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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

10 August 2016

Michael MacMillan

Sri MGR Year 99, 10th August, Wednesday

The title of the post might confuse you. What is the connection of Michael with our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR? Michael MacMillan also known as Mike is a fictional character the protagonist of space opera trilogy "Twisted Spaces". The book is authored by K.N.Abel and edited by Rosi Milligan. 

In the story Michael MacMillan is one of the Special Ops and his team Twisted Spaces designs a Spaceship with light drive system within five years, their long term plan is to travel interstellar and make a colony in Mars. His vision of interstellar travel is based on the works of Burkhard Heims quantum field theory. 

The story is a heavy weight science fiction novel, now you might feel what is this supposed to do with our MGR? The characterization of Michael MacMillan closely resembles Manimaran character from Ayirathil Oruvan movie and some real traits of MGR.

Michael's vision is to unify the different races of the world and use his gravity based light drive system, his desire is that human kind should conquer space. The author has created Michael MacMillan character with world leadership qualities. The character shrewdness are perfect example of how MGR in real life used to tackle the dire situations thrown by his adversaries.

I like to point out one small dialogue of Michael, "survival of the many always supersedes survival of the one" did it ring a bell? the dialogue that MGR speaks in Ayirathil Oruvan when the pirate ship is being aimed by canons by Ramadoss and he gives an option to MGR to return to the island or else he will destroy the ship. Now comes that dialogue with a montage of a candle burning in foreground. 

In Twisted Spaces book one the ship has people from different countries one will become a traitor and Michael uses his leadership skill by pardoning him (which I do not have to mention that MGR in his life has not only pardoned but also helped them in benevolent ways) 

Puratchi Thalaivar after assuming office as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu included  abled and experienced persons in his administration. Michael also exhibits the same kind of attitude in giving commanding positions to experienced and abled astronauts in his ship.

While reading the book I felt that I am reading an English novel of MGR as the hero.  You also will get the same feeling, try this novel.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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