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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

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01 May 2009

Adimai Penn 40th Year

This day 40 years back Magnum Opus Emgeeyar Pictures Adimai Penn hit the silver screen. This month I will try to give you as much details and images of this movie.


From Today


In Chennai the theaters are Midland, Sri Krishna, Mekala and Noorjehan.


reservation record


Before hitting the silver screen the movie Adimai Penn started to create records on the 2nd day of the  reservation.


400 shows houseful


For the first time in Tamil film history a movie was houseful for 400 shows in 4 theatres in Chennai.


50 days in Banglore


This is the 50th day ad from Karnataka.




100 days Enga Veetu Pillai record was broken by Evergreen MGR acted, produced movie Adimai Penn in just 50 days.


100th day


Detailed collection records and videos will follow soon, this is the 100th day ad.


100th day run in Srilanka

Adimai Penn was also released in Srilanka in 4 theatres, Central, Jasimha, Rani and Manohara. This is the 100th day ad in Central theater. And Rani theater record run is 112 days.


25th week


Adimai Penn successfully completed 175 days in Madurai Chintamani.


MGR and Jayalalitha


MGR and Jayalalitha acted in double roles. This image is from the song sequence in the Desert.


May 15th


Diamond Pictures will be releasing the Digital version of Adimai Penn in the Second week of May. 2nd installment from the Diamond Pictures who already DTS’ed Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. The record collection of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban in DTS was above 2.5 Crores and it was already given in our Blog.


For the movie review click here


I received mail and phone calls for the wishes of Adimai Penn on its 40th year.


I thank B.S.Raju, Editor Urimai Kural, S.Vinod from Bangalore, E.Gnanaprakasam and Ramamurthy for providing information and photos to publish in our Blog.

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M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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