MGR

Sri MGR Year 95, 25th June Monday

I happened to see Sollungae Anna Sollungae in Adhitya hosted by Imman. It is a comedy program in this a general knowledge question is shoot out to public and how well they answer, and sometimes the compere twist the question to make it more comical.


Yesterday the question was, Who is eligible to receive Bharat Rathna and name four persons who received the award? 11 persons were asked the question and as usual most of them answered wrongly but 6 persons said MGR other 3 recipients name were wrong.


The answer was given by young and old, South Indian and North Indian, man and women. The name MGR is easily related to the highest Indian Civilian Award, though the award was given to MGR posthumously people still remember the award and MGR.


Indian Government conferred Bharath Rathna award to MGR for his public affairs. The award was given posthumously.


Some in internet have projected that the award was given to him for his film career and some feel that the award was given to garner votes for Congress. Some have went to such an extent that they deleted the Certificate of Bharath Rathna which is published in Wikipedia, citing that it has been deleted for the following reason: Media without a source! Such is their hatred, MGR is a Bharath Rathna i.e. Jewel of India even they like it or not. They can only delete the image but not the image, MGR has left with us.


For them I also say that the award is given to MGR’s contribution to Tamil Nadu people, he served well than other politicians. 24 years after the award he is still regarded as God of the Poor and downtrodden, the best Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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