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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

27 July 2020

New Kindle E-Book மக்கள் திலகத்தின் திரைப்பட பட்டியல்

Sri MGR Year 103rd, 27th July, Monday

I have been writing a 200 page new Tamil book on our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR. I have already published 6 books through Amazon Direct Publishing. Of that two are in Tamil. 

The book cover for "Makkal Thilagathin Thiraipada Patiyal"

I had a doubt about the font support in Kindle and I came to know that my Tamil font no more supported in their publication. I have to rework the whole manuscript from the start. I just published a small book on the list of MGR movies with date wise titled "Makkal Thilagathin Thiraipada Patiyal" or "மக்கள் திலகத்தின் திரைப்பட பட்டியல்". I won't recommend downloading this book as there is very less information. 

Vandhiyathevan - Ponniyin Selvan Part 1

Sri MGR Year 103rd, 27th July, Monday

Vandhiyathevan - Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 is an animated feature Saneeshwar Animations International, the project is based on the story Ponniiyin Selvan, written by Kalki.

We have already uploaded the animation feature in January 2020 post. The above are some of the screen grabs from the video. Concentrating on the sceneries and long shots to show the grandeur of Thanjavur in the 10th century. 

The street view and lush green fields. 

Below are some of the backgrounds from the video, simply superb work by the animators.

From their page, I came to know that the movie will be released in 2020. Eagerly waiting for the release and any subsequent videos if they post. 

17 July 2020

Dheiva Thaai - 1964

Sri MGR Year 103rd, 17th July, Friday

Tomorrow (18.07.2020) is the 56th year of release of MGR's super hit movie "Dheiva Thaai". 

Below article was written by Randor Guy and published in The Hindu dated 2nd April 2016. 

One of the biggest hit of 1964, Dheiva Thaai was based on a story idea by Hindu filmmaker Nanabhai Bhatt. The film revolves around MGR, who portrays the role of a CID officer, Maran (this role was inspired by 1960s James Bond film, Dr No). His widowed mother (Pandari Bai) undergoes many problems and sacrifices her married life in order to keep a secret. Maran, meanwhile, is working hard, to hunt down a notorious criminal called Baba. It turns out that the criminal he is searching for is, in fact, his own father Karunakaran (S. A. Asokan). His father, previously an inveterate gambler, has taken on the name Baba under various circumstances and becomes a crook. Baba is also not aware that the officer searching for him is indeed his son, with whom he has lost touch for years. Maran’s mother also does not reveal the secret. It is only in the climax that Maran comes to know the real identity of Baba, and that he is his father. Nambiar portrays the role of a criminal associate of Baba. Comic relief is provided by Nagesh, who plays the role of a talentless musician, trying to teach the art to his students, and also helps the hero in getting information on wanted criminals. The film is loaded heavily with ‘mother sentiment’. Saroja Devi plays the hero’s lover. The screenplay was written by R. M. Veerappan and T. N. Balu, and the dialogue was by a newcomer, destined to create history in Indian cinema: K. Balachander. Music for this film was composed by Viswanathan-Ramamurthi, with many songs becoming hits. Popular numbers include ‘Moondrezhuthil en moochirukkum’ (T. M. Soundararajan), ‘Indha punnagai Enna vilai’ (TMS and P. Susheela), ‘Vannakkili’ (TMS and P. Susheela), ‘Oru pennai paarthu’ (TMS) and ‘Kaathalikkathey’ (P. Susheela). Lyrics were by Vaali and Aalangudi Somu.

Interestingly, Joseph Krishna, later the associate of Viswanathan-Ramamurthi in composing, worked as a choreographer-assistant in this film. MGR excelled in his portrayal as the affectionate son and sincere CID officer. Equally impressive was Pandari Bai as the sacrificing mother. S. V. Sahasranamam, noted stage and film star and also producer, plays the senior police officer who takes care of the suffering mother.

Remembered for: The melodious music of Viswanathan-Ramamurthi, impressive performances from MGR, Pandari Bai, and Saroja Devi, and Nagesh for his comedy.

Movies In The Year 2020

Sri MGR Year 103rd, 17th July, Friday

Due to Coronavirus pandemic, the theatres in Tamil Nadu were closed from 17th March onwards. During March 2nd week our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR starrer Ragasiya Police 115 was released in digital format in many theatres all over Tamil Nadu. 

List of MGR Movies Released in Chennai Theatres:

Theatre Name
Shows per day
Movie Name
No. of Days
Nam Nadu (Digital)
Nalai Namathey
Sri Iyappa
Kudi Iruntha Koil
Nam Nadu (Digital)
Nam Nadu (Digital)
Sri Iyappa
Sangay Muzhangu
Sri Iyappa
Kalangarai Vilakkam
Uzhaikum Karangal
Nam Nadu (Digital)
Sri Iyappa
Netru Indru Nalai
Sri Iyappa
Pallandu Vazhga
Sri Iyappa
Velachery Lux
T.Nagar AGS
& others
Ragasiya Police 115

MGR Devotee Venkat has compiled a list of MGR movies released in Chennai during the first three months of this year. Below artwork is done by him.

10 July 2020

Biopic Bharat Ratna The MGR Phenomenon

Sri MGR Year 103rd, 10th July, Friday

A rare documentary of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR is uploaded in the youtube. MGR fans have shared the link in the group.

From Indian Imprints Channel - Youtube.

The documentary was produced by Krishnaswamy Associates in the year 1984 and the final bit was added in 1987 for the completion.

"Marudur Gopalamenon Ramachandran, or MGR as he was widely known, was a unique phenomenon in Indian politics. Idolized by his followers as a "Puratchi Thalaivar" (revolutionary leader), MGR was a prominent film star who parlayed his popularity with the masses into a successful second career as a politician".

19 June 2020

MGR Fans Helping Hands

Sri MGR Year 103rd, 19th June, Friday

One of MGR Fans Postal Babu has informed me about the helping hands of MGR fans during the ongoing pandemic. 

On 15th June, they gave Kabasura Kudineer and mask to the people. Below are the words sent in by Postal Babu.

அனைத்துலக எம் ஜி ஆர் திரைப்பட திறனாய்வு சங்கம் மற்றும் மக்கள் திலகம் விலையில்லா மாத இதழ் மற்றும் அனைத்துலக எம்ஜிஆர் பொதுநலம் சங்கம் சார்பாக இன்று சென்னை வடபழனியில் உள்ள ஹோட்டல் சரவண பவன் அருகில் பொதுமக்களுக்கு கபசுரக் குடிநீர் முககவசம் மாஸ்க் மற்றும் ஊட்டச்சத்து சுண்டல் வழங்கப்பட்டது. 

Further, he has given a video which I was not able to upload in our Blog.

06 June 2020

All TV Channels

Sri MGR Year 103rd, 6th June, Saturday

For a couple of days, there was some shouting going on in the media that more of their actor's movies were telecasted other than our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR. In the lockdown period, number one hero movies telecasted is MGR. 

We MGR fans feel pathetic for their condition. All these days MGR movies were telecasted in several channels unknown to them. This is not first for us, this is a continuation. Due to Covid19 lockdown most of them are now glued to the TV screen and able to count their movies that were telecasted. We again say before lockdown too they were regularly telecasting MGR movies. 

Below is the list of MGR movies telecasted during the first lockdown period. The list was compiled by Bangalore Vinod. 

From 20.3.2020 to 20.4.2020

Vasanth TV channels.


1. Adimaipenn
2. Namnadu
3. Mattukkaravelan
4. En Annan
5. Thedi vantha mappillai
6. Engal thangam
7. Kumarikottam.
8. Rikshakaran
9. Neerum neruppum.
10.Oru thai makkal.
11.Sange muzhanku.
12.Nalla neram
13.Raman thediya seethai
14.Naan yen PIRANTHEN.
15.Idhaya veenai
16.Ulagam sutrum valiban
17.Pattikattu ponniah
18.Urimai kural
19.Ninaiththai mudippavan
20.Naalai namadhe.
22.Pallandu VAZHGA.
23.Neethikku thalai vananku.
24.Uzhaikkum karangal
25.Oorukku uzhaippavan.
27.Kadhal vaganam
29.Puthiya bhoomi
30.Kannan en kadhalan
31.Ther tiruvizha
32.Kudiyiruntha koil
33.Ragasiya police 115
37.Thaikku thalaimagan
38.Petralthan pillaya
41. Mugarasi
42. Naan anayittal
43.Anbe vaa
44.Enga veettu pillai
45.Ayirathil oruvan
46. Kalangarai vilakkam
47. Kannithai
48. Thazhampoo
49. Thayin madiyil
50. Padakoti
52.Deiva thai
53.Panakkara kudumbam
55.Dharmam thalai kakkum
56.Periya idathu penn
57.Neethikku pinpasam
60.Thai solla thattathe

Plus 7 movies
Aanantha jothi
Koduthu vaithaval
Mannadhi mannan
Alibabavum 40 tirudargalum
Total 70 shows 

MGR has acted in 115 movies in the lead role imagining if he had acted over 200 + films?

15 May 2020

Little Time

Sri MGR Year 103rd, 15th May, Friday

In the WhatsApp group, Bangalore Vinod sir have uploaded one duet song from our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar starrer "Sirithu Vazha Vendum". 

In that particular duet, MGR and his pair Latha have used 8 different costumes. See the images above. As the video quality is poor the image is not that much eye candy. 

It is difficult to enjoy all the nuances of the song in one view. The music composition, the set, the lyrics and the lovely pair which we have to watch again to again, an audiovisual extravaganza. 

04 May 2020

Secret Police - Theatres

Sri MGR Year 103rd, 4th May, Monday

Our Puratchi Thalaivar starrer Ragasiya Police 115 was re-released in digital format on 13th March 2020. 

Below are some of the screengrabs on booking. 

29 March 2020

Secret Police

Sri MGR Year 103rd, 29th March, Sunday

This post should have been posted two weeks back but time constraint and now in the period of social distancing the post has been published.

Our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR starrer Ragasiya Police 115 re-released in digital format all over Tamil Nadu on 13th March 2020. 

The design was done by MGR Devotee Venkat.

Some of the screengrab from the spi cinemas booking site.

25 February 2020

10 Minutes From A Timeline

Sri MGR Year 103rd, 25th February, Tuesday

Below is a page from a magazine uploaded in Facebook a couple of years back. The name of the uploader appears as a watermark. 

A person who has lived for 70 years and his philanthropy makes us remember MGR's every minute existence through print and digital media. One such appeared in 1971, magazine name not known, his 10-minutes set offs a piece of news it is a reprint of 1971 edition.

"A life lived in the service to others is worth living".

18 January 2020

MGR In New Movie - Vandhiyathevan - Ponniyin Selvan Part 1

Sri MGR Year 103, 18th January, Saturday

This morning Yukesh Babu an MGR devotee called me and shared fantastic news to MGR fans that a new animation movie starring our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR as Vandhiyathevan in Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 has been uploaded in Youtube. 

The link opened to the "The Spirit Of Ultimate warrior" 4.52 minutes is sheer MGR entertainment, a superb lyric that only fits one person in this entire world and that only person is our MGR. 

The closing line of the song is the goosebump.

"ஒவ்வொரு உள்ளமும்
அரியணை என்றால்
நிரந்தர அரசன் நானே! "

Below are some of the close-up views of our MGR from the song. 

The background animation is worth mentioning, lush green fields, an overflowing river, fishing boats, children playing on the riverside, flight of 100s of birds, farmers harvesting, magnificent and bustling Chola town, breathtaking fight scenes are joined with the song. The animation of MGR is to a stunning level, the veins on MGR hands are also visible that much work they have done. Kudos to all the animators for their hard work. 

Some information found in youtube. 

Ulagam En Ulagam, composed by Ramesh Thamilmani, penned by Karky and sung by Santhosh Jayakaran,  is a song from Vandhiyathevan: Ponniyin Selvan Vol 1, an animated adaptation of Kalki’s Tamil masterpiece ‘Ponniyin Selvan’. This animated feature is produced by Saneeshwar Animations International.  This project serves to fulfil MGR’s long-held dream to act in a movie based on Kalki’s ‘Ponniyin Selvan’.

Music:  Ramesh Thamilmani

Singer: Santhosh Jayakaran

Dialogues & Lyrics: Karky

Creative Head:  L Palany

Direction: P Dhavachelvan

Technical Production:  Saneeshwar Animations International

PRO: Nikhil Murukan

Lyric Video by Studio Shades
Supervised by Parthiban Ravi
Editor: Vinith
Lyric Video CG: Franklin Jith

Music Supervisor: Jerard Felix, Santhosh Jayakaran
Programming: Gunasekaran, Jerard Felix
Recorded at  RT Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Abin Pushpakaran

And now the Song Video:

Or click the above link to view in full screen it is better to view this in PC.

Are they going to release this as a movie or a web series? Also guessing how many of us are going to have this MGR still for their mobile phone background.

15 January 2020

Wishes from MGR

Sri MGR Year 102nd, 15th January, Wednesday

We team wishes its readers Happy Pongal. 

Many movies of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR were released during Pongal festival. And many of us know that MGR participated only in celebrating Pongal. 

Bangalore Vinod had shared many images relating to Pongal MGR movie releases some are rare images the first time I am seeing it. 

The blockbuster hit of the year 1965 'Enga Veetu Pillai' some images not shared in our blog till now. Already I have posted the 100th day, 150th day, 175th day and 30th-week ads so I choose this to share in our blog.

AVM productions 'Anbay Vaa'

Above are the ads published by the then newspapers 100th day and 150th day of Anbay Vaa and also Telugu ad for the same.

Mattukara Velan a silver jubilee movie in 1970. This movie has now completed its 50th year and still re-released in Tamil Nadu and the same is been converted to digital.

Almost I have uploaded all the ads of Mattukara Velan earlier and I wish to share the above ad showing 10th week of Mattukara Velan in Bangalore.

The last movie of MGR 'Maduraiyai Meeta Sundara Pandian' also released on Pongal day in the year 1978. 

101 shows house full info in Pattukottai.

I have already uploaded the 50th-day ad of the last movie above is the 6th-week ad in theatres such as Central - Nellai and Thangam in Nagercoil.

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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